An exhibitionist wife – The first time.


An exhibitionist wife – The first time.I thought it might be worth adding to our stories of Mrs O’s adventures by telling the story of the first time she showed herself in public. It’s quite a tame tale by comparison but might appeal to the people who’ve enjoyed reading about her previous exploits. We hope you enjoy it.We were away for a week in Zante staying in a good class hotel that had a large open balcony complete with a private hot tub/pool.that we spent many a long afternoon splashing around in. I’d noticed the first time we used it that it was overlooked by the back of a rooftop bar and was visible to the staff whenever they were on a break. This particular afternoon Mrs O was was lounging in the pool and i was sitting on the side with my feet in the şişli escort water watching her and admiring her curves inside her clinging wet bikini, a small blue top and tie up bottoms that highlighted her body perfectly.I’d already noticed a couple of the young bar staff were taking the opportunity to get an eyeful while they took a short break and as this was quite the norm i never took much notice. It was only when i noticed they were a bit more interested than normal that i looked at Mrs O and realised that her left breast had come out and was clearly visible as lay on her back floating on the surface.I suppose a decent husband would have told her so she could tuck it away again but i couldn’t help enjoying the fact that they were getting a treat şişli escort bayan so i kept quiet. A couple of minutes later she looked up and noticed that she was the centre of attention so i laughed and told her why. I thought she would just cover herself up and that would be it but instead slyly reached over and popped out the other one!Now she was lying on her back in the water with both breasts on full show doing all she could to keep them just above the surface all the time looking up at the grinning spectators who were at this point not even pretending not to look!By now my cock was starting to harden and i was hoping she wouldn’t suddenly cover up when she let her hand slip to her side and i saw her pull the string on the side of her bikini mecidiyeköy escort bottoms and slowly peel them open exposing her pubic hair, all the time trying to stay visible on the surface. Her movement in water caused her bottoms to start slowly sliding away until there was absolutely nothing covering her, all the time maintaining eye contact with the stunned spectators who had stopped grinning and were now sat there open mouthed!As a finale Mrs O arched her back so her pussy rose from the water and held it there for a full 30 seconds before slowly submerging, turning over and making her way to the side, reaching for a towel, signalling that the show was over.She covered herself with the towel grabbed my hand and led me back to the room. I swear she was shaking with excitement as she pushed me onto the bed for the wildest sex session that we’d had for a long time.It’s amazing to think that the slight slip of a bikini top changed our lives and because of that i now have a wonderful exhibitionist wife.

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