An Unusual Birth


Jenna was working at the facility when it happened. She was a short, blonde woman who worked at a secret government facility that worked on alien lifeforms. The newest specimen was a strange bug like creature about three foot tall resembling a cross between a mantis and a beetle. It was kept in a glass chamber so it didn’t escape. Unfortunately on night when Jenna was transporting it broke out of the metal container she had placed it into and sprayed a strange green gas at her. Jenna collapsed and felt herself drift to sleep.

When she awoke she was in the medibay with the facilities doctor sitting next to her. She was around 40 a full 15 years older than Jenna. The doctor had a worried expression on.

“What happened, am I okay” asked Jenna.

“There’s no easy way to say this,” said the doctor, “but you were gassed by the alien you were working on and have been impregnated with one of its young.”

A feeling of dread went through Jenna as she desperately tried to compose herself. “You can get it out right, just cut it out”.

“I’m afraid we can’t, a defence mechanism would kick in poisoning you. You will have to canlı bahis şirketleri give birth to the creature.”

Jenna began to get more and more worried. “Will it hurt?”

“Yes” replied the doctor. “But more than most births, you see the gas changed your biology to fit that of a host meaning that the only way for the creature to be successfully birthed is from your anus.”

“So I’m shitting out an alien!” Jenna yelled.

“You will be in safe hands. We have called the best midwife we can get to help get you through this.”

3 months later and Jenna was looking like she was 9 months pregnant. Over this time she had got to know the midwife who would be helping her. Her name was Clara Johnson and she was considered one of the best midwives in the country although even she admitted an anal birth would be difficult. Jenna was working on some files when she felt a contraction go across her stomach. As this happened she felt a strange sensation akin to a bowel movement. It was time.

Ten minutes later she was completely naked on all fours on one of the beds in the medibay. She felt a gush of liquid come out canlı kaçak iddaa of her tight bottom and knew her waters had broken.

“Looks like its time then” said Clara. “Now I’m gonna lube up your anus so this thing can come out okay”. Clara then processed to stick her lubricated up index finger right up into Jenna’s rectum. “Sorry if this is uncomfortable but I have to do this.”

After a while a several more contractions Jenna felt the creature inside of her move towards its exit. “Okay now Jenna you’re going to have to do a big push here okay”.

Jenna then gripped the bed sheets, gritted her teeth, closed her eyes and pushed with all her might. “Nnnnngggghhhhhh ” she grunted in an attempt to get out the creature inside of her. From Clara’s side she could see Jenna’s puckered anus open up.

“Jenna baby your doing great, I can see its head just keep pushing”.

Jenna pushed again “Nnnnnnnnnnggg ggggghhhhhhh”. The creature again moved closer to Jenna’s opening. She felt as if she was being ripped apart with every push. She proceeded to scream from the pain “Aaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhh”. All she wanted at this stage canlı kaçak bahis was the alien out of her yet here she was assbirthing a monster. As it moved towards her anus she began to feel more pressure building up in her ass leading to a massive urge to push. Yet with each push came more pain.

“Its starting to crown now so this is the worst part. This thing is coming out now” said Clara with urgency. “I need you to do a really big push now. Push Jenna!

“Nnnnnnnnngggggggggg hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa” Jenna screamed as her anus slowly opened up the alien began to force its way out of her ass. Her ass hole was stretching as its head emerged from her small body and petit frame. As Jenna screamed she felt her asshole get wider and wider until she was convinced it would break open. 3 inches, 4, at its widest point her anus had been stretched 5 inches wide by the creature. Finally in another gush of fluid the head slowly came out.

There was no respite though as the alien was still only half way out of her body. With another big push the rest of the creature came out of her. “Nnnnngggghhhhhhaaaaa”.

Clara then grabbed the newborn and placed it in a medium sized glass container. She looked over at Jenna and her now massive gaping anus. Clara new she would get surgery for it and that the facility would pay for it. But Clara was happy knowing she had helped in an unusual birth.

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