An Accidental Woman 3


I was a woman. No doubt about it.

I stepped out of the shower with one foot onto the bathmat, grabbing my towel in one movement. I dried my hair a bit at first, getting most of the water dripping, then down my chest, lifting my breasts and drying underneath, eventually leaning over and moving the towel from my crotch down my thigh and back around my calf to my foot. Shaving my legs had been a chore at first, but now it was just something that had to be done. What I had not gotten use to were the suttle movements of my body. When I leaned down to dry my leg, my breasts moved before I did, falling forward towards my face, and eventually preventing me from reaching all the way down. When I walked, my hips actually moved up and down, causing my ass to lift and fall. My hair moved opposite my movements, as did my breasts, always reacting to my body’s first movement, never leading, never taking control.

Once semi dry, I put some panties on and sat on the floor in front of the body length mirror and started to dry my hair. As I did I thought long and hard about the evening in front of me. They probably wouldn’t show up, I mean an attractive woman blows you off and then volunteers for a group sex, most likely she would be giving a fake address. That’s what I would have thought when I was a man. By the time I was done drying my hair I was convinced that it wouldn’t happen. I made a sandwich and ate on the couch in my panties watching the evening news, as if nothing in the world was strange about me being nearly naked on the couch.

By the time I was done eating my sandwich, I was freezing. The afterglow from the hairdryer had worn off, and the chill from the windows was making my nipples sore from their hardness. I had to cover up. I walked back to my bedroom and rifled through my drawers. It seemed I was looking at things for the first time. My drawers has become a product of mindless shopping, stuffing everything in bags and getting home and simply dumping them in drawers.

I rifled through them and started trying on everything. I marveled at how the silk made me feel. The smooth fabric did more than comfort me, it instantly made me feel sexy. I still got slightly turned on by the simple look of my body and the movement of it, but the fabric took that to another level. Lace on my skin, my nipples moving back and forth in my bra against the soft inner cups, all brought sexual feelings to me. I wasn’t soaked or craving or anything like that, it was much more subtle.

I tried on several of my new bras. I had gotten quite use to putting them on, but noticed the differences in the design that I never would have before I had breasts. Many of my bras had formed cups. They smoothed me and in clothes made clean lines, but I didn’t feel as sexy in them. I settled on a black lace bra with half cups, covering my nipples, but leaving a portion of my areolas somewhat exposed. The support was amazing, something the other bras didn’t provide, yet another thing I was fast learning, ie, that expensive bras are actually worth the money. I picked through the panties, and found two that closely matched the bra. I picked the thong first, straightened it out and then stepped into it. I pulled them up, and looked in the mirror. I turned around to look at myself. The thong disappeared into my ass crack, and amazingly I couldn’t really feel it. I mean I could tell it was there, but it wasn’t anywhere near what I thought a thong would feel like. It made me feel sexy. I felt my pussy was covered, but my ass exposed, and could only imagine what it would look like when I walked. I pulled them down and put on the other pair. The panties were all silk, and they made me feel comfortable, sexy, but not as I don’t know, out there. I liked them, but put the thong back on. I stepped to the closet and fingered through the few clothes I had. I was struck by the feeling women have when they don’t have anything to wear.

Most of what I had were separates. I grabbed a skirt and put it on, then went through several tops that just didn’t seem to work. Eventually, I had most of my clothes on the bed, and was standing once again in my bra and thong studying an empty closet. Then I heard it.

There was a knock on the door.

Panic rushed through me. I thought about ignoring it, but was drawn to the door. I peaked out the hole, and saw the guy I talked to with three other guys standing right outside the door. I ran back to the bathroom and grabbed my robe and pulled it around me. I walked back to the door and looked out the peephole again. There had been several knocks since the first, each time causing panic to race through me, but now face to face with them, with only a small wooden plank between us, I felt a wave of excitement running through me.

I cracked the door and peered out.

“Damn girl, I thought you had fucked with us.”

“Sorry, I was getting ready.” I pulled the door open and they kind of pushed their way in. I stood by the door as all four guys walked in and studied the room. The guy holding the beer walked to the kitchen and deposited the beer in the fridge, pulling out beers once he was there and passing it to everyone but me.

“So I don’t get one?” I asked.

He smiled and brought me a beer. I could feel the awkwardness in the room. I could also feel the chill from the door being open so long, and I could tell from their eyes, that they could tell I could feel the cold as well. I tried to mask the evidence by pulling my arms to my chest and covering my nipples, but by doing so I made the matter worse by creating even more cleavage coming from the fold in my robe. I was in a room with four very horny guys. There wasn’t much I could do to change that.

“So girl, you invited us over. You want to go out or something. You’re the boss.”

“I didn’t think yall would actually come over.” I smiled and looked at the floor. There was something about the ringleader that was overly intimidating.

“Well you want us to leave? I mean we don’t want to be ruining any plans you had.”

Here was my chance to get out of this, but no matter how much I much I wanted them to leave, something greater in me wanted them to stay. “No its fine, I didn’t have any plans.”

When I said it, me smiled at me. The other guys were together on the couch, while I was standing between them and him. He stood by the doorway to the kitchen. One of the guys behind me turned on the television and they made themselves comfortable.

“Got any card?”

“Yeah I think so, I think they are in the kitchen.”

I walked into the kitchen, brushing past the ringleader, Kevin, looking up at him in the eyes, and went through drawers until I found them. When I went back casino oyna past him, again our eyes met, and it was all I could do not to touch him. It was like my body was calling for him. I passed him without breaking with his eyes, and once in the living room, I tossed the cards on the coffee table. Without anything further, he grabbed them without looking at me and started counting them.

There seemed to be two different worlds in the room. Kevin wouldn’t take his eyes off me, the other guys almost ignored the fact I was there. They took over the room and were fine with each other’s company.

I walked back toward the kitchen, and I could tell there was a play taking place that I couldn’t stop.

“Where is your bathroom?” He looked at me, took a large sip of his beer, and then put the can on the table. Without even waiting for an answer, he started toward the hall.

“Its right around the corner, I’ll show you.” It was like we both were together in trying to find a reason to leave the room, talking loud enough for everyone to hear us, not that they cared or were paying attention. A football game was playing loudly in the background with the cards being distributed around the table.

I made my way in front of him, pushed the bathroom door open, and turned the light on. He passed in front of me, pushing against my chest as me moved looking down into my eyes. He had to be a head talked than me. Once in the door, I turned and went into the bedroom door right across from the bathroom and began throwing my discarded clothes from earlier into the closet floor. When I grabbed the first handful of my clothes, I heard him begin to pee. It sounded like someone had turned on a fire hose, and I instinctively turned to the bathroom. The door was open. He was standing in front of the toilet looking at me, his cock resting on his down turned palm with his thumb resting on the top of his penis to control his urination. His cock overflowed his hand, the massive head of his dick being pulled by gravity over the edge of his hand. I couldn’t pull my eyes away from his cock. When I finally broke my gaze from his crotch, I looked at his face and saw a smile form.

He slowly took a swab of toilet paper and wiped the head of his cock as I watched. He flushed the toilet and turned toward me. His cock was falling from the hole in his boxers as he stood silent in the glow of the bathroom light. I couldn’t move, but he could. He dropped his pants to the floor, then pulled his boxers down, discarded his shoes and socks, and walked across the hall to the bedroom naked from the waste down. He didn’t stop when he came into the room. He came straight for me and pushed against my chest. His hands went around my back and he reached down and kissed me. He was aggressive with his tongue and I reached my arms around him. Once circling him, I finally dropped the panties and bras I had in my hands and reaching my hands to his ass, pulling them up under his shirt to feel his muscular back.

We didn’t kiss long. I broke with his mouth and for the first time took control. I dropped to my knees and put his cock directly in front of my face. It was amazing. His cock was fully soft, but it was enormous. It was long and plump, maybe five inches, bent at an angle to fall to the floor. His head was distinct with a large ridge that had a slightly redder color than the rest of him. You could tell the head was soft and supple. He had no hair around his cock or balls, which aided the look and size. I reached out with my mouth, bending it slightly to the side and coming underneath him to get the head of his cock in my mouth. I opened wide, and took only the head in my mouth at first. Still limp, his cock was soft against my lips, and as I pulled on his dick with my mouth, I compressed his shaft and felt the soft unit pull longer with my effort.

I reached around his waist and grabbed his ass cheeks with my hands, using it to guide him into my mouth. Without the rigidity, his cock was hard to control. It was long enough to want to push away from my force, but eventually I got the hang of taking his soft cock. I pushed down on the entire length and was amazed at how wide my mouth had to be simply to accomidate his size. The effort, however, was anything but bothersome. His cock felt amazing in my mouth. Between the feelings on my tongue and lips, and the soft ridge on his cock moving in and out of my mouth, not to mention the fullness in my mouth and the musty smell coming from his crotch, the overall feeling was making me soak my panties. It was like I had come home, finding my place in this world. There was nothing I wanted more in this world, and as I continued to move him in and out of my mouth, he began to stiffen and grow. As he continued to grow, I was no longer able to take his full length in my mouth. His cock widened more, and the head of his cock grew even larger and the ridge of his head grew more distinct. The soft skin of his head was a greater contrast to the veiny ridges on his shaft. When I thought he was finally hard, I opened my eyes for the first time and looked up at him. Our eyes met once more and with his smile, I withdrew his cock from my mouth, studied the amazing size of his member, and took his balls into my mouth. The first moan escaped his mouth. I took one ball into my mouth at a time.

He interrupted my sucking and turned me around and sat on the bed. I stood in front of him. He grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him. His cock, hard and bouncing with his movements and heartbeat, pressed against my thigh. He reached around and parted my robe, putting both his hands on my side and moving them up to my chest. He pushed up hard and rough, forcing my breast to be pushed up and out of my bra. He pulled down on my large tits, putting my hard nipples in his mouth. He moved from one to the other, and as he did my eyes rolled back in my head. The feeling was amazing. I could fell his hard cock pressing into my leg, and I knew I would do anything and everything he wanted.

He ran his hands to my shoulders and then with one movement, pushed my robe to the floor. In another moment, he had his hands around my back, my nipple still in his mouth, and undid my bra. He slid it down my arms and then with force he grabbed my tits and shook them. They giggled with the movement, which seemed to please him immensely. He pushed them together and pulled them apart, always watching their natural sway and giggle. He put his head between my tits and slammed them against his face. His stubble almost rubbed hard against the soft skin of my chest as he seemed to want to smother himself with my chest. As he did, my mind had time to recover. I need it. It called for me. I looked down at his cock, and slot oyna with one movement, I once again fell on my knees, ripping my chest from his mouth and hands. This time I didn’t go gently and try to feel his cock. I wanted to devour it. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock with force. His shaft pushed my lips apart, his head thrust against the back of my throat, and then I withdrew it from my mouth, his head making the long path back down my tongue until the head of his cock came out of my mouth making a popping sound.

I wanted him to cum so badly. I wanted to feel it in my mouth, swish his cum between my lips and feel the residue on my teeth and tongue. I began to think of thoughts I had never thought before. Before I had enjoyed the sex, but not like this. The desire I felt went further than a striving for pleasure. This was a need, a deep down requirement for my existence. That cock in my mouth completed me in a way that I had never been completed before. I felt it was the ultimate purpose of my existence, what I was made for. It sounds strange I know, and it wasn’t a cohesive thought (I didn’t say, “wow, this is what my mouth was made for”), but the overall feeling was that strong.

He interrupted me before I could get what I wanted. He pulled me up by my head, gently, but with force, stood off the bed and pushed me on my back. I tried to through the clothes on the bed to the floor as he was pulling my thong off. My knees remained bent with my feet just off the ground as he pulled the thong around my feet and immediately put his face into my crotch. When his lips came in contact with mine, and his tongue first hit my clit, I almost lost it. My body shivered. My nipples, already hard, seemed to harden more and goose bumps covered my chest. As he began to eat my pussy, my hands went to my chest instinctively. I grabbed and cupped my chest, pinched and pulled my nipples. When my back arched, my hands squeezed my tits harder. Sounds came out of me I had yet to hear myself make. I felt it coming. I couldn’t delay it or stop it. I grabbed his head and tried to force his entire head into my pussy as I came. I screamed and felt myself let a huge squirt of my cum onto his face. He continued to lick and eat and another spurt came from me. I tried to push him away, but he kept eating me out. Eventually, I close my legs as I pushed his head away. I couldn’t stop moving. I swayed from side to side.

He pulled me up even though my body was limp and kissed me. I could taste my juices all over his lips. I licked his face trying to get at my nector. I grabbed for his cock with my hands, but I couldn’t reach it. I wanted it so bad, and I finally got the opportunity when he reached down to get at my chest and out bodies separated a bit. I got one feel of his cock in my hand before it was taken away.

He pushed me onto the bed. I fell to the side so my ass was barely hanging off the bed and my head was off the side of the bed, cutting a perfect triangle with the bottom corner of the bed. I knew what was coming, and I wanted it so bad.

“I need you inside me, please.”

He smiled. I looked down at him across my body. My tits, pancaked on my chest framed his massive cock perfectly. He lifted my legs by the underside of my ankle, and I knew it was the moment of truth. I felt him push the head of his cock against my lips. They parted and his cock head lightly pushed my opening apart. He didn’t move anymore into me. He took his cock with his hand and rubbed the head up and down my slit driving me crazy.

“Please. Fuck me. Get your cock inside…” and then it happened.

His massive cock pushed into me and I gasped. I felt like he was tearing my insides apart. He was what felt like halfway in, and I was panting. There was pleasure, but the overwhelming pressure pushed that aside. I was left with the wonder and amazement of his girth separating my inner walls. He stopped all of a sudden, and I wasn’t complaining. I needed time to get use to this.

“Damn your tight girl.”

I wanted to respond. But all I could say was, “Your, huge.”

He wrapped my legs around his waist and I took his lead and hugged him with them. With his hands now free, he leaned down and grabbed my tits. He massaged them with force, squeezing my nipples and rubbing them around in circles. He took my nipples in his hands and lifted my tits with them. Once away from my body, he tugged them back and forth watching my boobs giggle and fly with his guidance. There was slight pain, but also pleasure, but the most important thing was that it took my mind off the huge baseball bat of a dick that was stuck inside me.

He dropped my tits and watched them settle, but immediately grabbed them like handles, squeezing them in his hands, and pulled my body against his and his body into mine. I screamed as his entire cock went the rest of the way inside me. My head shot back over the edge of the bed. I tried to pick it up, but all my energy was taken by his movement inside me. He began pulled out of my slowly and pushing back into me. With even the slightest movements electricity shot up my spin. When he pulled back harder with sudden movement, waves of heat and pleasure shot from my crotch and belly and went throughout my body, taking the control I had from my body. His pace quickened and with it my body moved with his thrusts. My tits bounced all over the place. It was impossible to raise my head. When he started to withdraw his cock almost all the way and thrust all the way back inside me, I came. I bucked when I came and the shifting of position of his cock inside me hit something else that made me almost instantly cum again.

He fucked harder and my pussy was almost numb. My head was over the side of the bed and my eyes were closed simply trying to deal with the intense feelings rushing through me. That’s when I felt the head of a cock rest against my lips. I opened my eyes and all I saw were two balls in my face. I immediately reached back to find the person that was above me, but my whole body was being thrust up and back on the bed. As Kevin’s dick parted my pussy and his body came slamming back against mine, the dick on my lips was forced into my mouth. My arms found the guys stomach, but I instantly noticed that there was more than one guy at my head.

I allowed the motion of Kevin’s fucking to continue to bring me into a rhythm of forcing the cock in and out of my mouth. I reached back and with some searching I found the other two guys and managed to get their dicks in my hands. They rotated positions as Kevin continued to fuck me, and by the time the third guy found my mouth, the feeling of a cock in my mouth, hands all over my tits and body, and Kevin fucking me brought canlı casino siteleri me to another orgasm.

When I was done squirting, he withdrew his cock and turned me over. The change in position was a good change of pace, relaxing me instantly. I saw for the first time the sight of three hard guys standing in front of me. Before I could do much of anything, Kevin put his cock back against me and, grabbing my hips, guided his cock into me. I was stretched out, but he seemed to get much deeper. I had a second of freedom before one of the guys put his dick in my face.

My oral options all had nice dicks, but none was like Kevin’s. They were all above average, but not large, allowing me to get all the way down on them without gagging. Kevin continued to fuck me from behind, not much harder, the full force being absorbed by my ass as he slammed into me. One of the guys in front of me, perhaps because he was not in my mouth got on his back and scooted himself underneath me and to mine, and everyone’s surprise it seemed, managed to scoot himself to my pussy where Kevin’s cock was slamming in and out of me. IN one instant, Kevin pushed all the way in me and stopped, and I felt a tongue begin to flick my clit back and forth. The feeling put me over the edge. I squirted into his mouth. His hands found my thighs and as I recovered and moved over him so I could suck his dick while he ate, Kevin began to move once more. I wish I could have seen the sight of Kevin’s dick coming in contact with his tongue. I wondered if they were all bisexual or not.

All of a sudden, Kevin pulled out of me and told me to turn around. I lifted off his face turned around and lowered myself back on his face, this time causing much more of my weight to rest on his head. He reached around my thighs to control my pussy in his mouth, and as he did, Kevin guided his cock to my face. I got the head of his cock into my mouth right as he began to cum. A stream of cum erupted from his cock and landed on my tongue. As his cock pushed into me, the taste of myself was replaced by another and then another surge of cum leaving his dick. His cum pooled in my cheeks and accumulated at the back of my mouth. I swallowed and felt the thickness travel down my throat, but he continued to move in and out of my mouth leaking cum. When he finally pulled out of my mouth, a stream of cum left as well, falling on my left tit. He tasted so good, I didn’t want him to leave. I didn’t want him to stop cumming. I scooped up his cum with my finger and put it in my mouth.

I was once again horny as hell even though I could already tell I was getting sore. It had to have been an hour since his cock entered me, but yet, I wanted more. I climbed off the guys face underneath me and sat on his cock. He went in with no trouble, and I began to grind on top of him. In no time, hands reached around me and began massaging my chest. The other guy maneuvered himself to my side and I immediately put his cock in my mouth. I bounced. I sucked. I felt my tits squeezed and pinched. I felt myself begin to cum and as I did I fell forward onto his chest, pulling his hands from my chest and the others cock from my mouth. I supported myself with my hands on the bed around his head, and as I fell the others responded.

The guy massaging my tits seemed to think there was open invite into my ass. Before I could resist or stop, his cock was half way in my ass. The pain was intense at first. Heat rushed through my ass, but in no time I relaxed and the pressure began to be amazing. It was like their cocks were pressing my insides together, and while neither of their cocks filled me like Kevin’s, the combined feeling was much more intense. They eventually found a rhythm and my ass seemed to loosen more and except him easier as he started to fuck harder.

Eventually the last guy found his way around and put his cock in my mouth. I was air tight.

They continued for five or ten minutes and I felt myself fast approaching yet another orgasm, but before I could, I suddenly felt a wave of heat in my ass. The feeling caught me off guard, and then he groaned and I knew he had shot his load deep in my ass. I clamped down on the cock in my mouth and felt myself squeeze the dick in my pussy as the orgasm washed over me. He continued to fuck my ass hard, and all of a sudden he pulled out of me. The void was obvious and I felt cold, and I could tell cum was leaking out of me. I felt the guy underneath me grab my ass from below and squeeze my ass cheeks together. He began to fuck me rather than be ridden. My pussy almost hurt. My tits were sore from the bouncing, and yet I continued to fuck, continued to suck. Finally I felt cum explode in my mouth. This was much more powerful than Kevin’s, something totally unexpected, and the sheer volume of his cum was startling. I swallowed as fast as I could, rested on the guy underneath me to try and use my hands to contain the overflow.

I was trying to finish off his cum when I was pushed forward and felt hands grab my hips. His cock came in contract with my ass, and I immediately knew it was Kevin. IN one movement his entire cock pushed into me and I screamed. The pain was so intense I just knew he had ripped my ass apart. I fell on the guy underneath me, and all attempts to grind on him haulted. Kevin began an assault on my ass like I could not imagine. He wanted to own my ass, mark his territory, and mark it he did. He slapped my ass and I screamed and moaned into the guys ears under me. If it bother him he didn’t say anything. He seemed to help Kevin, wrapping his arms around me and holding me still as Kevin continued his assault. Eventually my ass almost went numb, but then the pain was replaced by this overwhelming feeling like I had to shit. His body slammed into mine, and finally, I heard the guy underneath me grunt and he told me he was cumming. I tried to concentrate and feel his cum inside me, but I couldn’t. The heat increased and I felt myself get wetter, but the force of the cock in my ass was about all I could manage to feel.

I began to think there was no way I could last if he fucked as long as his did the first time, when I felt him slam harder and then pause once he was all the way inside me. That was followed by a loud scream and then a rush of heat in my ass. He barely moved, and I could feel his dick contract and expand as his cum shot out into me. Finally, cock free, I collapsed on the bed and looked at him. The other guys had dressed and left the room, but he stood there with his cock glistening. He reached down and kissed me, thanked me, and told me he would stop by.

That was it. They were gone. I heard the door slam and then I rubbed my hands over my body. I was soaked with sweat, dripping, and coming from my ass and pussy was a stream of cum. Although I knew what might have awaited me, I could never have imagined that being a woman could be this amazing.

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