Around The Corner


She clambered out of the shower, drying her hair and wrapped her green towel around her body. Her wet warm feet, still pink from the hot water, padded across the floor. She opened the door and turned the corner into her dorm room. And there sitting in the illicit candle light, on her desk chair, right where no one expected her, was a pair of legs. And on those legs was a thin, fairly busty girl. Dressed in a short black and red plaid skirt, tall black leather boots, and tight, tiny black tank top, was the most gorgeous girl Annie had ever seen. Her mouth watered, and her jaw fell, almost causing her to drool. Slowly the girl turned her head. Her green streaked black hair and eyebrow ring twinkled in the dancing firelight. Slowly the mysterious girl stood, and crossed the room to Annie, and leaning in close, just as their lips were about to meet, her arm snaked out and around Annie’s still wet and towel encased form to close the door.

Clicking the little button in the handle, the hand pulled back, just fast enough to rip the towel off of Annie’s nude body, her nipples hardening instantly in the small breeze and erotic atmosphere.

Pulling Annie across the room, she started to dry the surprised girls hair, working the hair in the towel. Her own hair long and down to her waist shifted and danced with the work her body was doing. Her long red fingernails prodded every which way. And Annie watched, when she could, the mystery girl’s face. She watched as her nose scrunched in concentration, and she bit her glossy lips in anticipation, everyone in a while licking them. Her long eyelashes seemed to dance with the light, looking even blacker and longer than they should have.

Annie could feel her pussy start to leak. As soon as she saw this beauty in her room she knew she had to have her, and now it looked like everything might be working in her favor. Suddenly the towel was ripped off of her head. Leaving her as bare as she could be, her nipples hard, her shaved pussy wet, her face fully exposed to this stranger. And as she wonders about where her boyfriend was, she feels the long fingernails slide and scrape over her neck, while the other hand does the same over her stomach. Annie leans forward, eager to taste her lips and tongue. And the stranger backs away, grabbing Annie’s ass as she does so, pulling it firmly. Pulling them towards the bed. Annie reaches bahis firmaları out, her hand sliding into the lustrous black and green hair, pulling the other woman into a kiss. As their mouths come together, Annie’s hands slide down and over the others body. Their tongues dancing, their lips eating one another, her hands roam the other. And the beauty does the same to her. Annie’s hands unzip the skirt, letting it fall to the floor. The strange woman’s hands scratch Annie’s back, and grabbing her cheeks.

Annie’s hands work them selves up, tugging at the small tank top, pulling it up, until their kiss has to break, so that she can peel the other woman down to her black lace bra, black lace thong, and her tall, shiny, high heeled boots, black lace just peeking over the top. She unclips the bra, letting it fall down the shoulders, then arms of the black haired stranger. Finally Annie sighs as the other’s lips enclose themselves over Annie’s neck, sucking and nibbling under her ear, working their way up to her lobe, and then back down, her white teeth flashing in the candle light as she nibbles on flesh. Her hands re at work, puling, pushing, prodding, scraping, kneading every bit of Annie’s skin. Annie’s hands, in turn, return the compliment. Her mouth however is gaping, her eyes closed in pleasure. Her pussy drips at a rate now equal to a small creek, wetting the fingertips that come so close to her outer lips, and as they pull apart her inner lips. She sighs and pulls at the black lacy thong. sadly she disengages from the magic fingers and mouth, to kneel, pulling at the waistband of the panties, pulling them down the long sleek legs, over the boots and off, foot by foot.

Kissing her way back up the legs, she can taste the fluids of the others vagina. Tracing the flavor up her leg she kisses the outer lips of the shaven pussy. Hot, wet, and red. Sliding a hand up the flat stomach, she cups the tit of this unknown person. Sliding her tongue along the slits, she finally tastes this ambrosia. Her tongue laves over the only slightly open smile. Flicking at the end, she hits the clit and is rewarded with a gasp and the shuddering. More juice floods her tongue as it pushes its way into the pussy of this beautiful woman. Pulling on the nipples, and fucking her with her tongue she smiles, her jaw muscles hurting in such a grand way. Finally, as she feels the more wavering kaçak iddaa stance shift, the boot covered legs close, pushing Annie’s eager face away. Grazing her jaw with the fingernails, she is drawn up, and towards the bed.

Annie’s rises, only to knock her legs on the mattress and sit hard. The others hand pushes Annie’s legs apart, and traces little lines over her inner thighs. Her mouth encapsulates a nipple, biting it, and pulling it deep into the wanton mouth. Annie’s mouth however is dry and open, her hands grab at black hair, and blanket, one to pull the other in, and one to hold her down. Slowly the mouth opens, and the cold air causes Annie to sigh. Only to gasp as those same lips press against her nether lips, opening them up in a different kind of kiss. Annie sighs and shudders as the tongue flicks her clit, licking up and down the sides of her lips, sliding around her puckered asshole. And still the strange hands stroke Annie’s body. Playing with nipples, grazing neck, scraping backs and thighs. As the tongue floods Annie’s pussy, she floods the tongue, cumming so hard she sees black and stars. And still the beautiful stranger laps away, drinking every drop, her own hand now sawing in her own hot spot.

Annie, limp from Cumming so hard, gasping deep to pull absent air in her chest, feels her hands being moved, feels the soft cuffs being attached to her hands, then to her legs, the one silk tie holding the last free limb. The smell of pussy juice pulls close filling the air that Annie breathes. The long red fingernails, and tips, still wet from finger-fucking their master, trace themselves down Annie’s cheek, until they land on her lower lip, still trembling. She sucks them in, drawing off each drop of dew, feeling deprived that the source isn’t there, grinding itself into her face. And then almost as if that said source could hear her, it enveloped her mouth, the lips open before her, the nectar flowing feely. The beautiful pale moon of this dark angel’s ass over her, the tiny rosebud between perfect cheeks. and Annie stopped looking at the scenery, she sank her tongue in as deep as she could, craning her neck as much as she could to pleasure this wanton creature, this succubus.

She could taste the heat and wet, the lust in this box, everything was in here. She bit at the clit, licked the lips, she forced her tongue into the tight asshole, kaçak bahis reveling in the musky, earthy flavors that surrounded her, that made her so happy, so hungry for more. And then she became aware of the buzzing. The cold rubber followed, pushing itself deep into Annie’s pussy, her walls pulling it in deeper and her hips began to thrash around on the bed, the frame squeaking, and Annie didn’t care, she was drowning in delicious pussy juice, and just drowning in pleasure. The egg snaked its way deep into her body, her g-spot tingling, her clit throbbing. Juice was flowing all over now, it covered her face, and it race down her body, soaking the bed beneath her.

She felt it then, the warm, hard tip of his cock. She knew it so well. It pushed its way into her. And her walls squeezed him almost painfully tight. And as soon as his head slid into her body, she came again. Moaning she bit lightly on the clit in her mouth. And as she soaked his penis, her face was flooded with girl juice. It ran over her tongue, and she drank it like it would kill her not to. And her fucked her hard, the eggs buzzing away hard, the pussy in her mouth crying into her. Her nipples were being tugged now, long fingernails scraping along her rib cage. He pulled out, her hips trying to hold him as they rose of the bed, only to be covered by a soft womanly mouth. Her meal left her mouth. And she opened her eyes, to see him standing a little off to the side. He approached, and she kissed the part of him she could reach, his cock, still dripping from herself. And she sucked his head into her mouth, wishing she could be free of these straps. And as the mouth below her fucked her, she let her mouth be fucked. The egg till whirred away, her hips thrashing to be rid of the pure pleasure/agony that had become her night. Suddenly he announced that was going to cum, clenching one of her tits in his hand he began to cum, filling her mouth, he jerked out when his knees buckled and he began to cover her face. She had never seen him cum so much, shed felt it, and swallowed it, but Annie had never been covered in so much of him. And then she began to cum again. And the mouth left only to reappear by her own mouth, kissing her, the two women began to kiss in earnest, cum in all persons covering faces and tongues. And he began to slow the egg down; pulling it out of Annie’s twitching pussy. She gasped as it finally exited, and the mysterious woman began to clean Annie’s face, licking all the fast drying globs of his seed. Cleaning her, as cats do, as pussies do. Annie began to lightly doze, a smile on her face….

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