Ashley and Jason_(1)


Jason was confused by this but relieved that he wouldn’t have to see hot coeds prancing up and down his hallway. It’ll make it that much easier to focus on studying, he thought to himself as went to his room to unpack. His dorm room was typical: one bed, one desk-set, and one dresser-drawer on each side of the room. The right side of the room was clearly already occupied so Jason began unpacking on the empty side. He had yet to meet his roommate and he hoped that they would get along. After finally getting everything unpacked and squared away, Jason was sweating and decided to try out the floor’s shower room. He peeled off the damp t-shirt and shed his shorts and boxers, throwing a towel around his waist. Jason threw open his door and walked straight into Ashley, his sexy blonde RA.

Jason bounced off of her like he had walked into a padded wall, falling back into his room, and losing his grip on his towel he sat down on the floor fully exposed to this hot senior. Ashley was equally surprised but was unshaken by the impact. When she saw Jason on the floor she stifled a laugh and stepped into his room closing the door behind her. Jason looked up at her, He noticed he could see up her skirt and saw a small like bulge and something long going up Ashley’s white panties. his face going scarlet. He couldn’t believe he could see up her skirt, sitting naked in front of this gorgeous older girl, Ashley noticed that Jason’s dick was starting to grow as if he was enjoying what he was seeing until his cock was completely hard standing straight up. Jason looked down and quickly covered himself with the towel.

Ashley came over to help the struggling undergrad, “Here, let me help you up. It’s all my fault, I’m sorry I knocked you down.” Her words stung Jason’s pride even further, “You didn’t knock me down, I tripped is all,” Jason pouted. “Don’t be embarrassed, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before. Just give me your hands.” Ashley was standing directly over him, her smooth perfect legs leading up to her well-formed nicely tight ass and her hips inside her skirt and Jason forgot momentarily about his nudity, putting his hands in hers and allowing himself to be lifted upwards. He found himself staring directly at her rack, straining her threadbare college t-shirt to the max. He gawked openly. “Jason?” “Mmm?” he mumbled still enthralled by her chest.

“I’m up here, Jason,” she reminded him and he looked up into her blue eyes and he felt himself melt by looking into her eyes “You sure are cute, in a lost puppy dog sort of way,” Ashley informed him, “I’m afraid you’re going to be like catnip to some of the more forceful girls here. I’d recommend you get a steady girlfriend as soon as possible. Hell, I’d think about dating you myself but as your R.A. that’s strictly off limits and I got this job because I’m one of the few girls here who can control herself.” “please do” Jason mumbled low enough where Ashley didn’t hear him.

Jason but he continued to stare dumbly into her eyes feeling himself melt. “Um Jason, aren’t you forgetting something?” she smirked at him, giving him a little shake. He suddenly became aware that not only was he standing in a towel naked here in front of this beautiful woman but that he was still holding her hands like some love-sick little boy. His humiliation came flooding back as he whirled casino oyna around to hide his private parts as it stuck out, As he bent over he heard Ashley give a low growl, “Damn, what an ass!” he turned back to face her and was surprised by the change in her demeanor. Whereas before she had been comforting but playful she now looked more serious and very eager. She took a step toward him and he automatically took a step back.

“As your R.A. of course I can’t have sex with you, it’s in the rule book, but maybe I could just have taste,” Ashley seemed to be talking more to herself than to Jason, “there’s nothing in the rule book that says I can’t taste you.” Her advances began to scare Jason as he walked backwards and bumped into his bed and fell backwards on it. Ashley closed the remaining distance between them, she reached out with one hand to lightly stroke his face while the other went down to the towel he was clutching. She stared down at him hungrily, “That was a quite a strip-show you put on for me. Well, it worked, I’m turned on so now you need to help me get some relief.”

“I…I…I…Don’t know if I can do this…” Jason stammered, as he was intimidated by her aggression. “Don’t worry, this won’t count. It’s just a little oral,” she confided to him in a whisper as she slowly pulled the towel out of his grasp leaving him nude once again. Even though Jason was embarrassed and nervous, her proximity caused his 6 inches to stand out at full erection. Ashley gave him a few slow stroke before grabbing him by the hips and turning him around so that his back was to her. She pressed on his shoulders pushing him to bend over his bed. He reluctantly complied, feeling so very exposed to this domineering but exciting woman. He felt her hands spreading his ass cheeks, letting the cool air of the room onto his hole, sending a shiver through his body as he lay prone over his bed.

“Just a taste to get me over the edge,” he heard her say and felt her breath against his ass just before he felt her tongue at his hole. He moaned out in surprise and embarrassment at the intensity of being touched in such an intimate place. Her tongue was so warm and wet and big, lightly circling him before licking up and down from his balls to his crack. He’d never felt anything like it, he squirmed at the odd sensation but one of her hands pressed on his lower back, pinning him to the bed while her tongue continued to explore him. The feeling was soothing along his taint but when her tongue was against his hole he felt so violated yet so good.

Soon her tongue became more forceful, zeroing in on his hole and beginning to penetrate him. He couldn’t help but moan as her strong tongue slowly started to fuck him. He could feel that her body was rhythmically shaking as though she were masturbating while she licked him, although he couldn’t see anything with his face against the bed. Another moan escaped his lips as her tongue seemed to touch new depths within him. Her pace, both with her tongue and with her hand were becoming faster and Jason felt himself nearing an orgasm of his own, unbelievably, from having his asshole licked by this hot senior. As he pictured her breasts, he reached to down to stroke himself and in a few moments he was shooting all over the front of his bed. As he came, his ass clamped down on the slot oyna hot blonde’s intruding tongue, making it feel even bigger. Ashley seemed to orgasm at the same time, moaning into his ass, her tongue slowing and withdrawing while her hand worked furiously out of sight getting herself off.

Jason lay panting, still naked, bent over the bed. He heard Ashley stand and unzip her skirt sliding it off. She swatted his ass and said, “You taste amazing babe. Just like I knew you would. I’m really sorry but I can’t control myself. I know I said I would but… I know I’m violating school rules but please forgive me for what I’m about to do” Ashley said as she kept Jason pinned down to the bed.

Jason was scared as he tried to look back over at Ashley trying to figure out what she meant. The more Jason tried to turn the more Ashley took control preventing him from looking. “Ashley you’re scaring me!” Jason said as his body was pinned down deep into the bed with his dick poking into the mattress. “it’s ok to be scared, Just stay calm and relax your body. Take a deep breath with me ok? Ready? deep breath in” Ashley said as she breathed in. Jason took a few deep breaths with Ashley calming down. Suddenly Jason’s ass started to hurt like something was being forced inside of him.

Jason felt very uncomfortable and began squirming as his ass was being forced open by Ashley. “Ashley….this hurts too much… Whatever your pushing inside me….really really hurts” Jason said almost crying from the pain. “Ooh don’t worry. You’ll be fine” Ashley said as she began to move her hips slowly inside Jason. Jason felt more pain then pleasure as he began to moan out a little bit from Ashley. “Just relax your body the best you can Jason” Ashley said as she sped up. “Ashley…It hurts too much…please pull it out!” Jason pleaded. “Sorry I know I’m big but I can’t control myself. Your ass is begging to be fucked by my cock” Ashley said. Jason’s eyes widened after Ashley had finished her sentience. “So you mean to tell me you stuck-” “That’s right. Right now my cock is inside you molding your ass to my will. I popped your cherry the minute I stuffed the last inch of my cock inside you” Ashley said as she sped up.

Ashley started to move her hips faster inside Jason’s ass and Jason started to make grunting noises with each of Ashley’s movements from how deep she was inside of Jason. “Oh my, Jason your ass is sucking in my cock. It feels so good” Ashley moaned as she slapped Jason’s ass. “Ashley this feels really uncomfortable.. Can you please….oooh god yes” Jason said as Ashley changed direction of her movement and began massaging Jason’s prostate gland with her cock. The pain in Jason’s ass was replaced with pure pleasure. “I know my way around a guy. So I know what buttons to push to get him to submit to me. All I need to do is pay attention to this spot right here and then you’ll be begging me for more” Ashley said moving faster inside Jasons ass as her cock was practically grinding against Jason’s prostate gland.

“Oh my god Ashley….I had no idea this could feel soo good” Jason moaned loudly. “I know it does. Your ass is sucking my cock inside you it’s almost as if you want me to cum. It keeps sucking my cock inside it’s almost as if its trying to suck the seed right out of me” Ashley said pushing her canlı casino siteleri cock as deep as she could inside Jason and ground her hips against Jason’s ass as her hips were pressing into Jason’s ass.

Jason was moaning uncontrollably as Ashley worked her cock in Jason’s ass. Suddenly Jason felt Ashley’s arms wrap around his body with her boobs pressing into his back as she held him tightly and began cumming inside of his ass. Jason’s ass was clamping down spasming as his orgasm came crashing down on him with Ashley’s. Jason collapsed onto the bed taking Ashley down with him panting heavily. “So sorry. I didn’t know you’d feel so good” Ashley said as she began to get up. Jason grabbed Ashley’s hands holding them onto his chest preventing her from leaving. “Don’t go…” Jason said with a sad tone in his voice. “But Jason I have to” Ashley said. “Please?” Jason said as he looked back making a sad expression on his face.

“Jason…” Ashley said feeling bad for Jason. Jason removed her hands and allowed her to pull her cock from his ass. Jason turned around lying on his back as the side of his mouth was drooling from lust. Jason slowly began stroking his own cock keeping it hard. Jason lifted his legs up looking at Ashley with an expression that was practically begging for more. “Please fuck me again” Jason asked. Ashley looked at Jason and leaned into him and kissed him deeply on his lips and guided her cock back to his waiting asshole pushing it in. Jason moaned into Ashley’s mouth as she entered him again. After Ashley was inside of Jason, Jason wrapped his arms and his legs tightly around Ashley indicating he was ready and he wanted to be hers. Ashley brought his face down into her boobs and Jason grabbed one into his mouth sucking it greedily as she began to fuck Jason again.

Jason was moaning into Ashley’s nipple as he sucked her breast as he continued to drool in ecstasy. “Ashley… I know it’s against the rules but please. I want you to go out with me. Your body is so amazing I can’t handle how good this feels. If I were to get fucked by a cock, I want it to be yours!” Jason said burying his face into Ashley’s breast more. “Oh Jason…I’ll tell you what, If I really mean that much to you I’ll give up my job as a RA and go out with you. Here, I’ll give you this. With this you can come to my room and receive all the sex you want” Ashley said giving Jason a pink bracelet putting it on his arm as she held him close into her body as she sped up more.

“OH FUCK ASHLEY” Jason moaned loudly as his cock began squirting its approval of having Ashley as his girlfriend. Jason’s ass clamped down hard onto Ashley increasing her pleasure and forced her cock to cum and gave its approval of fucking Jason. After their orgasms passed they both lied there. Jason was sucking on Ashley’s nipple gently as she rubbed the top of his head. “I can tell this is gonna be the best time of our lives” Ashley said as Jason nodded in agreement. “Wait…Will I have to suck your cock at all?” Jason asked.”You will but don’t worry, I’ll let you take your time and learn how to suck my cock and give me a good blowjob” Ashley said as she kissed the top of his head. Ashley looked down at Jason and noticed a change in him. “What’s wrong?” Ashley asked. “I don’t know but… I just feel very….odd” Jason said trying to explain. “I know what it is. You’re developing a submissive side. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure it blooms into a very beautiful thing while you’re with me” Ashley said as she smiled.

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