At The Airport


It was a dark and stormy night… just kidding. Hat it been, though? Sophie was slowly drifting into consciousness, as almost always ten minutes before the alarm clock would shake her out of sleep. Sophie yawned, stretched, and with the gracefulness of the ballet dancer she once was, got out of bed. The early morning fall day meant that she stood in the darkness for a second, alone in her flat, no-one to enjoy the sight of her young, fit, and, well, naked body.

At 27, Sophie was a rising star in her consulting company, renowned for her quick wit, her problem-solving skills, and her empathy. Being a consultant meant lots of time spent in offices and interchangeable hotel rooms all across the nation, and for her it meant living alone in her flat – at least most of the time.

Sophie opened the window and started her stretching exercises, acutely aware of the cold breeze that engulfed her naked body, and she sighed as she felt her nipples harden. I don’t have time for this, she scolded her hand as she caught it nearing her nipples.

he finally turned on the light, but there were no neighbors around who could have enjoyed the sight of her – at 5’5”, her long brown hair, usually tied into a sensible ponytail, firm 36 C breasts with rather smallish nipples, which became very hard – and not to mention very sensitive – the body shape of the dancer she was and the runner she is, the cute firm butt, the long legs and finally, the pretty feet.

True to her typical self-discipline, the grabbed the running gear she had laid out the previous evening, and went on her daily run. 45 minutes later, panting and sweating.

“I wish I was panting for a different reason,” went through her mind, and it did not help that the wet shirt was rubbing against her nipples, and the could feel her sweat trickling down her ass. That did not help either.

She hurried into the shower, pondered taking care of the itch in her pussy, but decided against it, and prepared herself for the day: the usual business suit uniform, with the white blouse underneath, and on both the blouse and the jacket she left maybe a bit more buttons open than she would in the later meeting.

She did enjoy the attention she knew it would get her. She put the pantyhose in her briefcase, deciding she wanted to show off her freshly manicured güvenilir bahis toes as long as she could, and slipped into her heels before closing the door and taking the cab to the airport.

After clearing security, Sophie checked and still had some time before boarding. The deliberately walked slowly to the business class lounge, enjoy the clicking sound of her heels on the stone, and the glances the suits tried to conceal as she neared – those towards her cleavage – and as she walked away, those on her ass.

That thought turned her on, she realized, making a note to herself that she needed to get up even earliert to take care of herself to make it through the.. she was searching for the right word, then mentally shook herself: “To the point, girl! Through the days when you are am severly underfucked!”

Finally Sophie arrived at the quiet, soothing refuge of the business lounge. A quiet corner… a few suits… over there, in a separee-like corner, a pretty cute guy was sitting alone. He had turned as she clicked into the lounge… but interestingly, his glance did not linger on her tits. He looked away… no, he did not. He looked at her feet. Interesting.

Sophie walked over.

“Is this seat free?” she asked, and once the cute suit waved a hand signaling that it was, she sat down. He looked up, smiled and nodded, and then his glance fell and lingered again on her feet.

Sophie took her time, ordering a coffee and drinking it, then – as if lost in thought – let her right heel dangle. His eyes budged. Sophie felt the rush of excitement she always felt when men – or women, to be honest – reacted to her. A power surge, in more ways than one. The excitement began to pulse, spreading from somewhere deep in her belly, like a hot wave, to her pussy, to all of her body. She bit her lip and let the show drop.

“I’m so sorry” she said coyly to the guy, who had visible trouble re-focussing his sight from her toes to her face as he realized he was being talked to.

“There are brand new shoes, and they still hurt. Would you mind if I take them both off for a while?” She knew she was being a bit cruel, but it felt too good to be naughty. His gulp sounded like an explosion to her.

“By all means, go ahead,” he managed to say after a while. He had a calm, deep voice. türkçe bahis Sexy. Dang. Did she remember to pack extra panties?

“I’m Andre, nice to meet you” he went on the offensive.

“Sophie” she answered, smiling her ‘sincere empathy’-trademark smile.

“A pity. Those shoes look great on you. I hope you get used to them soon!” Andre continued. Sophie was impressed. Most feet guys lost their tongue when they were given a chance to act.

“That’s sweet of you to say,” Sophie answered, “You think they go with my black polish?” She knew she was pushing it, but she was having fun.

“Absolutely! That color is perfect”. He stopped, obviously thinking if he should dare to continue. Sophie smiled encouragingly.

“Would you.. I mean… well… you said your feet hurt… do you… well, should I massage them a bit for you?”

His eared turned deep red. It was pretty cute. Such a show of courage deserves a reward.

“That’s so nice of you, Andre,” she beamed at him, “Just what I need”.

She quickly checked that they were still alone, and then did not waste a time to lift her right foot up, letting the other shoe slip off as well. Andre looked like a kid dropped in a candy store. He began to massage her foot expertly. Sophie didn’t bother to stifle a moan. She lifted her other foot and placed it in is lap.

It was a good thing Andre had a high-quality suit, because the fabric of his pants was beginning to get visibly stretched. Sophie felt her panties soaken as she noticed his buldge.

“Why don’t you suck on my toes a bit, too?” she smiled at him, letting her foot glide over that buldge. To his credit, Andre didn’t hesitate for a split-second, and began so suck on her big toe immediately.

Sophie laughed softly, with genuine delight.

“Yes, baby, so good… you’ve done that before! And I like how much you like it!” she said as her other foot touched his tent again. And again.

His tongue was working on her other toes by now, and she kept rubbing that tent. A tiny wet spot began to show on his pants. Oh my. Her pants were truly soaked by now.

“You don’t want to ruin your suit, Dear” she cooed. “Come, take your cock out. I’d love to feel it on my toes anyway”. He gulped again, not believing his luck.

His hands seemed to tremble güvenilir bahis siteleri as he opened his fly, too far down in his personal heaven to bother about anyone seeing. His cock stood at attention, hard, glistening with pre-cum.

“That’s a pretty cock you have” whispered Sophie, meaning it. She was taking it between her two feet, feeling his saliva mixing with his precum, moaning again as she started to jerk his cock between her feet.

“This is… God, yes!” Andre stuttered. He took Sophies feet in his hands and held them there, then started to buckle.

“I want to fuck your feet”, he explained, and did.

Sophie was delighted, and swayed a bit, almost cumming from her wet panties rubbing on her clit. She freed one foot from his hands and tickled his balls with the toes.

“Hmmmm” she purred. Nice and filled with a lot of fresh hot cum. Will you drench my sweet toes in your cum?” She felt his cock throb as she said it. Giggling, she added: “Well, it seems you like the idea!”

She to let him fucking her toes, pinching her nipples through her dress, and cherishing his delight. Finally, she felt his cock harden and the she saw the tell-tale contraction of his balls. She quickly bend down, grabbed her heel, and bend forward, taking his cock and aiming the head into her heels.

“Cum for me now” she asked him hoarsely. And cum he did. Sophie couldn’t help but count aloud… four…five…six huge spurts of cum splashed into her shoe, each one a thick, hot, gooey mess. She could hardly speak out loud anymore. Finally, his spurts slowed to a drizzle. She kept jerking him until it was definitely over, lifted her shoe up, smiling happily…

“Such a mess” she awed. “You know, once we’re in the air, I’m going to fuck myself with this heel, work your cum into my pussy”. His cock twitched once more as she said it, but he was spent for good.

“Be a Prince Charming and put my shoe on my feet, will you, please?” He slipped her foot into the cumy mess and saw how his cum oozed off the sides.

“Anything for my Cinderella”, he managed to say.

She smiled. “Close your eyes, Sweetie”. Once he did, Sophie slipped out of her panties, soaked as they were, and put them on his face.

“What’s… are those… is it…” he fumbled for the right word.

“Enjoy your little souvenir!”

Sophie stood up, feeling his cum sloshing on her toes.

“Maybe a cute flight attendant will notice…” she thought to herself, smiling at the thought.

Then, she walked away to pre-board her flight.

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