Andrea and Stix Ch. 01: Canalside


It’s not like Andrea had never had a job like this before. She was a waitress during high school, in her early marriage before Mike Jr. was born and then a bit after he was in his teens. The fact that this was more of a function venue than a restaurant was new to her but she knew she could handle it.

Plus, they needed the money and there wasn’t much to do at home. Mike Jr. was old enough to be going out with his friends, working part time and going to school (college in the fall) and her husband, Mike, was always doing his own thing. Monday night football, Thursday night football, Sunday football, ATV’ing with his friends on the weekends. Andrea found herself sitting at home alone more often than not. So a job not only provided her with some extra money but also got her out of the house.

It was also in the back of her mind that, sooner or later, she would be on her own. She had thought there had been some infidelity in her marriage. She never had proof but that nagging feeling never left her. So, if and when that time came, she would have some money to fall back on.

The club manager went over the paperwork with her and reviewed the schedule. Usually Friday nights, Saturday and Sunday afternoons and/or nights, depending on the functions they had lined up. She was handed her “uniforms” (slacks and white blouses) and followed the manager to the locker room where the manager introduced her to the team.

Gloria was the team leader. A middle-aged black woman, Gloria looked like she could take care of herself but when she shook Andrea’s hand she did so with a gentle touch. She then met Maria, a small Hispanic woman in her 20’s who seems shy and reserved. Janet was in her 30’s, smiled warmly and welcomed Andrea to the team.

She then was introduced to Stix. Actually her name was Mary but no one called her Mary. Stix had been a drummer in a rock band for a while and that’s where her nickname came from. She was late 30’s like Andrea, slim, black hair and eyes that lit up when she smiled. Andrea grabbed a locker next to Stix and got ready.

“Welcome to the team,” Stix said while they got dressed. “Let me explain something. We’re all a team here. We watch out for each other. If someone needs help on the floor, we jump in. If you see someone needs help, jump in to help her. We work hard and get the job done and it will pay off in tips. Sometimes we get nothing, sometimes we get good tips. But since we work well together, we get the best assignments. And it pays off.”

Andrea nodded. She told Stix she felt she was a team player and Stix smiled at her.

When she finished dressing Andrea asked if she should head out to the floor.

“No until the fat lady sings,” Stix answered.

“I heard that,” Gloria responded.

A few minutes later Andrea heard singing. It was Gloria quietly singing a gospel song. Maria and Janet were listening intently and the locker room was quiet. When she was finished Gloria looked up and said “Let’s go ladies,” Stix turned to Andrea.

“The fat lady has sung.”

“I heard that,” Gloria said over her shoulder.

The rest of the night was a blur. Everyone worked like a team, moving in circles, delivering food, clearing tables and making everything right. Gloria worked hard as well as supervising. When Maria seems to have some issue with a guest, Gloria was there is a heartbeat, removed the gentleman’s plate and had another plate out within 30 seconds. Meantime, Maria didn’t miss a beat. And then they were done.

They all ended up in the locker room, exhausted but happy they had a good shift. The manager walked in and asked them to meet at the bar when they were ready and Andrea turned to Stix.

“Are we in trouble?” she asked.

Stix just smiled. “No way. We’re the best team she has.”

Andrea couldn’t help notice that when Stix removed her blouse she had plenty of tattoos. She hadn’t notice before since Stix was already dressed when she first arrived. She could also tell through the sheer fabric of her bra her nipples were pierced. She wondered what that was like, the pain of a needle going through your nipple. She guessed that Stix could take it since she proceeded to put a number of rings in her ears and lip. She turned to Andrea and smiled.

What was it about Stix’s smile? Her face lit up when she smiled. Her eyes sparkled. She was cute and hard at the same time. Stix rested her hand on Andrea’s arm.

“C’mon. We’re wanted upstairs.”

With that all of them headed upstairs and grabbed some chairs near the bar. The manager walked over and addressed them.

“Good job, ladies,” she started. “The father of the bride wanted you to have this.” and she handed each an envelope. “He also said the bar is still open until you’re ready to leave.”

The team all nodded and opened the envelopes. In each was five $20 bills. The girls tucked the envelopes in their pocketbooks or pockets, grabbed their favorite drinks from the bartender and sat back down.

“Really?” Andrea said, turning to Stix. “We get tips?”

“Yeah,” Stix responded. That’s why I said we work like a team. Sometimes we get nothing, sometimes we do all right. Sometimes you do VERY well. We had a biotech guy who held illegal bahis a party here who had just sold some miracle drug. Cured baldness or he common cold or something. Each of our envelopes contained ten $100 bills.”

“You all got a $1,000 tip?” Andrea asked incredulously.

“Yep,” Stix replied. She lifted her glass towards the rest of the girls and said “To the biotech guy.” They all lifted their glasses.

“BIOTECH GUY,” they yelled.

Even though it was clear Gloria was the team leader, you could tell Stix was the ringleader.

“Maria,” she called out. “How is your boyfriend doing? What’s his name? Rooster, right?”

Everyone chuckled. It was a running joke.

“Raoul,” Maria replied.

“Right. Rooster,” Stix shot back. “How is he?”

“He’s fine,” Maria answered, and then added “He got that promotion. We’re going house hunting this week.”

Everyone seemed pleased. Janet patted Maria’s back and Stix raised her glass.

“To Maria and Rooster.”

“MARIA AND ROOSTER!” everyone called out in the toast.

“Gloria,” Stix continued. “Any news?”

Gloria had a big smile and replied “I’m happy to say that the First Baptist Choir has been invited to the state capital for the Thanksgiving ceremony.”

Of course Stix raised her glass. “To the First Baptist Church,” she called out.

“FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH!” was everyone’s reply back.

Gloria looked over at Andrea. “What’s your story, Andrea?”

“Nothing much,” Andrea replied. “Married, one kid, house, could use some extra money so here I am.”

“Child,” Gloria replied, “that’s pretty vanilla.”

Stix raised her glass again. “To Miss Vanilla.”

“MISS VANILLA!” was the response from everyone followed by a good laugh.

Stix turned to Andrea and put her hand on Andrea’s arm. “We’re like family here. We all care for each other. No one takes themselves too seriously. You OK with that?”

Andrea nodded. “I like you guys.”

Stix smiled that smile at Andrea.

“I like you, too,” Stix replied.

What was it about that smile, Andrea wondered to herself. It was so warm and friendly. She thought it was the kind of smile that when you came home from a long day at work it was the first thing you wanted to see. Something that made the day go away and made you happy to be home. God knows she had not seen that at home in a long time and she started looking forward to seeing Stix just for that smile.

“So what’s your story?” she asked Stix.

“My story? I help run a store called Canalside. It what we call an ‘alternative clothing’ store. Hard to explain. You’ll have to come visit it someday.”

“Really? Do you sell stuff I’d like to wear?”

Maria and Janet almost fell off their chairs with laughter. Gloria stared them down.

“Hush ladies,” she said sternly. Janet and Maria quickly obeyed.

“Well,” Stix replied, “I guess you’d just have to make that call yourself.”

After another few minutes everyone decided they had enough and it was time to go home. Stix offered Andrea a ride but Andrea had her own car. Maria said goodnight and Stix called out “Say hi to Rooster for us!” Maria said she would and walked out the door.

The drive home wasn’t that long for Andrea. She liked the job, she liked the people but she really liked Stix. Stix was so extroverted, so uncaring what people thought of her but seemed so caring for others. Andrea couldn’t help but notice that while Stix was friendly with all of them, she seemed more touchy-feely with Andrea including giving her a good-bye hug that included a little rub of the back. As strange as Andrea thought this all might have been, she recalled that no one had touched her affectionately like that in years and she wasn’t going to complain about it.

Weeks went by and the friendship between Andrea and Stix grew. They were texting off and on during the week and hung out at work. Stix seemed to never miss a chance to hug Andrea or hold her hand when she was making a point while talking to her. Andrea, on her part, didn’t mind the closeness. It had been a long time since Mike showed any intimate attention other than coming home from watching sports with his friends, mounting her and getting himself off.

One Tuesday Andrea had an appointment in town and she realized that Stix’s store, Canalside, was actually only three blocks away from where she was. It might be a nice surprise to drop in and see Stix somewhere other than the function hall so she finished what she was doing and walked over to Canalside. As she opened the door to the store a little chime rang and she saw Stix look up from behind the counter. A big grin spread across her face and she came running towards Andrea.

“What a nice surprise!” she yelled and grabbed Andrea in a big hug. “Did you come to do some shopping?”

“Maybe,” Andrea replied. “I also thought it would be nice to see you.”

Stix gave her another big hug.

“Let me show you around.”

Stix walked her down the first aisle and Andrea was a bit confused. It was full of leather goods… harnesses, chaps, corsets.

“Who wears these things?” Andrea asked

“A lot of people are into leather,” Stix replied. “But illegal bahis siteleri they’re not for everyone.”

Further down they reached a lingerie section.

“Oh my,” Andrea gasped as she held up a black lace ensemble. “If Mike saw me in something like this he’d never leave me alone.”

“That’s the whole idea,” Stix replied. “Want to take one home?”

“No thanks.”

They walked around the corner and reached the “toy” section. Again, Andrea was amazed.

“Who would buy something like this?” she asked. She was holding up a box with a penis shaped dildo in it and a suction cup base.

“Some people like to play with things like this,” Stix answered. It appeared that Andrea thought about it, the possibilities, then handed it back to Stix.

“How about this, Andrea?” Stix was holding a harness with another dildo sticking out of it. It had leather straps and the dildo itself was pink, ridged and bumpy. She did a quick calculation and determined it was thicker than Mike’s penis.

“What is that?” she asked.

“Mr. Pink. Here. Try it on,” Stix took the harness and let Andrea step into it and then slid it up her legs. Her hands slid across Andrea’s thighs and she snugged it around her waist, then dropped the hem of her dress. The dildo tented the front of her dress obscenely.

“People would go crazy seeing that on you,” Stix said as she stared at the protruding dildo.


“Why?” Stix replied. “Both men and women love seeing an attractive woman who could fuck them.”

“You mean…? How would…? Why?”

“Never mind,” Stix answered. Let me help you take it off.

“I guess it’s not my style,” is all Andrea could say and she took the harness and dildo off and handed it back to Andrea.

Stix showed Andrea around the store a bit more until they came to a rack of clothes.

“You have to try this one,” Stix said as she held a small red dress up against Andrea. This looks like it would fit you.

“It’s more like a jersey than a dress,” Andrea protested as Stix pushed her towards the dressing room.

“And while you’re in there, put these on.” Stix handed Andrea a box of footwear and gave her one more push into the dressing room. She then stood patiently while Andrea got dressed. It was a slow day with no customers so she had plenty of time to kill. A few minutes later Andrea walked out wearing the red dress and thigh-high lace-up boots. The dress was a strapless shelf top number, tight from her breasts down to her upper thigh.

“No. No. No.” Stix said as she looked at her. “Come here.” Andrea walked over and Stix spun her around. “You can’t be wearing this,” she said and unhooked Andrea’s bra.

“STIX!” Andrea protested but she was ignored. Stix pulled Andrea’s bra off and then reached into the shelf top and adjusted Andrea’s breasts inside the dress cups. Andrea was caught off-guard by the move since Stix was the only other person other than Mike (and her gynecologist) to touch her breasts. Not that she minded.

“And those,” Stix said pointing to the obvious panty line under the dress. “Those have to come off, too.” Stix didn’t make a move so Andrea reached under the dress and slid her panties down over the boots and off one foot and then the other. Stix retrieved them from the floor and put them on the counter next to Andrea’s bra. She then smoothed the dress, first along the sides, then down Andrea’s back and over her butt and finally over her thighs. She then stood behind her with her head next to Andrea’s.

“You look so hot,” she whispered in Andrea’s ear. “If Mike saw you in this you’d drive him crazy. You could drive ANYONE crazy wearing this.”

Andrea had to agree. It was a lot shorter than any dress she had ever worn and the patch of skin between the top of her boots and the hem of the dress just added to the sexiness of the outfit. It was tight, accented her curves and lifted her breasts so she had a nice cleavage and roundness.

“I’ll ring it up for you and give you my discount if you want it,” Stix suggested. Andrea paused for a bit, looking in the mirror, but declined.

“I don’t think so,” There was sadness in her voice.

Just then the door chime rang and a customer walked in. Stix just said “OK”, steered Andrea towards the dressing room and went to deal with the customer. Andrea took the boots and dress off and just looked at them. There was probably a time when dressing like that would have been fun, would have been to make her date or husband feel good to be with her. But those days seem to have vanished. She went to get dressed but realized that her bra and panties were out with Stix somewhere. She threw her dress on and came out as Stix was walking back.

“I need my underwear,” she said to Stix.

“You mean these?” Stix said, holding her bra and panties. You can’t have them.”

“Stix, I need to get dressed.”

Stix smiled and took the bra, bunched it up and slid it into her waist and down into her jeans.

“STIX!” Andrea pleaded. Stix just looked at her, held her panties up next to her face, smiled and then slid them into her jeans with the bra.

“C’mon Stix. All I have is this dress and nothing underneath.”

Stix smiled. canlı bahis siteleri “C’mon, Miss Vanilla, be daring for once in your life.”

Just then the door chimed again and another customer walked in. Stix grabbed Andrea by the arm and lead her to the door.

“Thanks for coming in today,” she said loud enough for the customer to hear. “I hope you found what you were looking for.”

“Stix, no!” Andrea protested quietly.

“Hope you come in again real soon,” replied Stix and she gently shoved Andrea out the door with a smile. Andrea looked back with feigned anger on her face. Stix just gave her a smile and a cute wave good-bye.

Andrea smiled back, but quickly realized she was standing on the street with no underwear on. Her dress was light, not sheer, but kind of short. She was sure a gust of wind would show everyone she wasn’t wearing anything underneath her dress. She started walking up the street as fast as she could. The faster she walked the more her breasts swayed, unencumbered by her now-missing bra. She was sure everyone who walked by could see her breasts through her dress. And she tugged at her hem to keep her dress from blowing up too much.

About a block into her walk she got a strange feeling. She was getting aroused. The thought of her being naked under the dress, people possibly knowing that, and the fabric of her dress rubbing against her now-erect nipples just exasperated the situation. She could feel her labia start to moisten and her clit harden and throb for attention. She was sure that every guy she walked by would know she was in heat, aroused and needing sexual satisfaction.

She walked as fast as she could, up the stairs to the third floor of the parking garage. The place had a few cars in it but no one was around. She hurried to her car, unlocked it and climbed into the driver’s seat, slamming the door behind her. She had made it. Without thinking she put her hand between her legs and slipped a finger between the lips of her labia. She was wet. She moved her finger up and brought the moisture up to her clitoris, then back down to her labia. She repeated this until her clitoris was as wet as her labia. She then started massaging her clitoris in a circular motion, her go-to method of masturbating. Not that Andrea masturbated a lot. Sometimes she’d get turned on after Mike had sex with her and, when he finished, he rolled over and fell asleep. At those times she would rub herself and give herself an orgasm quietly so Mike wouldn’t wake up (or know what she did). Sometimes she would just feel in the mood and do it when no one was around. But at the most she touched herself maybe twice a month, always in the privacy of her own bedroom.

But it was different now. There was a sense of need, a sense of arousal that she had never felt before. She continued touching herself but she just could not seem to relieve that urge… she couldn’t get herself off. She moved her hand faster, in tighter circles, lighter pressure, more pressure… it just wasn’t happening. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to have an orgasm. She was almost begging herself for one. Her entire body tingled. The fabric of her dress slid across her breasts just driving her harder to orgasm. But nothing.

She was so desperate that she went to her stand-by fantasy… the young mailman. Ruggedly handsome, tanned, powerful legs from all the walking he does. She pictured him standing behind her and holding her against the wall, his muscular legs thrusting his hips forward and plunging his penis into her. His hands caressing her breasts as he pumped in and out of her. This always got her off, but… nothing. She concentrated on that scene, getting closer and closer to the orgasm she craved but just could not get there. Then a picture popped into her head. It was Stix, standing there, smiling with a mischievous twinkle in her eye holding with Andrea’s panties dangling from one finger. That did it.

Andrea felt the initial warmth of her orgasm building, spreading from her insides down to her knees and up to her breasts. Every inch of the surface of her skin tingled and then the wave hit her. Her body convulsed with orgasm after orgasm. Her legs slammed shut, her body bent not in pain but in the uncontrolled pleasure that only a sexual orgasm can do to you. She felt like her head was going to explode from the pressure of the blood now pulsing through her veins, keeping time with each successive spasm of her vagina. She moaned loudly and tears welled up in her eyes. She had never experienced sexual pleasure like this before.

After a few minutes she slowly came out of the post -orgasm haze. She was bent forward, her head resting on the steering wheel of the car. She slowly straightened up and looked around. There was no one around, thank God. She looked down and saw her hand was still between her legs and, when she pulled her dress back, she saw that she had inserted her two middle fingers deep inside her vagina. She hadn’t realized she had done this. In fact, she had never done that in the past but here she was… knuckle deep inside herself. She slowly pulled her fingers out. They glistened with moisture and a string of her own juices hung between her finger tips and labia. It was then she realized that the bottom of her dress was soaked. She grabbed some napkins from the center console and wiped herself as best as she could and then, looking around one more time, started the car and started driving home.

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