Army Fun Time


Army Fun Time

Shane was 42 years old, newly retired from the Army. He was tall with dark hair when he lets it grow, dark blue eyes, a mischievous & devilish smile, muscular, and handsome. He was also married, although there were problems in the relationship. He didn’t care about his marriage for the most part. He had found someone new that he had developed strong feelings for. She was also married & very unhappy in the intimate part of the marriage. Her husband hadn’t made love to her in over a year, and she was extremely frustrated sexually. She was 37 with long dark hair, hazel eyes, 42D breasts, kind of short in height at 5’2″, slight BBW at 190 lbs. Her name was Liz.

Liz & Shane had met online through an adult hook-up website several years ago, while he was still active duty military. They got together about once a month or so, if they could manage to get their schedules in sync. There was a 2-3 year gap when they couldn’t get together due to his being deployed & then stationed in another state, which he had forgotten to tell her about before he left. She had started to think he had lost interest in her & no longer wanted to see her, but when he returned, he immediately looked her up on the website to reconnect. It was only a couple of weeks before they were able to set up a meeting & rekindle their friendship.

When she saw him standing there in the parking lot at the local park by that beautiful shiny black car, her heart skipped a beat. He was still handsome as ever in his tight blue jeans & white t-shirt and she had a big grin on her face. She couldn’t wait to wrap her arms around him in a huge bear hug. He looked so gorgeous standing there by the car as she walked toward him that she almost ran to him but she didn’t want to appear too eager to be in his embrace again.

As Liz came around the corner & walked into the parking lot, Shane looked her over from the top of her shiny dark hair down to the red-polished tips of her toes peeking from her sandals. He thought she had lost weight, which she had. She looked beautiful to him, even though she didn’t think she was. He had missed her very much while he was away and wanted to show her just how much, but that would have to wait a little bit longer. She walked right into his open arms & they gave each other a huge hug & kiss, neither wanting to break the contact to get in the car & go to the motel.

After about ten minutes of hugging & kissing, they reluctantly broke the contact & got in the car. He started it up & drove them to the nearest motel, where he had already reserved a room for them. He gave her another kiss before they got out of the car & went into the room. Shane locked the door behind them then pulled Liz into his arms again, for a longer kiss & tighter embrace. His hands slid up & down her back & over her ass, pulling her as close to him as possible. Liz could already feel his hard cock against her belly and hugged him tighter. Her heart was pounding in anticipation and excitement, and most of all, happiness at seeing her lover again.

When they finally broke the kiss to breathe, she said, “Oh babe, I sure have missed you! Where have you been? I’ve needed you so many times over the last few years & you weren’t here for me to call.” She had a sad look on her face as she said that.

He hugged her again and said, “Baby, I’m sorry. I’ve been deployed & stationed out west for the last 3 years. I know I should have told you but it happened too fast & I didn’t have time. Can you forgive me?” He wiped away a lone tear that slipped from her eye with his thumb and kissed her tenderly.

She smiled and said, “Of course I forgive you, dear. BUT you could have emailed me after u got settled, wherever you were. You bad boy!” and she playfully slapped his butt. He laughed & hugged her tight again & kissed her deeply, showing her that way just how much he really did miss her. As he was kissing her, his hands slid down under the waist band of her shorts, pushing them down to the floor. She was wearing a pair of white g-string panties. He smiled as his hand slid between her legs & felt the moisture that was already gathering on her flesh. He slipped the panties off her and had her sit on the bed. She did & he lifted her feet to remove her shorts & panties.

He parted her legs and slid his hands up her thighs, brushing his fingertips between her wet folds to find her clit and caress it tenderly. She opened her legs farther & leaned back, letting him know that he could enjoy the feast offered to him. His face quickly moved in and his tongue swept over her weeping flesh, savoring her sweet tangy flavor & erotic scent. It was his aphrodisiac every time. He felt the blood rush to his cock as it hardened in his jeans. He started to adjust himself but Liz said, “Just take them off, babe. I want to see what I’ve missed while you were gone.”

He quickly stood and undressed, and she also removed her shirt & white lace bra, tossing them on the floor with her shorts & panties. He stood there a moment openly admiring the view of her lush casino siteleri body. “Have you lost weight, baby? You look great!”

Liz nodded and said, “Yeah I have, about 35 pounds so far. Thank you for noticing. I’ve been dieting to lose it so I look good for you.”

“Baby, you already looked good to me before, but now…well, now you’re smoking hot!” he replied with a big smile.

She sat up straight & took his hands, pulling him closer to her. She took his cock in her right hand and began stroking it while her left hand slid around his hip to squeeze his ass. She knew Shane loved when she did that, and she gave him a playful slap on his butt cheek. She leaned down & kissed the head of his shaft & felt him jerk in her palm. She flicked it with her tongue & he growled. When she opened her mouth & took him in, he almost lost control. She stroked and sucked him tenderly, knowing just how he liked it done. She smiled as he groaned & began panting while trying not to explode too soon.

She looked up at his face while she sucked his cock & noticed his eyes were closed in pleasure as he enjoyed her ministrations to his throbbing shaft. When he could take it no longer, he pulled his cock from her mouth & pushed her back on the bed to lay with her head on the pillows. He moved her legs apart and buried his face in her wet pussy again, slipping his fingers into her wet tunnel as his tongue slid firmly over her clit repeatedly. Liz was clutching the bed covers tightly in her fists and her legs began trembling when he sucked & bit gently on her clit…bringing her to a huge orgasm right then. Her juices oozed out over his hands & tongue, which he eagerly licked up. She was panting & moaning loudly, her mouth getting drier with every breath.

He stopped licking and looked up at her with a big smile, and her love juice, on his face. “Mmmmm baby, you taste so sweet! Have you been pouring honey on your pussy for me?” he laughed.

She blushed & said with a giggle, “No, but I can next time, lover.” He smiled then slid up on the bed to kiss her deeply, passionately. She felt the head of his cock probing around her pussy and wiggled her hips until it was at the right hole, then she put her feet on his ass & pushed him into her hot wet channel. They both moaned as her flesh engulfed him fully. His arms wrapped tight around her & he kissed her again as he began moving within her with long slow strokes. She raised her legs up, bending at the knees, to give him deeper access. Shane knew what Liz liked, and where her pleasure spots were. He began kissing & licking her neck & shoulders, causing pleasurable shivers to course through her body, adding to the pleasure between her legs.

He whispered in her ear, “Mark me baby, make me yours!” He didn’t have to tell her twice. She opened her mouth & began sucking & biting his shoulder, just above his collar bone. After a couple minutes, she released his skin to see her work. There was a large bright purple hickey right there, shaped almost like a heart.

She laughed softly & he asked what was so funny. She said, “It’s shaped almost like a heart. I put my love into it. Now that makes you mine, babe.” He smiled as he continued moving within her hot sheath. She felt his lips & tongue on her own collar bone, sucking & biting gently. He released her skin & had made his own mark on her, branding her as his. Liz smiled and said, “Now all I need is a tattoo on my pussy that says ‘Shane’s Property’ to truly make me yours, my love.”

He chuckled & said, “Let’s do it, baby. I want to make you 100% mine. I love you.” That surprised her and she hugged him tightly.

“I love you too Shane.” Liz said before she kissed him. He began moving faster within her, long deep strokes, his arms tight around her and his lips kissing her all over her neck & face. After a few minutes, they changed positions, with Liz on her hands & knees & him behind her, slipping into her wetness with one thrust. He spit on her ass and spread the saliva around with his thumb before pressing it into her anus as he continued fucking her hard and fast. She pressed herself back on him for deeper penetration of his cock and thumb. Her breathing was getting faster & more ragged and she was moaning loudly. Her legs & arms were trembling as her orgasm approached.

A few moments later, Shane felt her muscles tighten around him and she let out a loud moan, like a tigress purr, and he saw her toes curl and fluids rushed out of her sopping pussy to drip off his balls onto the bed just as his own release hit and his cock started pumping his cum deep into her. Luckily he had gotten a vasectomy so they didn’t have to worry about an unplanned pregnancy. Liz moaned louder as she felt him pumping her full of cum, his cock pulsing and throbbing with his release. Her arms gave out and she collapsed her upper body onto the bed as she tried to catch her breath.

While still buried deep in her pussy, Shane helped her lay on her side, and he laid behind her without withdrawing from her body. He wrapped his arms tight around slot oyna her and she laid her head on his shoulder. She was trembling and covered with a thin sheen of perspiration. Shane pulled a blanket over them and held her close. He leaned down & whispered in her ear, “I love you baby.” over and over again, kissing her between each declaration of love. At this point, her heart was overflowing with love for this man. There were not words enough to express her love for him. He was still buried deep in her wet pussy and kept moving in and out slowly & steadily.

“I love you too, Shane. More than you even know. I miss you a lot when we’re not together. I think about you all the time when I’m awake and I dream about you every night. I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t a part of my life. I am so glad I joined that website & met you. I think it’s our destiny to be together. You’re my soul mate.” she said, her voice cracking slightly with emotions. He felt a tiny drop of wetness on his arm and turned her to face him. She had tears coming from her eyes but love shining bright for him to see. He gently wiped away her tears and held her tightly. He didn’t want to let her go but knew he had to, until their next visit, which they would plan before he took her back to the park, where she would walk home from there.

They kissed & snuggled & made love for another hour or so before they were both worn out & sexually satisfied. Shane went into the bathroom & wet down 2 washcloths, then brought them to the bed. He gently wiped Liz clean with one of them, being sure to wipe her pussy & ass well. She picked up the other washcloth and wiped off his now flaccid cock, and his balls. He put the washcloths back in the bathroom and then helped her get dressed before he put on his own clothes.

Once they were both dressed, he pulled her back into his embrace, hugging & kissing her deeply, not wanting to let her ever leave him. She looked at him with love and tears shining in her eyes and said, “I wish I didn’t have to go back home. I want to stay with you always.”

He tipped her chin up to look into her eyes and said, “Don’t worry baby. We’ll be together again very soon. I also wish you could stay with me always, but we both know it’s not possible right now. I love you baby, with all my heart.” Then he kissed her deeply again & hugged her tightly before breaking the embrace to help her with her coat & put on his own. He made sure the heater was turned off in the room, and grabbed the car keys and room key off the dresser by the door. He opened the door & let her go outside first so he could lock up after turning off the lights.

They walked to the car, hand in hand. He opened the passenger side door for her and kissed her again before closing the door after she sat in the seat & fastened her seatbelt. He went around & got in the car, then started it up. They left the motel parking lot and he drove her back to the park, holding her hand the whole way there. About ten minutes later, he pulled into the parking lot of the park. He kissed her again before she opened the door to get out. “I love you baby. I’ll talk to you soon!” he said.

“I love you too, Shane. Bye handsome!” she said as she blew him a kiss. She closed the door and stepped back, away from the car so he could pull out & leave. She stood there waving to him until he turned the corner and she couldn’t see him anymore. She sighed deeply, wiped tears from her eyes, then turned & started walking home. Later that night, Liz turned on her computer to check her emails. She scrolled down the list to see what messages she had. Her eyes lit up with happiness when she saw one from Shane. She quickly opened it & read what he had written:

“Hi Baby-girl! I miss you so bad. Thank you for a wonderful day. I cant wait til we get together again, hopefully by the end of the week. I want to make love to you again so bad! Maybe I’ll bring the video camera, and some other fun toys & treats to play with too! I might even bring that glass toy as well, baby. God, I want you so bad, I cant stand it! I’ll call you soon, baby! Good night and sweet dreams, my beautiful girl! I love you!!!!! Xoxoxoxo Shane”

Liz sighed, wiped away her tears, then opened the My Pictures file on her computer. She searched for a certain folder and opened it when she found it. In that folder were pictures of Shane. She double-clicked on her favorite one, of him with one of his dogs. She just sat there staring at the photo, wishing she was in the picture with him, and missing him terribly even though she had just been with him a few short hours before. She kissed the photo then closed out that window so she could reply to the email from Shane.

“I miss you very much too, babe. Thank you also. I feel so happy right now that I probably could fly if I tried hard enough haha! I just loved being in your arms, being kissed as you made love to me today. I will let you know my schedule for the rest of the week tomorrow morning. I would love to play with the toys with you at our next visit, lover. Don’t forget the lube! canlı casino siteleri Hehe! I want you badly too. Well dear, I’m gonna go get my pj’s on & get ready for bed. Will be dreaming about you! Nighty night & sweet dreams, lover! I love you too!! Ttys! Mwahhh! Xoxoxoxo Liz”

She logged off and turned off her computer then went to her bedroom & changed into her pajamas. She went to the bathroom & brushed her teeth, then she turned off all the lights on her way back to the bedroom. She turned back the blankets, turned off the lights & got in bed, pulling the blankets up to her chin & snuggling down on her pillow. As she lay there, she started thinking about Shane and their hours together today. She felt tears start to gather in her eyes and reached for a tissue from the box on her bedside table. She was missing him so badly. All she wanted was to be in his arms. She would be again very soon. That thought is what finally helped her to fall into a deep erotic dream-filled sleep, waking up in the morning with her pussy wet & throbbing for his touch.

She reached into the bottom drawer of her bedside table and pulled out one of her toys, used it to ease the throbbing sexual itch, and felt much better once she texted Shane & told him about her dream of him & how she took care of that itch she had for him. While she waited for him to text her back, she got out of bed & used the bathroom, then got dressed. While she was making herself some breakfast, her cell phone buzzed with the incoming message. She opened it to find it from Shane saying he had masturbated to the thought of her having that hot dream of him & using one of her toys to scratch the itch. She called him later on and they set up their next visit for 2 days later. They talked for a little longer, then Shane had to go back to work since she called him during his lunch break. They said their good-bye’s and I love you’s then hung up. They were both looking forward to their next visit.

Two days later, Liz was in her bedroom, the closet doors wide open as she looked through her clothes to choose an outfit to wear when she met Shane that evening. She selected a pair of black Capri leggings, a turquoise shirt with flowers on it, her white lace bra and a pair of black silk & lace bikini panties, and a pair of white ankle socks. She thought about wearing some jewelry but decided against it, as it would only be in the way. She took her white canvas sneakers from the closet as well. She went in the bathroom to take her shower, being sure to shave her underarms, legs & pussy well. She wanted to be perfectly smooth for her time with her lover. She spritzed on her favorite perfume, Chantilly Lace, then her deodorant before going into her bedroom wrapped in a towel. She dried off then got dressed.

A quick look at the clock told her she had about an hour before she would meet Shane at the park again, so she grabbed a quick sandwich of some leftover chicken, lettuce, cheese, light mayo and a few pickle slices. She had a glass of iced tea with it. As she was eating her sandwich, her cell phone began playing “Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy” by Big & Rich. It was the ring tone she had set for Shane. She quickly grabbed the phone and flipped it open. “Hi handsome! How are you? I’m almost ready to see you tonight. Just finishing up my quick dinner.”

“I’m doing great baby. I’ve missed you so bad. I’ll be in town at the park soon, probably in about 25 minutes or so. I hope you’re ready for some sweaty fun, babe,” he said with a chuckle.

With a big grin on her face, she said, “Oh yeah, I’m ready! I shaved everything for you, my love. Did you remember to bring the toys?”

“I sure did, baby. Cant wait to use them on you. Its gonna be so fuckin’ HOT! Well babe, I’ll let ya go so you can finish getting ready. See you soon, sexy,” he replied.

“Ok lover, see you soon!” she said.

“Baby-girl?” he asked.

“Yes dear?”

“I love you!”

“I love you too. See you soon Shane. Kisses!”

They both hung up & she quickly finished her sandwich & tea, leaving her plate and glass in the kitchen sink then went in the bathroom to brush her teeth & make sure her hair looked good for Shane. She made sure to tuck her hairbrush into her purse, along with her own little surprise for Shane…her brand new see-through silk and lace teddy that matched the black lacy panties she was wearing. She didn’t bother with any make-up except for a little bit of cherry-flavored lip gloss. She turned off the lights & TV then grabbed her jacket & keys. She left the house & locked her door. She walked the 4 blocks to the park where she was going to meet Shane.

He hadn’t yet arrived when she got there so she walked to the nearest picnic table to sit & wait for him. She took her iPod out of her purse & turned it on. She was listening to one of her favorite Trace Adkins songs, “Arlington” when she spotted that black car coming around the corner. Her face lit up in a huge smile as she turned off the music & put the iPod back in her purse. She walked to the edge of the parking lot & waited for him to park the car by her. He pulled up, so the driver’s side was closest to her, rolled down his window and said with a grin & wink, “Hey baby! Wanna go for a ride? I don’t bite! Haha!”

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