At Long Last: Gwen Ch. 03


Chapter 2 concluded with Gwen departing the conference for home.


When I left Gwen’s room I returned to mine and realized that I had never before felt a void inside me. What had happened? There was simply no logical explanation for the undeniable fact that I had met Gwen forty-eight hours before, had shared unspeakable intimacies with her, had laughed more in forty-eight hours than I had in the previous forty-eight days, and felt absolutely alive in every fiber of my body. It was simply amazing and I could not wrap my head around the events or my behavior.

One phrase kept running through my brain and that was, “There’s no fool like an old fool.” I tried to fit that to my circumstances with Gwen, but it didn’t seem to fit. That tiny, squirming, hilarious, emotional woman had been as open and unadorned with me as I was with her.

I had to conclude that I was in some uncharted regions of my life and there was only one thing to do and that was to move forward and see where it led. With that in mind I prepared for the Noon meeting and dressed and took the elevator downstairs to get some coffee and to read the newspaper.

I had my coffee and newspaper when my good colleague, Howard, appeared and asked if he could join me. I nodded to a chair at my table and he sat and ordered coffee. Howard said, “It’s good to see you up and about.”

“Why’s that, Howard?”

“No one has seen you for two days, Will, aside from that spectacular sideshow you and the lady provided at the banquet last night.”

I smiled, “That was a rather ostentatious display last evening, wasn’t it? She did make an entrance, didn’t she?”

Howard laughed and said, “And, if that wasn’t enough, the talk of the conference, today, is the kiss she laid on you at the dance last night.”

“That confused me, too. She had an explanation for it that didn’t quite compute for me.”

Howard added, “We have a couple of anthropologists at the conference and their explanation of the kiss is that she was marking her territory and warning every other female that you were not available.”

“Really! That’s interesting, Howard. That was her explanation with a rather graphical example affixed.”

It was Howard’s turn to say, “Really!” He continued, “I’ve always thought anthropologists just made up stories to fit their observations. Maybe they do know what they’re talking about.”

“Well, that’s certainly Madeline’s thesis as you well know.”

Howard wrinkled his face at the thought of Madeline’s thesis.

We were finishing our coffee and Howard said, “Come along with me, today, Will. I’m headed to the stockyards here on a bit of a field trip until it’s time to get to the airport.”

“I can’t imagine I have time for it, Howard. I have an executive committee meeting from Noon until two and then I have to get to the airport for a four o’clock flight home.”

Howard said, “Oh, I’m on the same flight. I’ll see you there. Hey, where have you been since the semester began. I haven’t see you around the department at all.”

“Sabbatical this semester, Howard.”

Howard looked pensive and then chuckled, “Life isn’t fair, Will. You get the beautiful lady and a sabbatical.”

“By the way, Howard. The beautiful lady, as you put it, yells at me quite a lot. Is that normal?”

Howard’s response was, “I certainly have a limited data set, but yelling seems about right. My wife spends half her life yelling at me about God knows what. My experience is that you haven’t stepped in shit until they get really, really quiet.”

“Good, my shoes are clean. Thanks, Howard.”

The executive committee meeting and the flight home went well and I was in my house by eight o clock that evening. Once I had played with the cats and unpacked I made a cup of coffee and called Gwen.

She answered on the third ring and asked, “Is this that Old Man I was talking to at a conference recently?”

“No,” I responded. “This is a different old man. You put the first one into cardiac arrest and I’m his designated replacement.”

Her response was, “Oh dear. I don’t want to talk to you. I want the original one.”

“All right. I’ll see if he can come to the phone,” and I waited a bit and then said, “Hey, Beautiful.”

Gwen responded, “Oh, Old Man, I miss you so much already. And, Anastasia wants to know if Ivan is OK.”

“Tell Anastasia that Ivan is in rehab and will again be in working order in a week.”

Gwen laughed and then said, “I think I cried all the way home, I missed you so much.”

My response was, “That’s very interesting because after I went back to my room this morning I felt like I had a big hole inside me somewhere.”

“As soon as you get here, there won’t be a hole any longer. Just hurry.”

I realized, suddenly, that I was awfully glad to be talking to Gwen and I remarked to her that that was the case.

“Are you kidding? I’ve been holding my breath since I got home waiting for your call.”

“Well, take a deep breath and enjoy casino siteleri it and don’t do that again. Nothing short of a disaster would stop me from calling you.”

We talked a few minutes later and Gwen made me promise that I’d remember to call the next night and to hurry and get to her.

I responded with “I promise to close down here and get there as fast as possible, and not later than a week from now. Oh, and send me the name and phone number and address of an M.D. and dentist to whom I can have my records sent for a semester. Also a vet for the cats.”

“I’ll e-mail all that to you tonight or tomorrow,” Gwen promised.

We talked a bit longer and I distinctly heard a sniffle or two from Gwen and we concluded with her urging me to hurry and to call her tomorrow.

The next week was a three-ring circus of arrangements and forwarding information. My nightly call to Gwen was always fun as we talked about what we done that day and one night Gwen really shocked and titillated me. As we were talking she said, “Listen to this” and the next thing I heard were squishing sounds. When she came back on the phone she asked, “Did you hear that?”

I said I did and she explained those were the sounds of her fingers in her pussy masturbating to the sounds of my voice. I was speechless. She then asked if I wanted to hear her cum.

I had the good sense to say, “Of course I do,” and I then heard more of the same sounds and then the unmistakable vocal sounds of Gwen climaxing.

I held the phone as she came to her senses and she whispered, “That’s how aroused I am for you.”

I said, “I’ll be there soon and you won’t have to do that.”

“Hurry, Old Man,” was her final admonition of the evening and then we concluded our conversation as she said, “Love and kisses.”

Finally, it was time for the long drive from western Alabama to northern Virginia. Fortunately, both Atlas, my tiny male cat, and Pixie, my larger female cat were good travelers as long as the weren’t cooped up in the car too long. On the first leg, we made it to central North Carolina and we checked into a motel. I called Gwen and the cats played nearly all night long in the motel room and I slept for a long while.

The following morning we were on our way to Gwen’s house and made it by early afternoon. Gwen was waiting for us and she fussed over the cats as much as she did me. Both Atlas and Pixie very willingly walked into Gwen’s house which assured me that they approved of Gwen. To both Gwen’s and my relief, her three cats greeted both of mine with no signs of jealousy or territorial protectiveness.

We carried all of my stuff into her spare bedroom and she told me to sit in the big lounge chair while she made me a cup of coffee. She brought it to me and curled up in my lap.

While we talked quietly I noted that both Pixie and Atlas had ceased their exploration of Gwen’s home and had wandered over to us and they were studying Gwen intently. It’s my decided prejudice that cats will provide an excellent insight into a person’s character. If they flee from a person, you should flee. If they tolerate a person, that person is tolerable. If they are attracted to a person, there is something inherently good in that person. At worst, it’s an hypothesis that should be tested.

Gwen and I talked about how we’d schedule our days and it was clear to me that Gwen appreciated that I had a book to finish this semester and I would have ample time to work in solitude on it.

Without warning the little vixen pounced. I saw the gleam in her eye and the devilish smile appear and she sat up on my lap and removed her sweatshirt revealing her beautiful bare breasts.

She cupped them for me and asked, “Do you remember what they’re called?”

“Of course I do. They’re now called frijoles.”

Gwen laughed and said, “Oh, Old Man, you are so dear.”

Then she asked, “Do you remember what you do with them.”

“Uh huh. Sometimes I lick them and sometimes I suck them and sometimes I gently pinch them.”

“Then what happens?” she whispered.

“Well, if my memory is to be trusted, your little pussy gets very wet.”

Gwen inhaled and whispered, “But, today, my pussy is already so wet and when you suck my nipple, my pussy might just explode.”

I leaned forward and she placed her left nipple in my mouth and I sucked her. She inhaled loudly and then expelled her breath in staccato breaths.

I continued to suck on Gwen’s nipple and her deep breathing became low moans and her hands grabbed the sides of my head. Eventually she gasped, “Oh, how I missed you,” and she reverted to low moans of appreciation. When her low moans turned to cries of “Ohhhhhhhhh,” and then she asked me to carry her to “our” bed.

I picked her up and carried her to the bed and we kissed the entire way from the living room. When I deposited her on the bed she arched her hips and unsnapped her jeans and I grabbed the zipper and slid the jeans off her. I simply laughed. The little vixen wasn’t wearing panties.

She slot oyna smiled and said, “First, Anastasia wants the Old Man to lick her, but not very long or very hard or Anastasia is going to explode. Then Anastasia wants big dumb Ivan to come inside her.”

She presented herself to me I licked her very wet pussy and, free of the constraints of a hotel room, Gwen moaned as loudly as she wished. Between moans I heard her say, “Oh, you wonderful Old Man.”

When I licked her clit, Gwen screamed and begged, “Let me have Ivan, Will. Please!”

I attempted to position myself between Gwen’s legs and found a cat blocking my way. Gwen, wondering at my delay, looked down and moaned, “Oh Good Lord.” She leaned forward and yelled, “Toby! Get out of the way!” She smacked Toby on the rump and he leaped out of the way.

Gwen murmured to me, “Toby: my protector.”

I positioned myself between her legs and she simultaneously wrapped her legs around my waist and placed my cock inside her dripping pussy. We simultaneously moaned, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The sensation of entering her was so intense and so pleasurable I simply stayed in place and let my cock soak in the wet heat of her excited pussy.

Gwen’s eyes had been closed when I entered her, but as I froze in her she opened her eyes and looked into mine and said, “On, I never knew love-making could be so good.”

I began thrusting into her and sliding nearly out of her. The pattern became a rhythm and the rhythm became a choreographed dance of two frantically coupled people. Despite Gwen thinking she could not last long, she did well and we thrust back and forth smiling at each other. How long we danced I couldn’t say, but I noted that eventually Gwen’s eyes began to flicker and the low grunts emanating from deep inside her I knew she was signaling me that she was entering her orgasm. She closed her eyes and her hands gripped my shoulders tightly and she moaned, stiffened, and I felt her fluids soak me. That triggered me to thrust more deeply and a moment later I erupted into her.

I rolled off her and she rolled into me and we held each other. I don’t know what she was thinking, but I faced the reality that I was losing control of my life. This tiny woman was inside my head.

Gwen slithered down my body until her face was even with my cock. She grasped it and licked me and said, “Poor dumb Ivan. You’re a good boy,” and she sucked the combined residue of our emissions. She sucked me contentedly for a few minutes and scrambled back up to face and told me to lie on my back while observing, “Boy, this sure beats masturbating with your shirt.”

I had to laugh at her comment as I got on my back and she climbed on me and kissed me and then looked intently at me. She simply looked at me for a while and then said, “Maybe there was a reason for my stupid marriage. Maybe it was so that I could appreciate you and just be crazy with you and never have you judge me.”

I smiled at that and said, “To the contrary, I judge you and I think you’re wonderful. I love your brain, I love your humor, I love this tush (as I gripped and squeezed her bottom) and I love your craziness and I find you mind-blowingly sexy.”

“Oooooh” Gwen murmured, “I love it when you squeeze my bottom.”

She continued, “Old Man, I think I could count the time I was actually naked with my husband. I was never braless or went without panties. I never initiated sex with him. He never licked me, he might have nibbled a few times at my ta-tas and his pathetic little worm that he thought was a cock wasn’t satisfying. But, O my God, he was a pretentious jerk.”

I laughed and urged her not to look backwards.

She nodded and said, “I know, but it’s so hard not to make comparisons.”

Then she looked at me curiously and said, “You’ve never asked one question about my ex. Why not?”

I was really nonplussed and finally asked, “Am I supposed to ask about him?”

Gwen laughed and shook her head. “I’ve noticed that people don’t register with you. Anyone else would be asking about my ex and comparing himself to him, but not you. I noted that you’ve never mentioned those graduate student women whom you scared at the conference. I can’t think of another person who wouldn’t have wanted to know what they said about him or her, but you’ve forgotten about them. You’ve never mentioned that jerk at the dance who wanted to dance with me. Why not?

I thought a moment and said, “Use your time to think about important things, not inconsequential ones.”

Gwen countered by saying, “They weren’t things Will. They are people.”

I shrugged and said, “OK, they are people, but I don’t see why I have to be concerned with them. There are really worthwhile people about whom I can be concerned. Like this little princess on my chest for example.”

Gwen smiled, “Am I a princess?”

“I think you are.”

“Thank you!” Gwen hugged me.” Your princess is hungry. Feed me.”

“OK. Could we feed the cats, too. Or, at least my two. It’s their dinner time.”

Gwen canlı casino siteleri asked what they ate and when and we discovered that we both used the same wet food twice a day and left the same dry food out for the cats all day. We fed the cats and showered and headed for dinner.

Once we returned from dinner, Gwen helped me unpack and we sorted out the chores. I was in charge of cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, cleaning the litter boxes daily, taking care of the garbage, and other duties as assigned by the Princess.

“Wait a second” I protested. “I think you should clean the litter boxes daily.”

Gwen responded, “I am shocked at the effrontery posed by that idiotic suggestion. Why would I ever clean litter boxes?”

I pointed out, “You’re a lot closer to the floor and it would be easier for you to reach them.”

“Princesses,” Gwen archly explained, “do not clean litter boxes. That is a task assigned to big dumb guys like Sasquatch” and she walked away. She then pivoted and came back to me and asked, “Are you really six feet four inches tall? I think you shaved off a few inches when you told me that.”

I shrugged, “It’s close enough.”

Gwen asked, “Did you play basketball?”

“Now why would you ask that?” I questioned.

Her response was “Well, DUH! You’ve very tall.”

“Oh, then I should ask you if you were a jockey,”

Gwen stamped her foot and demanded to be picked up. When I picked her up she put her hands on my shoulders and asked, “Did you play basketball?”

I laughed and said, “If it’s that important, look it up.”

Gwen said, “I will! Put me down you big dummy. You can’t even answer a simple question without making a research project out of it.”

I attended to getting my book materials in order and Gwen went to a computer to see if I’d played basketball and she came back in a while and said, “Gee, Old Man, you played a lot of basketball and you were even drafted by the pros, but you didn’t play in the pros.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Why not?”

I responded, “This was forty years ago. Are you really interested?”

Gwen said, “I’m interested. I want to know you.”

“OK, I didn’t play basketball for two reasons. The minor one was that the pros said I was too light and they wanted me to play at 230 pounds and I thought that would change me as a player tremendously. The major one was, I looked at the life style and couldn’t, for the life of me, see flying to a different city every night of the season and sleeping during the day so I could play at night. It didn’t make sense so I opted for graduate school.”

“It said you played in college at six feet, five inches and 205 pounds. What do you weigh now?”

“Now, I weigh 205.”

Gwen asked, “You mean, in forty years you haven’t gained weight?”

I nodded, ‘yes.’

Gwen said, “You’re scary.”

“No, just disciplined.”

Gwen grinned and added, “Sexy, too,” and hugged me.

Eventually we got around to going to bed and we immediately saw some problems. One was that I really didn’t fit into her purportedly queen sized bed which prompted any number of Sasquatch witticisms at my expense.

The second problem was the cats. Gwen’s cats slept with her and mine slept with me. We had five cats jostling for the same few spaces between us and it was really chaotic. Sleep was difficult and in the morning Gwen said, “We need a bigger bed.”

I wondered if that would solve the cat issue and Gwen thought it would help because neither of us slept well with cats crawling on us all night as they tried to squeeze into a space they wanted. She reasoned, “With more space they might settle down around us instead of trying to crawl between us.”

I said, “OK, so how do we get a new bed?”

Gwen said, “We go to mattress stores, look at mattresses, compare, decide which one we like, you give them your credit card, and they deliver it.”

I laughed and said, “I have a better plan. I’ll give you my credit card and you go find an extra firm mattress for us and buy it.”

Gwen said, “You don’t like to shop?”

I smiled at her and said, “Shopping is my second favorite thing after getting a root canal.”

Gwen said, “Pick me up.”

I looked at her and said, “Oh boy,” but I picked her up.

Gwen looked me in the eye and said, “You Sasquatch. Me Princess. You will go shopping with me.”

I smiled and said, “NO.”

Gwen stuck out her lower lip and asked, “Why not?”

“It’s a huge waste of time. I can go online, look at a product and, more importantly, compare specifications, compare brands, compare deals, and make a decision before I could ever drive to one, let alone two or three stores and deal with salespeople.”

Gwen pouted, “Are you sure?”


“You’re an old fossil. I’ll go myself. Put me down you mean Old Man.”

I put her down and she picked up Pixie and explained to Pixie, “Your daddy is a big poop.”

Pixie, thinking she was being adored, simply purred.

Gwen found us a king size mattress on which I fit, but the cat problem was slow to rectify itself. We just had cats everywhere. But, in a remarkably short time we settled into a routine that was really delightful for both of us.

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