Ashleigh’s Carnal Friends Ch. 10


This series of short stories chronicles the journey of Ashleigh and her friend Danielle, as they explore their sexuality, and progress from teenage sex to the wider reaches of sexual behaviour. They are written from different points of view, to give insight into how the experiences influence the individual characters.

Read the whole set of stories for a better understanding of the characters’ motivation and personality, and watch their exploits unfold with people of both sexes, in single and group situations, and within their families.

I sat outside the house for ages, watching women arrive, every one of them alone. Some looked vaguely familiar. All of them wore long coats and I knew, as Geeta’s girlies, they were probably naked underneath. The looks of determination on their faces told me they felt like I did: anxious for an evening of sex and deprivation.

The thought of naked bodies concealed beneath those coats sent tingles through me, forcing me adjust my position in the seat. It’s what I came for, uninhibited sex with a group of women who wanted exactly the same.

I didn’t intend to be among the first. Just the opposite, I wanted to arrive when the party was in full swing. Then I could join in to whatever was happening. The vision of naked flesh sent more thrills through me, and I wriggled in my seat as the dampness of my cunt turned to wet and began to seep between the tops of my legs.

After about half an hour, it looked like all the girlies had arrived. So I got out of the car, making sure to pull my trench coat around me so that nobody could guess that I was only wearing a pair of red high-heeled shoes.

The door was open when I pushed at it. I entered, to be greeted by Geeta. She had a thin negligee draped around her and I could see the outline of her large nipples.

“I’m so pleased you came, Ashleigh,” she said as we air-kissed.

“I couldn’t wait … but didn’t want to be first.”

“There’s only one rule … we don’t use names … just go and enjoy yourself … everyone will welcome you.”

I took off my coat, draped it over a chair on top of others, and kicked off my shoes.

“With a figure like yours … you’ll be a great favourite, Ashleigh. There are groups in the lounge and upstairs … with a small bedroom if you want more privacy … OK?”

“I’m sure I’ll soon get the hang of it.”

“Go … enjoy … there’s nibbles and wine in the kitchen if you want them,” Geeta said, steering me towards the door of the lounge.

The room was lighter than I expected. A tide of perfume, tinged with sweat and the smell of sex, greeted my arrival. My eyes were drawn to the large television screen at the opposite end, showing a group of lesbians having sex.

I nearly tripped over the futons laid out on the floor where about half a dozen women were cavorting in a mass of arms and legs and heads — their grunts and snorts competing with the lesbian movie. Another couple were humping each other in soixante-neuf on the couch against the left-hand wall, next to a young redhead pleasuring herself with a bright pink vibrator. Two women stood by the open kitchen door at the far end of the room, sipping red wine.

The oohing and ahhing of the porn stars on the TV became more audible as everyone in the room stopped — and every eye fixed on me. I didn’t care. It’s what I came for — to be the desire of every woman in that room — to have another sexual fantasy fulfilled. I stuck out my tits and my arse to give them a pose. To let them see what was on offer.

One of the women by the kitchen door moved in my direction. She looked familiar. Her streaked, shoulder length hair swayed in tune with a heavy pair of tits, topped with proud nipples pierced with horizontal bars. The width of her hips and her sagging stomach indicated her age to be about twice mine. In the unusual context of the situation, it took me a while to recognise her.

She was almost at my side before I realised it was Danielle’s mother, Joanne. I felt my blood pressure rise and hoped I wasn’t blushing. She put a finger to my lips to ensure I said nothing, a naughty glint in her dark brown eyes.

“No names, remember?”

I nodded in reply, too numbed by her presence to talk. Anyway, what could I possibly say to a woman I’d known most of my life?

“I always took you to be a confident girl,” she said, “and you’ve grow up into a real cock pleaser … a beauty with wonderful tits … a lovely round arse … a perfect figure.”

She ran her hand down my side and over my arse as if to emphasise the remark. It made me shudder.

“You’re the last person I expected to see here,” I said, trying to get my breath back.

“Geeta’s very clever at choosing her girlies … we’re all the same … highly sexed … bisexual … and willing to try anything.”

“That’s me … I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks.” I felt the tension ebbing from my body as my confidence returned.

“You must try out what’s on offer upstairs, too,” she said, leaning forward and kissing me full casino siteleri on the lips.

Her red lipstick slipped around on my pink as our tongues delved into each other’s mouth. I grabbed at her tits. She grabbed at mine and pulled on my nipples, before dropping to her knees to take one into her mouth and start sucking at it.

Joanne pulled me down onto the futons, forcing a space between a black girl and an overweight blonde, both also older than me. Her hand worked its way between my legs. I separated them to give her better access and felt several fingers slide inside me.

“You’re very wet,” she said, breathing heavily into my face.

“What do you expect when two over-sexed bisexuals meet?”

“I expect to suck your cunt and make you cum … you dirty little bitch.”

I took that as a signal to kneel up and grab her ankles and pull her towards me while I stretched her legs wide. The leer on her face gave me full approval, willing me to keep going. I leaned down into her, bending her knees as my head approached her wide open cunt. I studied it briefly, inhaling the sweet smell of sex. It was fat and pink and moist with more folds of skin than I’d seen on a cunt before — I took that to be a sign of age and use.

My tongue circled around her outer labia as it searched out a route through to the juicy centre. She moaned quietly as her cunt opened around my tongue. I delved deeper into the darkness. The delicious taste surprised me. I stopped and looked up at her.

“You taste of cum, you dirty bitch.”

“That’s my husband … he gets randy when he knows I’m coming here … always give me a brisk fuck first.”

“He’s always looking at my tits.”

“When I get home … I tell him what I’ve done … and we fuck like animals until we exhaust each other.”

“I always suspected you were a pair of dirty bastards.”

“You can spend the night with us any time … we’d both love that.”

I dug my tongue back into her cunt while I considered her offer, and wondered how I was going to tell Danielle about fucking her mother. I looked up again and moved up, my lips close to her ear.

“Have you … like … you know … done anything with Danielle?” I asked quietly, not wanting the black girl alongside us hear anything.

“We’d never do that … not unless she wanted to come to us,” she whispered back.

I took that as a definite no.

“Jim and I get very excited when we hear you girls in her bedroom … you make so much noise … we know you’re having sex.”

“She must have inherited it from you, Joanne.”

“Like you did from your mother? And cut out the names.”

I ignored the comment and stuck my tongue in her mouth, leaving it there while she sucked on her own cunt juice tasting of her husband’s cum.

I pulled back and looked her squarely in her brown eyes. “I love sex … and want to try everything.”

“Come around anytime … you know where we live.”

“Would you like me to encourage Danielle to join us?”

“That’s for you girls to decide.”

“From what she’s told me … I’m sure she’d love to … leave it to me … I’ll find a way.”

She didn’t answer but the expression of joy in her eyes told me my answer hit the right spot. Who wouldn’t want to have sex with Danielle? She loves it as much as I do and wants to try everything, too. Anyway, she once told me how she’d love to sleep between her parents — like she did as a child — but now as an adult — and I knew exactly what she meant.

I swivelled around and placed my cunt at Joanne’s disposal as I thrust my tongue back into hers. Judging from the frenzy of her attack on me, I could tell she was aroused at the thought of me arranging for Danielle to fuck, and be fucked, by her mother and father.

I searched out her clit and sucked on it until it started to grow between my lips. She was doing the same to me and I felt a few fingers slip inside me. I pushed three fingers into Joanne and felt her body stiffen beneath me as she exhaled loudly.

I tried to open her legs wider, but the black girl beside us was in the way. I forced the fourth finger in and pushed my hand in harder, searching out behind and above her clit until I found her G-spot.

Within seconds, she was snorting and shouting at me to make her cum and telling me what a fucking bitch I was. The rest of the room must have heard — the thought of which made me work harder on her twat — I wanted to show them what I could do — and wanted to do it to every one of them.

Then she bit and sucked harder on my clit and her fingers were inside my cunt and up my arse and I was loving it and got to that point where I couldn’t tell what was happening down there and want the feeling to go on and on, taking me higher and higher.

We both came at about the same time, screaming about how we loved sex with women and in public and how we loved being bisexuals and that it was the best sex we’d ever had. The latest sex is always the best to me.

I let the orgasm throb through my body, and couldn’t slot oyna say how long it took for my senses to return. The weeks I’d waited for that moment had been worth it.

I wanted more.

My head was firmly nuzzled against the side of the black girl. I moved my arm and found her breast. A further movement and my mouth fastened around her nipple. I sucked on it and it grew in my mouth — and I felt great because I was moving on to another partner without any fuss or bother — as if the most natural thing in the world was to have sex with strangers.

The black girl lifted my head and kissed me on the lips. She tasted of twat. I suppose I did too. In no time, we were exploring each other’s mouth with our tongues and our hands were reaching down between each other’ legs to the smoothness of our naked pubic areas and down the slits to move inside each other’s cunt.

I shuffled down to her cunt and smelt the sex on it, which told me I wasn’t the first person that evening to have played with it. I licked around its edge while I opened it up wide to inspect the pinkness inside the metallic blue of her labia that blended into the blackness of her skin. She tasted of exotic spices and sweat and piss. I pulled her legs apart and probed the space with my tongue.

Her clit was prominent and large enough to suck into my mouth, like an extra nipple. She was underneath me, sucking and licking my twat and playing her fingers in and out and around my arsehole.

“Suck me bitch,” she instructed in muffled tones, “make me cum … like you did to that last bitch … if you make me shout and shake … I’ll give you a bonus.”

I had no idea what she was talking about, but didn’t care — I just wanted to share an orgasm with her. I probed inside her cunt with my fingers and searched out her G-spot. Her body clenched almost rigid when I started to work on it. We were both snorting and swearing at each other by this time. I became aware of being watched, and hoped all the dirty bitches were enjoying the show.

The black girl clamped her large mouth and lips so tightly to my cunt that I felt I’d cum first. I worked harder on her to catch up — believing she’d never cum — while I was about to explode.

Then she let out an almighty wail and started telling me what a dirty bitch I was. A wave of contractions ran through my body. My eyes opened wide as I fought for breath and allowed the orgasm to take me over.

She reached down and held her cunt open. Her body twitched above me. A splash of liquid hit my face, bringing me back to my senses. She twitched again and I watched as a colourless liquid shot from her cunt.

It landed on my nose and ran down, like thin cum. It was slightly sweet and tinctured with the unmistakeable taste of sex. The twitches continued. With each one, she groaned and pushed down and another shot squirted on my face.

I assumed this was the bonus she promised and tried to catch them with my tongue but missed most, my face getting covered in her cum. After about a dozen, they turned into oozes, which I licked away from her cunt when they appeared. Each time, she let out a low murmur, indicating I was hitting the exact spot.

“Wow,” she growled quietly, “nobody’s made me cum like that for ages.”

“I’ve never seen anybody do that before.”

“Girl, you’re a natural … even though you’re the youngest here … I must get your address … you must come over … meet my husband … you know,” she said, licking her cum from around my lips before sinking her tongue into my mouth.

Before I could reply, an instruction was barked out from somewhere behind me. I recognised Geeta’s voice. “Right girlies … it’s time to form a daisy chain.”

As I wiped the cum from my face with the back of my hand, the overweight blonde who I first saw entwined with the black girl when I arrived, shuffled in front of me, legs open, offering her shaven cunt.

“I want you to do to me what you just did to her,” she said, gesturing in the direction of the black girl.

I smiled and moved onto my hands and knees, my arse in the air — ready to attack her twat. Suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed my buttocks from behind. I looked around to see the dark eyes of the young redhead studying my arsehole. She smiled briefly.

Then everything happened at once.

A ripple of activity moved through the room as everyone began to pay attention to the sex on offer in front of them. I thrust my tongue into the blonde’s cunt. As her face was covered in another cunt, all I could see was someone else’s pale arse.

Meanwhile, the redhead ran her tongue up from my cunt and across my arsehole, licking it back and forth. It was warm and soft and moist — and sent a shudder up through my stomach to my nipples, and played around for a moment in my head before descending to make my clit contract. I clamped my mouth on the blonde’s cunt and searched inside for her G-spot.

I felt the redhead push her thumb against the inside of my clit and work it against her fingers on the outside. I canlı casino siteleri could only imagine what some other woman was doing to her cunt, as it was impossible to see past the mass of bodies. Her tongue rimmed my arsehole again — another wave of pleasure spread through me and my body tensed.

I worked as hard as I could on the blonde’s cunt, getting her towards orgasm, but my attention kept being taken with the continuous spasms working through me as the redhead kept working my arsehole and cunt.

The room filled with grunting and moaning and shuffling about, the noise of the porn video in the background spurring us on to bigger and better things.

“I’m going to cum,” said a voice.

“Keep going,” said another.

“Suck my cunt … you fucking bitch.”

“Keep working on my arsehole … you fucking genius,” I said, totally carried away between what was in front of me and what was behind, but not really aware of what I was saying, or doing.

The noise level increased. The taste and smell of sex filled my senses. The breathing became louder. The panting became sharper. Some were blowing hard. A shriek came from somewhere. A shout of ‘don’t stop’ came from somewhere else — accompanied by ‘yes — yes — yes’.

It felt like the room itself reached orgasm when everyone seemed to climax at about the same time. Then we were all struggling for breath — as if we’d completed a marathon, and all been winners. Then someone laughed and another joined in and a ripple of applause rang out.

I was too engrossed in holding onto my orgasm to join in. I lay there and held one of my tits, squeezing my nipple between my finger and thumb, my other hand working slowly on my clit.

“I must get you number,” the redhead said to me.

“Me too,” said the blonde.

My diary was filling up. All I could think about was the fun Danielle and I could have with this lot. Then I remembered her mother, Joanne, and wondered how I’d deal with that one.

There was a lull in the room and the porn movie took centre stage again. Conversations broke out while some of the girlies went into the kitchen for some food and drink. I stayed on the futons and laid on my back and sort of drifted off.

My slumber was interrupted by the sound of women starting to regroup on the futons around me. I needed a piss, so refused the approaches of an overweight couple, and went upstairs.

After my toilet, I made a quick inspection of the bedrooms. One was locked. A couple were sucking each other off on a single bed in the second.

Most of the activity came from the largest bedroom. One girlie was spread out on a large bed, the centre of attention of four others: one with a mass of frizzy hair sat on her face; two others working on a large pair of tits; another with a dyed-black ponytail had her head deep inside the open stretched legs of the girlie.

It was impossible to tell much about the girlie, other than she had streaked blonde hair and, from the thickness of her thighs, was carrying a bit of weight. I felt she was older than me, but couldn’t be sure. She sure seemed to be enjoying the attention.

My arrival at the door caused a slight halt in proceedings. The frizzy hair straddling the girlie giggled, and narrowed her eyes at a mousy haired woman who looked up from sucking one of the girlie’s nipples. Mischief was written on their faces as they shared information unknown to me.

“Come and have some fun with this,” said the black ponytail who still had a couple of fingers stuck up the girlie’s cunt. “She loves it,” she said, casting a glance at mousy hair, who giggled.

The shaven cunt looked inviting. It was large and pink and puffy following lots of attention from these and, for all I knew, many other women. The vulva protruded, its moistness inviting the attention of my tongue.

I didn’t hesitate to lick around the labia and move inside to drink from this fountain of sex. It tasted delicious, reminding me of crushed rose petals and sweat — similar to the taste of my fingers after I masturbate to orgasm.

“Give it everything you’ve got,” the black ponytail said into my ear, “she loves it … get some fingers inside her … up her arse … she likes that.” The other women giggled, one of them laughed out loud.

The two working on her tits stopped and stood with the black ponytail to watch me. Determined to show these girlies I could do at least as much as them, I gave it everything. The frizzy straddle monkey turned around to look at me and continued to grind her cunt into the face of the girlie on the bed — not that I cared — I was too engrossed with the juicy cunt in front of me.

“Keep going.”

“Make her suffer … she can take anything this one.”

“Are you enjoying this down there?” the frizzy hair said to the woman beneath her. A muffled sound of affirmation came back from down below. All four of the women laughed out loud. I was too busy to realise the significance.

The next I knew, the four women were stood around me in a circle — watching me give the girlie a good sucking while I worked my fingers in her twat and up her arse. I felt her body tense beneath me as I massaged her G-spot. Then she let out a loud wail and snorted like a horse as I brought her to orgasm.

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