Another Spanking, Mom?


Until recently, I had a very low opinion of men who fuck their own mothers. My whole perspective on incest changed after I fucked my own mother. It happened when my wife Clarissa and I visited her on our return to the U.S. from England.

I was stationed at an Air Force base in England for several years. I met Clarissa in a pub in London and fell for her on the spot. We married soon afterward. She is a sexy number with enough curves for two women. Her pixie face is framed by a mop of short, curly brown hair. Her lovely breasts hang like ripe peaches on her chest and her round ass attracts pinches the way a magnet attracts iron.

Many of our British cousins have a fondness for spanking, caning and paddling. Clarissa is one of them. She took me to a spanking club where men offer their bare asses to any woman willing to spank them. I will never forget the Mona Lisa smile on Clarissa’s lips as she walloped a man’s bare ass. She gave it everything she had until his bum resembled two giant beets. When he staggered away on shaky legs, she pointed at the semen running down her bare thigh. Was it the spanking or the friction between his cock and my wife’s bare thighs that caused him to blow his wad? It was probably a combination of both.

I let Clarissa spank me to satisfy my curiosity, but I could only take ten strokes, hardly enough to satisfy her. When she got an urge to spank ass, we either went to a spanking club or we invited over some of Clarissa’s friends who liked to be on the receiving end of a good spanking. They were mostly men, but a few were women. The spanking parties usually led to fuck parties. I enjoy watching my wife getting fucked by other men and find it especially exciting to watch a man with a blistered ass pay her back with a good fucking.

Clarissa was never able to talk me into spanking her boyfriends’ asses, but I tried it on some of her girlfriends and enjoyed it. I am at a loss to explain why a hard spanking makes some people so horny. I can understand why the giver gets turned on. My cock gets as hard as a hammer handle after laying on a few swats. But I don’t understand why the receiver gets horny. I would not believe it if I hadn’t seen it for myself many times.

My mother and father went their separate ways while I was in England, but remained good friends. Mom is a stunning beauty. She was somewhat successful as a movie actress, but never achieved fame. If you saw her you would probably recognize her face, but it is unlikely that you could come up with her name. My handsome father is also an actor. Most of his work has been in minor roles on the Broadway stage.

Mom and Dad treated Clarissa and I to a night on the town to celebrate our homecoming. Dad took a keen interest in my wife from the moment he laid eyes on her. I caught him staring at her hundreds of times, and was pleased that he found my wife attractive. After a sumptuous meal in one of the finest restaurants in town, we had cocktails at a strip club. After a couple of hours of watching naked beauties flaunt their goodies, I was as horny as a hoot owl and I’m sure the others were, too.

We went to Mom’s Yorktown apartment for a nightcap. Clarissa can be very outspoken after she’s had a few drinks, and I was horrified when she began telling Mom and Dad about her spanking fetish and our swinging lifestyle. I was relieved when they showed interest rather than disgust.

I was shocked when Mom told us that she and Dad had experimented with swinging during the final years of their marriage, and that they still occasionally went to swinger clubs together. casino siteleri It was hard for me to picture my mother in a swinger club with guys lining up to fuck her. From then on, I looked at her in an entirely different way.

Mom went to the kitchen to freshen our drinks and returned with four highball glasses on a tray. As she approached me to hand me my drink, she stumbled and spilled the drinks on me. “Mom, you need a spanking for that,” I blurted out. I’m not sure if I really meant it, if I was joking, or if it was something in between. Mom just stood there staring at me through glassy eyes.

“I’m not kidding, Mom. Get across my lap and take your punishment.”

“He’s right, Lois,” Dad said. “Take your medicine.”

I took off my wet shirt and pants as Mom pondered what to do next. My swollen cock was straining at my Jockey shorts. Mom’s wide eyes were glued to the bulge. She finally knelt beside me on the couch and stretched out on my lap. I pulled her skirt up and was pleased to see that her bikini panties had bunched up in the crack of her ass leaving most of her ass exposed. And what a fine ass it was! I couldn’t see a single blemish on it.

I delivered two playful smacks to Mom’s ass, one to each cheek. It sounded something like this: “WHAP..OUCH..WHAP..OUCH.” I loved the feel of it and the sight of her beautiful buns quivering like Jello. I laid on a few more, harder this time. Mom’s tender ass was red after only a dozen swats.

“You aren’t doing it right,” Clarissa said. “Let me show you how.”

She knelt in front of us and reached for Mom’s panties. “Let’s get her knickers out of the way,” she said, as she pulled them down to Mom’s knees. Mom’s body jerked as her daughter-in-law’s hand came down on her sensitive ass. Mom must have been getting some pleasure out of it because she stopped saying “ouch”. Clarissa gave her a dozen good licks and then turned to Dad.

“What about you, Dad?” she asked. “Want to give it a try?”

“Well, I admit that I have been curious about it. I never really had an opportunity to try it.”

“Well, you’ll never get a better chance,” Clarissa said.

My heart raced with excitement when Dad got to his feet and fumbled with his belt buckle. It was obvious by the big bulge in his pants that he was very, very horny. Clarissa told him to take his pants all the way off. Then I saw my father’s cock for the first time and realized that I had inherited my big fucker from him. He had eight inches of sex-meat swinging between his legs. Clarissa hoisted her dress and spread her legs as Dad lowered himself onto her bare thighs. As soon as he was in position, she brought her hand down on his ass. Clarissa gave it everything she had, and Dad’s quivering ass was soon as red as his face.

My cock throbbed against Mom’s stomach as I watched my wife spank my father. I resumed spanking Mom’s ass, synchronizing my strokes with Clarissa’s. An occasional grunt escaped through Dad’s gritted teeth. Mom sucked in her breath through her bared teeth. Clarissa’s legs gradually came together to capture Dad’s genitals between her thighs. My father was fucking between my wife’s thighs using the blows as an excuse to thrust! My parents didn’t do or say anything to bring the spankings to an end until Dad suddenly rolled off of Clarissa’s lap. His throbbing cock was as hard as a policeman’s nightstick. He giggled with embarrassment and said, “I almost came.”

Clarissa suddenly bent forward and sucked Dad’s twitching cock. I had watched my beautiful wife suck cock before, but it had never been so exciting. Mom had slot oyna her head turned toward them and was watching her daughter-in-law suck her ex’s cock. I had reached the point where I was afraid to slap Mom’s ass for fear it would trigger my orgasm.

“You don’t mind if I fuck your father, do you, dear?” Clarissa asked. “It will really make me feel like part of the family.”

Clarissa took Dad’s hand and led him toward the bedroom. I caressed the red globes of Mom’s ass as I pondered what to do next.

“Let’s go watch, Mom. Nobody gets to fuck my wife unless I get to watch.”

I led Mom to the bedroom where we found Dad half on top of Clarissa sucking hungrily on her fruity tits. I put my left arm around Mom’s shoulder and reached for her tits with my right. I gently squeezed them for awhile before unbuttoning her blouse. By the time I undid the last button, Dad had gone lower and was munching on Clarissa’s pussy. I have removed plenty of bras in my time, but I was as clumsy as a first-timer when I tried to take off Mom’s bra. I finally got it unhooked, and, with a shrug of her shoulders, her beautiful tits were exposed. I wasn’t content with just feeling them up, and soon my lips were encircling one of the perfect suckers.

I lifted Mom’s skirt and groped her pussy. She had kept her legs together during the spanking so I hadn’t been able to see it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that she had a full beaver, just as nature intended. I unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the floor, then I led her to the bed.

“Get on your elbows and knees, Mom,” I said. My sex-crazed mind had come up with a plan. I spotted some hand lotion on Mom’s makeup table and used it to lubricate my cock. As I knelt beside my mother, my father was mounting my wife. Clarissa had her legs drawn up, just as she always did, so I had a clear view of the penetration. I watched with fascination as Dad’s thick cock disappeared into my wife’s cunt.

I gave Mom another spanking to put an edge on our lust. The sound of my hand landing on my mother’s ass echoed off the walls. After a dozen to each cheek, I knelt behind her and lined my cock up with her ass-hole. I felt a sense of detachment as I watched the bulb of my cock swallowed up by Mom’s tight ass.

The spanking and the cock-sucking had my father so far along that he came within a dozen thrusts. As I watched his ass clench, I realized that each clench signaled a shot of hot jizz into my wife’s pussy. That sent me over the brink, and I pushed my cock all the way into Mom’s tight ass and shot my load.

“Come on, Jack, don’t give up now,” Clarissa urged. “Keep fucking and maybe it will stay hard.”

Dad and I both took my wife’s advice. Ignoring my body’s demands for a rest, I continued pumping Mom’s tight, clenching ass. The discomfort soon gave way to pleasure. I was thrilled when there were signs that Mom was enjoying herself. I felt vindicated. After all, sodomizing your mother would be the greatest sin of all unless she enjoyed it. She buried her face in a pillow to muffle her sobs and to hide her shame.

Dad was giving my wife a fucking fit for a queen. Clarissa was huffing and puffing as Dad’s sturdy cock pried at the walls of her pussy. He was fucking her with finesse, just the way she likes it. He worked his ass in circles as he corkscrewed into her. She moaned her thanks as he gave her a series of figure-eights that surely brought every nerve in her cunt to life.

The sluts’ gasps, moans and whines grew steadily louder. Mom groped for Clarissa’s hand and found it. Mother and daughter-in-law held canlı casino siteleri hands as they came. Dad growled as he threw his full weight on my wife. I pushed my torpedo all the way into Mom’s tube and fired. We were all coming at the same time!

I went to the bathroom to wash my cock and when I returned, Dad was lapping his cum out of Clarissa’s pussy while she sucked Mom’s tits. The party was far from over. Before long, Dad and I were on our backs with the women sucking our cocks to get us ready for another round of fucking. Up until then, Clarissa had been my favorite cock-sucker, but she couldn’t hold a candle to Mom. Experience does count. Mom worked up a big mouthful of spit and swished it back and forth across my cock. I never knew what was coming next, hard or soft, deep or shallow. The women took their mouths off of our hard cocks and compared them. “They are perfect twins,” Clarissa said.

“I can work my pussy muscles better when I’m on top, Dad,” Clarissa said, as she straddled Dad’s cock and lowered herself onto it. Mom watched for a few minutes, then gazed up at me and said, “Well, we might as well make a true mother-fucker out of you.” She copied Clarissa and engulfed my cock in her surprisingly tight cunt.

As Mom posted up and down on my cock, her plump tits slapped my face. I put an end to that when I grabbed both globes and popped one of her suckers in my mouth. I squeezed and sucked just as I had probably done as a babe. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Dad feasting on my wife’s tits. Had I inherited my passion for tits from him or was it because my mother had breast-fed me far longer than normal? Probably a little of both. Dad bunched Clarissa’s big tits together and went back and forth on her swollen suckers as though he couldn’t decide which one was tastier.

I couldn’t hold back my grunts and gasps of pleasure and neither could the others. The dull thuds of our bodies colliding added to the din, as did the brisk slaps I landed on Mom’s ass every few thrusts. Each stinging slap caused her pussy to clamp down on my cock. She chewed on the corner of a pillow to muffle her cries. Dad and I were both thrusting up into our women so forcefully that they bounced off of us. My pleasure doubled when I synchronized my thrusts with his.

“Oh…yes…Dad…that’s…it,” Clarissa said, spitting the words out one at a time in between grunts. “YES…THAT’S…IT! YOU’RE…MAKING…ME…COME! UHU..UHU..UHU..UHU..” The slut whinnied like a mare in heat as orgasmic convulsions racked her body. Although Mom’s orgasm was surely as intense, she was less vocal in expressing her pleasure, and if not for the Kegel contractions around my cock, I would not have known that she was coming.

Dad stopped thrusting and arched his body until he was balanced on his shoulders and feet. Overcome by the natural urge to plant the seed deep, he grabbed my wife’s ass and pulled her tightly against him. A ghostly groan escaped through his bared teeth as he shot his load into my wife’s womb. Overcome by the same primordial urge to propagate, I pumped my seeds deep into Mom’s nest. I used both hands to give her ass two slaps with each spurt. Then the din of the orgy was replaced by the soothing sound of our heavy breathing.

Mom freshened our drinks and then we rested and chatted. They told us that one of the traditions in swinging is that the husband always fucks his own wife last. I was soon fucking Clarissa’s slick pussy while Dad fucked Mom next to us. Dad and I getting sloppy seconds from each other was the perfect way to end the party.

After that, the four of us got together once or twice a month for sex. Things always started off with Clarissa spanking Dad while I spanked Mom. I still don’t understand why it made them so horny, but does it matter?

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