Alone on the Beach


Sara stretched her lithe body to it’s limits moaning aloud at the same time. The chocolate hued beauty was nude save for a black bandana wrapped around her forehead and a golden anklet leaving the rest of her body bared for the sun caress. The sun was still high in the sky licking at her dark skin glistening with a thin layer of sweat. Her full breasts were pointed thrust skyward as she continued to stretch. Sara rolled onto her hands and knees stretching her back again this time pushing her pert apple bottom into the air. A cool breeze blew in from the sea caressing her bared nethers in its soft embrace prying a gasp from her lips in the process. Satisfied Sara released her breath and lay her head down on her arms closing her eyes again.

She’d hadn’t realized how much she’d missed the beach the last few years of her life. She used to spend weeks it seemed on the beach but marriage, children, a full time job. They taken the beach from her it seemed but that didn’t matter right then. It didn’t matter to the ebony vixen as she lay nude on her towel utterly alone. She had brought a bottle of wine with her, but that was empty now letting her head float with the lazy clouds overhead. The clouds seemed to be the most important illegal bahis thing in the world right then. Where had they come from? More importantly where were they headed in such a rush? Surely the angels sitting on the clouds wanted to stare at her some more?

Smiling at the incredibly vain thought Sara looked to her wicker picnic basket reaching in for a piece of cheese to nibble on. She didn’t feel vain though, she was sexy, incredibly sexy. She knew because when she dropped her daughter off at school the husbands stared and the mothered glared angrily. She knew because when she signed up for college she was offered two modeling jobs and a career in the adult industry. If she wasn’t married she might have accepted one of the offers. Instead she’d stuck to a job a security officer at her local mall. Still she knew that men wanted her and most wanted her because of her ass.

“Fuck.” Sara muttered as she her pussy starting to moisten. The more she thought about men staring at her, wanting her, the wetter she got. Men with their hard chests, hard cocks, hard grips, the idea of them was enough to get her clit to throb and her thighs quivered summoning her hand between them.

Sara caught her clit between two fingers illegal bahis siteleri gently scissoring the tiny nub of flesh as thoughts of men cavorted behind her closed eyelids. All sizes and colors one after the other. Slender cute track boys with toned thighs and tight butts that would go all night, buff chiseled men who could lift her with one arm and fuck her standing. Long haired rock and roll guys with full sleeve tattoos who would push her to do things she could never repeat and chubby computer nerds who would cum the moment she smiled in their direction.

Two fingers slipped into her slicked hole twisting slowly deeper into her body. At first she bit down on her lip, stifling the scream building up in her chest but then she remembered. She was alone, no one would hear her scream. Her lips parted and she squealed. The squeals turned to moans a few seconds later timed with the pair of fingers plunging in and out of her sex. The heel of her hand was pressed against her clit grinding against hip bone sending jolts of pleasure along her spine and finally to her nipples.

“Oh!” Sara gasped her legs tangling in the towel as she rolled when she rolled over onto her back. One foot digging into the warm canlı bahis siteleri sand, the other wrapped in the fabric as she spread her legs indecently wide and continued to pleasure herself. Her free hands gravitated towards her aching nipples pinching down on one then and gently twisting. “God yes!” Her chest was heaving with each ragged breath she pulled into her chest.

Her mouth opened wide as she twisted her fingers inside her hitting the sweet spot that set off explosions in her head. Her thighs cinched together trapping her hand between them as her muscles clenched down in quick spasms. They continued to send tiny quakes through her body for several minutes finally subsiding and letting Sara relax onto the towel softly mewling as the afterglow of her orgasm spread over her.

The clouds had gone entirely while she played with herself leaving her with a pure blue sky with a deep orange sun that would soon journey beyond the horizon to kids in Hawaii, or Japan or some place on the others side of the world where it was still night time and people were sleeping.

The day would have been perfect if the blaring sound of her cell phone hadn’t broken her out of the pleasant haze a few moments too soon and back into reality. “Yeah baby. I’ll be home in a bit.” She said smiling at her phone. It was her husband and the thought of him waiting for her made still slick fingers migrate southward. . It woud be at least another half hour before she managed to get home.

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