Always Ch. 02


Hello again! I want to thank those who commented and gave me a few pointers. I didn’t think I’d make so many mistakes and so I’m in the process of looking for an editor. If you’d like to be my editor, email me! Also, thank you to all who read my story. It really was an amazing feeling when I saw that people liked my story, especially since it’s my first time. ANYWAYS! I hope I did better! -Hugs to all from Angel-


Cameron, Max,and Alex found a round table outside the cafeteria to sit. Other students huddled inside the cafeteria for warmth on the cold day. Cameron lifted his head in the cold breeze.

“Of course you would have us sit outside on the coldest day of the week,” Max said to Cameron.

“Oh, hush. And don’t be such a baby; it’s not that bad right Alex?”

Before Alex had the chance to respond, darkness covered Cameron vision. He jumped at the sudden movement and realized it was just someone’s hands covering his eyes.

“Guess who?” came the sing-song voice.

Cameron released a tired sigh. “Geez, Kat, you do that every time.”

“And every time I surprise you,” Kat said with a smile. “Now, how is my favorite gal pal hm?”

Katherine, better known as Kat, was a beautiful red headed girl. Her fun personality made any guy do a double take. The guys in school drooled over body and the girls would kill for her flawless curves. Why was she single and didn’t have every guy begging for a date? That’s because Kat didn’t want the guys begging but the girls.

“Ugh, would you stop calling me that. I know I’m gay but I’m not that girly.” Cameron huffed.

“So true. But you’re not that manly either,” Kat stuck her tongue out at Cameron.

“Now if we’re talking about real men…” She slid over to Max. “I’d be happy to rock your world.” Kat gave Max one of her sultry looks. Alex looked uneasy.

Max laughed. “Now sweetie, even if you played for my team, I’d be the one dominating, not you. Sorry.” Max moved a hand over his head to smooth out his black hair, giving Kat a flirty look back.

Kat pouted with her bottom lip out. “No fun at all Maxi. You’re supposed to be my flirt buddy.” Alex shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“Kat.” She looked at Cameron at the mention of her name. Cameron nodded towards Alex’s turned head. Kat mouthed ‘oh’ and quickly moved back, realizing her mistake.

“What wrong?” Max inquired.

“Nothing. Don’t worry about,” Kat quickly dismissed. “Anything special happen this morning guys?”

“Well, Cameron got all hot and bothered by Leon this morning. But then again, that’s nothing new.” Max smirked. Cameron glared at Max.

“Now, I just don’t get why you don’t tell him. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?” Kat asked.

“It’s very complicated, ok. I’ll talk to him when I’m good and ready.” Cameron answered.

Kat leaned forward, “You could be ready now. If I were you, I’d take my man, in my case woman, before somebody else does.”

Cameron turned to see what Kat was staring at. He looked toward the quad and saw Jenny, the girl he hated since he started high school, bouncing up to Leon (who was sitting at the stage with some friends.). Of course, Cameron wouldn’t hate someone without good reason. The only people he knew when he started high school were Max and Leon; they were also the only people who knew he was gay. That is, until Jenny found out. She caught Cameron staring at Leon in class numerous times and held no reservations telling the whole school. They didn’t live in a prejudice place but ignorant people can be a hassle. Now that this was the third year of high school, people eventually accepted it. There were still some jocks who gave him a hard time but he had great friends who supported him, especially Leon.

Jenny was the typical head cheerleader type, blond hair and all, though she wasn’t a cheerleader. She believed she had better things to do than wave pom-poms around. But everybody in school thought she was perfect for the role. Jenny had a great body but she also had a bad personality. If someone wasn’t worth her time, then she wanted nothing to do with that person. How the snobbish chick was popular and able to have friends was beyond Cameron.

Cameron smiled to himself when he saw Leon coolly dismiss Jenny. One of the things he loved most about Leon was that he wasn’t into people with bad personalities. And he wasn’t fooled by Jenny’s boobs or fake smile. Cameron felt evil for thinking such things, but it made him feel happy. Max and Kat looked at Cameron and knew exactly what he was thinking. They smiled at each other.

The bell sounded above them. “Well, I guess it’s time for class,” Kat sighed. “As much as I love Cameron giving Jen the illegal bahis evil eyes.” She smirked.

“Whatever,” Cameron said, “Come on, let’s go to class.”

Cameron quickly lost interest in history. What’s could possibly be more interesting than American history? ‘A lot of things,’ Cameron thought. ‘For instance…’ Cameron looked over at Leon a few seats ahead of him in the next row. It was nothing new for Cameron to fantasize but today he felt extra bored which led to extra fantasizing. He had P.E. with Leon last year, which Cameron was very grateful for. Seeing Leon, every day, taking off his shirt and showing a very sexy six-pack and die-hard chest, Cameron could do nothing but drool.

Cameron imagined himself and Leon alone in the locker room. He removed the towel around his waist and entered the showers. Water cascaded down Cameron’s smooth body as he put one hand in his hair and another over his chest. Cameron often enjoyed teasing himself into ecstasy. As Cameron was enjoying the spray of the shower on his body, Leon came up behind him, wrapping his arms around Cameron’s chest. Leon took the soap and washed every inch of Cameron, from his smooth stomach to his now hard cock. Cameron moaned and grabbed onto Leon’s arms to steady himself and to keep from falling due to his weak knees. Leon never once stopped his hand motions, instead moving his hand faster along Cameron’s length and rubbing his hairless sack.

“Cameron,” Leon whispered into his ear.

“Oh, Leon….yes,” Cameron moaned, letting his head fall back. His fantasy Leon took that invitation and began to suck on Cameron’s exposed neck. The sucking increased the sensation Cameron felt. He slid a hand into Leon’s brown locks and gripped tight. He pushed back against Leon, wanting to feel more. Cameron almost lost it when he felt Leon’s hard dick against his cheeks. Leon let the soap fall to the ground as he began to rub his rough hands along Cameron’s body. Leon turned Cameron around and shoved him against the wall.

Cameron felt Leon’s tongue begging for entrance by licking his bottom lip, and he happily obliged. Their tongues intertwined as their cocks grinded against one another. Cameron slipped his hands into Leon’s hair, loving the way their tongues slid wetly across each other. Leon’s tongue circled his and slid across the roof of Cameron’s mouth. Leon released Cameron’s mouth, both panting. Leon reached down and gripped both their cocks and began to move his hands. Cameron closed his eyes and waited for ecstasy to hit his body.

Abruptly, however, right before Cameron was getting to the good part, someone forced him out of the best fantasy he had so far. His teacher called his name. What a turn off.

“Mr. Evans? Is there a reason why you’re not paying attention?” said his teacher. The rest of the class laughed and turned to Cameron, expecting a good answer. Cameron blushed when he saw Leon look his way as well. How the hell was he supposed to look at Leon when he just had that day dream?

Max laughed next him, “I think there’s a good reason, but first you have to get him a bucket for the drool.” Max looked at Cameron knowingly and received an evil look in return. Fortunately for Cameron, the bell rang at just the right moment. He quickly gathered his things and dashed from the class. He waited at their lockers for Max.

“What was the hurry?” Max laughed.

“That was not cool. At all.” Cameron narrowed his eyes at his friend.

“Hey, I wasn’t the one who was having a wet day dream about a certain someone,” Max replied. “So was it good?”

“Oh my god, you wouldn’t believe… Hey, hey! Don’t try to get out of this! I’m still mad at you!”

Max laughed as Cameron gave him the evil eyes. Alex and Kat walked up and began to open their lockers next to Cameron and Max.

“What’s so funny?” Kat asked. Alex also tilted his head in question.

“Nothing.” Cameron sulked with his arms crossed. “If I’m in a bad mood it’s Maxi’s fault.”

“Don’t call me that. I only allow the people I like to call me that.” Max retorted with a smirk


They all started to walk to class together since they had the same class. As they walked into Biology, Cameron cringed. Jenny was next to Leon, talking about something. Leon’s friends didn’t look happy about it either. In the class, there were lab tables that put the class into groups of four. Jenny sat in his seat (where he was next to Leon, which made Cameron more than ecstatic) and he wasn’t about to let her have her way. The teacher was strict with seating charts so Cameron wondered why she wasn’t asked to move.

“Hey, look,” Max pointed out. “We have a substitute.”

Everyone knew “substitute” meant do whatever in class and do a remedial assignment illegal bahis siteleri for homework. It also meant no seating chart. Cameron, Max, Kat, and Alex took an empty table next to Leon’s table. They were happy to have some relaxation time during school. The substitute seemed like their favorite type too: someone who was just there for a job and was playing Angry Birds at the desk.

“Well, look who it is.” John said leaning forward on the table. “Cameron, don’t pay too much attention to my good looks. I know I’m great, but I don’t swing that way.” John was one of the jocks that teased Cameron when he had nothing better to do. The first year of school was torture for Cameron; but as the years went on, Cameron quickly became annoyed.

“First of all, ew. I don’t like you, not in a million years or if you were the last guy on the planet. And two, I’m not into small, useless dicks, pun intended.” Cameron replied. The part of the class heard their conversation and laughed.

John grabbed Cameron’s hoodie roughly. Max got up from his seat, willing to do anything, if necessary. Leon, at the next table, looked ready to intervene as well.

“Does that mean you looked at me in the locker rooms, fag.” John said in anger.

“I only needed to look once to know you’re just like your dick: small, ugly, and nothing to it.” Cameron replied. John raised his fist, ready to hit, until the substitute interrupted.

“Alright, I’m taking attendance so everyone sit down.”

John pushed Cameron back. His eyes promised consequences. However, John didn’t miss the looks he received from Max—and Leon. After attendance, the substitute continued his game on his phone and the students resumed their talking.

“Oh my, I haven’t seen you act like that in a while Cameron.” Kat smiled, clearly satisfied with his actions.

“I’m just tired of the bullshit. I definitely don’t need or deserve it.” Cameron exasperated.

“But it doesn’t look like he’ll forget it any time soon.” Alex mumbled.

“Neither will I.” Leon laughed, walking up to their table.

“L-Leon, you heard that?” Cameron stuttered.

“Yup. I didn’t know you had wondering eyes, Cam.” Leon teased.

“Oh, if only you knew.” Max had to get his two cents in. Kat giggled and Alex elbowed Max.

“Shush.” Alex put a finger on his lips and looked at Max, an action that looked childish but was cute when Alex did it. And as usual, Max listened.

“You know, I need a partner for the project. Cam, you interested?” Leon asked, turning his eyes from Max and Alex to Cameron.

“W-what? Really? What about your friends at the table?” Cameron pointed to Leon’s table. Leon’s friends looked bored and tortured while Jenny was talking.

“They thought I’d pick Jenny to work with me, so they already partnered up. Come on, please?” Leon used his best puppy dog eyes. Cameron felt defenseless.

“He’ll do it.” Max, Kat, and even Alex answered at the same time.

“Hey! I can answer myself, thank you!” Leon, Max, Kat, and Alex looked at Cameron expectantly. Cameron shifted in his seat a couple times. Time seemed to pass by slowly.

“Okay.” Cameron finally agreed.

Leon smiled, “Alright. We can go to my house after school, or do you prefer your house?”

Cameron’s thoughts shifted to his parents being home and he quickly denied, “No way. Your house.”

“Okay I’ll see you later then. I gotta find a way to get Ms. Prissy to leave us alone.” Leon walked back to his table.

“Ooh, Cameron’s gonna get a boyfriend! Cameron’s gonna get a boyfriend!” Kat sang.

“Oh, please,” Cameron rolled his eyes. “We’re working on a project; there’s nothing romantic about that.”

“Unless you get him to take his shirt off.” Alex muttered with his eyes casted down. They all suddenly turned to Alex. He jerked up, surprised when three pairs of eyes zeroed in on him.

“Well, now we know what Alex thinks about when he’s so quiet.” Cameron smirked. Kat nodded her head in agreement.

“Ugh, let’s change the subject. I’m not really into knowing what Leon looks like without a shirt.” Max said, clearly disinterested.

“It’s your fault for being the only straight one. I could think about girls with you, dear!” Kat clapped her hands excitedly. They all laughed and class passed by pretty quickly.


It was already the afternoon and lunch time. Cameron told the others to wait for him at their usual spot while he put things away in his locker.


Cameron jumped in surprise. He calmed himself when he saw it was Leon. “Geez, are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

“Ha-ha. Sorry.” Leon smiled, leaning against the lockers. Cameron canlı bahis siteleri couldn’t help but stare. Leon looked so cool and casual, with his hair falling slightly into his eyes.

“So, what’s up?” Cameron collected himself.

Leon’s face suddenly wore a conflicted emotion. His body language supported the tense atmosphere; his arms were crossed and he seemed sort of stressed.

“What’s wrong?” Cameron was very concerned. There weren’t many things that Leon worried over. He always handled things calmly. The only time Cameron saw Leon lose control was when some kids teased Cameron about being gay when they were younger. Leon and the kids got into a fight—literally, a fist fight.

“I was so angry at John for the way he treated you today.” He muttered angrily.

“Oh. Don’t worry about that. It was nothing. I’m glad I’m able to defend myself instead of depending on you all the time.” Cameron smiled. Leon was concerned about him. How sweet, he thought.

“Well, what if I don’t want you to stop depending on me.” Leon moved closer to Cameron.

“What do you mean?” Cameron was sort of taken aback. He hasn’t seen Leon act like this before.

“Cameron, I don’t want anyone to tease you but me. I don’t want people to mess with you. And I definitely hate it when Max knows more about you than I do.” Leon stared straight into Cameron’s eyes. It’s been a long time since Leon said ‘Cameron’ instead of ‘Cam’—well, excluding some fantasies.

“I don’t understand. Sure, people tease me, but not much anymore. And of course Max knows more about me; we’ve been friends since we were kids.” Cameron replied slightly confused. Where was Leon getting at?

Leon sighed. Clearly, Cameron didn’t understand what he was really trying to say.

“Cameron. We’ve been friends for a long time too right?” Cameron nodded. “I remember how closed off you were when we met. And I was so happy when I finally got you to open up, even when I already knew a few things about you.” Leon continued.

“Wait–,” Cameron interrupted. “What do you mean ‘already knew’?”

Leon grimaced. Apparently, he didn’t mean to let that slip. “Well…uh, you see… I was already suspicious that you were gay. I saw you stare at me a couple times.”

Cameron looked mortified. And yet, Leon continued.

“So, to make sure…I called a girl over…”

“The girl that you said that came over out of nowhere. You planned for her to come…” Cameron trailed off.

Three days after they met, Leon and Cameron were beginning to develop a good friendship. When they were playing in Leon’s backyard, a girl happily skipped through the open fence to play, seemingly uninvited. Cameron was uncomfortable with her there, but Leon agreed. When she tried to kiss Leon, he pushed her into Cameron.

“Cameron thinks you’re really cute. Why don’t you kiss him?” The young Leon said.

And she tried. The girl was happy someone took an interest in her. Cameron saw no other way out of the situation besides shouting, “N-no! I’m gay!” The girl ran off crying, thinking they played a cruel joke. The wide-eyed Cameron ran home, shocked that he told his secret. It would be about four days until they reconciled and started hanging out again.

Cameron was shocked. One of the most terrifying times of his life was caused by a person he thought he could trust.

“How could you?”

“Cameron, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just—”

“Well you did. How was I supposed to act? What was I supposed to say? ‘Oh yes, I’m gay. Now get that girl out of here so I can kiss you instead’. Before I started school here, I was afraid to come out. And you treat it like a joke.” In the midst of his anger, Cameron failed to realize that he admitted to wanting to kiss Leon. However, Leon didn’t miss it at all.

“Cameron…I’m sorry.” Leon didn’t know what else to say.

“Forget it, Leon.” Cameron turned to walk away until Leon grabbed him and pushed him against the lockers, covering Cameron with his body.

They stared at each other. If it wasn’t for his anger, Cameron would consider this moment a blessing. But, he didn’t want to let Leon off that easy.

“Leon, leave me—”Cameron was silenced by Leon’s lips.

Leon was tired of the conversation. He didn’t mean for it to turn out the way it did. Leon merely wanted to tell Cameron that he was fascinated by Cameron the day they met, and that those feelings turned into something more. When he saw Cameron stand up to John, it was an eye opener. He saw Max next to him instead of himself; and that pissed him off.

Cameron was unable to think. His mind went completely blank. His crush just kissed him. Leon just kissed him. The same Leon he knew since he was fourteen. The same Leon he always loved. For a brief moment, Cameron thought it was a dream, until Leon pulled back and stared into his eyes. Leon turned his head, looked back at Cameron, and walked off. He left a dumbfounded Cameron leaning against the lockers with bruised lips.

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