April Fool


Hi my name is April. I love my name and everybody seems to like it, I say hi my name is April and they say, oh what a lovely name, it so suites you. My dad, Jack used to say people grow into their names and I think that’s true. My dad, hmm well my dad says a lot of things and seems to think he is funny, funny as in funny haha, I however don’t.

You see my dads full name is jack fool, once a fool always a fool he says, he says it all the time, like a stuck record. Still I love him to bits don’t get me wrong but I just wish he had not thought it so funny to call me April, April fool. Well he was right about a lot of things because I grew up into a right Fool.

All my life I have suffered from my name, the teacher would say, will A Fool please hand the pencils out, or what fool did this and add or should I say A Fool did this or that, and how everybody would laugh, like it was the first time they had heard it or something.

Well soon no more, because I am getting married to my childhood sweetheart. Me and mark have lived next door all our lives, well not all, but all to date, and at just 5years old he said he was going to marry me. We grew up together and together we intend to grow old.

His name is mark showers, so I will go from April Fool to April Showers. That’s a bit shit really but who cares, we are in love and anything is better than been a fool all my life.

Dad’s inspiration for naming me April was not based solely on me been a Fool, but you see I was born in April, April the 1st to be exact, better known as April fools day.

My personality, as anybody who knows me is bright and bubbly, always I have a smile on my face and a spring in my step. At school I was always good at sport, I was in the gymnastics squad the hockey team and even had time to be the head cheerleader for the guys football team. I am not boasting but I am a bit of a hottie, I have been told no end of times I could be a model with my looks and figure. It’s not for me though, I want to be a scientist. Did I mention I am also a bit of a genius, and so modest.

My dad is the local vicar and brought me up very proper. Even though mark has been my boyfriend for ever, and we are engaged to be married, still I have kept myself pure. Well not too pure, we have fooled around a little. I let him touch me there, you know, there, but I kept my panties on, and I have jerked him off a time or two. Well I had to really he said if I didn’t he might go blind and I don’t want a blind husband. I want to find a cure for cancer not waste my time curing blind husbands.

Anyway me and mark decided on the night of my 18th birthday we were going to do it, you know, IT. It was getting very distracting been horny all the time and I couldn’t concentrate on my studies, mark said I was frustrated, so we decided, well he suggested it and I agreed that he could pop my cherry, that’s how mark put it. He said he would pop my tight little cherry and fuck me every night for ever and ever, or at least until we got too old, about 30 or so probably.

Well it’s my 20th birthday tomorrow, casino siteleri no I didn’t get it wrong, tomorrow I will be 20 years old and the day after, Andrew Day and I will be married. So I will become April Day.

What can I say? What happened to mark and the two years from 18 to 20? Good question.

Well the morning of my 18th birthday, you remember the day mark got to pop my little cherry, well it turned out kinda different.

I got up as usual, all excited, it been my 18th birthday and all. I checked my snapbookfacegramtweety thing of whatever social media we were using way back then, well 2 years ago, which seems a life time ago now.

Mark was keeping his birthday plan on how, where and when we were going to do it a secret. So when I had a message from an anonymous source I naturally assumed it was just mark been all mysterious.

The message said, stocks, 9am. That’s it nothing else. Well it’s a good job I am a genius or I wouldn’t have had a clue. You see The stocks don’t really exist, when mark and I were kids, we had a tree house in the woods. I was once leaning on a gate in the fence behind the treehouse, looking out over the field down towards the river.

Mark said I looked like I were in the stocks, you know the medieval things they put naughty people in and threw rotten tomatoes at, because my head was on the top bar of the gate and my hands on each gatepost. Ever since we called that place the stocks, it was our secret code for our secret meeting place.

I showered, had a quick bite to eat, dressed in my ultra short black mini skirt and the barest little pink boob tube a had.

I thought I looked hot and knew mark would think so, I felt really sexy and wicked, we were going to do it for the first time and I was horny as hell.

When I got to the stocks mark was nowhere to be seen, on the stocks gate was a little note, it read, put your hands on the gatepost posts and you head in the noose, close your eyes and don’t open them for anything until you count from 0 to 180 aloud.

I laughed to myself thinking mark must have really liked seeing me like that all those years ago, perhaps the wholesome mr mark showers is not so wholesome after all.

Not wanting to spoil it for mark, or for me. I put my hands on the top of each gatepost, closed my eyes and counted aloud, one, two… at 20 I felt my left hand been touched and something like a belt going around my wrist, at 40 the same on my right wrist. At 60 my left ankle and 80 my right ankle was strapped and at 100 I felt a belt or collar go around my neck, it wasn’t tight, I felt him make sure it was not by putting 3 fingers in it. Then it was fastened to the top of the gate and shortened making me lower my head and bend forward at the waist.

At 180 I opened my eyes and right there in front of me was a rock hard cock, he was so close I couldn’t see him with my neck tied down to the gate. He offered it to me like a candy lolly and I opened my mouth and sucked greedily on it. I felt sexy and dirty at the same time and the cock in my mouth slot oyna felt so good, all the years I waited, all the frustration, it was all boiling over, well my pussy was boing over, i was so wet I couldn’t tell if I peed my pants or not.

He pulled out my mouth and climbed over the fence. He was behind me now and I still couldn’t see him, just his legs and cock bobbing up and down as he moved, reminded me of a fishing rod, only thicker, much thicker than I remember from the times I tossed him off.

He had no need to remove my skirt it was so short, it was not in his way, but he undid the button and the little zip and removed it anyway, placing it over the fence. My boob tube had a zip up the back, I heard the zip then that was also on the fence. All I had on now was my white hold up stockings, red shoes and sexy white silk panties. The panties didn’t last long, he didn’t even try to take them off, just ripped them from me. It was so rough and animalistic, wow I thought, what a turn on. He couldn’t wait any longer to have me I thought, I was such an April fool.

His hands were all over me, especially my boobs, between my legs, on my ass, then I felt his tongue on my pussy, his hands spreading my butt cheeks and pussy lips, his tongue tasting me everywhere with such vigour I thought he might suck my clit right off.

His fingers were deep inside me. God it all felt so good, I was in heaven. I thought to myself I really must be a fool for waiting and keeping myself pure all these years, when I could have been having a whale of a time.

I couldn’t wait any longer I needed to feel his cock inside me, I begged him over and over to please fuck me but he just kept on teasing and pleasing me till I thought I would lose my mind from sexual stimulation overload. I moaned and groaned, screamed and shouted, I came again and again, but he never stopped.

When at last he entered me with his cock, something in me changed, it was heaven, everything he had done to me so far didn’t prepare me for the feeling of having a big cock inside my cunt. I will remember every detail of that day all my life.

I don’t know how he lasted so long, looking back I am sure he must have taken something. He fucked me slow, gentle, fast, hard, over and over. I might be a genius but I have no idea how many times I came. To infinity and beyond as buzz light year would say. Exhausted, totally satisfied, totally fucked.

Eventually when we were both totally spent, He untied one of my hands. By the time I undid the other and freed my neck he was gone, nowhere to be seen. I untied my feet and dressed, all but my poor torn panties, they were nowhere to be found.

I made my way home. It was getting dark by then and we had been at it since 9am.

I had a shower and a short sleep, then it was time to get ready for my party.

I sent mark a txt saying what a great time I had and was looking forward to the next time. He sent a msg back saying cool, but where had I been all day, his dad had made him work in the store all day, as he had to go somewhere but canlı casino siteleri he wouldn’t say where. Mark asked if we were we still going to pop my cherry after the party.. I was confused.

At the party marks dad gave me a little gift bag, in it was a little pair of white silky panties and a note saying, to replace the ones I tore off your gorgeous sexy body earlier today in the stocks.

My eyes grew wide, I was not angry or anything but my pussy began to run like a river remembering all that happened earlier and realising it was not mark but marks dad that had been fucking me into oblivion all day. Turning the card over it said, tomorrow in the old tree house. P.s. I am bringing a friend.

It has been 2 years now since my awakening, that’s how I see it, I wasn’t raped or anything I was awakened. I had been like a pretty colourful caterpillar until then. Marks dad was my chrysalis, I awoke as a beautiful butterfly dancing in the air, collecting man pollen and spreading happiness everywhere I went.

My dad said god made us all special and unique in some way or other, he wasn’t really talking about my sexual activity, but I believe he was right. In the last 2 years I have been called a tramp, slut, nympho and a sex addict. All better names than, A Fool, in my mind anyway.

I see my sex drive as a gift from god, not a disease or addiction that needs curing. I spread love and happiness everywhere I go, and it is his gift to me for been such a good girl. My goal is to spread Love and peace the whole world over. It’s a bit of a tall order for just little me, but I am doing my best. Be patient and I will get around to you one day. The cure for cancer will have to wait till I am older and have some free time, till then I have a new mission in life.

So if you like my story vote for me in the April fool competition, there is only one real April Fool. If you want I can share some of the other stories I have starred in over the last 2 years, I have a few, about 730 altogether. Ask and you shall receive, I don’t have time to keep writing my adventures down I am too busy creating new ones, but if enough people ask I will write some more.

As for mark, well poor Mark found out about me cheating on him about a year later when he caught me with his dad and all his poker buddy’s. They were giving me a right seeing to and mark walked in, I just asked him to join in and his dad laughed. Poor mark I felt really sorry for him the next day, but at the time I was too busy to think about anything other than his dad fucking me so hard on the poker table, cards and chips all over the place, marks uncle laid underneath me up to the hilt in my ass, marks brother filling my mouth with cum and marks best buddy in my hand as a wanked him until I had a hole free for him to fill.

I know what your thinking but it was not really my fault, I could not say no, just yes, yes, yes please fuck me. To anybody and everybody, alone or in groups I didn’t care so long as I had a cock inside me. I had a new mission to spread love the whole world over, and that’s a lot of love, the world is quite a big place for one woman and I had a lot of catching up to do.

Now let’s see, that brings me to a year ago and my new fiancé Andrew day, but that’s another story.

Love April Fool xxx

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