An Impromptu Lesson Ch. 02


It was a simple touch of the hand that started everything. A touch that I’d experienced literally hundreds of times over the years as a student, and now a teacher, of the piano. When the teacher guides by example, finger brushing against finger, hand placed on top of hand to feel the correct movement. Almost always, that touch was completely innocent, even routine. Not this time.

OK, sure, so there had been that brief, hot affair with my piano professor in college. But that was more a case of a curious co-ed responding, in the heat of the moment, to the attractive, confident older man who took brief leave of his senses to misuse his position of authority. It was never destined to last more than a few months, before I graduated and moved on. Three years had passed, and it was nothing but a distant memory.

This, on the other hand, was a full-blown obsession, an all-consuming passion. Although my schedule was filled with the work of a freelance musician – teaching, driving around town to various rehearsals and gigs, practicing when time allowed – I began to imagine my schedule as revolving around his visits. His weekly appointment. What had begun as a 30-minute lesson, for which he paid me the standard rate, had since expanded to an hour, and, well, the rest will be spelled out as this story progresses.

Back to that first touch. August 14, it was. He had started lessons in May, as the typical adult who hadn’t touched the piano since childhood, but was finding his life empty in spite of professional success, and had therefore made the decision to return to it. I quickly learned that, in addition to being confident and attractive, he actually had a great deal of talent, and it wasn’t long before he was making quick progress.

At first, though, I enjoyed his lessons on a purely professional level – enjoyed his quick progress, the way in which he would respond so well to the ideas I’d had over the week for how to introduce a new concept. During that fateful lesson in August, I was watching him play his assignment when I realized there was something fundamentally wrong about the way he was positioning his hands. I resorted to a method I’d used many times in the past – asking him to position his hands on top of mine as I played the music for him.

As I moved from my chair to join him on the bench, he scooted over to make just enough room for me. I positioned my hands over the keys, and he gently placed his hands on top of mine. As many times as I had done this before, I had never felt such instant electricity. I fought to concentrate, fought myself to remain professional, as I was sure what I was feeling existed entirely casino siteleri inside myself.

“Wow, Joanna, that was amazing.”

“Thank you, Josh,” I replied, turning to look into his eyes, assuming he meant my playing. But as our eyes met, and I could literally hear his heart pounding, as close as we were to one another, I realized he had felt the electricity as well. I still didn’t dare to make the next move. Even though we were both consenting adults, I still felt obligated, as the one being paid in this scenario, to maintain my cool.

Before I could move away from him, our hips still touching, his hands still resting warmly on top of mine, he surprised me with a passionate kiss. I froze momentarily, before melting into him, and he responded by moving his hands from the keys to my face, stroking my cheeks as my lips parted and his tongue pressed into my mouth.

My heart was racing and I found myself breathless as he pulled away from me and once again looked into my eyes.

“I’m sorry, Joanna, I shouldn’t have…”

“No, Josh, I’m glad you did. I’ve never felt such a powerful attraction to someone before, such a desire to make love right here on the piano, but I never would have acted on it if you hadn’t made the first move.”

I couldn’t help but remember that first encounter with my professor in his studio – which at the time was the most amazing sexual experience of my life – and quickly realized that it paled in comparison to my excitement at this new scenario.

“I think this could work out well for both of us, Joanna.”

“Oh really, what exactly do you have in mind?”

“Well, you’ve proven to be a wonderful teacher, and I’ve love to keep our weekly date for the piano lesson. But I propose this: if you can block out a bit more uninterrupted time, I know there are a few things I can teach you about desire and satisfaction. I can tell you’ve yet to tap into the depths of your sexuality.”

His words turned me on like crazy – not simply because he was promising great pleasure, but because I always responded so powerfully to the confident older man. Didn’t I mention? Josh was in his early 40s – to my 23.

“Hmm, I’d almost feel guilty charging you for lessons – sounds like we should call it a wash?”

“Works for me. Stand up.”

I did as I was told, and he grabbed me by the hips, positioned me between his legs, facing him, and began moving his hands over my body, massaging me through my clothes. I let my head fall back and my weight fall against the piano, a few random notes played by my ass, then my thigh as he spread my legs further apart.

Luckily for me, I was wearing slot oyna a sundress, summery as the weather was that August. It wasn’t long before his hands had made their way up underneath it and he was stroking my clit and pussy lips through my wet panties. I lifted the fabric of my dress to give him better access, and he soon pushed my panties aside and began fingering me directly. I moaned in pleasure as I watched him work, his intense blue eyes meeting mine as he played with my clit with one hand while the other began plunging into my pussy, one finger at a time.

“Climb up there,” he ordered, motioning with his head that I should sit up on the piano to give him better access. I paused for a moment, my years of piano training and respect for the instrument I cared for so gently getting in the way of my intense desire. But in the end, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise which of the two won out. I moved his music book, put down the music rack, and hoisted myself up onto the piano, my feet plunking out a few low and high notes as I rested them on the keyboard, spreading my legs wide.

He remained seated on the bench, now perfectly positioned to begin licking my pussy. The sexy unshaven whiskers on his chiseled jaw tickled against the skin of my inner thigh as he approached slowly, before diving in, sucking agressively, pulling my pussy lips one by one into his mouth, nibbling gently, before finally plunging his tongue deep into me.

I put my hands on his strong broad shoulders to steady myself, and to pull him even closer, as I cried out in pleasure. It wasn’t long before he had licked and sucked and penetrated me into a state of immense pleasure, but he seemed also to have the patience to draw out and prolong my pleasure as well.

After a few minutes of this delightful attention, I could no longer sit upright, and, releasing his shoulders from my grip, I let my weight fall back, back, back, until I was finally lying flat against the piano. I felt and heard him shift his position, but as he continued his attention on my pussy with his fingers, I didn’t look to see what he was doing.

He had me once again on the verge of orgasm when he pulled his fingers away entirely, and I whimpered, looking up just in time to see him standing and plunging his cock deep into me. How he had managed to free himself from his slacks while still keeping perfect attention on my clit and pussy, I’ll never know – but I wasn’t about to ask questions. I screamed out in delight and sat up, wrapping my arms around his neck, as he filled me completely.

He remained buried inside of me for a few moments, rotating his hips to create incredible sensations, canlı casino siteleri but it wasn’t until he lifted me down from the piano and we found a new position that I could truly experience his deep movements inside of me. After my feet were firmly on the floor again, I lifted my sundress all the way up and over my head, tossing it to the floor, where his slacks and shirt promptly joined it. I also stepped out of my dripping panties, flinging them aside as he sat back down on the piano bench, his cock jutting upward from his body.

I needed no instruction this time, as I straddled the bench and lowered myself onto his long, hard length. I cried out as he filled me, before beginning a quick motion up and down on him, both of us groaning in pleasure at each stroke. I was sure that we would both cum in this position, but once again I underestimated his patience and stamina. Don’t get me wrong, I came – a long, noisy, wet orgasm with Josh deep inside of me – but he kept right on going, his powerful cock simply enjoying the ride.

After I recovered from this climax, he lifted me up and repositioned us once again. This time, it was my elbows and forearms that rested on the piano as he positioned me in the crook of it and wrapped his body around mine from behind. Squeezing my breasts firmly as he pressed into me, he began fucking me at a furious pace, slapping my bare ass with every few strokes, squeezing and kneading my flesh as he gradually worked towards his own climax.

I nearly blacked out from the most intense sensations I’d ever experienced – orgasm after orgasm as he continued to pound away from behind – before he finally shot his load deep inside of me and came to a rest, his weight gently leaning against me and pressing my body onto the shiny surface of the piano.

We remained there for several minutes, panting, every desire quenched, before finally standing up and getting dressed again. I chuckled to myself as I realized I’d need to take a polishing cloth to the piano before my next student arrived – it was covered with handprints, and even more telling, the unmistakable imprint of my breasts as they’d rested against the lid.

“So, Joanna,” he said as he sat back down at the piano bench, once again positioning his book on the music rack, “what’s my assignment?”

I sat back down on my chair, and with the straightest face I could muster, replied, “well, I think we covered all of the important points before, um…”

“Before I gave you the greatest pleasure of your life?”

“Well, yes.” I couldn’t deny it, I was glowing. “But Josh, just remember, if you don’t practice and prepare sufficiently, there’ll be no sex for you next week.”

“Now that’s a good incentive. I promise, I’ll practice.”

“Sounds like a win-win arrangement we’ve worked out here.”

“Sounds like it! See you next week…”

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