Army Brat Ch. 03


Note from Slick: Please read Army Brat Ch. 01 and 02 to get up to date. There is still not a whole lot of sex so this story is not for those of you who are looking for mostly sex. A few cliff-hangers occurred in Ch. 02 so let’s see if any of them get resolved. All rights reserved.


Danny took his girlfriend’s hand knowing that she was angry and shocked to see her mother. “I’m not going to talk to her,” Ellen said as calmly as she could manage.

“I’ll see what she wants,” Allan said walking towards Maria. He moved up to her and wanted to scream at her but not with the young boy there and in front of the others. “What are you doing here?”

“I was driving by and saw all the cars. I was hoping that Ellen was here.”

“How many times do I have to tell you? She doesn’t want to see you.”

“She’s so beautiful,” Maria said looking around his body. “She’s a woman now.”

“Now is not the time and place Maria,” Allan said feeling his anger about to burst out.

“OK, I’ll go. But I want some time alone with her.”

“Only if she agrees to it and right now I don’t think you want to get close to her.”

“I’m staying at my Aunt Helen’s house on Chestnut Street. Her number is in the book.”

Allan glanced down at the cute little boy. “Is he yours?”

She turned and walked towards the parking lot. “Yes.”


“Good, she’s gone,” Buttons said as she moved next to her best friend.

Ellen’s anger still raged when her father walked back. “I can’t believe that she just showed up here.”

“She said she was driving by and hoped that you were here. She is still insisting that she wants to talk to you.”

“Never…….never,” Ellen repeated. She turned to Danny. “Will you take me out of here?”

“Sure,” he answered looking at his mom. “I’ll be home a little later.”

“Here’s some money for food,” Allan said handing him a twenty dollar bill.

Janet moved over and hugged Allan. “Are you OK?”

“No, I feel for Ellen but there is nothing I can do. Maria gave up all claims to see Ellen so legally she can’t do anything.”

They walked to their car holding hands next to Shirley.

“Did she say who the kid was?” Grandma asked.

“She said that he was hers.”

“No wedding ring.”



Jim put his small video camera in his bag and was zippering it up when the other two baseball scouts sat down in front of him. “Hi guys.”

Ed Johnson, a scout for the Pirates spoke first. “So you’ve been holding Danny Upton back from us.”

“Danny Upton?” Jim repeated like he didn’t know who he was.

“Don’t bullshit us Jim,” Mark Olsen, from the Cardinals said. “The coach won’t talk to us but we noticed you two have been talking pretty much the whole night.”

“The coach and I were college roommates,” Jim said. “We talk about everything.”

“Well if you aren’t going to give us the history on this kid we are going to have to hound everyone until we get it.” Mark said firmly.

“OK, but only if you keep the media out of it as long as you can.”

“Media,” Ed grinned. “Why would the media care about some 18 year old high school kid with potential?”

“Danny’s last name is Upton.” Jim said waiting for them to put Danny’s name with his father’s.

“So.” Mark said lifting his shoulders.

“Upton…..Upton…Up……holy shit…he’s Josh Upton’s boy.”

“Oh FUCK!” Mark cried. “Why haven’t we known about this kid?”

Jim told them the whole story about Germany and moving back to the US. “He’s a great kid so I don’t want the media to eat him up.”

“It won’t take them long to find out,” Ed said. “But I’ll try to keep it to myself and the organization.”

“Shit, since his dad played for the Cardinals it’s going to be impossible to keep this a secret. Unless I don’t tell anyone until the news breaks.”

Jim shook both of their hands. “I appreciate you guys keeping it quiet as long as you can.”


Allan and Janet kept their thoughts to themselves but Grandma was not one to hold back. “She never told me about the boy. So do you think that he is your son?”

“What….no. I mean she left three years ago and he doesn’t look that old,” Allan said wondering if his mother could be right.

“And he’s a doctor,” Shirley sighed. “Remember dear there is a gestation period I believe that is around 9 months. So Jr. could be 2 years plus a few months.”

“No….she would have told me,” he said trying to convince himself.

“Maybe. Maybe not. But the kid has blonde hair and Maria’s family all have dark hair.”

Janet remained quiet but knew that things were getting very complicated both for Ellen and Allan. They remained silent on the way back to his house as they thought of the possibilities.


Danny carried the food onto the boat as Ellen closed the door behind them. He heard the click of the lock and turned. “You’re locking us in.”

“No, I’m locking everyone else out,” she said as she turned and pulled off her sweater.

“Uh…we have food,” he said as she released her casino siteleri jeans and zipper and pushed them down over her beautiful ass.

“It can wait,” she said as she released her bra and pulled it from her firm and perky breasts.

Danny had not seen her completely naked before and now stood upright holding the carton of fried rice. His eyes were big as the skimpy red thong moved down over her blonde bush and then down her tanned thighs. “Oh my God.”

Ellen didn’t want to talk about seeing her mother and now wanted to get her mind off of her. She took the fried rice from his hands and put it on the shelf behind him.

“Do you want to….are we going to…..?” He asked.

“Yes, it’s time,” she whispered. Her fingers were surprisingly steady as they pulled off his baseball jersey. She removed his belt and fumbled opening his baseball pants. She saw his erection pushing out the front of them.

“Ellen…I know you are upset. Maybe we should talk about it first,” he said nervously after his pants and baseball socks slid off his feet.

“What are those?” She asked looking at the white clinging shorts with thick hips and sides.

He laughed. “Sliding shorts. The extra padding helps protect my legs and hips.” He stopped laughing when she jerked them and his white briefs down over his hard-on.

“You won’t be sliding in here,” she giggled. After she threw them aside she moved back and they both stared at each other’s nakedness. “I’m ready.”

“Ellen…I don’t have any…protection.”

She pulled out the rolling bed and moved onto her back. “I should be safe right now. I’m due for my period tomorrow.”

“Are you sure?” He sat on the bed by her feet and caressed her ankle.

“Yes. It’s OK. Come here.”

Danny moved into her outreached arms and crawled up onto her. He lowered his hard-on against her stomach and felt her hard nipples pressing up into his chest.

“I love you Danny,” she whispered. “Make me a woman…your woman.” Their lips met and parted as her hands moved up and down his strong back and down to his hips.

Danny was unsure what to do. He knew the basic principles but actually doing it was something else. They kissed and after caressing her breasts for a minute or two he touched down over her navel and into her moist slit.

“I’m wet for you,” she whispered. “Put it in….slowly.”

Danny was about to ask again if she was sure but it was obvious that she was. He was the one not sure mainly because he was not sure if he could satisfy her without cuming as soon as he entered her. Her fingers found his cock and directed it towards her virgin gate.

Danny lowered his body but felt a lot of resistance. He pushed more but he didn’t want to hurt her. After a few more tries he moved back a little. “Ellen.”

“It’s ok. Push harder. Don’t worry about me.” As his body lowered she reached behind him and pulled.


Danny heard her moan and started to pull away again but she wouldn’t allow it. She pulled down again until they both felt something give. His crown pushed inside but it was damn tight.

“Give me more,” she begged. “I’m ok.”

Gradually, very gradually, his hips lowered and lowered until four inches were buried.

“You’re in,” she whispered. “We are one.”

“Oh God,” Danny moaned realizing that he was actually inside of a girl that he loved. “It feels so………I’m going to…Oh GOD!”

“Do it Danny. Cum inside of me,” she giggled as she nibbled on his earlobe. She pulled again until two more inches disappeared.

“NOW……..NOW!” His hot juices blasted out deeply inside of her.

“I feel it,” she said pulling the last inch inside. He was in all the way as his cannon emptied its shells. “AHHH!”

Danny felt satisfied but still tried to keep fucking her to get her off. Her legs opened wider as her feet wrapped around his hips and waist.

Ellen expected him to get soft but it never really did. The initial pain was gone and now only pleasure filled her lower stomach. She could feel his cum lubricating the piston even more.

“Danny……..fuck me…..Danny.”

He had never heard her curse before and knew that their relationship had become a lot more personal. His hands cupped her ass as he pushed in and out again and again. Three minutes went by until her fingernails dug into his ass.


Danny smiled because he wasn’t worried about cuming too quickly. He kissed her opened lips and sucked on her tongue when she climaxed.


Ellen almost blacked out from the immense pleasure. She pulled him deep as possible and just held him there. A minute later she moved back. “Do you want to finish again?”

“No, right now I just want to hold the girl I love.”

“The woman you love,” she giggled.


Allan took Janet home later and sat for a while talking about Maria’s arrival.

Janet hugged him close. “As much as she says she hates her mother she probably still loves the one who raised her for 15 years.”

“Maybe but the pain she caused will slot oyna be hard to erase. Ellen is a forgiven type but it’s been too soon.”

Janet wanted to keep out of it but she knew it was on his mind. “What if the boy is yours?”

“I don’t know. I mean…why would she leave if she was pregnant? Or if she found out after she left why didn’t she say something?”

Janet patted his shoulder. “I guess the only way to know is for you to talk with her.”

“I know.”


Allan was sitting on the sofa later when he heard the garage door open and then Ellen’s footsteps. He expected to see her upset and angry but instead she was smiling.

“Hi dad.” She sat next to him and looked at the TV. “What’s on?”

“Are you ok?”

“Yes, I’m not going to let her mess up my life again. I’m happy for the first time in a while and I want to keep it that way.”

He was proud of her and kissed her forehead. “I love you baby.”

“Me too daddy.”

They watched the end of a sitcom they both enjoyed and then she stood to go to bed. He decided to skip the issue about the boy as she ran up the steps whistling. Danny was definitely a good thing.

Buttons didn’t have to call her this time. She called Buttons.

“Whasss…..up?” Ellen asked while popping her gum.

“I was going to call,” Buttons started. “How are you doing?”

“Good……actually GREAT!”

“OK what is going on?” Buttons asked knowing her friend. “Why are you so happy?”

“ see…Danny and I were alone in the boat..and I wanted to forget seeing my mother and……well…”


“Yes,” she whispered. “It was wonderful…I mean not at first…but the second time was..”

“Second time!”

“Yes Danny was too excited for the first time,” she giggled. “But he was up for the second one.”

“Up for…”

“I didn’t mean it like that,” Ellen giggled. “But yes…up for.”

“I need a boyfriend,” Button’s whined. “I want to do it too.”

“I’ll ask Danny if any of the guys on the team want to take your cherry.”


“Just kidding.”

“Did your father say anything about the little boy?”

Ellen had not really thought about him. “No…why would he?”

“Well if he is your mother’s he would be your step brother,”

“Oh God you’re right.” Ellen gasped. She had always wanted to have a brother or sister. “And he looked so cute.”

“I’m sorry I brought it up. I didn’t want to mess up your lost my cherry celebration.”

“Actually, in a strange way, I’m feeling good that maybe I have a little step brother.”

“But you will have to talk to your mother to find out and to meet him.”

“I know. I’m not ready for that yet.” They said their goodbyes and then she called Danny.

“Hi, are you thinking about me?”

“Yes, I’m always thinking about you,” he answered. He lay on his bed tossing up a baseball. “How do you feel? You know after tonight on the boat.”

“After we made love.”


“I feel like I want to be in your arms right now doing it again and again.”

“Me too.” They got quiet and then she mentioned the boy.

“Danny if the little boy is my mother’s then I have a step brother.”

He too had not even considered it. “You’re right. That’s pretty cool.”

“I know. I better go to sleep. I love you.”

“I love you too Ellen.”


Nothing was mentioned about the boy the next week. They all settled into their day to day lives. Ellen and Danny couldn’t continue their advance pleasures because she did get her period but they both knew that Saturday would be the day. Ellen finished her breakfast and planned to pick Danny up at his house around noon to go to the boat. She pulled into the driveway and noticed a strange car. She rang the doorbell and when the door opened she saw a cute dark-haired girl.

“Can I help you?” The girl asked.

“Uh yeah…is..uh Danny here?”

“Who is it?” Danny’s voice asked before he stuck his face out. “Ellen. I uh forgot about…..I mean I lost track of the time.” He turned to the other girl. “This is Lisa.”

“Lisa this is Ellen.”

“Are you a friend of Danny’s?” Lisa asked as she shook Ellen’s hand tightly.

She glared at him. “Uh yes…I’m actually his girlfriend.” Ellen squeezed Lisa’s hand back as hard as she was giving her.

“Oh yeah…I should have told you.” He laughed nervously. “Lisa and her dad stopped by this morning and we didn’t know they were in town. We’ve been talking about old times and I guess I forgot.”

Ellen wanted to kick him but held back. She stood on the porch. “Well are we going to the boat?”

Danny looked at Lisa and then at Ellen. “Mom just put out some lunch. Why don’t we eat and figure out what we are all doing?”

Ellen was upset but kept her cool. As they turned to walk into the house she tried to move next to Danny but Lisa quickly moved there first.

“Ellen, I’m glad you are here,” Janet smiled. “Come in and meet Captain Elliott.”

The tall man stood. “Please call me Tom.” He shook her hand canlı casino siteleri and looked at Danny.

Janet jumped in. “Ellen is Danny’s girlfriend.”

Ellen tried to move back by Danny but Lisa stood her ground.

“Danny has as good a taste as his father,” Tom grinned. “I’m glad to meet you Ellen.”

“Well, let’s eat,” Janet said. They all moved to the table and Lisa again moved into the chair next to Danny. Ellen sat directly across from him and kicked his shin.

“Ouch,” he said looking over at her.

“What’s wrong?” Janet asked.

“Uh..I hit my leg on the table leg,” Danny lied. They quickly finished their sandwiches and afterwards Lisa offered to help with the dishes.

“I’ll help too,” Danny said but Ellen grabbed his hand and pulled him outside.

“What’s wrong?” He asked innocently.

“What’s wrong? How about you forgot to tell her that you have a girlfriend and then don’t even tell her father that I am your girlfriend? And, if she sits that close to you again I’m going to turn her chair over.”

Danny hugged her close. “I love only you. She’s just a friend.”

She sighed and hugged him back. “Are we going to the boat? Daddy is working today so we can be alone.”

“God, I really want to but I can’t leave while they are here.”

“When are they leaving?”

“I’m not sure.” The door opened and Lisa came running out.

“Danny, your mother just invited me to stay here while my father goes back to Germany and finishes up. And then when he returns we both are going to stay here while we look for a house!”

Danny turned and saw the red face on Ellen. “Uh..that’s great.”

“How long will you be staying here?” Ellen asked as she clinched her fists.

“At least a month,” Lisa smiled. “And, I told my father that I want to live in the same school district so we can go to the same school.”

“A month,” Ellen repeated.

“Yes,” Lisa grinned. “I’ll stay in the spare bedroom next to Danny’s.” She moved over and hugged him.

Ellen saw that Lisa had bigger breasts and nice long legs. She was not going to give up without a fight. “Well, that’s great. We can all spend some time together to get to know each other. I know a few guys that would love to meet you.” She pulled Danny from Lisa’s grasp and led him away.

Lisa watched as they walked out into the back yard.

“Ellen I didn’t know.”

“Danny, she thinks of you more than just a friend. Girls know. Where is her mother?”

“I just found out that they are getting a divorce. The mother has another guy in Germany and is staying over there.”

“Oh this is great. Not only are you going to be in the same house with a cute girl your mother will be living with a handsome man. I’m sure my father will be thrilled.”

“WHO WANTS DESERT?” Janet yelled from the kitchen door.

“OK but I’m sitting next to you.”

Danny realized that his somewhat simple life just got complicated. “Definitely. You will sit next to me.”


Allan finished his morning shift and heard the page for him to come to the main lobby. After hopping on the elevator and dropping eight floors he moved out into the large lobby and saw Maria sitting on one of the sofas. He took a deep breath and walked her way.

“Hi Allan,” she smiled as she stood up. She wanted to hug him but knew that he wouldn’t go for it. She held out her hand but he didn’t take it. “Can we go somewhere to talk?”

Allan saw the small conference room off to the side was dark. “We can go in here.” After moving inside and turning on the light he sat across from her. Both were silent not sure what to say.

“I interviewed for a job here,” she said afraid he would go off on her.

“Oh great, just what I need right now. Why are you moving back? If you just want to talk to Ellen you don’t have to move back.”

“I love this town and still have some family and friends. Besides it’s where I want to raise my son.”

“Who is the father?” He asked bluntly.

“Someone you don’t know,” she answered. “My son’s name is Andy.”

“After your father.”


“Are you going to tell me why you left us? I mean I understand that we were not in love but how could any mother leave her child like you did?”

Maria felt the tears about to flow. She removed a tissue and patted the right cheek below her eye. “I had to make a change and wanted to finish my medical degree. Since we were not in love I couldn’t stay here.”

“But you could have stayed in town even if it wasn’t with me.”

“I know. Maybe I should have but I didn’t want to take Ellen away from her friends and I didn’t want to stay in his house.”

“This is bullshit,” he said getting angry. “All of this could have been worked out. Did you hate me so much that you had to get away from me?”

“I’ve never hated you,” she said starting to cry. “You were my best friend and when I left I missed that so much.”

“Well tell me why you left? You owe me that much.”

She put her face in her hands. “I discovered that I was pregnant. I couldn’t stay here.”

“You were pregnant and it was not from me. You were cheating on me.”

“Once……only once I swear. It was that trip I took to the Southern Medical Show. I didn’t plan for it to happen. It just did.”

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