All for Daddy 3: Sweet Summertime


It’s the first week of summer 1989, the summer I turn 15. I can’t believe how great the weather is, warm, but not too hot. First thing in the morning, I go downstairs to the kitchen in just my two-piece. It’s bright blue and even though it’s not a bikini, it’s not one of those old lady two-piecers either. It ties on either side of my hips and the top ties behind my neck and just below my shoulders. I tie the knots loose.

I grab a glass of juice and head straight for the deck. My bottle of baby oil is just where I left it. I finish my juice, then squeeze out a handful of oil and begin to slather it on. I start at my neck, then work down to my chest and belly, trying to get my legs completely coated. I love the way the oil warms up on my skin in the sun.

After about a half hour, I hear my mom rushing around the kitchen, then leaving for work. She doesn’t even notice I’m out here. A little while after that, my dad comes down. I hear him making coffee. He always drinks at least half a pot before he leaves for work. And a little while after that, I hear the door to the deck slide open.

He stands behind me drinking his coffee. I love knowing he’s there looking at me. I tilt my head back, look up at him and smile. He smiles back down at me, takes another sip of his coffee and walks around to stand next to me. I shift a little and wish I’d taken my top off to sunbathe.

“How’s my little girl this morning?”

“I’m fine daddy.”

He bends over and picks up the bottle of baby oil and asks me if I need any help getting it into the hard to reach places. I giggle and nod. I was hoping he’d ask. Even though we fucked last night, I’ve wanted his hands on me since the moment I woke up. He puts down his coffee and squirts some baby oil into the palm of one of his hands.

“Take off your top baby.”

I grin and quickly undo my top. He smiles the second my tits are out. He loves my 34C’s just as much as I do. At school, the boys have been calling me “headlights” for over a year. Not that I mind. I like having a nice pair of titties. I like boys looking at them and I like knowing what boys think about girls with big tits.

I lay back and my dad slowly begins to work the oil into my throat and shoulders, then slowly down to my tits. The minute his hands cup around them, I feel my pussy get juicy. I even moan a little. He starts to squeeze my tits, working the oil into each illegal bahis one carefully, out to the nipples, twisting my nips just a bit as he does it.

“Baby, you’re getting your dad all hot and bothered, did you know that?”

I keep my eyes closed and smile. Just what I wanted. He works my tits some more, the nipples getting pebble hard. I don’t know how long I can stand him playing with my boobs and not doing anything else. He must be as hard as steel by now. I want to open my eyes and look at his crotch, but I keep my eyes closed and enjoy the tit play.

“Untie the bottom of your suit, sweetie. Daddy wants to get you nice and oily all over.”

I open my eyes, lean forward and tug at the ties on either side to get my bottoms off. I pull the small triangle of bright blue fabric between my legs. I know that gives him a good look at my wet cunt. He keeps me shaved so I know my pussy has me glistening down there. I want to touch myself so bad I could scream.

“You have me so fucking hot right now. I want to fuck those fat tits of yours!”

I smile up at him. He unbuckles his pants, takes out his dick and straddles me. There’s already a thread of precum shining on the head of his prick. I lick it off and push my tits together. He starts breathing hard and slides his meat between my boobs while I hold them by the nipples to make a nice tight fuck slot for his pole.

I love the feeling of his balls sliding up my belly as he fucks away at my tits. The head of his cock pops up all creamy and shiny and I try to flick my tongue over it before he lets it slide back down. I can’t decide if I want to eat his cum or have him shoot his load in my face. I love both.

While my dad is tit fucking me, I can see Steven, our neighbor, out of the corner of my eye and he’s watching us! At first, I want to say something to my dad, but then I realize that Steven isn’t just watching us, he’s watching us and jerking off. He smiles at me when he sees me watching him. I’m not creeped out, in fact I’m turned on.

“Baby girl, I want to cum in your mouth. Open up and give me a good suck.”

He moves up my body and lets his cock drizzle precum over my lips, then he slides his prick into my mouth. I love getting my mouth fucked. He shifts his weight so he can really put his hips into fucking my face. My eyes start to water as he choke fucks me, but I wouldn’t want him to stop for anything.

“Sweetie, illegal bahis siteleri you ready for a jizzy breakfast?”

I nod to let him know that’s exactly what I want. He thrusts down and I can feel his cockhead hitting the back of my throat. I push two fingers into my pussy to get off at the same time as my dad. While I’m finger fucking my snatch, he starts too shoot. My dad is a spunk geyser. After a half dozen thrusts, he’s emptied his balls in my throat.

He tilts back on his feet and zips up with a smile on his face. Without missing a beat, he bends over, picks up his coffee and finishes the cup. I lay there, tasting his cum on my lips. My pussy dripping from cumming. I love making my dad cum. I know I do it way better than my mom.

He looks at his watch and realizes he has to get going. He kisses me on the forehead, goes inside to get his keys and briefcase, then leaves for work. I bet he has a good day since it started out so hot. Of course, I don’t have anything to do but lay in the sun for the rest of the day, but that’s okay with me.

I don’t bother to put my suit back on. I start to lay back and I notice Steven is still at the fence and he’s still jerking off! I smile and wave at him. Then I get an idea. He’s seen it all and hasn’t seemed to mind the fact that I fuck my dad, so maybe I should give him a taste too!

“Steven, why don’t you come over?”

He smiles, zips up, walks out his back gate and in through ours. I can see his hard-on from where I’m sitting as he walks across the lawn to the deck. He gets up on the deck and stands there not really knowing what to do next. I know we’re going to fuck, but I guess he’s not so sure.

“Do you want some pussy, Steven?”

I lay back and spread my legs so he can see my cunt and see how wet and ready I am. I sit up and reach for his belt. He stands there and lets me unbuckle and unzip him. I pull his hard-on out and realize he’s a lot bigger than I thought he was. He’s definitely bigger than my dad. I pop the head of his cock in my mouth and start to suck.

Steven leans back and closes his eyes. I almost think he’s going to cum right then and there, but he doesn’t. There is a lot of precum though. I suck and lick it off, trying to work some into my fingers to jerk him off. I love giving guys handjobs. There’s nothing like holding a big, hard cock in my hand.

“What canlı bahis siteleri do you want to do Steven?”

“I want to fuck you like your dad does.”

I lay back again and open my legs, sliding a finger in as far as it’ll go, then pull it out and lick it. He grins, leans down and begins to finger bang me. It feels so in-fucking-credible I can’t help but bounce my ass a little bit to get him to go deeper. He adds another finger to fill me up. Steven isn’t an amateur.

I cum hard and then fall back. Steven doesn’t waste any time. He slides between my legs, the head of his cock aimed directly for my hot, wet fuck tunnel. He’s in me and starts to fuck me hard. I haven’t been fucked this hard since my dad took my cherry. Steven bangs away at me, skewering me with his dick. I can’t wait to feel him shoot inside me.

“This feels so good, but I really want to fuck you up the ass. Can I? Please?”

Steven asks so sweetly, I can’t help but say yes. He stands up and lets me situate myself on my belly. I know my ass looks good. My dad has told me so at least a hundred times. My round little cheeks make kind of a heart shape together. I grab my ass cheeks and spread them. Steven carefully pushes his thumb into my asshole.

He works my butthole for a little while, then reaches down and gets the baby oil. He oils up his thumb and works my asshole a little more. I can feel how ready I am for a prick. He puts the head of his cock up to my shit chute and begins to gently push it up me. He does it an inch at a time, not like my dad who likes to slam it in and gush.

I lay there, feeling the sun on my body and Steven’s dick sliding up my ass. He’s moaning loudly now. I bet when he was jerking off on the other side of the fence he didn’t think he’d be fucking my sweet little ass in less than an hour. I know I didn’t! I work my hand down between my legs while he’s reaming me and tweak my clit.

Steven gets his cock all the way up on one stroke and I know he’s going to jizz. He says my name, his balls scrunched up against my pussy lips. I work my clit until I cum, bucking just a little bit. I reach back between my legs and flick his balls. That makes him shoot and shoot hard. I feel like I have a river of cum going up me. I’ll be shitting cum for a week!

When he’s finished, he pulls out and his cock is all shiny from my pussy and ass juices. I surprise myself and lick him clean, tasting myself with ever slide of my tongue. He zips up and asks me to come over whenever I get bored and have nothing to do because he could use a good fuck anytime. I know I could too!

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