Andrew’s Property Ch. 02


Author’s Note: it is helpful to read part 1, but hopefully this story still stands on own. The quick synopsis of part 1: student Andrew recognizes his professor’s submissive nature and uses him sexually while also sharing him with his fraternity brothers.

Part 2 starts right after Andrew’s fraternity brothers have just finished getting serviced by their professor. Andrew sends Dr. J. a text promising a new task.

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My new master, who is also one of my students has promised me a new task. I have just finished giving head and receiving cum from two of his fraternity brothers. It has been an interesting day to say the least.

Andrew has fully brought out my very powerful submissive side and is quickly taking me deeply down that path. A smart man would have shut it down, but while I have a Ph.D., when it comes to sexual submission I am as dumb as they come! So, I sit in my office staring at my phone waiting for Andrew’s text knowing I will gladly obey his request. It is who I am.

Moments later I am happy to receive the text.

Nice work with my brothers, faggot. The photos and video are excellent. And they claim you “gave top notch head.” Next job I have for you actually involves a woman, do you think you can handle it! ??

While I greatly enjoyed serving by sucking and was feeling proud of my efforts, I still preferred women and was excited to hear I might get a chance to be submissive to a woman. It turns out that my submission was still going to be to Andrew.

I am sending Julie there. She is going to offer herself to you to get an A in the class. You are to say yes and take her any way you want (don’t let her off the hook easy!). She thinks she is trapping you for me and will be capturing video and audio (she thinks secretly). Let her do all of this, fuck her, and to an outside observer the tape will simply show a perverted old professor taking advantage of a beautiful young co-ed. I will add the video to my leverage points over you. You will eventually have second thoughts, but these leverage points will nudge you back to being my complete submissive slave.

Julie arrives in 15 minutes. Video capture will be live so I will be watching! Impress me. Oh, and enjoy Julie. She is a great fuck and seriously hot. See, I am a benevolent dictator! Enjoy.

Fuck! He really is brilliant. The video would get me fired in a heartbeat, and I was about to willingly participate in its capture.

I cleaned myself up, got my desk organized, opened up my laptop and got ready to serve my master one more time.

Normally I like being submissive, not dominant, but this was a unique situation. I was going to be dominant in order to be submissive to my master. Plus, what college professor hasn’t fantasized about trading sex for grades with a smoking hot co-ed!

I texted Andrew one last time.

How much poetic license do I get here. I just might have fantasized about this very situation a few times!

Go for it, just be sure it comes across as authentic. Remember, you are fucking Julie AND yourself, so dig as deep of a hole as you would like.

I smiled. It has only been a few hours, but so far being Andrew’s submissive has been great fun.


“Come in.”

Julie entered my office. I was already excited, and thus hard, so I didn’t get up to greet her.

“Hello, Dr. J, I am Julie Ferguson, I am in your 9:00am class.”

Like I didn’t know that. I acted like I needed that reminder and asked her to sit.

“Can I drop my stuff here?” she said pointing at my high credenza. My thought was “well played” as that camera angle would be perfect. I told her no problem and she took a moment to put her bag on it, positioning it so the camera poking out of it was capturing us. I acted like I wasn’t paying attention, and if I didn’t know to look for it I would have not spotted the small camera end sticking out of the top of her pack.

She settled down into her illegal bahis seat. She looked nervous. I waited patiently as my eyes looked her up and down. If I am supposed to play pervert, I might as well go all in.

Julie is hot. She was wearing jeans that were tight and I especially admired her ass as she turned to position her bag. She was wearing an oversized sweatshirt but even then you could tell she had large tits. He face was part girl next door, and part sultry foreigner. I found out later she was actually part American Indian, so actually she was not a foreigner at all.

Finally she began.

“Can I talk to you about my grade in this class?”

I went to my laptop, hit a few strokes and called up her grade. A C, trending towards a B.

“I see a student struggling with a C.” Why not start the set up early.

“Yes, that is why I need to speak with you. I need to maintain a B+ or better to keep my scholarship (I later learned this was true), and I am at risk in this class and another. I went to the other professor first, but she was not helpful. So I really need to move this grade to a A, and I am willing to do anything to make that happen.”

Ah, those magical words: “anything to make that happen.” No way a professor doesn’t have dark thoughts upon hearing those words. And in this case I don’t only get the opportunity to act on those dark thoughts, I am under orders to do so!

“That’s a big jump,” I started to lay the foundation. “That will require a great deal of effort and time.”

Julie looked at me with an innocent look and said, “I have so many commitments this semester, are there any options that might not take so much time?”

I decided to make her work for it knowing she was under orders from our shared master to make this happen.

“There aren’t many shortcuts when Finance is involved.” I said in my most pompous professorial voice.

“There has to be something we could do together. I really am desperate!” Julie looked like she might cry. I was enjoying the show and was hopeful that Andrew was also.

I remained silent for a while and then said, “The solution I have in mind would involve a pretty big leap on your part.”

“I will do ANYTHING!” She said stressing that last word.

Again I paused. I slowly looked up at her and held her gaze for a moment.

“Julie, you are a beautiful young lady, and you have just told me you will do “ANYTHING” to get a better grade. But the anything I have in mind is likely different than what you were thinking.”

She looked at me with a look of confusion, and softly said, “what do you want me to do?”

“Ahhh, now you are starting to understand. I want you to trade access to your body for the grade. Basically, fuck your way to an A.”

“Dr. J, I can’t do that!”

“You said ANYTHING, did you not mean it?”

“I didn’t mean THAT!”

“Well here is the problem, I am beginning to really warm up to the idea. And what I have is a desperate student, who wants an A, but would really be screwed if perhaps she got a D, or even an E, a grade I can easily give you. So, let’s look at it this way, I am going to fuck you either way, you might as well take the route that gets you an A and just might give you an orgasm or two.”

I looked at her intensely and raised my eyebrows as a “what’s your answer?” gesture.

“Just once, right?”

I laughed. “Oh no, you are going to be my fuck toy all semester, and at the end if you have been a good fuck toy, I will give you an A. But if you walk out now, or bail out before the semester ends, then an E is in your future, and you can kiss that scholarship goodbye!”

“But Dr. J I can’t …”

I cut her off.

“You can, and you will.”

I stood up, walked around my desk (the opposite way I would normally do it to be sure the camera got the best view). I stood right in front of her, my erection pointing at her and I began to speak. As I spoke I reached down and brought her hands up to my crotch.

“Consider this a special tutoring opportunity with three parts. Part one, illegal bahis siteleri you are going to start wearing sexier, tighter clothes to class. I want to be enjoying my view each and every class session. Part two, you are going to come to my office once a week for a one hour “tutoring” session. I will enjoy you each of those visits.”

I stopped for a moment and unzipped my pants, pulled out my dick, and brought her hands back to it.

“Stroke me while we continue.”

She paused as I just looked down at her, then her hands started to please me. I smiled.

“Then there will part three and that will be a quite rigorous final exam. That will be a multi-day experience, we will discuss that more later. You are doing well stroking my dick. This is a good start.”

I stopped for a moment and just enjoyed her touch. After a bit I began again.

“Now, back to the after class tutoring sessions: during each of those hours you will be mine to enjoy. I will touch you how I want, you will touch me how I want. Like you are doing now. You will suck my cock, and I will fuck you.”

I paused for a moment to again enjoy her touch. “Stand up and take off your sweatshirt. I want to see your breasts.”

I pulled her up. She hesitated, but then removed the sweatshirt. She had a black bra on. I love black bras. Her tits were perfectly presented to me.

“You are so hot Julie. I am so going to enjoy our new approach to this class. Take off your bra, offer your breasts to me.”

“Dr. J, I don’t think I can do this.”

I grabbed her by her ponytail, pulled her face towards mine and sternly spoke.

“Once again, you have no options now. You will be my spring semester slut. Either that or you will fail my course and I will be sure you lose that scholarship. So take off your damn bra and beg me to use you like the desperate slut you are!”

Julie looked stunned. But then started to reach behind herself and a moment later her bra fell off. Her tits were spectacular!

“Are you my slut?” I asked her.

“yes,” she said meekly.

“One more time, and convince me this time: Are you my slut!”

“She reached out, grabbed my hands, brought them up to her breasts and said, “Yes Dr. Jackson I am your slut.”

I didn’t respond but just started to molest her breasts. Her hands returned to my dick.

“Be a good slut and you will earn that A. Do we have a deal?”

“Yes, Dr. J. But you said something about a multi-day final. What will that be?”

“That will be your final exam. You will travel with me for a weekend and be my date, my lover, and my slut.”

With that I brought my mouth down to her breasts and started to kiss and suck on them. Her nipples were rock hard and she started to moan.

Her hands left contact with my dick and grabbed my head, pushing me into her chest. I took my time and we both enjoyed my oral assault on her breasts.

Finally I straightened up, looked directly at her, and said, “Drop to your knees, suck my cock, and swallow my cum. Start earning that A!”

She did just that. I enjoyed her efforts while I took photos of her sucking my cock. She bobbed and sucked and her hands fondled my balls. She was no rookie at pleasuring a man.

And just like Andrew did with me, I grabbed her head, and started to cum. I sprayed my cum on her face and down onto her tits.

“Swallow my last spurt you slut!” I yelled at her as I jammed my cock back into her mouth.

She did. And she sucked and swallowed the after shocks. It felt amazing!

“Good slut!” I said to her as I took a bunch of photos.

I pulled her up and started to lick my own cum off her breasts.

“This is kinky Dr. Jackson. It feels so good.”

I smiled to myself, as we were both enjoying ourselves but also obeying and pleasing Andrew, our shared master.

I brought my hands down to her tight ass. As I explored it I pushed my advantageous position.

“We have 8 weeks left in the semester, so we will have 8 post class get togethers. But to ensure the tutoring is effective canlı bahis siteleri we will need to do make up sessions for the weeks that have already occurred. That is 6 additional sessions. Count today’s get acquainted session and that is 15 total sessions. A small price to pay for an A.”

“If that is what it takes Dr. Jackson. I guess you are not giving me much of a choice.”

“Sure I am, be my willing, enthusiastic fuck toy for each of those 15 sessions, plus the very comprehensive final exam, or get an E in the class and lose the scholarship.”

I started to take off her jeans.

“Time to get fucked Ms. Ferguson!”

She didn’t say anything but didn’t protest or prevent me from stripping off her jeans and her thong. I helped her onto my desk and held her legs apart.

“Let me return the favor” I said as I buried my face in her shaved pussy. I started to lick and suck and she immediately became animated.

“God yes, Dr. Jackson. Oh, fuck that feels good!”

My hands went up her flat stomach and then found her breasts. I was now in my all time favorite position: orally pleasing a woman with my hands enjoying her breasts. In addition, I had to assume the camera view was spectacular. Julie was moaning and writhing in pleasure.

After only about five minutes she exploded into an orgasm. She just kept repeating “fuck!” as her whole body shook and my mouth was flooded with her juices.

I kept her orgasm going and then abruptly rose, grabbed her head and kissed her, sharing her own pussy juices with her. It was passionate and hot and we kept that going.

Then just as quickly, I stepped out of my pants, grabbed her ankles, put them on my shoulders and drove my rock hard dick fully into her pussy.

“14 more sessions, a fuck fest final exam, and an A. Yes?”

“God yes Dr. Jackson! Fuck me hard. I am yours!”

I laughed and almost reminded her she was actually owned by Andrew. But instead I just started to pound her young pussy. I lasted a decent amount of time and truly enjoyed the feeling of fucking such a perfect co-ed.

In a genuine voice I told her she was beautiful as I came hard into her. She had a second orgasm and together we slowly came back to earth as I stopped but didn’t pull out.

“I think I just might like earning the A!” she said as we just enjoyed the moment. I pulled out and without asking she slid off the desk and took me into her mouth. She fully cleaned me and then looked up at me and smiled.

“Thought I might earn some extra credit points!” she said as we both laughed.

I helped her up and we kissed again. I spent a few more minutes enjoying her breasts, and then released her fully.

She grabbed her clothes and started to get dressed. I stopped her a couple of times and took photos. She didn’t protest at all.

I sat back in my chair and just admired her beauty. She grabbed up all her belongings, slyly pushing the camera back into her bag.

“I look forward to seeing you in something sexy on Thursday. And our next session will be after class on Thursday.” I handed her my business card, “My cell is on there, text me later. If you really want to please your professor, attach a sexy photo. Don’t forget our agreement. I own your perfect little body until the end of the semester!”

She took the card, smiled, blew me a kiss, and said, “Yes Professor!”

I was watching her perfect ass exit my office when my phone chimed.

Nice work. That was hot. And that video would make you famous and get you fired in a heartbeat!

I responded as soon as Julie had fully exited.

I am glad you are pleased. It was obviously a privilege to get to have Julie and is was especially satisfying to know I was ultimately serving you.

If you remain a good little bitch I just might let you keep those appointments with Julie. And on that note, pack up, and head to 4327 Collingwood Court, apartment 5e. You get to meet Kassie. It will be an adventure. She has complete privileges over you. Do not disappoint her, and for your own health DO NOT disobey her. Understood?

Yes Sir. On my way.

Wow! This day just kept going. I had no idea who Kassie was nor what she had in store for me, but I obeyed Andrew and was in my car on the way to her apartment without delay.

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