At the Beach

Amateur College

Note: I released this story in several pieces some time ago. A new non-incest story titled “At School” is coming up as well.

John stretched out on the beach, enjoying the warm sun that beat down upon him. He lay on a large towel and beneath a great big beach umbrella. He wore a t-shirt and a bathing suit with nothing underneath. Beside him was another towel, empty at the moment. But the 18-year-old was not concerned with that. More pressing was the girl laying some distance down the beach. She was on her stomach with her top open and John was enjoying an eyeful of the side of her breast. The soft curve of it glistened erotically. As he watched, the young woman rolled back and forth a little. Her breast rolled as well, teasing John with just a hint of her nipple. He felt an erection growing in his bathing suit and pulled his feet up towards his butt, his knees in the air, to hide it.

As he enjoyed the view, he caught glimpse of an amazingly hot woman out of the corner of his eye. He turned his head to face her. In her late thirties, this woman had blonde, lustrous hair that was a little bit longer than shoulder length. Like John, she too wore a t-shirt, except hers was pulled tight across her chest, showing off her supple and full breasts. She had on thigh-length khaki shorts as well, allowing for a generous view of her long, smooth sun-browned legs. Concealed beneath was her bathing suit, although anyone who looked closely could see the outline of her top against her tight t-shirt and her bikini bottom against her tight ass.

She walked directly towards John, catching his eyes with her soft green eyes as she got near. She flashed a smile, which John returned. Soon she stood beside him, looking down.

“Hi, mom,” John said.

“Hey babe,” his mom returned. She sat down on the second towel, glad to be out of the hot sun. Still smiling, she leaned over to kiss her son on the cheek. “How was school?”

“Oh, alright,” he replied, not really paying attention. He was still focused on the topless girl, gazing now at her ass. His erection continued to grow.

“Just alright?” John did not respond, so enthralled was he by the young girl’s ass. “Babe?” He looked over at his mom, and was suddenly embarrassed by his rather large erection. It was hidden by his bent legs, but he was still embarrassed. He flushed.

“Oh, umm, yeah. Just alright.” His bright-red face did not go unnoticed.

“Wow, are you red. Are you feeling ok?” Gently, she reached over to touch his cheek with the back of her hand. John nodded, feeling uncomfortable that his mom was touching him when he had an erection. He pushed her hand away.

“Yeah, I’m alright. It’s just hot.” His mom nodded, satisfied by the answer, and stretched out on the towel.

“Mmph,” she mumbled, closing her eyes.

John glanced over at her. Her arms were crossed behind her head, causing her shirt to ride up her stomach a little. Her bikini bottom could just be seen coming out the side of her shorts. That made John remember something.

“Hey, I got the lotion you wanted.” She opened her eyes and looked over at him. Normally she had her husband rub lotion on her before these afternoon visits to the beach. She knew how awkward her son would feel applying it for her. But she had recently run out of sun-tan lotion and had asked John to pick it up on his way here.

“Great! Just…” She trailed off, uncertain if he would mind.

“Just what?”

“Could you rub it on my back for me? You know how easily I burn, and I plan to do a lot of tanning and swimming shortly.”

John sighed. He had really been looking forward to spending a little longer gazing at that girl. But he could hardly deny his mom this small favor, as close as they were. “Yeah, alright.”

His mom grinned. As John fished out the lotion, she sat up and crossed her arms in front of her chest to grab the bottom of her shirt. Slowly she lifted her shirt up, and John turned with the lotion, waiting. Her abdomen became fully visible as she arched her back to pull off the t-shirt. Then her chest came into view. She was wearing a bikini top that was just a little too small for her generous breasts. They weren’t exactly spilling out, but they were close. She finished talking off the shirt and then laid out on her stomach, her head resting on her arms. She turned to look over and up at her son.

“Okay babe.”

Hunched over to still hide his lingering erection, John moved towards his mom and kneeled beside. He squirted some lotion onto his mom’s upper back and pressed his palms against the back of her shoulders. Gently he began to rub her brown skin, spreading the slick lotion. He rubbed his hands around and around, above her bikini strap. His fingers slid slightly down her sides as well, just below her armpits. John did not feel awkward doing this for his mom. He was mature enough to think nothing of it.

His mom, meanwhile, simply enjoyed the sensation.

Finished with the casino oyna top of her back, John squirted more lotion, this time on her lower back. He pushed his hands into the curve of her lower back, rubbing and touching his mom. A soft moan escaped his mom’s lips at the sudden pressure on her lower back, but John did not hear it. He continued to rub her lower back.

She had not meant to moan at her son’s touch. It had surprised her quite a bit, especially due to its blatantly sexually nature – she had felt the massage fully between her legs. So while the event itself was troubling, the sensation that had caused it certainly was not. She decided to just try and forget about it.

John did not make it easy. Innocently he continued to rub her lower back, but his mom remained aroused. If anything, she grew more turned on as her son slid his hands up her back. His fingers reached underneath the string of her bikini top, and rubbed out to either side of her back. Driven by an unknown force, she reached back and guided one of those hands further down, so that his fingertips were touching the side of her breast.

“I burn very easily there,” she lied.

John nodded absently. He let the fingers of both of his hands slide down over the sides of his mom’s breasts. His mom gasped softly as he rubbed them up and down, massaging her breasts. She felt one finger actually brush against her nipple. Then, sadly, the fingers were gone, trailing down her lower back. His mom was not one to question anything that felt as good as this, so she decided she would milk it for all it was worth. The thought that this was her son was pushed to the back of her consciousness. It felt good, so she wanted more.

She felt that her son’s hands were not going that low on her back, so she said, “Babe? Could you get lower too please?”

“Okay mom.” He applied a little more lotion to her lower back and resumed rubbing. His hands moved down the waistband of her shorts, sliding back and forth across her skin. The shorts were very low so his hands were touching just above his mom’s ass. He felt nothing regarding what he was doing, but his mom was just the opposite. It was everything she could do to stifle a moan, one that this time her son would certainly hear. She buried her mouth in her arm, but the heat between her legs would not cooperate. A moan escaped her body, drowned by her arms, and still her son touched her.

Holding her breath, she called softly to John. “The sides as well.” Her sides tingled in anticipation, long before the hands made their way there. One she did feel her son’s slick hands and fingers begin to rub and caress her sides just above her hips, she moaned loudly.

“Mom? Did I hurt you?”

After several moments, she managed, “Yeah babe. I banged that spot this morning. Just be gentle.” She pushed her hips into the sand, grinding her pussy in absolute ecstasy. Her son’s fingers continued to massage her sides, driving her crazy with pleasure. Teetering on the edge of blatant sexual activity, she turned slightly and clutched at one of his hands, pulling it up to her breast, forcing him to cup it…then dragging it fully across her breast and nipple. For a brief moment, logic entered her mind, and she continued pulling the hand, up to her face. She kissed it, trying to pass off the erotic drag across her breasts as accidental in the motion of bringing his hand to her face. Unable to trust her voice, she let John come to his own conclusions about her actions as she laid back down and writhed on the sand in front of him.

John was fully aware of what his hand had touched, but when his mom did not make a big deal out of it, he just shrugged it off. He did, however, notice his mom’s movements. Her shorts, already extremely short, had ridden up during the lotion application, and John had full view of his mom’s thighs all the way up to her ass as she moved back and forth. Her bikini-bottom line was showing as well, and John could imagine her without her shorts on, wiggling her beautiful ass at him.

John paused, then wrinkled his face. This was his mom he was thinking about. A bit unnerved, he returned to his towel and resumed staring at the topless girl. The strange thoughts about his mom still lingered, but they became a distant memory as his erection grew once more.

John’s mom, however, was still in the powerful throes of her arousal. Her pussy was hot and wet as she fantasized about her son. She ground her hips hard into the sand, allowing herself to think about his young, hard cock pushing against her ass, pushing into her ass, into her pussy, fucking her hard and long right there on the sand. She imagined his long shaft deep in her warm wet pussy, ramming deep into her ass, until an explosion rocked her body. Cum leaked from her body, further messing her already soaked bottoms. It took all of her willpower not to cry out in pleasure as the orgasm swept through her entire body. Her son was too pre-occupied with his own slot oyna sexual fantasies to notice.

“Babe,” John’s mom gasped, looking over at him.


“I’m going to take a swim.” She needed to wash away the evidence. She just hoped she could make it to the water without anyone noticing.


She left, and John noticed that she was still wearing her shorts. That thought was soon replaced by naughtier ones, most notably that he could covertly stroke his cock now that his mom had left.

Stretched out on his back, he resumed gazing at the topless girl. She was sitting up on her elbows now, rummaging through her beach bag. Unfortunately, John’s angle was such that he could not see her breasts very well. But he was patient. Lazily he rubbed his cock through his bathing suit, awaiting the moment where he might get a better view. His legs were still bent into the air so that he might hide his inevitable erection. A minute or two later, his patience was rewarded. The young girl closed her bag and lifted it to the side, causing her upper body to rise from her towel. Her supple breasts and perfect nipples were in plain view, hanging down from her chest and just short of her beach towel. John felt a drop in his stomach and a tingle in his cock as his voyeurism paid off. He did not want to waste the image before him, so he eagerly began masturbating through his bathing suit.

Although the beach was not too crowded, John was cautious, moving only his wrist so that he would not draw attention. He rubbed his fingers up and down the length of his arcing cock, openly staring at the girl’s soft tits. They swayed as she pushed the bag away a little, but remained perfectly in view. John gasped, his arousal growing. He imagined cupping those breasts – no, sucking them, feeding off of them. It was a fantasy he often enjoyed and it did not fail him now. His cock stood straight up, throbbing.

To John’s disappointment, the girl laid back down, pushing her nipples down against her towel and out of view. He sighed, but then she slid forward, trying to grab at something… what was it? John could not tell, but it didn’t matter. What mattered was that as she pushed forward, her bathing suit bottoms, trapped between her body and her towel, did not. They remained where they were and her ass slid out of them slightly. John’s cock grew in response. He could now see the crack of her ass as well as the swell of her breasts squashed beneath her. He was so turned on that his mouth was opened slightly, jaw slack. The skin on her smooth curved ass was much lighter than her tanned lower back. It would not be for long, John thought, for she made no effort to adjust her bottoms. Instead she stretched her body out, causing them to slip down even further still.

John squeezed his cock, closing his eyes in pleasure. He forced them open again, not wanting to look away from those large soft breasts and that tantalizing ass crack. He thought about walking over there and rubbing lotion on her body. Rubbing it down her back, down her ass, pushing her bottoms down her thighs and trailing his finger down the crack of her ass. He began to rub himself faster as he thought about his finger sliding lower, between her thighs. He imagined the moans she would make as he finger fucked her, right there on the beach, with everyone to watch. He was reaching a climax, almost to the point of no return, where he would no longer have the choice of whether or not he wanted to actually cum all over himself in public.

Then he saw his mom coming back.

Cursing her timing, he quickly placed his hands on his stomach and tried to look innocent. He was breathing heavily and thoughts of those breasts and that ass still lingered in his head. He tried to make them go away, but found himself continuing to steal glances at her, refreshing the image. For lack of anywhere better to look, he focused on his mom, and concentrated on making his erection go down.

Fresh out of the water, she was still very much wet and her nipples were poking hard through her bikini top. Her white khaki bottoms were transparent as well, allowing a clear view of her bikini bottoms. She walked slowly towards John, her hips (and breasts) swaying as she made her way through the soft sand. The water had washed away both the evidence of her arousal and, she hoped, the dirty thoughts that had caused it. After all, this was her son, and she was not about to venture down that path.

John looked her body up and down as she approached. He was still breathing hard from his near orgasm, and his cock was still throbbing… and he found that looking at his mom didn’t help. To be honest, she was hot, and right now even the slightest sexy thing could maintain his erection. His eyes stopped at her breasts, watching them move from side to side, gazing at her erect nipples. Not only was his erection not subsiding, it was growing. Totally embarrassed, he looked down at the sand, desperately willing canlı casino siteleri his erection to disappear.

His mom plopped down on the towel, out of breath from her vigorous swim, and, John thought, sitting far too close for comfort.

“Hi babe.” She smiled at him, and he returned the smile weakly. A confused look appeared on her face. “Still under here? You’re usually well into your tanning by now.”

John shrugged. “Just don’t feel like it.” His erection continued to throb in his lap. He only hoped that his bent legs hid it as he laid there on his back. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the girl wiggling her ass a little. Simply unable to resist, he stole a quick glance at it, and was amazed to see that her bottoms were lower still down her ass. The waistband was pulled taught against her ass cheeks, flatting them a little, but not reducing their generous curve.

John’s mom, meanwhile, was considering whether to stay in the shade or move out into the sun. She would not get a chance to come back to the beach for a while, so she would tan now. She sat up, looking to John. John returned her look and flashed a smile.

“I’m going into the sun,” she said to him. He nodded, and then his eyes widened as she began to move toward him. She got on her hands and knees and crawled towards him, reaching her hand out, towards his crotch, his enormous erection… and past it to their beach bag. Her breasts hung just above his chest, nearly touching him. God, he thought, do they look good. In his heightened sexual state, he could not help but appreciate them. His mom was almost forty, but her chest was amazing. He gazed at them longingly as she pulled a towel from their bag, and was more than a little disappointed when she pulled away. In the back of his consciousness, which was currently second to his arousal, he felt a little disgusted with himself.

It was only when he tore his eyes from those large breasts that he noticed a shadow standing over him. Looking up, his curiosity turned to amazement when he realized that it was the very girl he had been fantasizing about! She held her arms over her chest, covering her bare breasts. Her bottoms were now pulled up and tight against her ass. She stood with her weight shifted to one food, smiling awkwardly.

John looked to his mom, who had also noticed the girl. She, too, was standing, but bent over slightly, toward him and the girl. Her thumbs were hooked into her white khaki shorts, stopped in the process of pushing them down. The waistband of her bikini bottoms was plainly visible. The girl was looking at her too, and it was to her that she spoke.

“Hi there.” John looked up at the girl. Her voice was hot, he thought, just like her body. “Umm… I was wondering… do you think you could do me a favor?”

“What’s up?” His mom smiled politely.

“Well, it’s just, I totally forgot to bring my lotion today. I noticed you guys had some and thought maybe I could borrow it?” She looked down to John. John looked at his mom, leaving it up to her, still not quite believing that the girl had actually come over to them.

She nodded. “Yeah, that’s no problem. Here.” Removing her thumbs from her shorts, but still leaving them pushed down a little, she bent to pick up the lotion and hand it to the girl.

The girl smiled shyly. “Actually, I was kind of hoping you could put it on my back for me.” This time, the question was directed solely to John’s mom. Obviously the girl did not feel comfortable asking a younger boy to do it.

John’s mom glanced to the spot of sand she had picked out to tan in, then back to the girl, and shrugged. “Sure hon. Lead the way.”

The girl beamed. “Thanks! I’m just over here. And my name is Sam, by the way.” Incredulous, John watched as Sam and his mom headed the short distance to the girl’s towel. She still held her breasts, and her ass moved tantalizingly as she walked. His mom’s ass moved as well, her hips swaying, her shorts a couple inches below the waistband of her bikini bottoms. John felt his erection surge, realizing what he was about to watch. It was wrong, but he did not care.

Sam stretched out on her towel, on her stomach, and rested her hands on her folded arms. She was angled slightly away from him, making the curve of her breast clearly visible. It bulged under the pressure of her body. His eyes trailed down to her hips, to her bikini bottom which covered only about half of her ass, and to her long brown legs. His mom was on the opposite side, facing somewhat towards John as she dropped to her knees beside Sam. She put some lotion on her hand, then pressed it between Sam’s shoulder blades. John noticed Sam jump a little, probably because the lotion was cool from being in the shade.

And then John’s mom began to rub Sam. She rubbed vigorously with both hands, spreading the lotion on the girl’s back. John immediately started masturbating through his shorts again. If his mom were to look up, she might realize what he was doing, but she was too involved in her task. Her hands rubbed across Sam’s shoulders, squeezing them a little, and John noticed Sam close her eyes. Was she enjoying it? That thought brought blood rushing hard into his cock.

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