Anna Goes to Camp


When I was eighteen years old I actually went to summer camp. I had just finished my junior year of high school and while the idea of going to summer camp at my age of eighteen would normally seem ridiculous, I was very intrigued to go.

It took a bit to convince my father to let me go to camp. Even he was of the opinion that a girl of eighteen going to camp wasn’t the norm. He was even more leery when I told him the reason I wanted to go. A Facebook friend of mine would be going and thought it would be a great place to meet in person.

My dad still wasn’t on Facebook and he was leery of all the friends that I had on there but I convinced him it was, in fact genuine, and that I really wanted to meet my online friend Brianne.

Brianne had even passed along her father’s contact information so my dad could get in touch with him. He was going to be one of the counselors at the camp and he assured my dad that everything was on the up and up.

Since my dad was cool he eventually agreed. I loved my dad so much. When my mother left us two years earlier I was in a constant funk. How could she leave us like that? How could she leave him like that? How could she leave ME like that?

Still she showed no reservations about packing a bag and walking out on us. I hated her for it for months. That hate kept growing as the time passed and my mother wouldn’t even have contact with me.

So I turned to the internet. My dad was cool and all, but I think even he was reeling from my mother’s departure. And it was online that I met Brianne. She was like me, eighteen and living alone with her dad since her mother had left.

Brianne seemed a lot like me in many ways and we shared a liking for older men. Brianne told me she’d been with guys her own age, and a couple a few years older, but ultimately her favorite lovers had been men in their forties and even one his in his fifties!

I admitted to Brianne that I hadn’t been with anyone to that point, but didn’t consider myself a virgin, because I’d taken my virginity with a dildo. It hurt like hell but once it was done playing with myself was a whole new ball game! And it was true, when I would push my dildo upside of myself I was usually thinking about an older man. Sean Connery anyone?

I felt a special connection which is probably why I shared so much personal information with her. But the connection was real even after she sprang this question on me: ‘Have you ever thought about fucking your dad?’

Of course I hadn’t! That was the furthest thing from my mind! Incest was wrong!

Yet Brianne had no problem telling me that she’d been fucking her father ever since her mother had left them.

THAT got me intrigued. And when Brianne suggested I join her at camp I was eager to do so. While it was an ordinary camp for girls, Brianne and some other associates of hers had their own activities they like to practice while they were there.

My dad drove me to the camp which was several hours away and bid me a fond farewell. I smiled at him as I got out of the car. As much as I loved my dad I think he’d have had a stroke if he knew what I was really there for.

I went to the check-in counter and was welcomed warmly. I was told that I’d be bunking in the same cabin as Brianne because she requested it.

So I headed off with my bag to the cabin I’d spend the next three weeks in and took a deep breath before I opened the door. I was so looking forward to meeting Brianne in person, but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw.

Brianne was sitting on the edge of her cot naked. In front of her was an older man and his cock was in her mouth!

“Oh hello,” he breathed heavily at me as Brianne briefly looked up without letting his cock out of her mouth. “You must be Anna,” he said. “I’m Brianne’s dad.”


“I’m sorry for shocking you like that,” Brianne giggled as we strolled down towards the lake. “But I thought it might be a good idea to introduce you to my father that way.”

I shook my head and smiled. I had watched Brianne suck her father off and let him cum in her mouth. She acted like it was no big deal, and her father was completely calm with me standing there watching too.

“Well,” I sighed. “I was expecting some great stories, but I suppose seeing the truth before my eyes was a good way to introduce me to things.”

“Exactly,” Brianne giggled again as she gripped my arm. “Now you need to know,” she lowered her voice a bit as a few other girls were nearby. “The whole camp isn’t like this. Only a few of us do this.”

“Okay,” I nodded. I smiled at one of the other girls standing on the dock by the lake. “I admit this might throw me for a loop though.”

“Oh you’ll be fine,” Brianne smiled at me. “You were a real pro with how you handled watching me blow my daddy.”

“It was kind of hot,” I confessed.

Brianne smiled at me as she stopped walking. “What did you think of my daddy’s cock?” she asked in a near whisper.

“Oh wow,” I sighed. “It looked good!”

“Oh casino oyna it is,” she breathed heavily. “I can’t wait for you to watch us fuck in front of you,” she breathed heavily with a look of anticipation on her face.

“Honestly,” I said as I bit my lower lip a bit. “I’m kind of looking forward to seeing that.”


The rest of the day was just about getting settled in as the other campers arrived. We had a brief orientation meeting and then it was almost time for dinner. Afterwards Brianne and I made our way back to our cabin.

As soon as we got in there she began to undress. God she was a looker! She had to be about 5’9″ with long shapely legs, a nice curvy ass, and tits to die for, as well as a mane of golden blonde hair that came down to the middle of her back.

I wasn’t quite as tall as Brianne, but I did have tits to die for. Mine were even a bit bigger than hers. My ass wasn’t as curvy nor as full as hers, but it was still a sight to behold.

At Brianne’s insistence, I also stripped down and we waited for her father to arrive.

I was lying on my cot in as seductive position as I could muster when Mr. Bishop entered our cabin.

“Holy shit Anna,” he chuckled. “Do you look good naked.”

Both Brianne and I laughed. “Thank you Mr. Bishop,” I smiled courteously at him.

Mr. Bishop kicked off his shoes and dropped his shorts then pulled off his tee shirt. “I’ll tell you something honey,” he said as he eased down onto Brianne’s cot next to her. “This one could draw my attention away from you a bit,” he chuckled.

“Oh stop it daddy,” Brianne laughed. “I know how much you like fucking me.”

I watched as Brianne and Mr. Bishop kissed deeply. I felt my pussy tingle and start to get wet. This was a father and his daughter! Naked on a cot together and lips locked like lovers.

Of course lovers was exactly what they were. And I saw that in full force.

They didn’t bother with any foreplay and got right into it. Brianne laid on her back and spread her legs and her father took up position before sliding his nice hard cock into her waiting pussy.

I breathed heavily as I watched Mr. Bishop slowly slide his cock in and out of his daughter’s pussy. He was a good looking man and in great shape. I had trouble not staring at his muscular ass as he fucked his daughter.

My pussy was trembling as I continued to watch while Brianne slid a leg around her father’s waist. When he leaned in to kiss her deeply I felt myself cum. I couldn’t help it anymore and had to put a hand down there and kept my juices flowing. This was SO hot!

I came three or four more times as I watched father and daughter fucking not ten feet away from me. I had my teeth dug into my lower lip as I pushed my fingers in and out of my soaked pussy. I imagined what it would feel like to have Mr. Bishop fuck me. I even closed my eyes and imagined my daddy fucking me. That made me cum again!

My last orgasm was just finishing rocking my body when I saw Mr. Bishop cum inside his daughter. That made me cum again!

I slowly took my fingers out of my pussy and smiled at the thick goo that coated them. I looked over and saw Mr. Bishop kiss Brianne deeply again and tell her had to get going.

He got dressed and bid us both a good night and left our cabin.

“Oh my god!” I giggled to Brianne. “That was SO fucking hot!”

“It’s going to get hotter,” she smile knowingly at me and beckoned me over to her. “C’mere. I want you to lick my daddy’s cum out of my pussy.”

My eyes bugged out of my head. Yet inexplicably I rose from my cot and walked over to Brianne.

She traced her foot over my shoulder as I eased myself down onto her cot. “I take it you’ve never eaten pussy before?”

“No,” I shrugged. I couldn’t help it but my gaze went down to her bare pussy and I could see some of her father’s cum oozing out of her.

Brianne reached up and gently grabbed the back of my head and guided me between her legs. “I’ll give you pointers as you go along.”

My face was mere inches from her pussy. I hesitated for a moment but then took a deep breath and licked up and down her smooth slit. I tasted her father immediately and I didn’t mind it one bit. That emboldened me a bit and I began to dig my tongue deeper into Brianne’s pussy.

I felt more of her father’s cum ooze over my tongue and I happily swallowed it down. Brianne was moaning her approval as I continued to probe her pussy with my tongue.

“Oh my god,” Brianne cooed as she traced one of her feet over my back. “You are a fucking natural!”

I felt myself grin a bit as I kept darting my tongue in and out of her pussy. I had wrapped my arms around her thighs and buried my face deep between her legs.

“Oh god!” Brianne hissed.

I knew she was cumming and I felt her slick cum over my tongue. Once again I happily swallowed it all. Both Brianne’s cum and her father’s tasted wonderful to me.

“Now work my clit,” Brianne hissed at me.

I lifted my head for a moment slot oyna to take a breath and then dove my face back between her legs. Her clit glistened before me and I willingly began to dart my tongue over it.

“Holy shit!” Brianne almost shrieked – and a almost a little too loudly too.

I felt her cum spew against my chin as I continued to work on her clit. I felt so proud of myself for being able to give my friend this kind of pleasure.

“Oh god,” Brianne moaned as she reached down and ran her fingers through my red hair. “I can’t believe this is your first time eating pussy. You’re a fucking natural!”


The next morning Brianne and I were in the locker room/showers building and she was giving me silent clues as to which of the girls were players and which ones weren’t.

I was making a mental note to remember all the faces even before I knew their names. I had a big grin on my face as I began to linger under the water. Last night had been a big step for me and according to Brianne I was a natural at eating pussy.

I was so looking forward to what laid ahead over the next three weeks and I could feel my pussy tingling as I lathered shampoo into my hair. I felt Brianne sidle up next to me as I began to rinse my hair. But when my eyes opened it wasn’t Brianne!

“Anna,” Brianne said from a shower stall across the way. “This is Kristie. After I told her about your performance last night she really wanted to meet you,” Brianne chuckled.

“Well nice to meet you Kristie,” I smiled at her.

“It’s nice to meet you too Anna,” she cooed at me. She didn’t hesitate to reach her hands to my breasts and begin to massage them. She smiled as she ran her hands over my ample breasts. “Very nice,” she moaned.

Kristie was about my height but a bit slimmer. Her tits were probably a B-cup and her ass wasn’t as round as mine, but she was still a sexy young thing with curly brown hair and brown eyes to match. Brianne explained that Kristie was particularly close to one of the female counselors at camp – Ms. Petrie.

“If you’re half as good as Brianne says you are,” Kristie breathed softly to me. “She’s gonna love you as much as she loves me.”

I smiled at Kristie and ran my hand over her wet hair. An instant later she was leaning against the wall of the shower and I was on my knees behind her working my fingers in and out of her wet and tight pussy.


The three of us stood in front of the mirrors with towels wrapped around our bodies as we finished up drying our hair and applying make-up.

“You were right Brianne,” Kristie as she was applied some foundation under her eyes. “She’s a natural.”

“I’m impressed,” Brianne gave me a playful hip bump.

“There’s nothing to it,” I shrugged. “I know how to get myself off, and I just do what I think would feel good to me.”

“That’s a smart way to approach it,” Kristie said with a laugh. “I love cumming that much first thing in the morning.”

“The thing is,” I glanced around. We three were the only ones left so obviously they were aware of something I wasn’t. “Given how not everyone isn’t into fun and games, how’d you both know it would be safe and we’d be alone in here?”

“Because we’re late,” Brianne smiled at me as she closed her bag and scooped it up. “Come on, we can get dressed in the cabin.”

The three of us left the locker-room/shower building just clad in our towels and began to slowly walk to our cabins.

“Well Brianne,” a voice boomed from behind us. “Nice to know things haven’t changed.”

Brianne winced and stopped walking. “Good morning Mr. Dylan.”

“You know,” he continued as he walked in front of us and stood there imposingly. “Just because you’re father is a councilor here doesn’t mean you can break ALL the rules.”

“I know,” Brianne sighed. “We just lost track of time helping Anna here get oriented to things since this is her first year.”

“Uh huh,” Mr. Dylan didn’t sound convinced. “And Kristie? I told you not to let this one’s bad habits rub off on you,”

“Yes sir,” Kristie said in a resigned voice as she had her gaze fixated on the ground.

“And Anna,” he continued with a sigh. “I know this is your first year so let me give you a few tips. One, do NOT allow this one,” he pointed a finger in Brianne’s direction. “To become a bad influence on you. Two, all campers are expected in the cafeteria by eight am. It is now a quarter after. And three,” he sighed heavily. “Outside of the locker room and your cabins campers are not to be in any common areas clad in only a towel.”

“Yes sir,” I said sheepishly.

Mr. Dylan dismissed us with a disappointed look on his face and we made our way to our cabins.

Brianne and I were getting dressed. I noticed she didn’t bother putting a bra on and wondered if I should do the same. “So,” I asked her as I finally tossed my bra back into my bag and just pulled a t-shirt on. “Are we in trouble?”

“No,” Brianne chuckled as she ran a brush through her hair. “Dylan may be a hard-ass canlı casino siteleri but my daddy keeps him from cracking down on us.”

It was too bad. I thought Mr. Dylan wasn’t a bad looking guy for someone in his forties. Oh hell, who was I kidding? He looked good for any age. But Brianne had it pegged. He was a hard-ass. I mean, shit! We were at an all-girl’s camp. Who cares if we walk around in a towel? And so we were fifteen minutes late for breakfast. It was just the first day!

I sighed. I guess I didn’t have too much to complain about. In the short time I’d been there I’d seen Brianne blow and the fuck her father. I’d eaten Brianne’s pussy and then got Kristie off in the shower. And? It was still the first day!


After breakfast though Brianne found something to complain about. “What the hell dad?” she whispered to him harshly as she pulled him away from the crowd around the board listing who was paired off with who for canoe rides.

“What’s the problem?” he asked as he nervously looked back at the group. I glanced over my shoulder and no one else really seemed to be paying attention to us.

“How the hell could you let Anna get paired with that hard-ass Dylan?” Brianne almost hissed.

“Will you calm down?” he father whispered.

“You couldn’t put her with Kristie or Ms. Petrie?” Brianne complained.

“No,” Mr. Bishop said flatly. “Kristie and Natalie wanted to go out together, and Ms. Petrie is going with Tracey.”

I glanced over my shoulder. I had been briefly introduced to Tracey at breakfast. She was another one from Brianne’s group of friends. She was a bookish looking girl and the thought of her with Ms. Petrie seemed like a bit of an odd fit. I glanced over at Ms. Petrie. She was a very striking woman of forty-two with a rock-hard body, and golden blonde hair. Tracey on the other hand was only five foot two at best. She had a nice little figure on her though, along with jet-black hair and pretty thick glasses.

Given what Kristie had told me about Ms. Petrie it still seemed like an odd fit, but I guess even bookish girls like to get off.

As for Natalie, I had been briefly introduced to her at breakfast as well. She was about five foot six, with GORGEOUS green eyes that stood out against her dark brunette hair. She had a great figure, with what had to be close to C-cup tits, but my god! Did she was a round and curvy ass to die for!

I finally turned back to Brianne and Mr. Bishop. “Look Bri,” I said calmly. “It’s okay.”

“Thank you Anna,” Mr. Bishop smiled at me. “Besides there’s nothing much I could do. Anna is a first year camper and Mike is the most experienced canoe instructor here. He always goes out with the newbies.”

Brianne sighed.

I put a hand on her arm. “It’s fine,” I said with a warm rub.


Brianne and I walked down towards the dock and she was still put off a bit. “I just wanted to you be able to experience all the fun shit we get to do.”

“What could your dad do?” I shrugged. “We don’t have the numbers.”

“I guess,” Brianne sighed. “It’s just that canoe trips give us all kinds of opportunities to go nuts. There are so many secluded places to hook up. It’s great.”

I smiled. So that was it. Brianne and her dad were going to find one of those secluded places and get nasty. So were Kristie and Natalie, as were Mr. Petrie and Tracey.

“Well you guys have your fun,” I smiled warmly at her as I noticed Kristie and Natalie getting the life-jackets on. I could tell they were eyeing each other like they were starving dogs and the other was raw meat. My pussy started to tingle at the thought of what they were going to get up to. “I’ll be fine.”

Fine was a relative term. Mr. Dylan was STILL going over safety procedures when every other canoe had left and was out of sight. I was getting frustrated with how anal-retentive this man was, but maintained a dutiful nature.

“Mr. Dylan?” I finally interjected. “I just wanted to apologize for my earlier behavior. Y’know with the towel and being late to breakfast. You were absolutely right, I shouldn’t let other’s bad habits become mine.”

“I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that Anna,” he gave me a cautious smile. “Now, we still have a few more things to go over.”

Jesus! This man was SO uptight! I was thinking he was so in need of a blow-job. And that’s when it hit me. Why not?

I made it my mission to try and seduce Mr. Dylan before the day was out.


Step one of that process was easy. As we rowed along I intentionally kept screwing up.

“Come on Anna!” Mr. Dylan sounded exasperated.

“I’m sorry Mr. Dylan,” I had just the right amount of frustration and angst in my voice to make it seem like I was trying but just not grasping what to do. “Maybe if you could guide me, I can get a grip on what to do,” I half-sighed and half-whined.

I barely glanced over my shoulder and saw Mr. Dylan eyeing me with curiosity and with a bit of frustration. “All right,” he sighed. He stowed his oar on the bottom of the canoe and then eased forward onto a seat closer. “Oar in the water,” he said resolutely.

“No Mr. Dylan,” I sighed. “You’ve told me what to do and I’m not getting it.”

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