Ashley and Mia Ch. 05


When I got back into the room Ashley was already curled up in our makeshift bed with the blankets pulled around her. She looks so adorable curled into a little ball. I’m really starting to fall for this girl but I don’t know how to tell her without frightening her about how serious things are becoming for me. Regardless of how we feel about each other neither one of us is ready to let everyone know about our sexual orientations, especially when we are still trying to figure it out for ourselves, at least I am. I pull the covers back and hop in alongside her. I reach my arms out until they come into contact with her bare skin. A smile spreads across my face.

“I see you are still following the rule of no clothes allowed in the bed.” I say and kiss her shoulder.

She rolls over and looks at me. “Well yeah I didn’t want to sleep in the hall.” I can’t help but laugh.

“Wise decision.” I say. She rolls her eyes at me, then closes them and puckers her lips. “Is that your way of asking for a kiss?” I ask. With her eyes still closed and lips puckered she nods her head. I lean in and give her a soft, sweet, long, gentle kiss. I pull away and look at her. Her eyes are still closed but she has a big smile on her face. God she is the cutest thing ever. She slowly opens her eyes revealing those stunning icy blue irises.

“You are so beautiful Ashley.” I say.

“And you are so sexy Mia.” she says back giving me a naughty smirk.

“Oh don’t get me started. Plus we have class early tomorrow and you look pretty tired so I think we need to call it a night.” I say.

“Yeah you are right. Goodnight baby.” she says. My heart leaps a little when she calls me that.

“Goodnight.” I say and give her a kiss on her forehead. She rolls back onto her side, wiggles around until she is pressed up against me, and then grabs my arm so it is wrapped around her. I pull her into me as close as possible; feeling her bare naked skin against mine both turns me on and comforts me. It isn’t long until we both are asleep.


I’m suddenly jolted awake by a jab from Ashley’s elbow into my ribs. I open my eyes to see Ashley thrashing about but I can tell she is still asleep. I grab her and shake her awake as gently as I can. Her eyes shoot open. They are filled with fear and it breaks my heart. I stroke her hair trying to help her calm down.

“Ash, baby you were having a nightmare.” I say.

She drops her head down. “I woke you up, didn’t I?” she asks.

I tilt her chin up so that she has to look at me. “Hey don’t be upset that you woke me up. I’m glad I was here.” I say. During her nightmare she had moved to the other side of the bed. I sit up and pull her into my lap and wrap my arms tightly around her.

“I should have told you that I sometimes get really bad nightmares but only when I am stressed out.” she says.

“Well I am here to be your personal stress reliever, and now that you are wide awake I need to find a way to make you tired.” I say suggestively.

“Hmm sounds like you already have something in mind.” she says.

“Oh I do.” I say and laugh. I kiss the back of her head and pull her hair over her shoulder and to one side. My hands make their way to her shoulders and I start to massage them. “Wow you weren’t kidding when you said you were stressed.” I say.

“Yeah I know. That feels really good though.” she says. My fingers continue to work her shoulders and back until all her knots are gone. I feel her body finally relax. I lightly scratch up and down her back and trace the length of her spine a few times. She shivers and goose bumps pop up along her skin. I kiss her neck and nibble her earlobe. My hands move from her back to her front. I run my hands up and down her sides and stomach before letting them rest on her magnificent tits. I grab them firmly and start to massage them. Ashley lets out a moan and her nipples are already starting to harden.

I whisper in her ear, “I have the perfect solution for nightmares… I’m going to make you cum until you pass out.” I open my legs up so she can sit in between them, and I pull her close against me so that her back is against my chest. My fingers tease her nipples. I know she likes them pulled but for now all she gets are light grazes from my thumbs. I can feel her arching her back against me trying to force more pressure from my hands. I breathe gently against her neck, “tell me what you want baby.” I say.

Ashley squirms, “you know what I want.” she says back.

“Is it this?” I ask while I pinch and roll her nipples between my fingers.

Ashley moans, “mmm yes more.”

“Beg me for it.” I whisper in her ear. I remove my fingers from her nipples and start stroking her thighs. Without me having to say a word she spreads her legs.

“Mia plea…” she begins to say, but I slide two of my fingers inside her before she can finish begging me. She moans and thrusts against my hand driving me deeper illegal bahis inside her. I pump her g-spot a few times causing Ashley to grab the sheets and press herself firmly against me. I know she can feel my nipples poking her back because she starts to slowly slide up and down against me making my nipples harden even more. My fingers inside her stop moving as I close my eyes and enjoy the sensation of her soft skin against me.

“I knew you would like that.” Ashley says which snaps me out of my trance. I pull my fingers out and give her pussy a light slap which makes her jump.

“This is about pleasing you until you are exhausted, not the other way around.” I say.

She giggles, “yes ma’am.”

“Good. Now that we understand each other I can continue.” I tell her. I bite her neck and kiss down every inch of her smooth skin and on to her shoulder. I kiss the round bite mark that I accidentally gave her from our play time in the shower yesterday. I remove my fingers from her dripping pussy and move them in circles on her clit. I can tell she is sad that my fingers are no longer inside her but her clit is definitely happy to get some attention. Her clit continues to swell and throb underneath my fingertips.

“Does that feel good baby?” I ask her.

“You know it does. Your fingers are magic.” she moans. I nuzzle her neck and continue to firmly rub her clit in slow circles. I stop to spit on my fingers then go back to rubbing her clit but I increase the speed. Ashley is grinding against my fingers and I know she is already getting close.

“I want your fingers inside me.” she says. Again I speed up my fingers. She is so wet that she is dripping onto the sheets.

“Not yet you have to cum for me first.” I say. I keep rubbing her clit and she moans in both frustration and pleasure. With my other hand I pinch her nipple and tug. This sends her over the edge and she shakes against me. I slow down my fingers against her clit but I don’t stop rubbing it. She squirms and tries to pull my hand away.

“It’s sensitive babe.” she says trying to get out of my reach. With my free hand I pull one of her arms and put it behind her back then I grab her other arm and do the same thing to it.

“I have to punish you. Remember our naughty shower yesterday? But I know you can take it” I say and give her clit a quick slap. She lets out a noise that sounds like a cross between a yelp and a whimper. I start rubbing her clit in small circles. Ashley moans but continues to try to move away from my fingers. I let up the pressure a little because I don’t want to cause her any pain.

“Fuck Ashley!” I yell out when she suddenly thrusts her middle finger deep into my pussy. Trapping her arms behind her back may not have been my best idea. I quickly pull her finger out of me because if I let her continue I’ll become selfish and my goal right now is to make her cum multiple times.

“Sorry Ash no touching until you cum again.” I say to her. I hear her sigh and I lean forward and give her a kiss on the cheek. I go back to focusing on her clit again. I rub her sensitive bud in fast but light circles.

“Oh god I’m going to cum again.” Ashley says right as her body convulses. Her head falls back against my shoulder as her orgasm consumes her. I remove my fingers from her clit only for a few seconds and then place them directly back on her clit, rubbing fast and hard, side to side.

“Err… Mia… I can’t… take it.” she groans out. My thumb flicks her nipple and seven seconds later she cums again, every muscle in her body spasms. I kiss down her back and then position myself so that I am sitting in between her legs while facing her.

“Holy shit. I don’t know how you can make me cum so fast.” she says breathlessly

“You aren’t done yet baby.” I say. She looks completely sex drunk. I place one hand on her back and push her closer to me while my index and middle fingers slide into her aching pussy. I start fucking her hard and deep. Ashley moans with each and every thrust. I stop the thrusting motions and work on really hitting her g-spot. My fingers curl and uncurl against her fleshy sponge. I feel her pussy clench down on my fingers every time I hit that magic spot. Her pussy is squeezing so tight it’s hard to keep moving my fingers.

“Oh fuck.” she moans. Her pussy clamps down on my fingers and I can’t move them at all. She squirts onto my fingers and her juice runs down my hand and wrists. I slowly withdraw my fingers, mission accomplished.

“That is seriously the hottest thing ever babe.” I say. She looks at me and gives me a sleepy smile.

“Well you definitely did what you said you would do. I am totally exhausted.” she says. I pull the covers back on the bed and slide under them.

“Come here gorgeous.” I say. I lay on my back and Ashley curls up against me draping her leg over mine and resting her head against my chest. I kiss her forehead and we fall asleep.


After illegal bahis siteleri class today I decided to go to a sex shop and surprise Ashley with something especially since this is the last night we are going to get to spend together in my room. Ashley got out of class early so she was already back in the dorms. When I open the door Ashley jumps up with a smile on her face. She walks over to me and gives me as big hug. She starts to kiss me and it turns into one of the most passionate and sexiest make out sessions we have had in awhile. She traces my lips with her tongue and bites my bottom lip. Her tongue slowly slides in and out of my mouth and I can’t help but moan thinking of another area where I want her tongue to be doing that.

Ashley breaks the kiss as her hands slide up my shirt.”Someone must be horny if they are moaning just from a kiss.” she says.

“You have that effect on me.” I say. Her lips attach to mine again and she walks me backwards until I fall onto the bed.

“You have way too many clothes on.” she says and pulls my shirt up over my head revealing my bare breasts. “No bra, really Mia?” I give her a shy smile.

“You couldn’t even tell with the shirt I was wearing.” I say.

“I don’t know whether I should be proud of your boldness or punish you for showing off your gorgeous tits to everyone.” she says.

“Hmm I might need to be taught a lesson.” I say and give her a smirk.

“Oh really? You think so?” she asks. I nod my head. “Ok then take your clothes off and lay over the side of the bed with your ass hanging off the edge.” she says. I obey her commands and wait for her to make her move. She kisses up my spine and I feel her hands grab my ass.

“You have such a perfect ass baby.” she says. Before I can respond she slaps my ass with both of her hands. I press my face into the sheets as I cry out. Ashley spanks me again and again and again and again. I grab my pillow and bite down on it while she spanks me, my skin starting to sting.

“Now if you try to show your ass off to everyone they will know your mine because my hands are branded on your ass in perfect red handprints.” she says. I love the way she calls me hers. Ashley kisses the marks that she left on me then pushes me up so that I am fully laying on the bed on my stomach. “Spread your legs for me.” she says. I don’t hesitate; I want her to touch me badly. I feel her position herself in between my legs. I can feel her breathing in the scent of my arousal and I wiggle my pussy closer to her face.

“Don’t tease.” I say to her. She obliges me and her tongue touches my clit. She licks up my entire slit until she is almost in my ass. She pulls my lips apart and slips her tongue into my pussy. She is a master with her tongue and she expertly fucks my pussy with it. I push back against her mouth, matching the speed of her thrusts with her tongue.

“Your tongue feels so good.” I tell her. She stops fucking me and slides herself under me so that I am sitting on her face. I look down into her gorgeous blue eyes. “I love seeing you buried under my pussy.” I say.

“Good because this is my favorite place to be.” she says. She starts to work my clit with her tongue. She grabs my hips pushing and pulling on them encouraging me to ride her face. I gladly start to grind against her warm wet tongue. She sticks her tongue out farther so that I can enjoy the full length of it on my pussy. I lean back and grab Ashley’s tits, tugging her nipples. She moans into my pussy and that releases something carnal in me. I quicken my pace, grinding hard against her face and feel myself building up to that point of no return.

“Oh fuck I’m going to cum. Suck my clit baby, please.” I beg her. She grabs my ass forcing me down on her mouth more and sucks on my clit. I explode and drip in her mouth and on her chin. I slowly climb off of Ashley’s face. “You’re so pretty with my cum on your face.” I say and give her a little kiss on the tip of her nose.

“Oh yeah? Well I think you should help clean it up.” she says. I grab her hair and pull her head back. I lick up her neck and chin until my tongue reaches her lips. I trace the outline of her lips with my tongue before forcing my way into her mouth. I kiss her hard and passionately.

“Face the headboard, get on your knees, and stick your ass up.” I tell her.

Ashley obeys and says, “Now you’re the bossy one, huh?” I slap her ass.

“I have a surprise for you but you have to be a good girl, can you do that?” I ask. I give her clit a few quick licks and she gasps.

“Aww a surprise for me??? and I can be a good girl if you want me to be.” she says, that evil glint shining in her eyes.

“Good. Keep your eyes closed. I’ll be right back.” I say.

“Ok.” she replies.

I hop off the bed and grab the bag that I dropped by the door. I pull out the strap on I bought for me and Ashley and really hope she will like it. Ashley has never been with a guy before so I went with a six inch long dildo canlı bahis siteleri with a one inch circumference that attaches to the harness. It matches her pale blue eyes and is semi realistic looking. I figured since she is a lesbian she isn’t going to want something that looks exactly like a cock with balls hanging down plowing into her. My hands are shaking as I step into the harness and slide it up my legs. It takes me a little bit to tighten it and make sure everything is properly in position.

“Everything all right over there?” Ashley asks.

“Yep everything is fine. No peeking!” I say. She laughs but keeps her eyes closed. I look in the mirror and think I look a little funny with a dildo attached to me, but the idea of fucking Ashley is so hot. I grab the lube I also bought at the sex store and head back over to the bed. I jump up next to Ashley being careful that the strap on doesn’t touch her and give away everything. “Keep your eyes closed.” I say. I spit on her asshole and let it run down onto her pussy. Ashley lets out a sigh of pleasure. I slide my middle finger into her pussy and start fucking her so I can open her up and get her ready for the dildo. She moans as I slowly slide my finger in and out.

“More baby more.” she says. I give in and let my index finger join my middle finger inside her pussy. I don’t want to fuck her hard, yet… so I just keep going slow, warming her up. I slide a third finger inside her trying to open up her tight pussy even more.

“Fuck. Is that number three?” she asks.

“Yeah. It doesn’t hurt does it?” I ask concerned it’s too much for her.

“No. It feels good. Just be gentle.” she says. I kiss her back and shoulder.

“Don’t worry baby I will be, for now.” I say and bite her ass. She moans and starts to fuck my fingers. Her pussy seems ready to be fucked by something bigger and harder. I take my fingers out and they are covered in her juices. I lick them clean and grab the bottle of lube. Ashley is super wet but I lube up the dildo anyways because I don’t want to cause her any discomfort.

“Remember eyes closed.” I say.

“They are, now will you please continue to fuck me.” she says. Oh she is definitely ready for my cock. I position the head of the toy at her pussy and start to slide it in. I look at Ashley trying to read her body for any signs of pain. I get two inches in before I completely withdraw from her pussy and repeat the process.

“Oh god what is that babe? You are stretching me good.” she says.

“Open your eyes.” I say. She opens her eyes and looks back at me. She looks shocked but she can’t hide the excitement on her face.

“I’m going to fuck you good Ashley.” I say and slide the rest of the toy inside her.

“Shit.” she moans and grips the sheets. “I can’t believe you bought a strap on Mia. This is the hottest fucking thing ever.” I smile, so happy that she is game for this. I grab her hips and start to slowly fuck her pussy. I naturally get into a good rhythm with my hips and the movements don’t feel awkward at all. Ashley is starting to slam back against me with each thrust and I know she is ready for more. I pull my hips back so just the very tip of the dildo is inside her. I can see her pussy gripping on not wanting to lose the fullness from the toy. I dig my fingers into her hips and slam back into her. Ashley cries out and for a second I’m worried that was too much too soon and I hurt her.

“God yes. Again.” she says. I repeat what I did earlier but this time I don’t pause in between thrusts. I am slamming into her hard and you can hear the slapping of skin when her ass hits against my hips. Ashley is moaning uncontrollably. I cover her mouth with my hand and grab her shoulder with my other. I continue fucking her hard and judging from Ashley’s moans and the way her body is shaking she isn’t going to be able to hang on much longer. Then she lets out a long moan and her legs shake uncontrollably. I fuck her through her orgasm but at a slower gentler pace. She grabs my leg signaling me to stop.

“Are you ok?” I ask.

“Yeah it’s just really intense I needed a break.” she says breathing heavily. I slowly pull out of her.

“You think you are good for one more fucking?” I ask.

She smiles, “give it to me baby.” she says. I grab a pillow and place it under her hips so that she is lying completely flat on her stomach but with her ass and pussy propped up. I spit on her pussy and guide the toy back inside her. I start out slow to make sure she is recovered from her first orgasm, but it isn’t long before my hips are smacking against her ass. I reach my hand under her and find her clit. Ashley is moaning like crazy and her words aren’t making sense. The only ones I can make out are yes, fuck, and shit. My finger rubs her clit side to side as I continue my endless fucking.

“Mia don’t stop. Fuck you are hitting the right spot.” she says. I rub her clit harder and give her three final extra hard thrusts before her orgasm erupts. I climb off of her right after she stops cumming because I know she is extremely sensitive. I undo the harness and slip it off so that nothing is in the way of our bare skin. Ashley rolls onto her back her chest rising and falling while she tries to catch her breath.

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