Anita receives more than a massage


Anita receives more than a massageAna receives more than a massageVictor and I were in our second day of our weekend getaway to Jamaica; but this morning was a little bit ruined because of a heavy rain and storm lightning…Inside the nice hotel we had hired, there was an amazing diving pool and a Jacuzzi bath tub under a glass dome.So, we had no other choice but spend the rest of the afternoon there, as we dreamed about the sunny Jamaican sandy beaches…While I was swimming in the pool, a large black man approached Victor, who was sitting on a chair at one side. I came to him and we started talking with the man.His name was Markus, from Boston and he explained he was on a business trip there.He was a funny person and he really gained my confidence by showing me some current pictures of his beautiful wife. We spent several hours there by the pool and had a lot of margaritas.While my loving husband was at the bar asking for some other drinks, Markus asked:“You want to come up to my room for some big black dick?”It was my turn to answer very amused:“Yes, of course, but I think we will wait for when my husband Victor is ready.”Markus could not say anything else, because Victor returned with some fresh drinks.Out of the blue Markus began to rub the top of my shoulders, as my husband was distracted reading a newspaper. I whispered him that it felt good and he said that he was very good at giving massages.Right away to my surprise, Victor asked Markus if he would give me a good rubdown. He agreed and invited us up to his room. On the way to the room I noticed that my loving husband and my brand new black friend had erections they could not hide.When we got to the room we all had another drink. Markus said: “Let’s get started.”Then I lay down on the bed and the black man leaned over and started rubbing my shoulders. I said that it felt really good. He rubbed my back for a while and after a few minutes when I was in complete relax condition, Markus suggested that it would feel much better if I slid down my top. This request came as no surprise to me. I knew this black man wanted to fuck me and that feeling of knowing a man wanted me was getting me hot and a little bit wet between my thighs…I unhooked the upper section of my bikini and tossed it on the floor.When he started to work on the edge of my back, I helpfully folded my hands under my head, giving him easy access to my sides. He moved his strong hands all over my back and neck as I moaned in pleasure…It was at this time that he climbed on top of my waist explaining aydın escort that it gave him better leverage. He kept working my sides and then as he moved on from my back and neck he brushed against the sides of my breasts and worked his hands down to my legs. His huge hands then began working on my feet. After a while he slowly went back to the side of my breasts and started to rub there. I encouraged him by saying how good he made me feel. He then moved away to massage my lower back and got real close to my butt. I made sighing and encouraging noises, and he pushed in with his thumbs.The kneading motion stimulated me, and I started getting wet. After a while he slowly went back to the side of my breast and started to rub it. I looked directly into Victor’s eyes and saw him watching the whole scene. Then Markus cupped my tits and squeezed them. I took a deep audible breath. He fondled my breast for a few minutes and then he went back to my neck and shoulders as if nothing had ever happened. Suddenly he moved all the way down and started back on my feet and legs. He slowly and expertly worked his way up my thighs and back down. He then began to rub right along my bikini bottom on my lower back. His hand went lower as it slipped down inside my panty. He started to remove my bikini bottom. My hips lifted as I helped him take them off. He went right back to work on my legs. His hands slowly massaged the inside of my thigh and back down again. Each time his hands rose a little higher until his fingers gently brushed against my shaved mound. He did this a few times with no protest from me. Then he rubbed against my mound hard enough for his finger to slip inside my wet pussy. I didn’t move. He waited a moment in silence and then started to move his fingers in and out of my pussy.I shamefully hid my face in the pillow to hide my smile as I lifted my butt up slightly. A soft moan escaped my lips as I was finger fucked. The seduction was complete. I saw Victor moving and he whispered in my ear:“Honey, are you going to let this black guy fuck you?”“Does the thought of it excite you, honey?” I asked back him.He answered of course he was aroused to see how this guy was touching me.Then Markus removed his bath suit and naked he straddled my back once more. I could feel his aroused huge cock lay heavy on my bare buttocks.I let him spread my ass and lay his cock lengthwise between my cheeks. This caused his cock to grow fully hard. He was very well endowed. He started to move his cock back and forth. afyon escort Then he pressed my ass around his shaft. His cock was fucking my ass cheeks as if it was between a pair of boobs. My hips seductively rolled up and down with his movements. After a few seconds he lifted off me and helped me to turn over on my back. We both stare at one another for the longest time. His eyes were asking me for permission to continue. I smiled to him.He straddled my waist and started to rub my fully exposed breasts. I saw his penis. It was bigger than my loving Victor´s. It was longer, thicker, and beautifully black. I closed my eyes as his hands caressed me. I felt my nipples grow hard and erect. Suddenly Markus moved back off of me and parted my legs slightly. He started playing with my pussy once more. I parted my thighs a little further. He now had a great view of my wet pussy. He moved the head of his dick and touched my pussy lips…Then he rubbed his cock around my pussy area making no penetration. My hips were responding to his teasing as I made circular motions, sighs coming from me every few seconds. We rolled on to our sides and started kissing. Without thinking I put my upper leg over his leg in full submission.The black man’s huge cock was now less than an inch from my pussy. As his cock touched my labia, I pulled back. I looked at Victor for the last time and he nodded at me a silent yes…Markus then lay down on top of me. I looked between us and saw his massive cock on my belly. His hips moved around in a slow dry hump as he grinned down at me. I responded to him and moved my hips up and down. I was getting excited by his cock rubbing against me. I spread my legs to let him know he was very welcome inside. He positioned himself between my legs. I pulled my legs back and gave him full access to my now wet cunt. I was finally ready so I took his cock and put it on my pussy hole. His large, solid black shaft pushed against me and parted my vaginal lips, invading my wet opening cunt. I writhed under him while his cock remained quiet at my entrance. I begged him: “Please, fuck me gentle, your cock is much bigger than my husband´s.”The swollen head of his giant black serpent popped through my opening with such a feeling of satisfaction that I could not contain the shriek of appreciation. I moaned…I looked up at Markus with a lustful smile. He pressed into me and his cock very slowly sank balls deep. The feeling of his huge sized black cock inside me was better than I had expected. sakarya escort He went slowly at first; then more quickly and within minutes I felt myself starting to approach an orgasm. I moaned in pleasure as I got an intense climax.Markus slowly withdrew; but then pushed in again, then again and then again. I began to move my hips to meet his thrusts. I wanted he came inside me.He began to pump me with long, slow strokes, groaning with pleasure as he moved deeper into my hot, wet pussy. My hips begin to buck as the speed and rhythm of his thrusts increased. My back arched, pushing his cock into my cervix. He continued slamming his hardness into my relaxed body. I wrapped my legs around his waist giving him limitless access. He was hitting my cervix with every thrust, as my hips rolled with passion. I completely surrendered myself to this black huge man. I was starting to orgasm again. Markus noticed that and then groaned, tensed his ass and pressed hard against me. He was about to orgasm too. Suddenly I felt his raging cock pulsing as he shot his hot sperm into my stretched wet pussy.I squirmed as I felt his cock pulsing inside me, filling me with his warm sperm…As we laid there and caught our breath I was desperately clinching my pussy to hold him inside of me. Although his cock began to soften he did not get out. He just stayed on top of me and kept his black dick inside me. I leaned into his ear and whispered: “Now it is my husband´s turn to fuck me”Markus then withdrew his soft member from me and cum was now pouring from my gaping pussy. By then Victor was as naked as I was and had a huge erection. He approached the bed and his hands roamed over my well used tits, ass, and pussy. Reaching down, my hand closed around his rampant, swollen and hard rigid shaft. I said: “Honey, Markus really filled my cunt of sperm, I want you in my asshole”He smiled as I turned down, facing the pillows. Then he moved over my body and mounted me, inserting his hard cock in my rosebud. He began to fuck my tight anus…As soon as I felt his hard shaft was buried inside me, he began fucking me with steady, deep, hard strokes, each one bringing a grunts of female pleasure from my mouth. Victor fucked my ass hard and deep. I asked if he liked my sore pussy still dripping other`s man semen and he said he really loved it…My clitoris started to contract again just before my stretched sore cunt erupted in another orgasm. I screamed, my toes curled back and my body shuddered and quivered. I then noticed Markus quietly got dressed and was leaving the room.Minutes later Victor finally shot his load deeply in my anus and he collapsed onto the bed over my body. We both were resting there when I told him Markus was gone. My loving husband only said: “I enjoy too much watching you receiving a massage…”

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