Blast Off

AmoreAmoreBy: Sue(White Woman/Black-Puerto Rican Man)——————- Taiwan walked up the stairs of the six floor story apartment building, he,his wife and c***dren;Ty and Eriana lived in for the past three years. Looking to the elevator Taiwan seen his neighbor Danielle holding the door for him.”Thank You ma”He said slipping into the metallic doors.”No problem”Danielle replied with a big smiled.Taiwan glanced at her and smiled. She was a beautiful young lady around 5’7 in height,mocha colored complexion,big brown doe eyes,long lashes, and a pear-shaped form. Her breast looked to be about a B-Cup. She blushed at him taking a quick glance at her exposed breast. Taiwan looked away when the elevator came to a stop and the metal doors flew open.Danielle stepped out and Taiwan followed behind. The two gave each other a nod and went their ways.As soon as Tai stepped through the threshold, Ty ran up to him.”Daddy!” the little boy excitedly said before Tai lifted him into his arms.”hey lil Man! Where is your sister and mom?” He asked.”Doing Eri’s hair””Okay!” Taiwan let him down,shut the door,and went to the bathroom. upon reaching it, he found his wife grabbing at their daughter’s loose curls, while Eriana brushed her dolls hair.He smiled and went behing his wife, wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck.”Hey baby!?” he said and kissed her cheek.”Hi Daddy!” Eri smiled as she seen her dad in the mirror.”Hello Princess!” Tai replied as he leaned over and kissed her head.”Mmmm you smell good baby” he told Susie as he leaned into her neck and smelled her.”Aww thank you!” Susie replied, finishing with their daughter’s hair.”Guess what?””What?” She said then kissed Eriana’s head. “All done!””Thank you mommy!” Eriana cheerfully said as she put her arms on her mom and gave a hug. Tai grabbed her up, hugged her than set her down to go play with her brother.”So what did you have to share with me?” Susie asked, putting the brush and such away, and turned around on the counter. She looked at her husband.”I’m off work tomorrow til Sunday” Tai stated with a smile.”That’s good baby!” Susie exclaimed lifting up to give him a kiss. Taiwan leaned down and gladly took it, while slipping his arms around her waist. His slithery tongue glided into her parted lips to play tag. Susie put her arms around his neck and intertwined her tongue with his tongue.”Mmmm…” She lowly moaned.”I miss hearing your moan!” he growled into her ear after removing his lips from hers.”I bet you do” Susie smiled, just as Taiwan sucked at her ear.”Hmmm?” he raised a brow, now sucking at her earlobe.”Taiwan!” He began to reach into her girly sweatpants. Susie pulled her arms back to push him away, but he covered her lips and sucked on her bottom one.”Mmm” she moaned into his mouth. Susie’s heart started to beat faster every second that passed.Taiwam reached the rim of her panties and dipped his middle finger inside the polyester fabric.”Mommy!Aunt Brittney here!” Ty announced standing at the doorway of the bathroom.”Tell her we’ll be out in a minute” Susie told him.”OK”They watched him disappear and then slipped away from each other.”You going out with Britt?” Taiwan asked looking at her, while she rubbed his neck.”Yes. We’re taking the three k**s to the park” She replied and bit her lip.Taiwan nodded his head.”We’ll be back around seven babe””Alright” he eyed the mirrior behind her.Susie leaned up and kissed him.”See you later. I love you!””I love you too!”Next morning Susie woke w/Eriana next to her. The c***d’s small body was glued to her mother’s legs. Susie smiled and rubbed her curly hair. She smiled wider as she noticed a couple freckles on her cheek. Susie shifted her body to get up from the bed making Eriana move.”Come on Eri!Time to wake up!” she nudged the 2 foot, 2 and half year old. Eri rolled over and stretched her body out.”We gotta get up!” Susie stated and grasped her daughter’s arm. She whined as Susie pulled her out of the blanket and into her arms. “I know you don’t want to wake up!We’re going to see grandma today” Susie told Eriana as they walked into the livingroom to find Taiwan flicking channels and Ty playing with some toys.”Morning Sexy” Tai said and smiled at his wife.”Morning” She replied and dropped Eriana into his lap on the couch. She than bent over and kissed his lips. “You could have gotten the leech off of me””She would’ve waken up” He told her as he rubbed Eri’s head and kissed her.”So what” Susie replied and went to the kitchen to get herself some Orange Juice. “What time does he have to be at school?””9:30″ Tai declared getting off of the couch and going to the kitchen. He went behind Susie,wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck.”Don’t start that. Got an hour to get ready and get Ty to school” She told him before drinking the rest of her juice.”He’ll get there! Baby just ten minutes!” Taiwan said pressing his hard on into her butt. He went forward and caught her ear in his mouth and nibbled on it.”mMmMM” Susie moaned lowly.”Ten minutes” He said again, reaching his hand around and started rubbing on her through her pj pants.”I won’t cum that fast” She replied feeling him kiss her cheek and neck.”Okay later then” Tai huffed.She turned around, pulled him into her and kissed him. He groaned and kissed her back biting at her bottom lip. “Baby” Taiwan begged into her mouth.”Am I going to be on time today?”Ty asked.”Yeah go play with Eriana!”Tai instructed his son,while he pulled Susie closer.”Okay”Ty replied and went off to his sister.”Come on!”Tai told Susie yanking her from ground.”MmMM..”Susie moaned and giggled at same time.”Shhh!”He shushed his wife and watched as her mouth fell open to say something.He smiled and pecked her lips. “The less talking we do the more time we have to make you cum” he confessed dropping her back onto the bed. He pulled her panties down as well as his boxers.Susie smiled and watched as his penis fell out as stiff as a pole. She reached out to take hold of it, but her hand was quickly grabbed and put above her head along with the other.Taiwan then slammed into her.She winced in pain at the invasion.”Im sorry baby” he said into her ear as he eagerly pumped into her dewy center.”I missed this”He told her,thrusting into her again.”MmmM me too” Susie told him back pushing her pelvis at his as he pressed himself inside. “Harder!”Nothing more for her to say and he was thrusting at a quicker rate. His hands left to her hips. He groaned and watched as his dick disappeared and reappeared in her moist lady lips.”Damn baby”Taiwan explained kissing at her neck as he lost his mind with each stroke.”OOoO yes”Susie cooed wrapping her petite legs around his abdomen.Taiwan smiled,dug his fingers into her side flesh and gyrated into her harder.He groaned out loud.Susie’s hands gripped his hips and thrust her pelvis into his. She watched Taiwan’s face as he pumped into her harder.She watched as his head fell to her neck, and he started kissing and sucking on it. Her hands slipped around his neck and gripped his body tighter at every stroke, enjoying every bit.She wanted to badly scream and moan,but that would alert the k**s and they didn’t want their k**s knowing anything about sex until they hit puberty.Feeling her heart beat rise, she could tell her orgasm was on its way.Taiwan could tell too because his pearly whites attached to her neck and snipped the flesh.”AHhHh shhh..”Susie moaned slightly arching her body, giving him more access to her neck.Taiwan groaned into her neck as his hand went up and covered her mouth, while he thrust into her. He slammed into her a few more times, pulled himself out and slammed back in.Susie screamed into his mouth and pushed her lower half into his body.Taiwan sucked in air as he pulled out and put his dick back in a couple more times, with long strokes before crashing into her a few more times when she bit his hand, dug into his sides and arched her back.She closed her eyes as she was blasted into an orgasm. Her body shook a little as she held on to her husband.Tai removed his istanbul escort bayan hand from her mouth, grumbled a few cuss words and then he too came. He dropped his head on her chest as he poured his seeds into his wife.The couple laid there for a few seconds until they came back. Susie smiled down at him and kissed his forehead.”I’m sorry I bit your hand” She apologized and rubbed his head.”It’s aight”He said and kissed her neck.”Feel better now?”Susie asked with a smile.”A lot!” Taiwan chuckled and looked at the alarm clock. “Twenty minutes””I told you we’d take–“He pressed his lips on hers and kissed her. Susie slipped her tongue out and ran it over his bottom lip and kissed him back.”Don’t worry! I’ll take him to school then meet you at my mom’s with Eriana” “Okay” Susie agreed. She kissed him one more time before they seperated.Susie rushed off to the shower to cleanse her body, while Taiwan quickly cleaned a couple things and headed out to take his son to school with 25 minutes to spare.”Aleena can I talk to you?” Susie asked her mother-in-law.”Of course” She told her as she took the fruits out of the fridge.”Alright” Susie smiled and followed her into the living room.Susie took a seat in the chair and Aleena sat down at the couch.”So what would you like to talk about hon?” She asked her daughter-in-law.”Well you know Tai has this weekend off of work and I’d like to spend time with him. You know quality time” Susie smiled.”And you’d like me to keep the k**s for the next two nights and days?” She asked and raised a brow.”No, I wouldn’t ask that. Just tonight we’d like you to watch them” Susie told her.”Why not the whole weekend?””Our neighbor Danielle said she would watch them the other days. She just couldn’t do it tonight because she has to go help her grandmother out tonight” Susie explained.”Oh okay” Aleena nodded.”So you’ll do it?””Of course I will. Their my grand babies, plus Isaiah won’t be coming over tonight” She said referring to her boyfriend.”Aww thank you” Susie excitedly said before getting out of her chair and giving her a hug.”You’re welcome” Aleena chuckled and patted Susie’s back.”Mom! I got the things you needed” Tai said as he opened the front door holding a couple grocery bags. “Bring it in the kitchen” She told him as she stood up.Susie watched the two go into the kitchen. She shut the door behind her husband and followed them to the kitchen. She walked in to find Tai pulling things out of the bag for his mother while Aleena got her bowls and such out.As they did that, Susie sneakily dipped her hand into the fruits and pulled out a g****. She tossed it into her mouth and chewed it.”OoO Mama! Susie is over here picking at the fruits” Tai snitched with a chuckle at Susie’s face.”Girl I’ve told you to keep your hands out unless you’re helping to make it. It’s so bad Eriana has started to do it too” Aleena said pointing at her as she reached for the fruit bowl and moved it from within Susie’s reach.”My bad” Susie mumbled blushing.”Uh huh. Go wash them hands so you can come help me in here””Yeah go wash your hands!” Tai chimed in as he smiled and winked at his wife.”You can do that too” His mother snapped at him.”Who’s laughing now?” Susie teased and stuck her tongue out before rushing off to the bathroom with Taiwan right on her tail.They passed the k**s room where Eriana was watching her cartoons and entered the bathroom. As soon as the couple were in there, Taiwan shut the door.”Taiwan what are you doing?” Susie smiled as she grabbed the soap and squirted some into her palm.”I’m washing my hands” He replied stepping behind her and reaching his arms down for her to squirt some soap into his hands.”And what else?” She raised a brow and started lathering the soap on her hands as well as his hands.”And I want to hear you moan again” Taiwan said before dipping his head down a little and tugging at her ear with his teeth.”Baby–” she whispered.”Twenty minutes isn’t enough.I need at least three more hours of you” He confessed as he licked the rim of her ear.”MmMM later you can have more of me” Susie explained turning the water on and putting their hands under it.”My mom said she’d watch the k**s?””Uh huh””Good wife” He teased.”Bite Me!” Susie retorted as Tai kissed her cheek while she grabbed the towel to wipe the water from their hands.”Gladly” he whispered and took a quick nibble at her neck.Susie bit her lip to hold back the moan before nudging him back away from her.”Come on you freak! We have to help your mother” Susie told him grabbing the door and opening it.”Later call me Daddy” Taiwan went on to say as they exited the bathroom. Susie shook her head and smiled. 9:05 P.M.Taiwan exited the elevator looking like a million bucks.He was wearing a white tuxedo with a baby blue vest. The matching white shoes were on his feet to complete his look. In his hand he held a bouquet of blue and white Carnations for his wife.He followed the R&B music until he found the door to their apartment. Ginuwine was flowed through the walls and door of their home.Taiwan smiled before he reached his long right arm out and knocked on the door three times. He waited a few seconds for his wife to open the door to let him in, so they could get to the sex.”Good Evening Mr.Brown. Please come in” Susie said as she opened the door.Her eyes followed her husband as he entered the apartment.”Wow,baby! This looks crazy”Taiwan said gazing around the apartment.Besides the music flowing through their home, the table held a beautiful dinner that Susie made,there was a trail of white Tulip pedals going to the bedroom, candles all around and the livingroom furniture was moved out of the way so they could dance.”I’m glad you like it” She smiled stepping toward her husband.”I do and I love that dress”He set the flowers down on the counter top and took a hold of her hands making them go around his neck as he bent down and kissed her. “You look beautiful” He told her, then dipped his head again to kiss her soft lips.”Thank you baby. You look nice yourself””I try” He smiled.”I appreciate that too.Now you sit down at the table.I’ll put these into some water and join you at the table” He nodded and took a few steps to the table. He removed his shoes as he sat down in his seat. The aroma from the food smelt good, he noted while watching his wife take her seat in front of him.”Baby do we have to do all this nonsense?” Taiwan inquired.”Yes we do, at least for a little bit””Alright babe”They smiled at each other and went to their food.9:34 P.M.”I want to make love to you right now baby” Tai whispered into her ear as they danced to the music coming from the speakers.”I know you do Taiwan.After we finish this second dance, we can go to the bedroom” She answered him as she closed her eyes and inhaled his cologne.He didn’t like to dance much and he really wanted to undress his wife then and there, but he’d play along with her little games for a little longer.He pulled her frame into his frame even more, letting his aroused dick to press into her. He looked down to catch her biting her lip to keep from moaning.He endured two more minutes of dancing and waiting to make love to his wife, when the song finished. He smiled, kissed her lips and lifted her into his arms.”Taiwan!” Susie gasped as she clutched his neck and shoulders to keep from falling.”Calm down baby girl” He said escaping to their bedroom.When he entered Taiwan couldn’t believe his eyes. The bedroom was filled with candles, smelt of Vanilla,the bed’s pillows were on the floor in the corner leaving the bed full of space,a bowl of fruit on Susie’s sideof the bed and on the night stand near Taiwan’s side of the bed was a basket full of sexual play things.He looked at Susie as she smiled at him. She leaned over and kissed his lips before he let her down to the floor.9:38 P.M.”What do you want to do now?” she asked with a gleam of amusement in her eye.”I want you to strip for me””Okay”Taiwan smiled, walked over to the bed and took a seat in the middle. He sat at the edge of the bed, took off istanbul escortlar his tuxedo jacket, and spread his long legs open.”Ready?” Susie asked with a raised brow.”Go ahead” he said and nodded at her.She closed her eyes, listened to the beat of the song for a few seconds before reopening her eyes and started to sway toNasty Grind. She loved the song and wanted to give her husband a good show. She watched Taiwan’s eyes roam over her body as she swayed and rolled her hips along with the song.Susie watched as his tongue came out and licked over the top lip. It made her slightly quiver. She moved closer to him as she continued to roll her body to the melodic music. She was inches away from Taiwan’s open legs, when she bent her body over his shoulder. Susie kissed his lips as his hands found the zipper of her dress and unzipped it for her. She removed her lips off of his and smiled at him appreciatively before moving away from him again to shed the dress off of her body.As Susie stepped out of her dress, Taiwan unbuttoned his vest. He kept his eyes on her as she took her hair down and swung it around. She then unclipped her bra, yanked it off her body, and tossed it at her husband. She giggled while he smelled the brassiere before dropping it on the floor.The song changed to Pony by Ginuwine making Susie venture over to her husband and climb onto his lap. She put her legs on each side of him and started to grind. Her perky breast stood centimeters away from his mouth while she rubbed her hot pussy against his growing dick.9:46 P.M.That did it for Taiwan as he gripped her hips and flipped her body over. He had her back pressed against the bed and he was now in control. He bent his head down and hungrily took his wife’s mouth into his and gave her a passionate kiss.“MmMm baby” She moaned wrapping her arms around his neck.“I missed being between your legs” He confessed as he kissed at her chin, down to her collarbone where he licked across it, and then he kissed between her hard nipples.He looked up at her as he took her left nipple into his gorgeous mouth and sucked them slowly at the same his right hand was on the other squeezing the round flesh. He watched her bite her lip and squirm underneath him as he assaulted her tan bud. Then he removed his eyes from hers as he switched nipples, taking the right one into his mouth and caressed the left one.“Babyyyy!” Susie whined lifting her head from the bed.He paid her no mind as he bit onto the flesh their daughter was once suckling milk from.”Ooww..” She squealed in pleasure as well as pain.She watched him go to the other one and biting it too making her gasp and put her head back into the bed.”Mmmm baby, I want to taste you now” he groaned as he came back up to her and pecked her lips. “You’re going to let me taste you aren’t you?” Tai stated more than asked before taking the top of her ear and nibbling on it.“Yes baby”“That’s what I like to hear” He pecked her lips again as he reached into the basket on her side of the bed and took out a couple strawberries. He smirked at her as he set the red fruit down on the bed and spread her legs open.Taiwan wasted no time in disposing of her panties, tossing them to the floor. He picked the strawberries up put one into his mouth and went between her legs. He pressed the fruit at her wet lips, chewed it until it was gone. He then licked her wet folds from top to bottom and back up.”OoOO” His wife moaned as her hands came to his head.He ran his tongue across the sensitive pea size equivalent of a penis making her jerk her body and grip his head tighter. He flicked his tongue over it several more times, mixing in licks on her wetness which made her squirm and sucked in air. He took the other berry from his hand, put it in his mouth and stuck it between her lower lips. He rubbed her clit at the same time eating on the berry wedged in her moist pussy.Her body started to jerk even more. Her hands rubbed on his head while she leaned back and pushed her lower half into his face.Taiwan finally ate the rest of his treat, and slipped a couple fingers into her. She gasped, and then bit her lip at the action.“Taiwannnn…” Susie moaned.”Are you going to cum in my mouth baby? You’re going to do that for me?” He questioned sliding his long fingers in and out of her quicker.“Uh huh” She breathed caressing her breast.”I fucking love you” He confessed before putting his head deep between her legs and attacked her clit.He vigorously licked at the aroused spot while finger-fucking her. He felt her body jerking and heard her moaning as she enjoyed it. It made him more pleased, which made him quicken his actions.His fingers were soon removed from inside of her, but were replaced by his mouth. He covered her pussy lips and sucked on them, moaning at the same time. Humming as he enjoyed her nectar.Her hands gripped his shoulders, and she started grinding at his face. She wanted to cum so bad.Taiwan’s hands gripped under her butt and his tongue went on a rampage to her pussy. He licked the clit as if he was Speedy Gonzales, than dipped his big tongue in her sweet spot. He wasted no time in twisting his tongue around, running it along the top ridge of her cavern.He could tell she was almost to the point of climaxing at how eager she was at grinding into his face. He didn’t mind one bit. He took one hand back and rubbed at the clit once again as his tongue enjoyed her wet vagina.The two movements were in sync within seconds and had her body jerking off the bed. Her lower half was smashing into his face as her anticipation was rising.“Babbyyy! Righttt thereee” She cooed gripping his head as he sucked her wetness.He feverishly caressed her clit and licked her for a little while longer as she threw her body back and dug his shoulders.”Babbbbbbbyyyyyyy” Susie moaned loudly before closing her eyes and involuntarily had tremors run through her.Taiwan lapped up her juices with his tongue while she got rode out her orgasm. He kissed her clit, thighs and vagina as he licked her juices.He was finished cleaning his mess before coming from between her legs and hovering over her.”Strawberry-cream a la Susie was so fucking good” He said before kissing her. He wanted her to taste herself, which she did with no hesitation.“Mmmm” She moaned wrapping her arms around him as they shared another kiss. She licked his bottom lip getting her juices off of it.“That’s just warm up. Now on to round one” He declared getting off the bed.9:54 P.M.Taiwan stood up, unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor. He then gripped his boxers and slipped them off as well. He climbed back onto the bed as Susie grabbed some Flavored Lube and crawled over to him.She smiled at his hard dick.He watched as she grabbed the base of it and slowly started to jerk it.Susie smiled at him as she stroked him from bottom to top, in slow movements. She bit her lip when he moaned from the touch. She then began to jerk a bit faster, caressing it up and down and in circles. It grew even longer in her hands.She looked up at her husband, looking at the anticipation on his face before she opened the flavored lube and squirted some on his dick. She threw the bottle to the floor, gripped the base of his penis, stuck her tongue out and flicked it across the head. His body instantly shivered at the arousing lick.She smiled inside as she leaned forward, and licked the shaft. She licked the shaft from top to bottom and bottom to time all the while moaning. Susie came back to the head, flicked her wet tongue across the slit a couple times and proceeded to cover his dick with her warm mouth.“Oh yeah, here we go baby” Taiwan mumbled reaching for her curly hair.Susie took off sucking the heading a little at the same time jerking the shaft. She licked around the head, getting appreciative moans from her husband. She started to hum on it as she sucked it more, going down inch by inch.Soon Taiwan’s hand was tangled in her hair as he pushed her mouth on his hard dick. He looked down at her taking more of his dick in her mouth. istanbul escort It was so fucking sexy to him.Susie sucked faster. She held his thigh while she bobbed her head back and forth sucking her husband’s penis. She took it out and licked across the head and slipped the dick back into her mouth.This time she widened her mouth and took all him into her mouth. She began to deep throat it. She sucked it quicker as she grabbed his balls and rubbed them.“Fuck baby” Her husband growled and gripped her head again.He pushed her head on his dick faster. He thrust his pelvis into her mouth as she deep throated him. Sucking every inch of him, making his dick hit the back of her throat. Her hands tugging at his balls, which made pre-cum ooze out.She grabbed his hand that was tangled in her hair with one hand to stop him. He did as she took that hand and gripped the base of his dick. She kept the other on his testicles while she put her mouth on his dick and sucked hard. The sides of her mouth caved in as she suctioned the dick, trying to pull from him his semen. She tugged his balls some more as she suctioned harder and nibbled the head of his dick.“Shitttttt” Taiwan cursed grabbing the back of his wife’s head, leaning forward and came in her mouth.Susie drank it up and swallowed it all as it squirted into her mouth and dropped into her throat. She sucked the head a little more and licked the head to get all of it.“You tasted good too” She announced to him getting onto her knees and kissing him. He of course kissed her back and bit her lip.”That felt so good babe” He said as she smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck.“I can tell. I think you had enough cum to fill a 12 oz cup” She replied and pecked his lips. “It’s time for round two”“In the shower!”The two got off the bed and strolled to the bathroom.10:05 P.M.”Come here my beautiful wife” Taiwan said pulling Susie into his chest. He bent his head down and kissed her while he turned the water on in the shower.”I missed making love” Susie confessed after pulling away from the kiss.”Met too” he agreed and kissed her once again at the same time pulling her into the shower with him.The two wrapped themselves around each other as they stepped under the water. The warm water grazing their skin while they enjoyed each other.Taiwan spun Susie around and pressed her against the shower wall tiles. He pulled her legs up, so she could wrap them around his torso.She did making his hard dick rub against her lower abdomen.”I can’t remember how long it’s been since we’ve taken a shower together” he said before sucking at her neck.”Mmmm me neither baby””Them damn k**s” he stated against her skin.Susie slapped his shoulder.”I’m playing baby. They are my everything. You are my everything. I love you” Taiwan declared as he looked into her eyes.She smiled back.”You’re all my everything.And I love you all” she told him. Susie gripped his body tighter and kissed his chest. “Make love to me Taiwan” she whispered and grinded into his erect dick laying against her stomach.”Your wish is my command” He whispered back then bent forward and kissed her wet lips while he turned the water back off.Susie licked his bottom lip and sucked at his tongue making him moan in her mouth. She moaned back when he nibbled her lip at the same time she felt her body being laid down on a towel. She dipped her head back to look at him.”I want you to have another baby” he said running his fingers over the side of her face.”Whatever you want” she replied pulling his shoulders down to kiss his forehead, nose and lips. “Make me feel you deep inside of me” she gripped his hard penis and caressed it lightly.He smiled, spread her legs open, lowered himself to her body and softly kissed her lips. He took a hold of her left leg as he inched his way inside of her moist folds. He sucked in air as he retracted and then dipped back in.“I miss this so much” he whispered to her as his lips neared her neck.Taiwan started to kiss behind her ear, down the left side of her neck, across her collar bone, and then up the right side of her neck. The same time he was pressing further into his wife’s welcoming walls.Susie wrapped her arms around his neck and bumped her pelvis into his pelvis. She leaned her head back giving her husband access to her neck as she pushed her lower body into his, helping him slide in deeper.“Mmmm” she moaned into his ear as he stroked her.“Tell me how much you love me” He told her while pulling out and then dipped back inside of her. “Tell me Susie” he murmured and slowly stroked her walls.“I love you with all my heart” Susie mumbled wrapping her legs around him.“That’s what I like to hear”Taiwan put his arms underneath her body, pulled his dick from within her and then shoved it back in. He kissed her lips as he repeatedly banged her pussy.Her body was soon meeting his as she thrust her pussy at his dick. She gripped his shoulders tighter and tightened her hold on his body while Taiwan plunged inside of her valley.“Harder” she moaned at the same time sliding her vagina on his member.”No” He groaned back and thrust into her.”Yes””Baby I don’t want to hurt you” He confessed slowing down his stroke.“You won’t, now make me cum” She told him and lifted her head to kiss his lips.He kissed her back, deepening the kiss as he flicked his tongue with hers while he started to pump into her faster. He nibbled her bottom lip at the same moment thrusting in and out of his pussy.A moan escaped her lips into his mouth as his stroking picked up momentum. Her hands slid to his lower back, pushed down and nudged her vagina into his penis. She pushed up and pulled back a couple times while squeezing her muscles on it.“Damn” He groaned after pulling his lips from hers.“Mmmm baby… Make me cum” Susie told him.He took her legs from around him, leaned on his right leg, pulled her right leg into the air and propelled his dick into her. He kissed her lips and then breasts as he pumped harder.“Yes baby” She moaned pulling at his shoulders and pressing into him.He removed his lips from her breast, but kept lunging into her wet walls.Susie then dropped her right hand down to her aroused nerve ending and began to rub it. She bit her lip and rubbed it quicker while her husband thrust his penis in.He watched her rubbed it for a minute before taking over and swabbed at it still pumping into her at a quicker pace.Her breathing increased and her began to heave more and more with each stroke.“I’m—“she couldn’t finish as he rubbed her clit faster.“Do it, cum for me” he coached.He dropped her leg, got back between her and pumped into her. He brushed against her clit as he pumped into her a few times. Then pulled it out and threw it back into her. He braced her sides and started to jab at it.“Mmmm” She moaned thrusting her pussy at him.He kissed her lips while thrusting into her body, feeling her heart beat harder as he made love to her.Then she pulled away from the kiss and bit his neck.“Shit” He groaned, closed his eyes and pumped into her harder.Her body began to spasm beneath him at the same time her vagina muscles gripped his dick, squeezing him when her orgasm rushed right through her.She bit his neck even harder making Taiwan curse, propel his member against her wet walls a couple more times when he stiffened up and injected her with his seeds.“Ahhhh yeah” He groaned into her neck as he enjoyed his orgasm.Susie closed her eyes loving her husband being inside of her.“I love you” Taiwain mumbled and kissed her lips.“I love you too” Susie replied opening her eyes and kissing his sexy lips back.“I’m tired”“No round two?” her brow raised as she rubbed his neck.His face lied against her breasts.”Right now?”Susie looked across the bathroom and into their room to see the clock.”It can wait for a little while. It’s 10:50. Let’s get in the bed and sleep. We can finish making love later”“Sounds good to me” Taiwan agreed before he pecked her lips, slipped himself from inside of her, yanked her off the floor along with the towel and sluggishly took her to the bed.The two got under the covers, cuddled to each other and dozed off to sleep. Hours later they woke and went for round two and three of their love making and didn’t stop until after dawn. They realized then that their love would make it through the tests of time.THE END!

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