Anniversary Present


Part One

With hot shower water still steaming off of him, he looks down at the clothes laid out on the bed — the usual trousers, white shirt and tie, socks…

“Honey?” he shouts into the next room. A few seconds later his wife appears, poking her pale, bright eyed face through the doorway. She has a mischievous grin on her face already.


He holds up the boxer shorts and raises an eyebrow.

“I thought we threw these out. They’re far too small for me.”

She winks.

“Just wear them.”

He almost protests, before he notes the hungry look in her eye. She’s biting her bottom lip. That look stirs something beneath his towel, and he clears his throat and shrugs.

“Fair enough.”

She smiles to herself as her eyes track down his chest, following the line of hair from his bellybutton to where the towel is shifting between his thighs, forming a visible bulge.

“You can’t have everybody over if you’re walking around with him in full view…”

She walks into the room and his eyes devour her: she’s only half dressed. Her smooth, bare legs carry her across the room, a pair of tight girl-shorts leaving little to the imagination.

There’s a loose red hooded zipper hanging off her shoulders, and she’s naked beneath it. As she walks, her perky breasts bounce softly within the fabric — every second step he gets the slightest peak at her erect nipples.

Close to him now, she pulls the zipper down just enough to let the curve of her breasts show, her nipples barely concealed by the clothing. As she slides her delicate, small hands around his midriff, he can feel the blood pounding in his head. He’s almost shaking.

“Still getting the shakes?” she asks him, pulling herself close to him. He can smell her hair, still warm from the blow-dryer, and her perfume. She nuzzles in against his neck, short enough that her eyes are only just at his collarbone.

“Seems so,” he tries to keep the nonchalant act up.

Her hand begins to snake down his stomach, and she tiptoes to whisper in his ear, “After five years of marriage, I’d have thought this would have worn off…”

He gasps as her small hand finds his erection bulging through the towel, and softly squeezes it. He can feel her smiling against his neck — she takes such pride in the effect he has on her.

“We’re going to get distracted…” he whispers, taking her petite frame in his big arms.

“Is that so bad?”she asks.

“People will be turning up in half an hour.”

His hands run down the small of her back to her ass, and his cups his large hands around her curves and squeezes. She sighs in his ear as he pulls her tight against his erection — she’s so short that it presses against her midriff as she strokes it through the towel.

“Then I guess…” she whispers as the two interlace their bodies and her nails dig into his bare back, “I’ll just have to make this quick.”

At that, she pulls the towel loose and his erection springs free. Before he can stop her she has dropped to her knees and unzipped her top, letting her perky breasts loose.

One hand wraps around the throbbing shaft of his cock, whilst the other hand plunges into her own shorts.

She looks up into his desperate eyes as she starts to glide her hand back and forth, biting her lip to stop the soft moaning caused by her own fingers. She can see in his eyes exactly what he wants, and she obliges with a cheerful grin.

Kneeling up to her full height to reach, she parts her lips and plunges her mouth around his cock, one hand still working the shaft. He lets out an involuntary groan of pleasure and both of his hands grab the back of her head, pulling her hair into his clenched fists.

Her lips slide down over his helmet and back up again, all whilst her tongue flicks at the underside of his cock. With every sucking plunge, she feels his cock throb and tense in her mouth, letting her know she’s doing a good job.

“You’re going to make me cum,” he gasps as she starts to go faster.

She stops stroking and lifts her mouth away, and asks him,

“Where do you want to cum?”

He laces his hands under her arms and lifts her to her feet whilst she looks at him expectantly. Turning her around, he bends her over onto the double bed. She puts her arms out to steady herself, legs straightened with her petite, perfect ass cheeks beckoning him.

He pulls her shorts down around her thighs, and sees canlı bahis şirketleri her pussy sleek and wet, dripping with arousal. Her own fingers appear between her legs and she spreads her pussy for him, her soaking fingers rubbing furiously at her clit as she moans in hungry agony.

“Fuck me,” she begs him, looking at him over her shoulder. Her hair is a mess, scattered all over her reddened face.

Every ounce of his body tells him to bury his cock in her and pump her full of cum, but a deeper desire takes over. His large hands spread her cheeks apart, and he sees the virgin territory of her other hole.

It’s puckering and tensing as she fingers herself closer and closer to climax, almost calling him to tear it apart with his tense cock.

“I want to cum in your ass,” his voice is a low growl as he grabs her hips with one hand and tries to guide his cock between her cheeks.

“No, no,” she whimpers, looking him in the eye.

“Not yet. That’s your anniversary present, fuck my pussy, please,” she’s gasping as her fingers become a blur over her clit. Her legs are starting to buckle and spasm. “Fuck me!”

He obliges, and guides his cock into her parted lips. She gasps silently, her mouth agape, as he enters her. Grunting in pleasure, fighting back the urge to cum instantly, he pushes deeper. As he fills her up, her back arches and her eyes slam open.

“Ohmygod -” she whispers, and then he can no longer hold back. He grabs her hips and pounds her brutally, as fast as he can go. She screams out loud, her hand racing back to her clit, her other hand grabbing the duvet in bunches. “I’m going to cum!”

Hearing her about to climax sends him over the edge, and he slams his cock into her furiously, pounding her so hard that she is pushed forward onto the bed. Her legs scramble for purchase and he lifts her up onto the bed, climbing up after her with his cock still half in her pussy. She groans and pushes her hips back, letting him fill her.

Now that she is lying face down on the bed, with her hips the air, he leans over her as though he were about to do pushups, and slams his cock into her again and again. Her body shakes and trembles, and she tenses silently in the throes of orgasm.

He feels her come: her pussy contracts around his cock, a feeling so good that his head begins to swim and his vision forms dots. Desperately turned on by his wife climaxing on his cock, he coats his thumb in saliva from his own open mouth and jams it against the tiny virgin opening of her ass. She’s shaking and trembling with climax, too far gone to tell him to stop. He pushes his thumb in, up to the second knuckle, and feels the same throbbing inside her.

Her own orgasm contracts her body around his cock and his thumb at the same time, and he feels his cock buried deep inside her. He collapses onto her back, biting at her neck and her ear, as the passion overcomes him. With his cock pounding her hard, and his thumb hooked inside her virgin asshole, he cums.

She squirms under him as he pumps her full of cum, their bodies tensed against each other, until…

They both collapse in a heap on top of each other, gasping for air. After a pause to get their breaths back, she lifts her head and kisses him softly.

“That better?” she asks him as he gently pulls out of her.

“For now,” he whispers, and kisses her again.

He pulls his thumb out from her, and she winces in slight pain.

“So,” he whispers. “What’s this anniversary present I’m hearing about?”

“Oh you know…” she nuzzles her nose against his. “You’ve always had a thing for my ass, and I’ve never really let you… consider this a reward for the best five years of my life.”

He grins and kisses her again, this one a long, slow and passionate kiss. When they finally separate, whispering their affections to one another, he rolls off her and slaps her bare rear.

“We’d better get ready,” he laughs as she rolls her and tries to pull her girl-shorts back up.

“You’ve ruined my hair,” she pretends to be mad at him, and he just laughs and picks the towel up from the floor.

“I’ll ruin more than your hair later, gorgeous,” he quips as he leaves the room.

Part Two

Their living room is bustling with well dressed people, drinking a mixture of champagne, beers and mixers. Cheerful music drifts through the conversation, mingling with the chatter to form a low level of constant sound.

The canlı kaçak iddaa house is filled with the pleasant scent of a dozen different perfumes and aftershaves, and the evening sun streaks in through the patio windows.

His wife is showing him the last of their anniversary presents, a small set of modest gifts that they needed for the house — nothing too extravagant.

“That’s all of the presents,” she says with a wink.

“All of them?” he quickly squeezes her ass cheek as she grins at him.

“Maybe not all of them.”

“So when do I get this other present?”

“When I decide. Be patient.” She says, then lowers her voice. “Are you wearing those far-too-small boxers?”

He nods. Thinking about the present he’s getting later is causing something to shift and warm in his boxers, and he knows that they’re too small to conceal his erection. He takes a deep breath and calms himself.

“Good,” she says. “Now go and mingle, I’ll catch up with you later.”

They exchange a quick kiss on the cheek, and he watches her walk away, shifting her weight on her hips deliberately to tease him.

She’s wearing a stunning black dress, fitted perfectly to her figure. It accentuates her perky breasts and hugs her slim waist, whilst embracing her curved hips and the soft, round ass that hides behind that tight fabric, stopping just short of her knees.

He forces his mind to think of something else before his erection betrays him, and turns to slink away into the crowd, finding friends and family that greet him with warm smiles and embraces. He’s just glad to take his mind off what she has planned for him.

One hour later, and a few beers down, he scans the crowd with a frown. He can’t see her. He looks for her soft features, those bright eyes and brown hair, to jump out at him from the crowd, and sees nothing. Concerned, he excuses himself and pushes through the crowded room to the quiet recesses of the rest of the house.

He passes through the quiet hallway as the roar of drunken conversation and revelry quietens to a murmur in the distance. Passing by their bathroom, he calls her name softly to see if she’s in there.

No reply comes, and he shrugs and keeps walking.

Without warning, as he’s walking by the open door to their bedroom, something small pushes him through the door. He stumbles and turns, and finds himself being kissed passionately on the mouth.

Understanding dawns, and he hears the door close shut and lock behind them, those soft lips never leaving his.

“Happy anniversary,” her voice whispers in between kisses, and he suddenly finds himself lost in a hot haze of lust and love. Her tiny fingers tear at the buttons on his shirt, constantly pushing him back towards the bed where, only hours ago, he came inside her.

She rips the shirt from him, and pushes him back onto the bed. Only now does he open his eyes and take in the sight, slack jawed. She has straddled him on top of the bed, wearing nothing but a lacy set of black stockings, a silk bra that unclips at the front, and matching silk panties that tie at the side like bikini bottoms.

Still straddling him, she grins as she opens his shirt and runs her hands over his body.

“Have I ever told you that I love you?” he grins, his eyes burning with desire.

“Works both ways, stud,” she winks, and bends down to kiss him again. Her soft fingers push the open shirt from his arms, and he sits up on his elbows to help her get it off him. Sitting straight up and now topless, he runs his powerful hands up her back and pulls her close. Her thighs wrap around him and her crotch sits pressed against his pulsing erection, pushing through his trousers.

She grinds her pussy against his cock, moaning softly, and his hands run down her back to her ass, cupping each cheek in one huge hand and squeezing. In response, she bucks her hips harder, grinding her pussy up and down on his erection.

He loops his thumbs into the sides of her panties and pulls them. They come undone and he grips them and softly pulls them, making sure that the silk rubs between her lips. She trembles at the motion, her dripping wet pussy soaking him through his trousers.

“Feel it,” she whispers, nibbling his neck and his ear.

He obeys and runs his hands down past the curve of her ass, to where her hole is — he stops. There’s something there already…

A thick plastic plug already fills his wife’s asshole. He canlı kaçak bahis smiles and grabs it between his fingers, moving it back and forth slightly. She groans, grinding her pussy harder against his rock hard cock.

As though on cue, she pushes him on his back.

“This is your present, lie back and relax,” she orders him. It takes a lot of willpower for him not to pick her up, slam her down, and fuck her senseless, but somehow he manages to hold off.

As he lies back, she gently gets off him and undoes his trousers. She grins playfully, her face flushed red with arousal, as she pulls his trousers down around his thighs. Now he sees why she wanted him to wear the boxers…

His cock, leaking pre-cum all over his abdomen, has broken free of his underwear and lies pinned against his stomach. Her fingers brush delicately against it, making his cock twitch and his hips buck. He can feel the pressure building in his groin, a hot, burning desire.

She closes her eyes in concentration and reaches around herself, pulling the plug out slowly. She gasps as, with a sudden tug, it leaves her empty. She lets it drop to the floor and her stocking clad legs straddle him once more.

“Don’t move,” she warns him with a coy grin, and reaches behind her to grab his cock. It slips out of his boxers without an issue, and he feels her rubbing it against her dripping pussy. He groans in pleasure as he feels her pussy tense around his throbbing helmet, desperate for her to just swallow him up and pump him dry.

Then she closes her eyes and pushes his cock back past her pussy, and presses it against the small, tight hole between her ass cheeks. He instinctively bucks his hips upwards and she lays a finger against his mouth, repeating,

“I said, don’t move…”

She closes her eyes and bites her lip as her moist hole, wet from the plug’s lube and her own juices, begins to open around the tip of his cock. She whimpers, shaking slightly, as she gradually lowers herself onto his cock. He tries his best not to move, but it feels too good. The pleasure is a loud, crashing, pounding in his head. He can hardly think straight as her virgin asshole finally closes around the tip of his cock, and she opens her red, hungry eyes, her jaw hanging loose.

“Not yet…” she whispers, and closes her eyes again, pushing herself further down onto his cock. He throws his head back in ecstasy as the burning urge in his groin flares up. Her fingers dig into his stomach as she tenses up again, letting his cock push further inside her.

Then, it happens. Her body relaxes and her muscles untense, and with a moan of pleasure he feels her ass cheeks come home against the base of his cock. Her eyes slam open, and she looks at him in shock.

“Oh god -” she begins, trying to articulate the sudden wave of pleasure. Without saying anything, lost in a primal rage of passion and lust, he sits up wraps his arms around her back again. She moans as the movement shifts his cock inside her.

He lifts her stocking clad legs and places them behind him, so that she is impaled entirely on his pulsing cock. She throws her head back and he buries his head in her shoulders and places his hands firmly on her ass. He brings his grip as close to her asshole as he can so that he can feel the base of his cock, and her tiny hole wrapped tightly around it.

Then he lifts her ass up, and the tight band of flesh lifts up to the very tip of his cock, just at the curve of his helmet –

Then he lets her drop. She gasps and her nails dig into his shoulders. Without warning, they are both totally lost to themselves. She is bucking her hips back and forward as he lifts her and slams her back down onto his cock. Her head reels back in ecstasy,

“OhmygodI’mgonnacum-” she gasps as they fuck each other into a frenzy. He feels her ass hole begin to tense and contract around his cock. He gasps at how tight it is, and he can no longer control himself. She lets out a silent scream and bites onto his shoulder to stop herself from screaming as she climaxes.

As her trembling, shaking body tenses against his, he grunts into her neck and climaxes. Her ass hole grips onto him as he explodes inside her, filling her virgin hole with gallons of hot cum. They stay that way, tense and gripping onto each other, as their orgasms subside with breathless gasps.

She brushes her hair out of her red flushed face and kisses him deeply.

“Happy anniversary darling,” she whispers, his cock still twitching inside her.

“Happy anniversary,” he whispers back as cum begins to leak from her hole and pool in his pubic hair.

He pulls her close and they fall into a deep, passionate kiss once more.

The End

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