Anne , Walt: Grandma Smith’s Decision


Interesting crowd of people assembled. Anne made a mental note to come back one night when she hadn’t any plans. She filled the empty stool next to a couple of bickering lesbians and ordered a beer after being told it would be another ten minutes for the lasagna dinner she’d phoned in. The elfin mulatto girl, with the long braids, platinum jewelry and a gauzy scrap of fabric that just barely covered her nipples much less her beautiful, high ass stormed emotionally, “One of these men will be more than happy to take me home, RIGHT NOW, and lick my pussy.”

The blonde she was addressing ignored her. She was twenty years older than the mulatto girl, in fantastic shape, with huge breasts and an ample ass. She sported a high and dry military haircut, rings on every finger, and her blue eyes smiled wryly at Anne in the mirror as Anne finished her perusal. Noticing the blonde’s red pack of Marlboro, Anne fished her cigarette case out of her clutch. “Are you listening to me you fucking bull-dyke Marine?” the beautiful mulatto girl hissed, before turning her attention to the trio of men who had heard her last comment and were now trying to negotiate and evening’s entertainment.

Anne raised an eyebrow at the blonde’s reflection in the mirror before turning to her. “Say, leatherneck, got a light?” she smiled, catching the evil glare of the little mulatto girl, before she through her head back and laughed at the men surrounding her.

“Call me Mitch, Red,” the marine smiled, giving Anne’s breast a discreet squeeze while she lit the long, thin, Turkish cigarette. Anne took a deep drag of her cigarette, feeling the nicotine course into her blood stream. She pulled herself level to Mitch, caught her lips in a hard, quick, kiss while she exhaled into the other woman’s mouth. Sitting back in her chair, Anne took a long pull on her beer, noting Mitch didn’t miss a beat, exhaling the potent smoke. “Normally, Red, I am not partial to red heads,” the big woman Marine confided, “however, I do believe I will need to make an exception.”

“Mmmm. I’ll bear that in mind.” Anne smiled at the woman and held out her hand. “I’m Anne Barrister. Also known as Dr. Anne Barrister. Dentist.” Anne felt her hand taken in a strong, yet soft grasp.

“Pleasure to meet you, Anne. I’m Mitch Dwyer, also known as Major Marguerite Dwyer. Anesthesia Nurse. The casino oyna little girl I married and currently throwing yet another tantrum is India Joyner-Dwyer. Name change is legal. Maybe the marriage will be one day as well.” A look of infinite sadness crossed Mitch’s face as she watched India lead one of her admirer’s hands to her upper thigh.

Anne shrugged. “Lot of things aren’t legal, Mitch. Doesn’t mean there not right.” Mitch held up her beer bottle and the two women toasted, finishing their beers. Looking at the large sign clearly indicating the women’s room, Anne asked, “So where are the restrooms in this place.” With a smile, Mitch stood, putting her arm out for Anne. The two long legged women strolled to the bathroom, listening to the protests of little India as she tried to push away from her admirers and follow them into the restroom. Anne pushed Mitch onto the padded bench, giving each of her nipples a hard, twisting tweak, and put her fingers to her lips.

An ancient, delicate looking woman came out of the stalls as India burst into the restroom. “You thieving bitch,” she screamed, coming with both hands toward Anne. Anne grabbed the girl’s wrists, pinning them above her head against the door. She spread the girl’s legs with her own, watching the dress shoot to her waist, fully exposing her beautiful, bald pussy to the world. Anne rammed her knee into the girl’s crotch, and then threw her fist into the girl’s diaphragm. Mitch tensed over on the couch, but didn’t make a move to help the girl.

“Listen up, sweet thing,” Anne ordered in her low, throaty voice, “Your husband has enough problems trying to put her thirty years in the Corps without you making a big, noisy ass of yourself.” Anne slapped the girl twice across the face to make sure she had her attention. “You need to calm yourself. There are places where these kinds of scenes are okay. This particular sports bar is not one of them. Now, apologize to Mitch and show her what a good girl you will be.”

India rushed into Mitch’s arms crying about “that beastly bitch” and begging for forgiveness. India gave Mitch dozen’s of apologies as she kissed him lightly in between each breath.

Anne caught the ancient senior citizen’s flushed look in the mirror. Tilting her head to the side, Anne undid the top button of her blouse. The old woman hooked her cane slot oyna in the sink and turned toward Anne. Mitch had caught the action. Picking India up by the waist, Mitch hooked India’s legs around her strong, bull-dyke neck as she continued to fuck India with her tongue and her mouth wrapped in and out and around India’s hot little pussy. India was completely oblivious of the changes, her body arching back, finding a soft landing against Mitch’s flat tummy, her dress completely discarded. Anne had the old woman stripped and laying on the bench within a minute. The old woman was hairy, wrinkled, and loose. Anne loved a challenge.

She gave the breasts a quick massage at the muscles, before finding the nipples, and beginning a campaign of twists and pinches. When the old lady moaned, Anne gave each breast a single flick of the tongue, before pulling the woman’s ankles up to her shoulder. The woman’s head, neck and shoulder’s were the only thing left to the bench. Anne knew she had to work fast. She began with light slaps to the woman’s ancient, dry pussy. She increased the pressure of the slaps until she felt the beginning of moisture. Anne glanced across the room.

India’s dress was kicked to the side and India was on her knees before Mitch, her long black braids slapping against her body as she worked her lover’s pussy over. Anne’s fingers began to squeeze the old woman’s dusty clit with her right hand while her left hand was busy getting it’s finger’s wet.

There was a sudden pounding on the door. All movement stopped. “Grandma Smith, is everything all right?” Came the deep, masculine tones outside the door. Everybody in the room froze, all eyes on the woman half sprawled on the padded bench.

With a growl, Grandma Smith hollered, “The Lord Jesus has seen fit to take care of me these last 92 years, boy. He has not given up hope on me now.” The women all stifled giggles as Grandma Smith took a deep breath and sighed. “Thank you, Walt. I’m fine. I’ll be out when I’m down with my conversation. Go back to the table and tell your Grandfather I’ll be there shortly.”

After a few more reassurances, the man left. Grandma Smith turned her eyes to Anne. “Well, young woman. I guess you better finish what you started.” India and Mitch exchanged looks before readjusting their clothing and helping Grandma Smith achieve orgasm. canlı casino siteleri

Mitch stood at Grandma Smith’s head, her legs still blocking the door as she hauled both elongated breasts to her mouth for kissing and sucking and biting. India kneeled on the bench, facing Grandma Smith’s pussy and began to suck and nibble on the old woman’s clit. Anne inserted one finger in Grandma Smith’s ass, then two, then three fingers. The three fingers danced and splayed the anus wider as Grandma Smith began a very undignified grunting. The pinky finger was a natural to enter the old woman’s anus; the pinky hardly took up any room at all.

Anne began massaging Grandma Smith’s backbone with her thumb on the outside and her four fingers deep on the inside. India tightened her thighs around the old woman’s waist, rubbing her pussy against the woman’s belly as she felt another orgasm building up within herself. Mitch began milking the old woman’s breasts, twisting and massaging them in long, fluid motions, tightening her grip more and more every few seconds. “Fuck me, goddamnit!” tore from Grandma Smith’s mouth.

Ann pulled her fingers out on the up struck and plunged her fist into Grandma Smith’s anal cavity on the down stroke. The old woman’s breath caught in her throat at the shock. Her hips began to grind as the girls began to put the finishing touches on her. She began to pant as she felt the redhead’s fist push lower and lower and lower into her bowels. “Holy Fuck! Holy Fuck! Holy Fuck!” Grandma Smith gasped as an orgasm ripped through her body. She felt a drenching running down her chest as the little black girl came all over her. If she didn’t know better, she’d swear she was squirting milk the way that unnatural woman behind her had massaged her breasts so thoroughly. She heard her anus pop as the redhead pulled out her shit-covered hand. The girl’s were all chatting easily, getting her wiped up and dressed before her loving, if overprotective grandson came back.

The redhead left as the little black girl gave Grandma Smith a kiss and the blonde handed Grandma Smith her cane. When she left the restroom, she motioned her grandson, Walt, now seated at the bar, to come to her. “Grandma Smith, is every…”

“Hush, boy,” Grandma Smith said. “Do you see the redhead walking out the door with the carry out bag?” When Walt assured her he did, Grandma Smith said, “Go after her, Walt. That’s your future wife.”

At that moment, Anne turned her head, and smiled right at Walt. Walt heard a low, silent whistle. He recognized one of his own kind.

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