Anniversary Special

Aiden Starr

This story could have gone in Loving Wives, but there is no husband wife conflict so I elected to place it here instead.


Julie sighed contentedly and drifted off to sleep in his arms, still naked and blissfully unaware of their combined juices oozing into the bedding.

David had worried for months that their relationship was steadily losing the fabric holding it together. Their lives had become numbingly dull and predictable. Their sex life, once three or four times a week, dwindled down to two or three per month. Dave and Julie were comfortable with each other. They did not argue, they enjoyed the same things. They went out together occasionally for a meal or a movie but the excitement of their younger years had vanished.

Dave wondered why. He wasn’t doing anything different. They were now close to fifty and both their kids had left home. He kept the gardens neat, the lawns mowed and his work provided a good standard of living. They had many good friends. Still, something was lacking. It was just too, well, too comfortable.

This anniversary, thought Dave, it was time to revitalize their marriage. After many days of considering a variety of options, he finally came up with a plan.

“Honey,” he began at the breakfast table, “It’s our anniversary in two days. We are going out for a special dinner at the Blue River Restaurant. I’ve made the bookings.”

The Blue River was attached to one of the city’s five-star hotels and ranked among the top (and most expensive) eateries in town.

At lunchtime on their anniversary, Dave left his office for the day and headed for the CBD to do some specialized shopping. Having spent most of the afternoon looking for a beautiful bunch of twelve red roses and eventually finding what he wanted (the last in the shop) he was thinking that he might need to re-mortgage the house to pay for them. He consoled himself with the thought that Julie was well worth the investment and headed home.

He greeted Julie with the roses and an enthusiastic kiss. After carefully taking the roses and placing them in a vase, Julie returned to her husband to return his kiss, the two entwining for several minutes before coming up for air.

“I feel like a giddy teenager,” Julie gasped as she gently drew back from her husband. “Let’s get ready for dinner.”

They showered, independently, and went through the ritual of dressing for dinner. Julie, dressed only in a thong and bra, sat at her makeup table, concentrating on applying her eyelashes. Dave, already dressed in his pants and shirt, could hardly resist, sneaking up behind his gorgeous wife to take her bra encased breasts in his hands and start gently kneading them.

“Not now Honey,” she pleaded. “I’m trying to make myself beautiful and you’re not helping.”

“You look beautiful in anything,” he replied. “But OK, if I leave you alone for now, will you promise to let me have my evil way with you later?”

“Ooooo.” She joked. “No promises. You’ll just have to take pot luck.”

While Dave slipped on a bow tie and jacket, Julie was finally ready for her dress, which was hanging on the edge of the wardrobe.

“Zip me up Honey,” she commanded.

With trembling hands, Dave slid the zipper up to its limit. When she turned to face him, he gasped at the vision of beauty before him. The neckline plunged almost to her waist, exposing the fabric joining the two halves of her shelf bra, while the hem fell barely to mid thigh. She was stunning. A string of pearls completed the ensemble and the couple stepped out happily for their dinner date.

Dinner was everything one might expect at a top class restaurant and when they finally sat back to enjoy a coffee and liqueur to finish the night, he joined her on the broad, padded seat on her side of the table, letting his hand fall to her thigh. The lights in the restaurant had been dimmed and couples were getting close and personal now their meal was finished.

Dave’s hand gently drifted upwards, beneath the short skirt until his fingers brushed her panties. Without making it obvious, she eased her knees apart a little to allow him free access, but he refused to take advantage of the offer, continuing to slowly massage her sex over the gusset of her panties.

“Mmmm, Dave, that is soooo nice,” Julie cooed.

“It’s time we moved on.” He said suddenly, extending his hand to her to assist her to rise.

Instead casino oyna of leading her to the car park however, Dave led Julie to the lifts and very soon they found themselves walking down the corridor on the 54th floor, just one floor below the fabled Royal Suite.

Dave swiped a card across the door lock and with an exaggerated gesture, flung open the door. Julie’s breath caught as she surveyed the beautiful surroundings. Inside was a huge king size bed, covered in rose petals, to one side was an elevated bathroom probably four times the size of their comfortable bathroom at home, separated from the bedroom by a clear glass screen. Twin showers, twin hand basins, bidet, roman bath, the works.

A full height window offered a magnificent view of the city, its night lights glittering.

Discreetly set to one side was a massage table, covered in a pristine white sheet.

Grinning widely, Dave turned to his wife.

“What do you think Babe? Will it do for the night?”

“Dave, you silly man! This room must have cost a fortune!”

“No, not quite, but I want you to know that regardless of the cost, you’re worth it and I want you to know it. Now I have a surprise or two in store for you.”

Pushing the door closed, Dave moved behind his wife and slowly and sensuously drew down the zipper on her little black dress. Having hung the dress in the wardrobe, He dropped to his knees before her, and removed her heels, setting them to one side. Her panties were next, leaving her neatly trimmed pubes exposed and tantalisingly close to his face. Although he blew across her vulva, he resisted the desire to taste her, rising slowly to his feet. He grasped the lower part of her bra and drew it upward to expose her full breasts. Her nipples, already engorged in anticipation, became even harder as he sensuously licked and suckled them, simultaneously unclipping and removing the garment to leave her standing totally naked and trembling.

“Dave, what are you doing?” she asked nervously.

“I’m doing my best to make sure that you are going to have the best anniversary you’ve ever had. One you’ll never forget and one that will remind you of my deep and enduring love for you.”

“Dave, you’re so full of shit,” she joked. “You don’t need to go to these extremes. You know we love each other without any doubt. Just the same, I am really enjoying the night so far, so go ahead – go for it.”

Julie accepted his deep kiss with passion and did not resist when he roughly spun her around pressing her back firmly against his body. Reaching into a bag that Julie had failed to notice on the side table by the bed, Dave produced a thick, padded blindfold and applied it to his wife.

“Can you see?” he asked.

“Not a bloody thing. What are you up to now?”

She squealed I surprise when she felt his strong arms beneath her knees, causing her to fall backwards into his arms. Lifting her bodily, Dave carried her to the massage table to gently place her face down, resting her head on a small towel. He took her arms and placed them alongside her body and moving to the bottom of the table, spread her legs until they were shoulder width apart.

“Don’t move!” he ordered.

When he was satisfied that she was comfortable, he produced a bottle of scented oil.

“Ready?” he asked.

“I’m not sure. What are you doing?”

“Just relax Honey. I think you’ll enjoy this.”

Having quickly removed his own clothes, Dave drizzled the liquid over her spine, letting it slowly spread. Drawing her hair to one side, he placed his hands on either side of her head, and leaning over her, kissed her exposed neck, letting his tongue wander down her spine until he could reach no further. Julie mewed in response, shuddering slightly from the stimulation.

Spreading the massage oil over her body with feathery, sweeping strokes, he moved down until he stood at Julie’s feet and started working the oil into one foot and then the other. Slowly and deliberately his hands moved up her calves, kneading her muscular legs firmly with his thumbs. She squirmed a little when he rubbed the backs of her knees, not realizing how sensitive the area was to his touch.

Dave moved around to her side, his hands never leaving her leg, sweeping across the outer thigh and back to the knee on the inner, his fingers narrowly missing her sex at each pass. Stretching his arms, he worked slot oyna quickly across her buttocks while he moved to her other side, repeating the massage of Julie’s other thigh.

With the point of his elbow, he pressed into the soft flesh of her left buttock, increasing the pressure until he felt her trying to wriggle away. Repeating the move a little higher, Dave waited until she started to show some discomfort and then kneaded her left buttock firmly with both hands. When he repeated the action on her right side, Dave started moving his hands in a circular motion, each time spreading apart her cheeks and exposing her little rosebud. He allowed his finger to drift lightly over the hole, bringing a little shudder from his wife. She stiffened a little.

“Not there, Honey. You know I don’t like that.”

Undeterred, Dave swirled his strong hands over her lower body, occasionally letting a finger rest on the entrance to her brown hole, then without penetration, moving away again until she relaxed.

“Time to turn you over,” he announced, helping her reposition herself until she lay flat on her back. With the tips of the first two fingers of each hand, he gently massaged her temples. Julie’s breathing steadied as she relaxed. Her occasional murmur was Dave’s best indication that his efforts were appreciated.

Leaning forward, he brushed his lips over Julie’s, with just a hint of tongue and then moved further forward until he was able to kiss her nipples.

Julie’s level of eroticism was rising with every passing minute. She was finding it difficult to keep her hips still, longing for her husband’s penetration but loving the build up. The suction on her nipples always turned her on and in her heightened state of arousal, she could feel the early signs of a climax.

Dave’s hands circled each of her breasts, the pressure effectively pushing her aroused nipples out even further, his mouth sucking hungrily on each nipple in turn. His wife was writhing on the massage table now, lifting her upper torso to press her tits into his face.

Suddenly she brought her hands to her face and ripped off her mask. Directly above her was the hairy chest of her husband, working from side to side as he switched position on her tits. Dave’s nipple was directly above her mouth and quickly raising her head, she captured it lightly between her teeth. Dave’s first response was to try and pull away but her grip tightened so he relaxed and allowed his chest to slowly drop lower until her head was resting back on the table, allowing her to suck gently. As Dave switched from one nipple to the other, so did Julie.

Using her feet and her elbows, Julie caterpillar-crawled her way up the massage table until her head slipped over the end. She grasped Dave’s cock in both hands, drawing it to her mouth. Her tongue snaked out and caressed its tip.

“Awwwww,” groaned Dave, “that feels so good.”

He pushed gently forward until he felt the constriction of Julie’s throat, drew back and repeated the movement, over and over.

“Go on,” Julie urged. “Push. I’ve never tried it down my throat before, but I want you to do it today.”

Dave felt her urging him by pulling his thighs forward and entered her mouth again. With one of his strong hands on either side of her face, he pushed, hard, watching her belly flex violently as her gag reflex kicked in. He held himself there for several seconds as Julie squirmed and kicked in a useless effort to pull away from her husband. Her hands had moved from the backs of his thighs to the front. They were now trying to push him back.

Dave relented, easing his cock away from her and allowing her to take a deep breath, followed by a bout of desperate coughing as she tried to clear the mucous from her throat.

“You horrible beast,” she cried out. “Do it again!”

“Always happy to oblige a beautiful lady,” he grinned as without any warning, he thrust forward again, pushing past the restriction of her throat until he was fully buried. He thrust in and out a few times before clamping her firmly as he had before, but this time he held her still for a good twenty seconds or so. To Julie, it seemed like a lifetime. For a moment, she was genuinely fearful but as he slowly withdrew, she realized that the power he exerted over her acted as an aphrodisiac, far more powerful than the fear she momentarily experienced. Without another word, she opened canlı casino siteleri her mouth, extending her tongue to welcome him back.

Julie had taken his cum in her mouth many times and was enthusiastic in her efforts to bring him to a climax. She stopped her struggles when he closed off her air passage, welcoming his dominance and sucking vigorously. She was disappointed when he suddenly pulled away from her, gently lifting her head from its fully extended position over the end of the massage table and pushing her down by her shoulders until she could relax.

Walking to her side, he slid his strong arms under her body, picked her up and spinning quickly, threw her onto the king size bed. Words were no longer necessary. Julie, who had landed on her back, opened her arms to her husband and spread her legs in anticipation. Dave followed her down and fastened his mouth to her vagina, swiping his tongue upwards and over her clit repeatedly. She was soaking wet, her juices quickly covering his face. Her breathing came in short gasps, increasing in intensity until quite suddenly her whole body tensed, her hands clasped the back of Dave’s head to hold him tight and she screamed in her violent orgasm.

When Julie finally stilled, she grinned sheepishly at her husband, who gazed longingly into her eyes, his mouth still over her swollen pussy.

“I love you so much,” she began. Whatever she was going to say next was replaced by a startled “oohhh” as Dave swiped his tongue briskly over her tender clit.

“Come up here,” she whispered, drawing him up by his armpits. Dave needed no prompting, levering himself over her until his cock, now as hard as steel, reached her pussy lips. He lowered his lips to hers claiming her mouth in the deepest of lovers’ kisses, letting her taste herself on his tongue, sharing their breathing.

“Don’t make me wait any longer,” she begged, raising her hips.

Dave lifted his head and with a wicked smile, thrust himself forward, burying his rampant cock to the root in one brutal thrust.

“YES,” his wife exploded beneath him, locking her ankles over his back.

Dave held himself still, ignoring Julie’s attempts to thrust up at him. After kissing his wife deeply, he twisted his head around and latched onto a nipple. Julie loved nipple play. At times she actually achieved orgasm from nipple play alone.

“Use your hands, Baby,” Dave growled at her. “Push your nipple out for me.”

She responded immediately, encasing her left breast between her hands and squeezing upwards. The nipple, already erect from the stimulation, grew even further. Dave sucked it into his mouth, drawing the entire areola in and repeatedly swiping his tongue across the engorged nipple. Momentarily releasing her, he roughly sucked the nipple in again, suckling it like a hungry baby, bringing a moaning response from his wife, who was writhing uncontrollably beneath him, rapidly approaching orgasm.

“Switch to the other one!” he ordered and clamped his lips onto the other nipple even before Julie could grasp the breast in her hands. Her frantic body movements were confused by the stimulation. Her pussy was spasming on Dave’s cock, but he was not moving inside her. Meanwhile her nipples continued to expand. She was alternately trying to lift her breast to Dave’s mouth and thrust up her hips against his deeply embedded cock. When Dave bit down on her nipple sharply, she exploded with a loud scream. Releasing her own grip on her breast, she threw her arms around her husband. With her legs already locking in his lower torso, he was effectively trapped while his wife shuddered through an extremely strong orgasm.

Dave took that opportunity and their ancient dance began, but not for long. Julie was ready to climax again as he took her, and Dave, who had been on edge since fucking her face, was right there with her. With a mighty roar, Dave exploded into his wife, splashing his seed into her womb and collapsing over her.

Julie lifted his face gently and planted a soft kiss on his lips.

“Thank you my darling, for the best anniversary ever. Now – rest for fifteen minutes and then start over.”


Dave did rise to the occasion a second time and before they left for breakfast in the dining room, they made love a third time. They both realized that their sex life had been quietly diminishing without either of them acknowledging any change in their relationship.

“Let’s make a pledge,” Dave said over breakfast. “Every anniversary from now on, we’ll do something different and special to keep our love life fresh. Next year it’s your turn to organise!”

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