Apartment Sitting Ch. 02


He slowly woke up to the euphoria of what happened the night before. The best way the night could have gone. He smiles as he realizes just the thought of last night is making him have the same feelings. Soon he hears a sound. It is here he notices Tiffany is gone. There it is again a soft hum of a sound. He realizes his morning wood is awkward. He looks down to just see the covers moving. He slowly lifts the covers over his own head to see Tiff going to town on him. Slowly she rotates her hand around the base of his cock as she slowly takes the head and some of the shaft into her mouth.

He shutters.

Her eyes dart up his body realizing he is awake she jumps up and starts apologizing.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for you to wake. I . . . I just saw it there and couldn’t help myself.”

“I’m not complaining. If you enjoy it then enjoy.”

She smiles at him as she kisses his stomach and then slides back down. She took his balls each individually then together into her mouth. She lets out a hum and Jack almost loses it. She licks up his shaft and slowly lowers her head down his shaft. Moving slowly and sucking in every time she moved back up his shaft.

“I’m going to cum soon,” Jack said as a warning.

“Well then I better move on to more enjoyable activities,” she states with a smile as she crawls up his body. Jack knew it was morning wood and he would be able to hold out longer than normal but he was hoping for more than just the blow job.

She crawls up his body taking his nipples in her mouth. He is being driven wild. He reaches down and tweaks both her nipples. Slowly rolling her nipples between his fingers. Going just beyond enjoyment into pain which heightens her sensations. She quickly moves back up his body and kisses him passionately. He reaches down grabbing her butt slowly gliding casino oyna it towards his cock. Just as he can feel the warmth from her vagina she pulls away from his kiss and tells him “wait just one second. I promise it will be worth it.” He is upset but also intrigued.

Tiffany starts to climb out of bed, Jack slides two fingers into her wet pussy as she looks back over her shoulder with a smirk. He pulls his fingers back and slowly licks the juices from his fingers as he stares straight into her eyes.


“Your naughty but we’ll see if you can handle me,” she says as she goes to a night stand draw and starts rummaging through it.

Jack leans back closing his eyes a little as he tries to calm himself down to help him last longer. He feels Tiffany climbing back into bed as he opens his eyes to look at her. She has her hands behind her back as she crawls on her knees toward him. She leans forward and kisses him. He soon felt her hands on his penis playing around. It’s not long before her hands are back up by his head and he is upset that she only did a little. She kisses his cheek and slowly takes his lower ear into her mouth, sucking it in then nibbling on it slightly. She breaths hot air into his ear and then says “are you ready.”

He just murmurs approval as she slowly reaches down and aims his cock towards her vagina. She slowly slides down his shaft while she looks him in the eyes. He smiles back as she completely takes his cock into her. She doesn’t slide back out as she smiles back at him and soon he jumps being startled by a vibration on the base of his cock. As he bucks she slams off and back onto his cock, riding him he bucks a little more before he slows down realizing the cock ring was placed on his cock. He smiles as he holds her hips helping her ride him. He slides her all the way slot oyna down slamming her ass into his thighs. She screams out in pain as the slapping of her ass onto his thighs gets louder. Soon Jack felt the urge shooting his load into her. She feels every drop as it slams harder inside her. She has never felt a guy shoot cum so hard inside her. It slightly tickled but she felt good as she heard the gurgle as the cum reached his cock in his final pumps. She quickly turned the cock ring off. Proceeding to clean every drop on him up with her tongue, taking it easy on the head of his penis knowing how sensitive it would be.

“breakfast?” she says

He leans up and kisses her. Slowly pushing her back her upper back and head are leaning off the bed as he takes her legs in her arms and slowly slides his tongue into her vagina.

“I got what I want to eat.”

He takes her clit into his mouth as he slides his fingers into her. She is super wet and he is tasting her juices soaking his hand as he plays with her clit in his mouth. She screams as she climaxes all over his face. The blood rushing to her head she squeezes her thighs around his head holding him into place. She slowly loosens her grip as he helps her lean back

“that was amazing,” she says as she stands back up. Jack can’t help but notice her juices sliding down her thigh as she fixes her hair. She walks towards the kitchen. She gets out a few pans until jack slides up behind her. She can feel how hard he is already behind her. He kisses her neck as he squeezes her chest with his hands. She giggles and starts pushing her ass back into him. Her ass cheeks are gripping his cock as he squeezes her nipples and twists lightly. She has one hand up on the upper cabinets as she reaches down between her legs. She grabs the tip of his cock with her fingers and guides it towards canlı casino siteleri her pussy. She pushes him backwards with her ass as she bends forward and he enters into her pussy deep. She slowly stands back up as he slides out of her. He starts to push her shoulders back down for another pass but she pushes his cock upward as she quickly took a step back. He feels tightness around his cock. It is so tight just around the head of his cock. She cries out with tears down her cheeks. He quickly pulls out feeling he has hurt her.

“don’t stop. Just go slow.”

He slowly pushes her over sticking his cock back in her soaking vagina.

“need a little more moisture.”

This time he kisses her neck as he turns her to bend her over the kitchen table. He slowly slides the tip of his cock into her ass. She lets out a heavy breath but doesn’t cry out in pain. He slowly slides just the head in and out a few times till she takes it more easily. He then gets slow again and adds more shaft to his thrust. She hurts but is starting to enjoy it. Soon she is starting to meet his thrusts with her own, until she is taking it all. She can feel his balls slowly tap the outside of her vagina. She is panting heavy until she feels another object enter her pussy. She doesn’t even have a moment before she is climaxing hard on the object. Her eyes are starting to roll back in exstacy as he gets into a rhythm. Her legs start to give out as he cums inside her ass. She feels the cum but it isn’t to much. She is so tired she lays on the table as Jack cleans her up. Wiping both her vagina and ass with a soft warm cloth.

“what was that?” she states

He slides her vibrator onto the table next to her. “you left this in the night stand draw.” He sits down at the table with a small bowl of cereal and pulls her ass down on his lap.

“please no more just yet I’m sore.”

“it’s ok I’ll need a little while too.” He slowly feeds her the cereal as he kisses her neck softly. She thinks about what she is going to do to him next as she bites her lower lip.

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