All At Sea Ch. 01


The year 1490.

The sails rippled in the westerly wind, the three strong, imposing masts that supported them shooting skyward and covered by the tiny ant-like figures of sailors scaling the beams, working the ropes, and calling in brash voices to each other to call-up or release the canvas according to orders from on-deck.

The sky was perfect blue and stretched forever in every direction. The heat was stifling, and the smell of over-ripe salted meats, crowded livestock, and unwashed bodies filled the air despite the breeze. The dirty, greasy, men in their raggedy trousers and bandannas marches furiously to and fro, all over the ship, obeying commands and barking orders to each other.

The Merchant Mary-Peace and her three-hundred man crew was nearly halfway through her journey, and the sailors had not seen home for almost nine long months.

Magdalena, at only three and a half feet tall, was rather a curiosity on the ship. She emerged into the daylight clutching the balustrade tightly, and pulled her uncomfortable weight to the top of the wooden galley steps and, legs-apart, and leaning backward, she waddled slowly out on deck, blinking into the strong sunshine. Her smock fell over her large, loose, full breasts and her wench’s skirt gathered around her matronly hips and diverted below her hugely pregnant belly.

Sold into ship-service by her parish when she came of age at eighteen years old, she had first been taken to sea on diplomatic voyages for various captains’ nightly private pleasure. After her fifth voyage and – owing to her small stature – her third difficult pregnancy, at the age of twenty she was sold to a large merchant shipping company out of Portsmouth, for the morale of the restless sailors.

Away at sea for months, sometimes years, the burly sailors would have their way with casino şirketleri her, two or three dozen times a night, and she was bound by her station to service their carnal desire. Knowing no different life, she was for the most part happy to do so. For her remuneration she took a large, well appointed, windowed, cabin at the stern of the ship, just below deck, and was well fed and well clothed.

Her first pregnancy had been the most difficult. Magdalena it seemed, was naturally predisposed to have multiples, and nine months after her sixteenth birthday, she was on-board a ship headed for Spain, and approaching full term with triplets. Her tubby little figure was catastrophically sore and too set off balance to get around on her own. Her young abdomen was brutally stretched to breaking point by the incredible weight of her swollen impregnation.

Eventually she could hardly stand, and became bedridden for her final month. The sheer size of her pregnancy wrecked her young body with agony. The dead-weight pulled her tiny old torso helplessly forward so that she had to waddle to the bed-pan, her aching back at ninety degrees to her stubby, bowing legs, and her great, pendulous udder-like breast unbearably tender and dripping milk onto the boards, as she made slow progress and fumbled helplessly along the cabin walls for support with her belly trailing on the floor. The ship had been 4 months into its voyage and the captain had been insatiable.

He cut a huge figure: six feet in height, thick-set and muscular, with a hard round beer-gut, his incredible weight crushed down on top of her little body and when he thrust into her he hurt her enough to nearly pass out. His penis, a thick nine-inch monster had been the first to force her virgin legs apart, roughly popping her delicate cherry and making her casino firmalari bleed, pinning her wrists to the bed he forced her to thrash and scream out and try to push him off, in hot tears between involuntary orgasms and pitiful sobs.

It was now her third voyage as his companion and he had made her bleed with his shaft many times since. He ravaged her vulnerable, horrendously sore, pregnant body right to the end.

On the night of her labor the ship was approaching El Puerto de Santa Maria and first land had been sighted off starboard that day. Captain Shiloh, celebrating his successful voyage and merry with rum, left his men in the early hours and staggered drunkenly into Magdalena’s darkened cabin, discarded his belt, dropped his breeches to his ankles and stepped drunkenly out of them as he swaggered over to her bed and leered over her.

He startled her awake to find his grubby fingers dragging her nightdress up round her throat and rubbing his giant hands down from her exposed, lactating, stinging breasts, over her enormous multiple pregnancy, then roughly up between her tired bedridden little legs, poking his fat fingers into her tight, tender young cunt. He had taken her every night that week, sometimes twice, and the walls of her vagina we black and blue. She winced and tried to pull away as his fingers thrust around inside.

She lay with one leg numb beneath her girth, which due to her height protruded down between her short legs as well as out in front of her.Sleeping on her side to mitigate the discomfort of her extreme condition, her other leg was pushed out and stuck right up to rest on the side of her swelling stomach. Magdalena was helplessly prevented by her spherical, pregnant abdomen from being able to wriggle out from underneath him; it would have taken all her strength to güvenilir casino simply roll on to her back.

Benjamin Shiloh grabbed her stomach with both hands and yanked it up so that she screamed as he pulled her over onto her back. She stared up at him. He bent over the bed, his hands roughly groping at her, his huge genitals swinging menacingly between his legs. He grabbed his cock and pulled on it furiously. He felt the familiar, down-low pricking begin and felt himself begin to harden, the fat head of his filthy cock pushing out and pulsating. He worked himself into a frenzy, his other hand gripped onto Magdalena’s bump, pinning her down as she whimpered, protectively clutched her belly and kicked her short legs in desperation.

Hard as a truncheon, he pushed himself upright, pressing down hard on her to thrush himself up. Pain shot through her womb and punched the top of her brutalised vagina, sending a shooting spasm through her cunt. She involuntarily began to moisten between her stubby thick thighs.

“Please!…” Magdalena cried out, knowing it was futile.

He stood back, swaying in his inebriated stupor, the stench of alcohol surrounded him. His shaft stood out from his groin, thick as the largest banana and similarly bent upward like a sinister cutlass. He sneered and grabbed her by her ankles, pulling her violently to the edge of the bed, her wet pussy just over the edge and her heavy pregnancy so huge and swollen before her that she could barely see his face. Her disproportionate breasts like water-filled pillows sagged into her armpits, the nipples sore, red and puffy.

He reached beneath her monstrously pregnant belly and ripped apart her cuntflaps, holding them open with one hand, with the other he guided his dark brutal cock to the entrance and touched its red hot tip against her hole. He lingered there tauntingly, knowing that she felt him pushing and heard his gravelly breathing, but could not see what was happening over her achingly distended belly. Her arms beat out on the bed in distress…

“No, no, no!!!!, n.. n…”

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