An Unexpected Gift Ch. 01


“You don’t understand Rebeka!”

“Understand what?”

“You don’t understand how badly I want him to remember this day forever. He treats me so well, and I want to please him so badly. So please just help me pick out the right pair of panties that will make him lose it.”

“Ha ok ok Ashley, I just don’t get why you are so intent on this insane sexual release tonight.”

“You really must not understand, I don’t think you have ever encountered a man who can please you the way that Michael pleases me.”

Rebeka nodded to her friend as she picked up a pair of see thru pink panties lined with lace and wondered if she was crazy.

“I guess I really don’t get it, I mean sex is ok and all, but it has never been something for me to get this excited about.”

“That’s because you have never been with a guy like Michael, a guy who really knows what he is doing.”

Ashley paid for the panties and the two walked to the car together before continuing their conversation.

“You see, Michael is the kind of guy who puts all of his focus on making me feel good in bed, not just trying to get his rocks off. Plus, he can really manhandle me.”

“Ok I get it I get it, Michael is an amazing lover, but why are you making such a big deal out of tonight?”

“Well…do you really want to know?”

“Yes, just tell me already.”

“Well, to be honest, Michael and I have been talking about some of our fantasies together in bed lately and I want to try and fulfill as many of his as possible tonight to show him how much I love him.”

“What do you mean? What kind of fantasies?” Rebeka’s mind started to wander as she imagined what Ashley could be so caught up on.

“Well, for one I know that Michael really wants to strip me down to my panties and give me a good spanking. Thats what this new thong is for.” Ashely finished the comment with a wink and saw Rebekas face turn a little red.

“So you’re gonna let him spank you? Isn’t that weird?”

“No, not at all. The idea really turns me on in fact. I mean I can just imagine how it must feel to lay across someone’s lap completely exposed while feeling his dick grow harder beneath me. Especially Michael.”

“What casino siteleri do you mean especially Michael?”

“Well, I have never told anyone this before, but Michael has a huge dick!”

“Ashley! Are you kidding me?”

“No way, it’s nine inches and really thick. God I hope he lets me put him in my mouth after he’s done spanking.”

Rebeka felt uncomfortable with her friend talking so openly about such raunchy things, but she secretly felt a tingle of warmth between her legs as her friend continued.

“Gosh Rebeka you should see how hard he gets, and the way his hands move over my skin making me squirm beneath him before he has his way with me.”

“You are crazy!” Rebeka lied. “I can’t believe you are so excited about just plain old sex.”

“Oh it’s far from plain old Beka! its amazing, sometimes he will go down on me until I cum a bunch of times, just to warm me up for a good fucking.”

Rebeka felt herself getting wet as she imagined how it must feel to have a man please her like that, she hesitated and made sure her friend was completely comfortable before asking,

“Well, what other fantasies does he have?”

A smirk came across Ashleys face as she noticed Rebekas enthusiasm.

“Well, he really wants me to role play for him too.”

“Role play? Like act like a slutty little schoolgirl or something?”

“Haha kinda, you know you could just watch if you want?”

“What?? No way!”

“Why not Beka? You know how comfortable I am around you, and you know it might be really hot for you to see, plus I know that if I told Michael you were watching he would put on a real good show.”

“You wanna tell him too?? You are nuts!”

Ashley laughed a little to herself as she watched her friend react.

“Ha oh fine, how about you just watch and I swear not to say a word? I want you to witness what it’s like to have real sex.”

The conversation was interrupted as the girls pulled into the driveway and got out together, they still had tons of preparations to make before the party started and were too busy working to keep talking. The surprise party they through for Michael turned out to be a great success and everyone slot oyna enjoyed themselves. It wasn’t until the party was winding down and only a few people remained that Ashley approached Rebeka for the last time.

“Listen Beka,” she said with a look of determination, “I don’t wanna argue with you any more but my offer still stands. Im gonna take Michael up to my room and give him the gift of a lifetime, you are welcome to come watch if you want, I will leave the door cracked and we will never know if you are there.”

Before Rebeka could respond her friend darted off with a giggle grabbing Michael by the hand and leading him upstairs. Rebeka stood their pretending to act normal in front of the last of their friends while she considered the offer. She didn’t know why, but she decided that one little peak wouldn’t hurt. She walked up the stairs shaking with anticipation and fear of being caught, and as soon as she turned the corner she saw the door to Ashleys room was cracked open. She approached as slowly as possible and her eyes grew huge as soon as she saw what was going on inside.

Michael was laying on the bed with a thermometer under his tongue looking like he was sick, and next to him Ashley was standing in the sluttiest nurses outfit Rebeka had ever seen. She even had a clipboard and was taking notes.

“What are your symptoms again sir? Pain in your stomach? Ok ok I think I know what this is. Any pain in your left thigh? hmmm…yes just as I thought. Ok sir.”

“Wha..What is it nurse Ashley?”

“I believe you have contracted a rare virus, but lucky for you I know just the cure.”

Rebeka saw Ashley wink at Michael as she treated him like a complete stranger. He had a look of disbelief in his eyes. She reached down and sat him up in bed in order to make room and then crawled in with him.

“You’re going to have to spank a few times before you will any better Michael, and you’re gonna have to spank me hard.”

Ashley looked into Michaels eyes as she said this and shook her beautiful big ass in front of his face. His look immediately changed from one of shock to one of power, he sat up further and grabbed the bottom of her dress pulling it up and off of her. canlı casino siteleri She was left in nothing but her new pair of panties, and Rebeka secretly couldn’t help but staring at her nice perky tits.

“Thats better he said, no lets get to business.”

With that Michael began to spank her, softly at first, and harder each time until she moaned out loud. Rebeka instantly felt herself wanting to take Ashleys place, the way her body responded to each spank was so sexy that she could hardly take it.

“Oh Michael I feel your cock getting hard beneath me, may I please put it in my mouth while you spank me??”

Michael responded by ripping off the covers and revealing the biggest dick that Rebeka had ever seen! Her jaw dropped as she saw her friend immediately take his whole length into her mouth and start bobbing her head like a pornstar!

“mmmm thats it baby, suck my cock while I spank you!”

Michael was encouraged by Ashleys moans that were muffled by the huge dick in her mouth and continued to spank her until her ass turned bright red. Rebeka felt herself getting extremely wet as she watched her friends tits bounce up and down while she sucked his dick as hard as she could.

“MMMM GOD you are gonna make me cum babe!” Michael shouted as she sucked his dick faster than ever. She responded by pulling his dick out of her mouth and stroking him as fast as she could until he shot his huge load of cum all over her naked tits.

“oh yeah baby come on cum all over my big titties!” she said as she felt his cock pulsing with pleasure.

He shot a huge load and rolled over exhausted as she started to lick his cum off of her huge tits.

Rebeka was weak in the knees from witnessing so sexy and it took all she had in her not to run in their and start licking some of that warm cum off of her friends beautiful chest.

She moaned out loud as she witnessed Michael roll over and grab Ashley by the hips, he pulled her tight pink thong to the side and placed her on the tip of his humongous cock. The sight of Ashley lowering herself on to him and taking his entire dick deep into her wet pussy was the sexiest thing Rebeka had ever seen. She was lost in time as she watched Michael thrust harder and faster than she had ever seen before, and could help sliding her hand down her panties when she saw him flip her over and start fucking her from behind while she moaned and begged for more…

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