And Baby Makes 3 Ch. 04


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* * * * *

I rolled off of Samantha and untied her arms and legs. I massaged her body to clear it of the “pins and needles” caused by circulation loss. I also removed her blindfold. Sammie grabbed my head and kissed me roughly.

“Thank you lover boy. That was fantastic! I never knew I had that person within me.”

“It is quite surprising my sweet. I didn’t know I had such a hot sis-in-law.” I kissed her lightly on the lips and cradled her in my arms.

I didn’t want to fall asleep again. I was doing too much of that already. I suggested we head downstairs to get something to eat and drink. Samantha agreed with me and started to get dressed.

“Um, what are you doing?” I asked her.

“Getting dressed, what does it look like I’m doing?”

“Who told you to get dressed? I didn’t tell you to get dressed now did I? No, I like you better naked and I want you to stay that way, all day.”

“But, my breasts will leak, I have come running out of my pussy and what if someone comes over?” She complained.

“That’ll be too bad now, won’t it. Here’s a towel, sit on that.” I tossed her a towel and headed out the door.

She followed me out, still naked. I hoped Sandy had left some of the blinds open before she headed out to her mom’s. Bless her heart, she did! Sammie followed me down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Close the blinds! Someone will see me.” She whined.

“Look, if they see you, they see you. Too bad, so sad. Come on little sister, get with the program.”

She didn’t like it, but she complied.

After finishing breakfast, I took her downstairs to the basement. The family and I have a weight room set up down there and I felt it was the perfect place for some more fun. I led my gorgeous, naked sister-in-law down the stairs. The inside of her thighs we coated with my come. She smelled of sex and I loved it!

I led her over to the power rack and had her stand, legs spread, over the bench. I tied her hands to the pull up bar and then her legs to the supports of the rack. She was very nicely displayed.

“Be right back” I said, as I headed up stairs for the toys.

“I’ll be hanging around here” she replied with a laugh.

I laughed loudly as I headed upstairs to the bedroom to retrieve the toys I wanted. The black dildo was on top of the list, along with the paddle and the nipple clamps. Grabbing another towel or two, I sprinted down both sets of stairs to my waiting victim. This was going to be a hell of a lot of fun for both of us.

“Thanks for hanging around”

“Hey, no problem, I was tied up anyway.”

I put the toys down on the bench behind her, making sure to hide the dildo as I did.

“Decisions, decisions. Where do I start first?”

I moved one of the mirrors we use for weightlifting in front of her.

“There, that’s better.”

Samantha just groaned, “What the hell is it with this family and mirrors?”

“Ah,” I replied, “All the better to see you my love.” (I tell old, moldy jokes, sorry.)

Samantha just rolled her eyes and giggled. I moved behind her and stroked her back. “That feels so good, Danny. I love you.”

“Well, I love you too sweetie. I also love to love you.” I whispered this last part in her ear as I moved up behind her and cupped her breasts. “You’re so beautiful and sexy. I hope we can continue this well after casino siteleri the baby is born.”

“Oh Danny, I never knew sex could be this good. Thank God I let Sandy talk me into this.”

I nibbled on the back of her neck. Sammie moaned in response and pushed her ass back into me. I reached around her and fondled her tits, causing them to leak milk. I looked in the mirror. Sammie’s eyes were glued to my hands as I kneaded her breasts. I pinched and pulled on her nipples, causing more milk to leak out.

I got in front of her and sat on the bench. I resumed massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples. I moved her tits together and sucked on both nipples at once. I could feel Sammie’s legs buckle a bit as she started to orgasm. I continued to suckle at her breasts as her warm, sweet mother’s milk filled my mouth. I didn’t swallow it. Instead, I stood up and french kissed her. Not quite a snowball, but good enough to make her come again.

My cock rubbed against her pussy now that I was standing up. She pumped her hips towards my cock, causing the head to rub up against her clit. Sammie let out a wail and bucked wildly as she came. I continued to kiss her, running my hands up and down her back and occasionally slapping her ass. Each time my hands hit her cheeks, Sammie would jolt a little. Time for a little spanking I think.

I stepped behind Sammie and grabbed the paddle. I ran it over her ass cheeks and then down her crack. She squirmed a bit but then relaxed and pushed her ass back onto the paddle. “Does my little slut want to be spanked?”

“Yes. Oh yes, please spank me master.” Gee, she was a quick learner.

“Are you sure this is what you want bitch?”

“God yes. I’ve been such a bad girl. I’ve let someone other than my husband fuck me. I’ve sucked my sister’s pussy. I’ve eaten come and drank my own breast milk. I’m such a dirty, slutty, little whore. I deserve to be punished. Punish me, master, please.”

As soon as she finished I brought the paddle down hard on her ass. There was a loud smack and Sammie strained against her bonds. I stroked her ass again and again. She thrashed about wildly, as much as she could anyway, as I spanked her ass until it was red. I looked at her face in the mirror and her expression was pure lust. Her breasts were leaking again and her hair was disheveled. Her eyelids were half closed and she was breathing heavily. I brought the paddle down on her ass again.

She screamed. A high pitched, glass shattering scream. Her body convulsed and her beautiful breasts swayed back and forth. I slapped her ass again. Another wail, this time a little deeper, more gutteral. I looked at her hand and she was gripping the pull up bar tightly.

“Oh fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck fuck. That feels so damn good. Punish me, Danny, I’m your slave. I’ve been bad. Make me pay!” She cried out, as I continued to spank her ass. I ran the paddle over her titties and spanked them gently. I pushed two fingers up her soaked pussy and made her come again. I was going to try to get her to pass out.

I quickly lay down on the bench and moved my face under her cunt. I wasn’t gentle. I mashed my face against her sopping pussy and licked hard and fast. The filth that was coming out of her mouth was amazing. Fuck this and shit that. More names I’ve never heard of. I could feel her warm mother’s milk dripping onto my face. She never looked down at me. She just watched herself come in the mirror.

I took the paddle and began to whack her ass again. Each time I hit her ass, she bore down on my face. I loved it. I ate her pussy for all I was worth. Licking slot oyna from asshole to clit and then back again, I let her grind herself down on me. My cock was rock hard. I couldn’t touch it for fear of coming. That I was saving for her pussy.

I extracated myself from beneath her and grabbed the dildo. “I have a special friend who’s come to visit you.”

Through half closed eyelids, my sweet, dear sister-in-law looked at me in the mirror. I pulled the dildo from behind my back and showed her. Her eyes shot open quickly. “Oh yes, fuck me with that black monster. Make my pussy cream for it!” She screamed.

I sat behind her and positioned the dildo on the bench. I rubbed her pussy lips with it and she groaned. I pushed the tip of the dildo into her pussy. She rotated her hips on the head of the dildo and then tried to push down. Unfortunately, with her hands tied, she really couldn’t move all that much. I pushed some more of the cock into her. I looked at her face in the mirror. She was the vision of concentration. Her brow furrowed, her lips curled and her teeth clenched, she really wanted to sit down on that dildo. I pushed more of it into her.

“Okay, we’re about half way there sweetie. I’m gonna untie your hands now, if you’re good. You have to hold that nice, thick, black cock inside of you while I untie you. If you drop it, I leave you tied.”

She shot me a look that was meant to kill. “FUCK YOU! I’ll hold it, you bastard!” She snarled.

“That’s my girl.”

I took my time undoing the ties on her hands. She was frustrated, no doubt, but kept the black monster in her pussy. I watched her stomach muscles move in waves as she struggled to keep her prize inside. At last, I untied her other hand and she went to sit down.

“No, no, not yet my love”

“You son of a bitch! Why must you torture me this way.” She cried.

“That’s no way to talk to your master. You’re lucky I let you come at all bitch.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Please may I sit down? I want to feel this big cock in my pussy. Please, master. Please let me fuck it for you.”

“That’s better. You may go down halfway.”

Samantha squatted down on the dildo. Right at the halfway point, she stopped.

“Good girl. How does that feel?”

“It feels really good. I just want to drop down and take it all. Please, can I fuck this cock?”

“Okay, my sexy lover. Take it all.”

A wicked smile crossed her face and she sat down. She came immediately. Her eyes closed and she rocked back and forth on the dildo. She was soaking the bench with her pussy juices as she bounced up and down on that black snake. I reached around and squeezed some more milk out of her nipples. She leaned back and sighed.

“Who’s fucking you slut? Who’s got their big, black cock stuck way up in your hole?”

Samantha moaned but didn’t say anything.

“Come on bitch, I know you want to say his name. Tell me. Tell me who’s got his pole stuck up your sexy, white cunt?” I squeezed her tits again and she moaned louder. “You know you want to say it. So, say it! Say the name of the man fucking you silly”

“You fucker. Oh Christ that feels so fucking good. Fuck me, fuck me Jeremy. Pound my white cunt with your hot, black cock.” My beautiful, sexy sister-in-law cried out and exploded in orgasm. Her arms shot straight out to the sides. I think if her legs hadn’t still been tie up, they would have shot straight out too. I roughly grabbed her tits and squeezed. Milk squirted from her nipples and hit the mirror. Sammie watched the milk arch onto the mirror and then closed her eyes. A very low moan started deep in canlı casino siteleri her throat. It worked it’s way into a wail. Her whole body shook and she babbled incoherently. I grabbed her by the hair, pulled her head back and kissed her mouth. I heard Sammie grunt once and then, she went limp.

I slowly lowered her to the bench and untied her legs. I massaged her a bit, just so the circulation returned. I wasn’t finished with her yet. I had to come inside of her. Waste not, want not I always say. I let her rest for a bit. I left the dildo where it was. I didn’t want to disturb her sleep anymore than I was about to. I covered her with a blanket and let her sleep.

After a half hour or so, I went back to work on Sammie. I moved her up the bench a bit. She was starting to wake a bit so I had to move fast. I lifted her legs up and tied them to the back supports of the rack. This left her pussy and ass exposed to me. I started to fuck her with the dildo. She woke up pretty quickly after that.

“So, who’s Jeremy? He wouldn’t happen to be the guy that wanted you so badly in high school?”

“Yeah, that would be him. You fucker. I hate you.”

“Why? I’m not hurt by it. You’re not hurt by it. Jeremy’s missed out, but hell, he doesn’t know that, now does he? Nobody got hurt, what’s your problem?”

“You made me say his name. Now I won’t be able to forget it.”

“Yeah, so what? Evidently, you needed to relase it and, by the feel of your pussy, you fantasize about it a lot. Let it go. Just go with the feeling.” I started to work the dildo a bit faster. I was bottoming out in her pussy. Her eyes closed again and she started to groan. I needed release, and badly. I removed the dildo and replaced it with my cock.

Her pussy was loose around my cock after being stretched out by the dildo. I squeezed her legs together to get a little more friction. “Damn girl, your pussy is still hot”

“Hot for you Danny boy, hot for you.”

I started to stroke her faster, really pumping my hips against her. She met my thrusts and her pussy began to adjust to my cock. I felt the walls of her pussy tighten around my cock. She was so damn slippery wet. I couldn’t hold out much longer. “I’m going to come in you sweetie. You pussy feels so good around my cock and watching you fuck that dildo has got me on the edge.”

“Did you like that? Did you like to see your sweet, darling sister-in-law act like a slut for black cock? I bet you’d like to see me suck a real one, or two, or maybe three? Maybe they’d like to fuck my little white pussy too. Fill me up with that black baby juice. Maybe I’d let you suck out their come. Would my perverted brother-in-law like that? Maybe you’d like to see Sandy suck a nice thick, black cock or better yet, maybe she’d like to fuck a big, black cock!”

That was it, I groaned. My balls let loose with the final load of the weekend. Sammie reached down and massaged my balls as they emptied into her pussy. I grunted and slammed my cock into her cunt one last time. After I finished spurting my load into her, I withdrew my cock and plugged her pussy with the dildo. I offered my cock to her lips and she licked me clean.

“I’m not going to untie you just yet. I want my sperm to get deep down into you. Hope you don’t mind.”

She smiled at me and closed her eyes. “No, I want that sperm to find it’s way to my egg.”

A little later, I untied her and took her upstairs to the bedroom. I drew a bath and let her soak a bit, then I took her to bed again. This time, I just massaged her body until she fell asleep. I noticed little bite marks on her back and on her ass. Those would be tough to explain. I fell asleep. My wife must have come home sometime later. I awoke to find Sammie and I were both covered with the sheets. I fell back asleep thinking about how much I love my wife and her sisters.

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