As Luc Would Have It

Big Tits

I was so ready for South Padre Island that I almost missed my last final. My mind was already past graduation and on the beach for one final fraternity party. Six of us were heading down to bid adieu to our college years and face adulthood. My college career was especially tough because I had to take a year off to get a real job to pay for my final year. But it was sure worth it because I was finishing with almost perfect grades (curse Bio 103).

“Drew, you really need to, I’m serious,” Percy chided me after Quinton suggested that I should manscape. I felt kind of foolish that I didn’t even know what manscaping was. I was gently teased for being from the country before, but I had no idea what they were talking about.

“Waxing, man,” Terry said. “You gotta get your man parts waxed.”

“What does that do?” I asked.

They all laughed.

“It takes the hair off,” Percy answered pointing to my crotch.

“Down there?” I said so surprised at what they were indicating.

“Yeah, man. We do it. The chicks like it. They do it, too,” he said.

“Oh shit, I think I’d rather shave…” I began.

“No, man,” Quinton interrupted. “Waxing lasts longer and looks a whole lot better. Shaving leaves all these red bumps and stuff. And if we’re leaving next week you better get it done like today or tomorrow.”

“OK,” I agreed. “Where can I get some wax?”

They laughed again. “You definitely don’t want to do this yourself!” Percy said.

“Envie Spa,” Terry said. “That’s where I go.”

Quinton laughed, “Yeah, Envie. You definitely want to go to Envie.”

Percy laughed with him.

“I ain’t going to a spa to shave my balls!” I yelled.

“Dude, seriously, it’s the best way. I promise,” Percy said. “And Envie Spa is probably the best in town. Call them.”

So I did. I asked for the earliest appointment. Four o’clock that afternoon.

“Shit, you’re really doing it?” Terry asked.

“What the fuck, man!” I yelled, “You just said…”

“Yeah, I know. I proud of you! You won’t regret it,” Terry said with a chuckle.

Then they started giving me tips on what to do. Don’t drink alcohol. Bathe before I go. Moisturize down there. Don’t shave.

Too many instructions! Like I had time to drink before four. I barely had time to run back to the apartment and shower.

When I walked in the place I immediately wanted to turn around and walk out. It was apparent they catered primarily to women, and I felt terribly out of place.

“Uh, Walker,” I told the girl behind the counter who had a bluetooth headset in her ear. “I just called…”

“Yes sir, Mr. Walker. A full Brazilian, right?” she asked.

“No, I’m here for a, um,” and I lowered my voice and leaned into her, “a wax job.”

She stifled a giggle with a wide smile and said “Yes sir. I meant a Brazilian wax. We’ll be right with you.”

My embarrassment made me want to leave and kept me in place at the same time. I argued with myself that I shouldn’t be here and chided myself for thinking about leaving.

“Mr. Walker,” a man’s voice called to me. I stood and turned toward him, and I was shocked. He was very effeminate, and I immediately surmised he must be gay. Great, I was going to be shaved by a gay guy. This is not going to go well. I thought about saying “Mr. Walker said that he had to leave. I was just staying to tell you.” But I decided better of it. Besides, the guys would never let me live it down if I didn’t go through with it.

“Room four, please,” the gay guy told me and lead me down the hallway past closed doors.

“Please disrobe and lay on the table on your back and cover yourself with this sheet please,” gay guy said and handed me a sheet that felt like paper.

“You mean take off my clothes,” I asked.

“That’s what disrobe means. You can leave your shirt and socks on if you’d like,” he chuckled smartly.

Oh, I immediately hated him now. I was about to tell him to shove it up his ass when he said “I’ll tell Luke you are ready.”

Luke? I thought. He’s probably casino siteleri gay as well. I should have listened to my instincts and never come here. Why did I give into peer pressure? The guys were probably getting a good laugh at my expense. I doubt they even waxed themselves.

Nevertheless, my meek nature took over and I complied with gay guy’s instructions and began taking off my clothes. When I was completely naked (no, I didn’t leave my shirt on and I wasn’t wearing socks) I laid down on the tiny bed and put the sheet over me.

I had been waiting almost five minutes and almost falling asleep when I heard a tiny knock on the door. I opened my eyes and listened intently. Was I hearing things? Then I heard another knock almost too faint to hear.

“Come in,” I hollered.

In walked a tiny Asian woman, and I’m sorry I didn’t know at the time if she was Japanese, Korean or Chinese. I learned she was Korean.

I had no idea how old she was because she was quite attractive and dressed in scrubs or a smock or something. I couldn’t tell because she was kind of lost in it. She had a pretty face and smiled a great deal.

“Hello. I’m Luc,” she said. “You want wax, right?”

I nodded my head and said yes. I then realized that she was the waxer! Holy crap! A woman! This is not at all what I bargained for. I haven’t had too many women see me naked below the waist. Well, three to be exact. My mother, of course, and the girl I lost my virginity to just two years before, and the second girl I ever had sex with. And that was it.

This lady was about to enter the inner sanctum, and I became so nervous I was visibly shaking under the sheet. I couldn’t get my knees to stop. I was becoming more embarrassed by the minute.

Luc was working at this table against the wall unsnapping plastic containers and getting equipment set up, I guessed.

“Gloves or no gloves?” she asked.

It took me a minute to understand what she was saying. She had a very thick accent, but I did understand she was asking if I wanted her to wear gloves.

“I don’t care,” I answered her. “Whatever you think is best.”

“No gloves then. No like gloves. They sticky,” she told me.

She approached my table, and when she began to pull up the sheet I almost pushed it back down by reflex. It quickly dawned on me that if I wanted her to wax she probably needs access to the area. I am a college graduate – almost – I thought.

“You have lot of hair,” she giggled. “Put you legs like this.” And she grabbed my legs and spread them apart opening up everything to the world. I felt so exposed. But I slowly reasoned that I’m probably not the first guy she’s done this to. I began to feel better. Not much, but a little.

She began to wipe down my bottom with these little pads. She wiped everywhere. And wiped and wiped. I was beginning to think this was waxing. It’s not so bad, I thought. Except that I was getting a little excited from the stimulation. Suddenly, a great fear shot through my brain: what if I get an erection? Oh my god, what if I get so excited I throw a boner? I would simply just die of embarrassment right then and there.

So I began to think about my classes and the finals I just took. It wasn’t working. I had a semi by the time she finished wiping around my balls.

Then I felt another wipe go up my backside between my butt cheeks.

“You want this wax?” she said pushing on my asshole. “Ten dollar.”

“Yep,” I yelped. I couldn’t speak. She kept surprising me with how casual she was around my private areas, and my dick responded with that push by getting a bit harder. I was going to have to quit thinking about it to try to let it get soft by itself. There was no way I could will it soft no matter how hard I tried.

When she was satisfied that every area had been wiped she turned back to her little table and came back with a little tub with what looked like a tiny paddle.

I know I shouldn’t have watched what she was doing, but when I felt that first glob hit me I didn’t know what to expect. slot oyna I thought it would either be cold or hot, but it was neither. I felt her spread it around the sides of my groin and smooth it around with that little paddle.

“Might hurt,” she warned. And then she pulled quickly.

I jumped, but only from the feeling of her pulling it, not from the pain. I hardly felt any pain at all, in fact, just a little discomfort. It looked like she was putting little pieces of blue tape on top of the wax and then yanking them up. I expected a long strip, but I suspected that might hurt, so she was doing it this way.

“OK?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied.

She giggled.

More wax. More pulls, and every time she pulled she would wipe the area with her hand as if smoothing it out. The rubbing did make it feel better after she pulled.

Then I felt her spread wax right below my balls. I steeled myself for pain this time, but again, she pulled quickly with very little pain following. And again the rubbing made me feel good. Uh oh, too good. Rubbing right there was making my flagging dick come to attention again.

“OK?” she asked again.

“Yes ma’am,” I said.

She giggled and said, “How old?”

I translated that to mean she was asking me my age and not how old my balls were.

“Twenty-two,” I replied.

“Ah, half age,” she giggled. “I almost twice old. You could be boy or boyfriend.”

Again my brain was trying to process and translate. Boy or boyfriend? Did she mean I could be her son or her boyfriend? That’s the only thing I could imagine.

“Yeah, probably,” I said.

“Which one?” she asked almost demanding an answer.

“Uh boyfriend?” I answered with a meek smile.

“Good boyfriend,” she said as she picked up my turgid penis with her thumb and finger and dropped it on my belly.

I got harder.

“Easy when hard,” she said, and spread some wax along my shaft. Tape and tug, tape and tug, all up and down my erection.

Every so often she would grasp my penis and jerk it up and down, apparently trying to keep it hard while she worked. I was going out of my mind. I was letting a strange woman not only touch my dick but jerk it.

I watched her smooth wax on my shaft, and then pull it off with little bits of the strip. Wax, rub, pull. It was a constant motion over and over again. And I wondered how much hair do I really have on my shaft?

“Look better?” she asked, and I immediately responded with a huh as I tried to discern what she was saying.

Then I finally looked down and she was holding my full erection in her hand, and it was completely hairless and looked bigger than ever before.

“Look better?” she repeated.

“Yeah, it looks, uh better,” I finally replied.

“Yeah, much better,” she said and moved it from side to side and back and forth as she examined each inch of it. She examined it closely I assumed looking for any stray hairs she had missed. But I could feel her breathing on the head, which was now a bright purple.

“Better when hard,” she laughed again, and laid my penis on my stomach.

“Move like this,” she instructed and spread my legs wider.

Despite my attempts not to I still jumped when I felt her administer the wax in between my cheeks above my asshole. As she spread it for some reason that felt more erotic than her direct handling of my dick. And my dick jerked in acknowledgement. I heard her stifle a giggle more than once.

More rubbing and pulling down there, and it began to feel cooler.

“OK, this feel good,” she said. And I felt a big glob directly on my asshole. I was ready for the pleasure, but there was more pain coming from there than anywhere else, and I jumped. I wondered what she meant by feeling good, and I was about to say something when I felt her rub against my hole. She leaned and reached something from the table, and then I felt something being poured against my butthole. She continued to rub, and I felt a finger rubbing along the rim of my asshole.

She was canlı casino siteleri right. That was feeling good. Oh, so damn good. The rub again and I felt her finger slip into my rectum. Before I could object I felt myself begin to shake from the intense feelings emanating from my nether region.

“Good?” she asked. I couldn’t answer because it was feeling too good.

“Good,” she answered for me.

“This better,” she said, and I felt her grab my erection with her other hand and begin to stroke me.

This is hard to believe, but trust me I wanted to make her stop. This felt wrong for her to be doing this, but it felt way too good for me to stop.

“Boyfriend now, huh?” she laughed.

“Uh huh,” was all I could manage to mutter.

Then she stopped and removed her hands and said “This help?” My brain was exploding! Why did she stop? I sat up and looked at her, and I saw her pulling her scrubs top off, and she stood there topless. She had fantastic boobs and looked to be half the age she told me she was. She was gorgeous with absolutely perfect breasts that jiggled when she moved. I was hypnotized.

“This help?” she asked again.

“Oh shit yeah,” I moaned.

She then resumed her ministrations on my dick and ass, but this time she leaned forward rubbing her boobs on my dick and balls.

“You ready?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I panted, and she continued jacking and poking and I was so close to the edge I knew it was going to be a big one if I just held off for one more…

I looked at the same time I felt it. She leaned forward and put the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked about two inches in. That was it.

She knew what she was doing because she jerked her head back quickly, and I let loose with an orgasm that made me groan so loudly that I knew others in the building could hear me. I could hear her giggling. And I came and came until my chest was soaked with semen. She held my cock gently squeezing and releasing until I slipped from her fingers.

“Good boyfriend,” she said. “But you didn’t wait for me,” she giggled. I didn’t quite understand what that meant, but I was in another world at that moment.

She left my side and went back to the table against the wall. When she returned I felt her wiping my chest with a warm, wet cloth.

“You all better. No hair. Clean.” Luc said.

“I’m definitely all better,” I said. I grabbed my pants and gave her the extra $10 I promised, and then gave her $60 more for a tip. I originally thought ten or twenty for a tip would be appropriate, but after this I gave her everything in my wallet.

“You come back next time?” she asked.

“Uh yeah,” I said. “Next time I need a wax I come back,” I replied.

Then she said, “Next time you come back maybe you get this, boyfriend,” and she pulled down her scrub pants down to mid thigh exposing her pussy, which looked as beautiful as her breasts.

“She like you,” she said.

“I like her, too,” I said both of us noticing that my erection was returning.

“No time today. You come back,” she instructed.

She helped me dress and before I pulled up my briefs she pulled on my dick a couple of times.

“It look better! Look bigger too! Wow!” she giggled, and left the room.

I left the spa not really looking at any of the workers as I didn’t know if they knew what happened in the booth or not. So I headed back to my apartment.

Later that afternoon the guys came by, and Terry asked how it went.

I told them that it was pretty good and didn’t hurt at all.

Then Percy said “You really went to Envie?” And he laughed.

When I replied that I did, they all laughed.

“Man,” Terry said, “I was just joking that I went there. I didn’t think they would take men. But that’s cool to know.”

“What the hell you mean didn’t know they would take men? Why wouldn’t they? They took me without question.” I said.

“How much did they charge?” he asked.

I told him about the $60 tip, but that was all.

“Hah, she saw you coming!” he laughed.

Yeah, I guess she did after all I laughed to myself.

They were laughing with me. But you know, I think I had the last laugh. I’m going back in six weeks. Luc already put me on her calendar.

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