April Party


It was early April the winter bowling league was over and our team won the season. There had been a party like none I had ever seen before. The top three teams took over the Old River club. This is a small bar just a few yards from the river. Most of us live across the river in a different county. We can drink here at the River club and get across the river before the city police get us for DUI. My live-in lady Karen and I have a large house up along the river. We have a four-bedroom ranch with a indoor swimming pool. We have often had sleep-overs from other parties. So tonight was not going to be any different or so I thought.

It was a very cold April and we had the fireplace blazing, the booze was flowing even thought we had closed the bar only a few minutes before. Almost every one was well on their way to being completely smashed. I was no different than the others except I was not as bad. My live in lover Karen was standing by the fireplace and a guy named Andy was next to her and I was sure he had his hand on her ass.

They were laughing and standing very close. The wife of the guy that was our sponsor had let me know that she liked my house ad wanted to see the master bedroom. I said, sure I’ll show you our playpen. She laughed more then was necessary as I walked her down the long hall. I stopped along the way to show her the other bedrooms and that every room had access to the swimming pool room. We slipped into the Master bedroom at the end of the hall and she came into my arms and gave me a juicy kiss. I thought what the hell and grabbed a tit and kissed her back. She reached for my crotch and I was about to see casino oyna just how far she wanted to go when I heard a splash.

I quickly open the sliding glass door that lead from the bedroom to the pool room. That took all of four second and in that time there were three more splashes. The pool lights were not on but there was enough light from the kitchen to see that there were four people in the pool others were running out from the living room to see what was going on and then everyone went crazy.

Guys were pushing girls in and girls were pushing the guys in and in about one minute there were fifteen people in the pool. I watched to make sure no one was hurt and to help some of them out. Karen was not in the pool either. So she went to get some sheets. We passed out sheets and blankets while those that were wet tossed there clothing in a pile. Karen tossed most of the clothing in the dryer and we herded the swimmers into living room, standing in front of the fire place. After that fiasco every one left except the last few wet ones. Most were husband and wives but some were singles from the other teams. I looked around and it seemed most every one had collected into small groups and were standing together near the fireplace. Karen was again standing with the sponsor and another guy I did not know.

Hell I had never seen him before. He must have joined the bunch as we left the bar. Helen Carter came up along side of me and slipped a drink in my hand. I walked her around the wall to hide us from the living room and kissed her again. She was ready this time and she unzipped my fly and groped in side. Helen found slot oyna what she was after and from the way she held on to my cock, I don’t think she was disappointed. Just then I heard a laugh and a gasp. I looked around the corner and there stood two of the ladies naked in front of the fireplace. The sheet came off the naked bodies and were piled on the floor. Karen and her two friends were the only ones still clothed.

There were words and some teasing but it was enough to make Karen droop her cloths were she stood. God, how I liked to see her naked. She was tall , dark hair, large pointed breasts, a small waist with hips that were just broad enough to make her really look good. Her legs were strong, but very shapely.
Her two friends dropped their clothes and all were naked. I knew we were going to have a party. I got busy myself and helped Helen to get undressed. Helen wasted no time as she dropped to the floor and took a large amount of my cock into her mouth. I found her to be an eager and accustom to sucking cock. I looked around again and was surprised to see one lady on all fours with a guy at both ends pumping her full of hard cock. Karen was bent over, her hands rested on the stone hearth.

Our sponsor was up behind her with his cock in her tight little cunt. For a big girl Karen had a tight little cunt. Of course I knew she loved to suck cock as well as any of them. One that really surprised me was Brenda, she was always stand offish because of her religion. Brenda was on the floor her legs pointed high in the air and my buddy Larry fucking her hard. Larry I knew was well hung and I knew Brenda was full canlı casino siteleri of cock right up to her eye balls.

We were having an orgy and fun was had by all. I was enjoying Helen sucking my cock, but at the same time, I was fascinated by watching Karen getting screwed. I could hardly take my eyes of my mate and her reaction to getting screwed. It was not the action of Helen that brought me to full boil. It was watching the others that turned me on. God, I was a voyeur and did not even know it till tonight. I could not contain myself and let fly with my load into Helen’s voracious mouth.

For the moment Helen seemed to be satisfied. She moved off toward the bathroom and I walked into the living room. I had not seen what happened, but now Karen was sitting on the hearth with a cock in her mouth. It was the guy I did not know. Our sponsor was now going into the hall bath where his wife was. I walked over to Karen and ran my hand over her dark hair.

I said, “ Having a great time I see.” If one can smile with a cock in one’s mouth then that is what she did. But she never stopped giving the guy a great blowjob. Larry had finished with Brenda and the other girl that had been taking two at a time was also done. Karen was the last to finish and she stood up with all eyes on her. As if nothing had happened Karen went to the dryer and pulled out clothing and passed it out. Not many were talking I think every one was caught up in the moment and were now ready to go home and try to not think about this drunken night.

Every one was gone it was near six in the morning and Karen and I had finished showering. I ask her if she had enjoyed herself, she said she had. I told her I thought it went really well and if there were half a chance to do this group sex thing again I thought it would be fun. She agreed with me as we rolled over and dropped off to sleep.

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