Ana under control of a Black Bull


Ana under control of a Black BullThat night, as we were resting in our bed after two hours of good sex; I asked my sensual wife why she was feeling so horny. Anita smiled and admitted she was so wet and horny because her slutty girlfriend Shawna had told her she was dating a black man…I thought sexy Shawna was still happily married; but Ana told me she was going to split up with his husband very, very soon…She and Ana were close friends and then my loving wife was shocked about the thought of Shawna fucking a black guy.But Ana admitted all the matter got her also very, very horny…Shawna had met that black man while she and my wife were on a girl’s night out with other friends.Anita knew her girlfriend had been fucked in the ladies room that very night. Shawna had come back to the table with semen sliding down her thighs and all the girls had cheered up on her…Later this cheating wife left the bar with that black guy. My wife got the details the next morning. Shawna had given the black man, Jerome, a wet blowjob in his car. He took her to his place and thereb he pounded her cunt for hours. Shawna told my wife that her pussy had never felt that full and that he had made her cum so many times she nearly passed out.During the next months, Shawna met him every chance she had. They had wild encounters at Jerome’s place; in cheap motels and in the parking garage at her bulding office. My wife continued on describing every detail all the affair turned to suspicion for me. Then Anita admitted that Jerome liked her and he had even been making advances on her, behind Shawna’s back. He even told my wife that he had a friend that was also interested in hooking up with a hot white married babe like Anita.Worst of all, I realized that if my wife had wanted to go out and fuck a black guy, there was absolutely nothing that could stop her… I could see Ana was turned on by the affair her friend was having. Finally I just came right out and asked her if she wanted to fuck a black guy too. She blushed and then she tried to explain me that we both had good sex together izmir escort and I always satisfied her…But she finally admitted she was horny about having sex with a black man… and she asked me if I could make the arrangements…We turned on the computer and looked for a black sex website.Soon my wife found a good candidate; he was handsome, young, with a muscled body and he had a very huge black cock…Ana responded him by email. His name was Peter.We agreed to meet him in a bar downtown the next Friday. After hanging up I asked Anita if she really wanted to do this. To make her point, she just dropped to her knees and gave me a very wet blowjob. The entire week we fucked like newlyweds. We role played a bit with me talking dirty to her while fucking her. I used some lube and even pushed her face down on the bed and reamed her asshole with my hard cock. When I was ready to cum I shoved my cock into her mouth and shot a huge sticky load down her throat.I told her to get used to it; that black bastard was going to use and abuse her orifices worse than me. Anita just laughed…When Friday arrived, Anita was ready for meeting that black guy.We got to the bar earlier and we took some tequila shots. After the fifth round, I was done. Anita was slurring her words when Peter came in. The black guy immediately noticed that we had abused so badly of those tequilas…Ana told him she was ready to get fucked. Peter just smiled and said he had hired a motel room around the corner.Before leaving the bar, I needed to use the bathroom. When I came back, Peter was sitting in the booth with a big smile on his face. Then I realized my wife was under the table sucking his black dick. But he suddenly grabbed her hair and made her stand up. Ana came up from under the table and had a real wild look in her eyes. She whispered in my ear that he had a very huge black dick.We got the motel and we went to the elevator. As soon as we got in, Peter grabbed my wife by her waist and kissed her deeply.Once inside the room their clothes flew off in just seconds. As soon as that black guy izmir escort bayan was naked, he pushed Ana down to her knees. She was ready for him to put his cock in her mouth but he paused. I stared at his huge dick. There was no way that thing was going to fit in my wife’s tight pussy…She sucked his dick for a while and then Peter grabbed her by the hair and looked into her eyes. He yelled at her that he was going to make her his bitch as her cuckold hubby would just sit and watch.Peter then cupped the back of her head and pushed his dick further into her soft mouth. I heard Anita gag a little and her eyes started to let out some tears. He held her there for some time and soon she adjusted a bit. The nigger bastard soon picked up his pace a bit and started to pump past Anita’s stretched red lips.When he was done with that wild blowjob, he threw my sweet wife onto the bed and proceeded to fuck her like crazy for about an hour. Ana just screamed and cried in both pleasure an pain as that huge black serpent ruined her soft tight cunt…During that long hour; I noticed she came at least six times…Every time Peter slapped her in the face, Ana yelled that she was his bitch and that she loved to be fucked by his huge black dick.When he finally came in her and pulled his cock out, Ana gave him another wet blowjob, Peter soon got hhard again and he pushed my wife onto all fours on the bed and fucked her doggy style. As Peter pumped ana’s cunt with no mercy from behind, the bastard gave me a look from across the room. I was just sitting there in a daze. Too many tequila shots in just one hour…He smiled to me and then started bucking wildly into Ana´s cunt. Then he let out a wild roar and announced he was cumming. Ana shivered as she felt that sticky semen invading her hot cunt. He pulled out and whispered into her ear. She rolled over onto her back and lifted her long legs up in the air.Her black lover then ordered me to get over and taste my wife…I hesitated for some seconds, but finally I crawled over to the bed and got down next to Anita’s pussy. It escort izmir was red and swollen and was leaking a generous amount of salty semen. I suddenly felt Peter pushing the back of my head into her pussy. I just went for it. I slurped and swallowed this nigger’s cum. As my wife’s pussy was clean, he let go of my head and ordered me to suck his black dick, as the good cuckold I was…He added that his website page said he was a black bull looking for a slutty hotwife and her cuckold hubby…So I got down on my knees. His cock sprung straight out toward me. He grabbed me with both hands by the back of my head and pushed his cock into my mouth. I could taste Ana’s juices on this hard piece of dark meat.Peter made me start sucking faster trying to fit more of him into my mouth. The bastard told Ana that I was a better sucker than her…When he finally was done; he slapped my face and announced it was time to taste a tight white sweet hotwife’s asshole.Anita looked as she was regretting about meeting that rude man.She tried to reach out for the door, but Peter grabbed her waist and threw her onto the bed again, making her get on all fours.I tried to help my wife; but the huhe nigger was stronger thn me and he punched my stomach, making me fall to the floor.Then he climbed behind Ana and shoved his dick hard in her wet cunt to lubricate it. Ana cried loud as she felt the brutal invasion.Peter smiled and he pulled his hard cock out from her wet cunt. He quickly aimed the tip to her tight rosebud and began to push…My wife started to scream like crazy and shiver; as she felt his powerful hard cockhead invading her very tight asshole. She had to bit the bed sheets to muffle her loud noises…Peter sodomized her in a brutal wild way; every time telling her that now she was his bitch and his slutty white married slave.She came twice before that black bastard filled her anus with his salty semen. Then he let her get off from his hard rod and he smiled looking at his masterpiece…Ana got face down on the bed sheets, trying to recover her breathe.This nigger smiled to me, saying his new white slut was happily satisfied with his brand new black dick in all her orifices.He dressed up and left, as he kept laughing and saying it would not be the last night we would spend with him…and his black cock…

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