Another Night


I’m so excited to see them. I’m squirming in my seat. It’s been so long since I’ve tasted either of them and I’m licking my lips with anticipation. I remember her soft body against mine and his hard length inside of me. God I need that again. I need to feel both of them against me, on either side of me. I drive off the bridge, trying not to speed knowing I’m so close to there place. I’m shaking in my seat, and I have butterflies in my stomach. What will we say? How will we start? God I can’t wait.

I’m pulling onto their block and I call his cell phone to tell him and Kate that I’m here. Mark says he’ll meet me outside and hangs up. I slow my car down to park and I’m trying to take deep breaths to calm my nerves. I don’t remember being this nervous for anything else. I don’t remember wanting anything else as much as I wanted these two sexy, sensual people. I’m sitting in my car, trying to get the nerve to step out. I can’t explain why I’m so nervous. It’s not my first time with them. But I am nervous because it’s been so long and I’m so horny from talking to them online for so long with no actual physical touching. I think I might cum if I brush my arm against either. My door opens and Mark leans down at me.

I look into his blue eyes and I see his smile and I can’t wait for him to fuck me. He holds out his hand to help me out of the car. He leans in and gives me a small peck on the cheek and says “It’s nice to see you again Heather.”

I blush and stammer a reply. “Thanks Mark. It’s great seeing you. Kate’s upstairs?”

“Yeah, she’s mixing a few drinks. We thought we’d start off with some alcohol, maybe a movie.”

“Sure, sounds great.”

He puts his hand on my lower back so I can precede him up the stairs and that small touch on my exposed back sends shocks though my body. His fingers lightly caress my bare skin and I can’t stop the sudden moan deep in my throat. Mark chuckles at my eagerness. He slides his fingers into the loose waist band of my flowing skirt and caress’ lower. I stop walking for a second, and close my eyes. I feel him lean in close to me and take a small bite at my ear and I lean in for more. “Soon enough Heather.” God, I don’t want to fucking wait!

Mark lightly pushes me to get me to keep walking and I’m a little wobbly on my shaky knees but I make it up the stairs to his apartment. He reaches past me, brushing against my already hard nipples and pushes the door open. I walk in and I see Kate walking from the kitchen with a drink in her hand and a smile on her face. I immediately smile in return and Mark pushes me and says “Well, go say hi,” with a chuckle since I seem rooted to the spot. I giggle lightly and step forward to give her a kiss and a hug hello. We lean in for a light peck on the lips, but once her breasts touch mine, I lean in for a longer, deeper kiss and she presses her hands against my back, holding me closer in return. God her lips are so soft and her tongue so firm. She tastes too good, I could sit here for days, just kissing her and rubbing my hands up and down her back, feeling her hard nipples pressing into my swollen, hot breasts. I can picture my mouth already on them. Mark clears his throat, and we both hastily pull apart, blushing and laughing. Mark is smiling indulgently at us and knows we both can’t wait. But he wants us on edge. He’s finally got two willing females in his hold, females willing to do anything he asks and he wants to savor it and see how far he can push them.

Mark grabs his drink and walks to the living room and we follow without a word. He sits down on the couch and we each sit on either side of him. He puts one hand on Kate’s thigh and I lean my breast against his other arm, both of us leaning close and against him. I am squirming in my seat, rubbing against him, straining to be closer, to feel skin on skin. Kate keeps looking over at me, watching me and squeezing her legs together, trying to relieve the ache between her thighs. She’s as eager to start as I am. But both girls wait for Mark to make the first move. He sees that both girls are eager and yet nervous. He takes Kate’s now empty glass and hands his beer and Kate’s glass over to me. He asks me to put it on the table. I get up and walk to it and when I turn towards the couch I see Mark’s hands cupping Kate’s cheeks and he’s giving her the sweetest kiss ever. I smile and walk over to them and kneel in front of them, content to watch what they share.

They pull apart and stare at each other for a moment and smile. Mark looks down at me and pulls me up on his lap and leans back on the sofa. Kate and I are looking at each other, each unsure who’s to make the first move. Finally casino siteleri I lean forward towards Kate and kiss her. Kate’s eagerness takes over and she leans into me, pushing me back to lie on Mark, while she leans over me. Mark spreads my legs with his own, so I am straddling his thighs and Kate lays herself between them. We’re kissing heatedly now. Sucking and nipping at each others lips. Moaning and hands roaming all over. Marks hands spread over my stomach from behind and find there way up towards my breasts to cup my full 38DD breasts. He feels her bra and immediately gets frustrated.

“Kate, stop. I want you to both stand up and undress each other. Get naked… Now.”

We both immediately stand up in front of him and we reach for each other. There is a little fumbling to unzip skirts, and unbutton pants. Each eager to finally get the other naked. We giggle and laugh and Mark enjoys watching our playful eagerness. Finally we’re both naked and we embrace instantly. Naked skin to naked skin. Our breasts rubbing each other. Hands caressing soft supple asses. Both moaning and kissing. I throw my head back as Kate grabs my ass and Kate begins licking and sucking her way down my neck. I am biting her lips and moaning while I lightly scrape my nails across Kate’s soft pale skin, leaving light pink marks. Kate pulls away from me and leans towards my tits. She sucks one nipple hard and bites it lightly and my knees go weak. I fall to my knees and immediately start pressing kisses and licking Kate’s stomach, my hands cupping her ass. I begin to lower my head, I can smell Kate’s wetness, her arousal and I want to taste it so badly. But Mark calls my name. I stop and look at him, with pleading eyes. One taste please, I silently beg. He looks down at his hard cock, still in his pants and raises his eyebrow at us. We immediately feel contrite for having forgotten his pleasure first. We rush over to him and fall to our knees at his feet. I lean forward to lift his shirt over his head while Kate opens his belt and undoes his pants. We undress him in record time, freeing his long thick hard cock.

My eyes go big and round. I haven’t seen his cock in so long and I dreamt about it. Fantasized about it and wanted it for so long. And it was gorgeous. Hot, thick, pulsing, red and waiting for my mouth. I look at Kate, and Kate smiled as if she knows exactly what I am feeling. Kate slides her hand from my cheek into my hair and grasps my hair tightly. I let a slight gasp out at the strength but smile. Kate presses my head forward, towards Marks straining cock. Kate begins pressing and pulling my mouth on and off of Marks cock. Kate sits next to Mark, but leans forward and is using one hand in my hair to suck Marks tool with my experienced mouth. Every time I go down, Kate pressed harder to take more of Mark’s cock. Kate wants to see me take all of his cock down my throat. I am more than eager to take his whole dick into my mouth, into my throat. I want to gag on his cock. Soon enough I am taking his whole cock in and out, in and out. Kate loves watching her boyfriends cock disappears into my slutty mouth. She leans forward and whispers in my ear, “Does your slutty mouth like my boyfriends cock?” My eyes pop open, glazed over from lust, with spit dripping down my chin and moaning so loudly, my hands rubbing my clit. Kate grabs my hand away from my clit and says, “No…. Finger mine.” I immediately reach for Kate’s cunt as I continue to suck on Marks cock and my hand touches the hottest wettest cunt ever. I immediately press my finger deep into Kate and rub my thumb across her clit. Kate jerks and shakes her hand on my head all but forgotten. Mark pushes Kate’s hand out of my hair and presses my mouth all the way down on his cock and holds it there. I take his whole cock deep into my throat and I feel Mark’s hands pressing and holding my head there. I can’t breathe but I don’t care. I can feel my throat constricting around his cock, squeezing, my throat aching. I’m a little dizzy with no oxygen but I hope he doesn’t stop. It’s just making me hotter. My body is straining. I’m gagging. My own pussy is dripping and my fingers are buried in a sweet hot pussy and my mouth is full of a hard thick cock. I’m in whore heaven.

Kate is jerking her hips up and down, fucking my fingers, searching for something more filling. Mark pushes my mouth away and lifts Kate on top of his cock and slams her down on his cock, in her pussy, facing away from him. She immediately screams and convulses, so shocked at the sudden invasion of his cock in her pussy. He holds her there, feeling her pussy and muscles contract around his cock. I immediately kneel and start licking slot oyna Kate’s clit and Marks’ balls as they get covered with Kate’s hot cum. He pulls Kate back, so she’s lying atop of him, he’s kissing and sucking her neck, as he lifts her hips and slowly starts to fuck her. She’s moaning and pinching her nipples. My mouth is licking and lapping at her clit and pussy and stroking up and down Mark’s cock as he slides in and out of Kate’s pussy. A few times, he pulls Kate off of his cock and tells me to suck Kate’s juices right off his cock. I greedily gobble his cock up, licking it clean and then hold it so that Mark can lower Kate back onto his cock. Mark tells me to get the strap on from his bedroom. I instantly comply and fly to the bedroom for the strap on. While I’m gone, Mark is holding Kate’s hips in his hands and he’s pressing her down and lifting her up in small increments, teasing her and building her up again, but holding off on her cumming. She’s getting frustrated and tries moving her hips on her own, but his fingers are digging into her hips, holding her to his pace. He’s biting her neck now, controlling her. She whimpers slightly, hot and turned on by his dominance. I come back with the strap on in my mouth. Mark smiles at his good girl and tells me to put it on. I climb into the harness and pull it in place. I spit a little in my hand and rub it on the strap on. Mark tells me to bring it to Kate’s mouth and tells Kate to make sure it gets good and wet. Kate enthusiastically swallows the strap-on, spitting on it and licking it, making sure it’s good and wet. Mark says enough and Kate lets it go. He lifts Kate off of his cock and tells her to turn around, facing him and to straddle his lap and sit on his cock, taking it in her pussy. Kate climbs on and lets out a loud moan as she swallows his cock again in her cunt.

I come close and at first lean down, and set to licking and tonguing Kate’s ass. Kate starts to moan and squirm and Mark reaches around and grabs Kate’s ass cheeks and spreads them wide to make it easier for me to tongue and spear Kate’s ass with my tongue. Kate’s hips begin to move, searching for more to fill her ass. I stand up, and spit on my hand, lubing up the strap on. I move forward and press the head of my strap-on against Kate’s small hole. I slowly enter into the tight hole. I can see Kate tensing and I begin to massage her shoulders and back as I press forward into her ass, past her tight ring, deeper into her. Marks hands are grabbing Kate’s cheeks between his hands and is pressing them and pulling them, stretching them, making it easier for the strap on to slide in. I relentlessly slide the whole strap on into Kate’s ass. Kate is leaning forward, her head bent, biting onto Marks shoulder and Mark’s eyes are closed as he savors how tight Kate’s pussy is now. I slowly pull out, spit on the strap on and slide back in. I do it one more time and notices it’s a little easier the second time. I look at Mark and smile. He smiles back and he begins to pump Kate’s pussy with his cock. She moans and her back arches and she feels herself being pushed back onto the cock in her ass. I then thrust forward and Kate’s eye’s pop open. This new feeling. One thrusting, the other thrusting. Her holes filled. Oh god. She can barely stand it. Mark begins to thrust into her faster and faster and I beings matching his thrusts. Kate is yelling and moaning and screaming. Her eyes closed, her head thrown back, her back arched. I lean forward as I thrust and begin to lick and suck on Kate’s neck. Mark wraps his arms around us both and pulls them down flat against him. Kate’s face is in his neck and she’s biting him as she continues to moan and is now moving her hips in unbridled bucking and thrusting, so close to cumming, she feels like she’s going to pass out. My face is near Marks and he wraps a free hand in my hair and pulls my face close to his, kissing me as we slam into Kate again and again, each hole taking a thick hard length. I am sucking on Mark’s tongue, like I need a cock to fill my every whole. Kate finally bucks hard and begins to shake and moan and wildly thrash about as she explodes into orgasm. Mark and I renew our thrusting, riding her through her orgasm, not letting it end. Until finally, she passes out on top of Mark, the sensations to intense. Mark immediately stops and tells me to. I stop and slowly remove my strap-on from Kate’s spread hole. We look at Kate’s face and she’s passed out with a smile. Mark smiles at her beautiful alabaster skin and caresses her cheek. He lifts her off of him, onto the end of the couch and lays her down there. He turns around and I am standing there, waiting for his next move. His canlı casino siteleri cock is still hard. He beckons me over with a curl of his finger. I rush to him, stopping directly in front of him, my eyes downcast. “Take the strap on off. And kneel. I want to fuck your mouth.” I immediately do what he says. I get a thrill from being lead, being told what to do. My pussy gets extra wet when I’m talked dirty too. Mark knows all this. I drop to my knees and immediately grab his cock and swallow it whole on one long swallow. My face presses against his pubic hair and he grinds his cock into my throat. He moans and puts both his hands in my hair and grabs tight. He pulls me off and beings to fuck my mouth mercilessly. Thrusting in and out as if it were a pussy. He’s face fucking me. “You like this don’t you, whore? You like being face fucked?” I can do nothing but moan louder and suck harder. I kept gagging but it only made the both of us hotter. My throat is aching from the continual onslaught of his cock. My lips hurt form being abused so roughly. My eyes are tearing, my makeup running down my cheeks. My eyes are looking up at him, glazed with hunger.

He lifts my mouth of his cock completely and I try to reach for it with my tongue still. Mark spread his legs. “Lick and tongue my ass slut.” I eagerly lowered myself beneath and between his legs, with my face up and into his ass. I immediately start to lick and tongue his ass knowing how much he loves it. My hands reach up and grab his cock and balls and are massaging and stroking as I tongue his ass. I can tell how much he loves it, the way his body shakes and tenses so he won’t come. He finally pulls me out from underneath and watches me open my mouth, ready for his cock again. He laughs at me.” Cock hungry? What other hole is hungry for my cock?”

“Any hole. All my holes. Whichever you want. Please fuck me. Please.”

“You’re such a good whore, begging.” With his hands in my hair, he pulls me up and bends me over the arm of the sofa. “Spread your legs.” I spread my legs and brace myself on the sofa cushion.

Mark spanks my ass a few times. So unexpected were the spanks, that I fall forward and Mark reaches over and pulls me back up by my hair. I correct myself and brace myself for more, hoping he’ll spank me just a few more times. I love how hot and red my ass gets, and then to feel his body slam against it, makes me insane. Mark spanks me a few more times on the ass, enjoying his role as my dominant lover, knowing he could do anything to his little slut. My ass turns red and hot and looks so delicious. He leans forward and bites each cheek, making me moan and rotate my hips. He spreads my cheeks wide and takes one long lick from my clit to my eager tight rose bud. I am wet and dripping copiously and he loves my taste. He stands behind me, grabs my hips and slams my cock into my pussy. I grab the sofa cushion and scream into the cushion. I can feel every inch spreading me roughly and quickly. Ripping through me. He is tearing me apart, ripping me in two. God he is so big. God I feel so full. He starts to fuck me hard and fast, thrusting into me. Slamming his cock in and out of me. His hips banging into my hips. I orgasm almost instantly after a night of intense arousal but he doesn’t care. He keeps fucking me and raping me. He digs his fingers into my skin and pulls me on and off of his cock, fucking me incessantly. My pussy juice is all over his cock, and dripping onto the arm rest. When I finally think I can’t take any more, he decides he wants one more hole. My small, pink asshole keeps winking at him as he fucks me. He pulls me completely off his cock and I immediately start to protest. “No!!! Please!!! FUCK ME!!! Oh god, please slam into me again.”

He lines up his cock and tears through my asshole in one long hard thrust. I scream. Long and hard. I scream into the sofa cushion as Mark shows no mercy. He fucks my ass long and hard, slamming into me, tearing me apart. He fucks me like he wants to fuck every woman. He pushes me like he could push no other. I take everything he gives and scream, moan and orgasm through it all.

My ass milks Marks cock of his come. As he realizes he is going to cum, he pulled out of my ass, pulls me around by my hair, and slams his cock into my slack mouth. I immediately start to suck on his cock and he explodes in my mouth. He holds my mouth on him, buried deep in my throat holding still, and I swallow and swallow and swallow all his cum. His body shakes and I lock my mouth on his log, my hands reaching up and hugging his thighs to my body.

Mark finally sits down to compose himself after such a long hard fuck session with two beautiful women, horny for whatever he gives them. Mark carries each of us to bed when he’s got enough energy. He climbs between us and we both instinctively snuggle up to his sides and he can’t wait to see what he wakes up too.

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