At the Biker Bar Ch. 05

Big Tits

This time around I have decided to throw another woman into the mix and try to add a little more dialogue so apologies if it’s a little duff.



The morning after the gangbang in the woods for Jacks birthday I woke up and jumped in the shower. My skin was covered in patches of crusty dried spunk from last night, as I lathered up and started to scrub my mind drifted back to the night before. As I soaped my boobs feeling my nipples stiffen and tighten up I thought back to the look on Jacks face as he watched me bring myself to orgasm on his bike in front of his friends, it was a very erotic night from start to finish.

I walked back into Jacks bedroom naked and drying my hair with a towel to find him sitting up against the headboard. His eyes followed me as I continued to dry my hair pretending not to notice him or the obvious tent forming under the sheet. I could feel myself getting wet under his scrutiny. It was him who ran out of patience first ” Get your butt over here Princess, we had a delivery.” As he waved the remote control at me. I ran to the bed and jumped on him kissing him as he flipped me over to lay back on his chest.

He hit the remote as he kissed up my neck, as the big tv screen flared to life he took my breasts in his hands, gently squeezing and stroking them. On the screen I could see myself walking across the clearing in the thigh high boots, under-bust corset and long leather coat. It was seriously hot seeing the lust in my eyes and the shock in his. As on screen me headed to the bike and started stroking herself jack whispered in my ear “do that now, I want to watch you do that again Princess.” With that my hand slipped down between my legs.

I discovered my pussy was already very wet, I opened my legs wide and scooted down the bed slightly so jack could see better. I could feel how hard he was behind me as he continued to massage my tits. My eyes were glued to the screen, I kept stroking myself as I came my breath speeding up and little moans escaping my mouth. “so fucking hot!” Jack breathed into my ear as his eyes flicked between my hand and the screen.

On the screen I had just cum loudly and fed Jack the juices off my finger. His finger tightened on my breast pinching my nipples hard as Si came into view unzipping as he approached I gasped as I saw him burying himself inside me so forcefully. As he slammed over and over into me, my fingers worked into me, I felt my pussy tightening around my finger as my hips moved involuntarily. I came hard my juices gushing from me as I cried out.

Jack push on my shoulders “on your knees princess.” I got on all fours on my hands and knees in front of him eyes still glued to the screen. He grabbed a handful of my still damp hair with one hand and the other grabbed my hip. He pulled me back onto him as he slammed himself inside me. His thick hard cock filling me perfectly, he was the perfect size to hit my g-spot and my cervix with every thrust, his balls hitting my clit.

My body started to shake, on the screen I was bent over the bike, blindfolded, spunk dripping from my mouth leaking around the cock that was unloading in it. The cock in my arse pausing as it emptied. At casino siteleri that moment I exploded around Jacks cock as he started to thrust uncontrollably, he filled me with his cum as the remaining bikers on the screen started cumming copiously all over my face and arse. The camera zooming in as I licked at the cum on my lips. I was stunned at how incredibly arousing it had all looked, knowing there was a good chance it wouldn’t be my only foray in sex on film.

After we’d caught our breath I told Jack I had one more surprise left for his birthday but would need a lift to the tattooists. I had decided I was serious about Jack and had wanted to show him. Intrigued he agreed and we jumped on the bike and headed out.

We got to the studio and I still wouldn’t tell Jack what I was getting although his eyes widened when I undone my jeans for the tattooist and stood in front of him wearing low cut knickers. The artist worked on the design for a few minutes getting the placement right before I turned and showed Jack. He smiled when he saw the design right on my waxed mound was a black and grey playing card. A Jack of hearts at an angle, I had made sure the character on the card had long wavy hair, a thick full beard and tattooed arms. He looked closely at it and I could see he was touched, he just looked at me and nodded.

Clearly the placement of the tattoo although significant may not have been my best idea. Although it stung like a bastard I could cope with that, it was the vibrations, every pass of the need sent vibrations right down through my genitals, that combined with the soft rubber gloved warm fingers holding me still were having a dangerous effect on me. I held on to jacks hand and tried my best not to look down at the man innocently trying to do his job between my legs.

He asked why that tattoo in that place, so I tried my best to put it into words “well his name is Jack” I indicated in jacks direction. “It’s so whenever someone else is down there they know he has my heart and it’s his pussy.” I realised the needle had stopped and he was just staring at me.

“What do mean when someone else is down there?”

“Well, if I’m fucking his friends, they know its his and they’re just borrowing it.” He just shook his head and carried on with the tattoo. I could see Jack chuckling as I struggled not to squirm with the mix of pain and arousal. I was aware of my pussy getting wet, I knew there was going to be an obvious wet patch on my knickers, right in front of the tattooists face, if he couldn’t see it he must be able to smell it. I noticed that he was squirming and fidgeted as he worked clearly starting to feel uncomfortable.

“All done, hold still for the clean up” he declared and gave that blessed spray, of green soap that smelled so good and brought cool relief to my tender groin. After he cleaned me I saw him rearrange himself subtly, jack also noticed. “Thats got to be uncomfortable?” he looked like he was going to try to make excuses but Jack stopped him in his tracks. “you got her all fired up, you should take care of her,” he stated nodding in my direction. I looked down at him and saw the unmistakable bulge at the front of his jeans as his eyes travelled slot oyna over me.

“You really ok with this?” he asked me.

“Oh yes!” I replied with that he unzipped and stepped in between my legs, sliding into me he wasn’t as thick as Jack or as long. He started hard and fast, thrusting into me and grabbing my thighs. Far too soon he shuddered and starting cumming in me, I slumped back and tried not to let my disappointment show.

I heard a slow hand clap coming from the doorway “you still haven’t learnt how to do a lady properly?” a female voice called out. It seems none of us had heard the door from the reception open in the doorway stood a tall red headed freckle faced woman with a laughing friendly face. “I’m amber I do the piercings here,” she came over and stared at my new ink. “very pretty, he may be a lousy lay but he knows how to use a needle. I can give you something to really set that off.”

“Oh like what?”

“A nice little ring here would look and feel great.” She said as she ran her finger over my clitoral hood.

“Go for it, I always fancied one.” She told me to stay put as she dashed to the other room to grab her supplies. The tattooist looking very embarrassed had made his way out to the front of the shop muttering to himself. When amber returned she took her place on the stool in between my thighs and looked up at me. She had a smirk on her face and a glint in her eye as she made eye contact with me.

“You need a bit of a clean up down here before we do anything, you want me to finish what he started?” I was stunned, I’d never done anything with another woman before but I’d always been curious and I was bloody frustrated. I nodded my head and looked up at Jack who was looking like all his birthdays had come at once, his eyes showed nothing but lust and I could see he was hard as hard as I’d ever seen him in his jeans. Amber quickly brought my attention back to her with a gasp as she licked along the length of me.

She licked the outside of my lips before moving to the inside, it felt so good after the disappointment of the lousy sex I’d just had, as I moaned I reached up and started stroking the bulge in Jacks jeans. I felt so hard I couldn’t help but unzip and fish him out, I planned to stroke him while Amber worked her magic down below. Her tongue snaked its way into my hole sucking and licking the fresh cum out of it. She rolled her eyes up and they widened as she saw the size of Jacks thick hard cock.

“Well, shit, thats fucking huge, damn even my dildo isn’t that big.”

“you should feel how good it feels inside, he can certainly use it too”

“I’ll bet he can!” we both laughed as we appreciated the sight of the cock in my hand.

“Hey ladies I am listening you know.” Jack murmured with embarrassment. An idea formed in my head, despite all the times he’d watched me having sex with others I’d never seen him with anybody else. The idea appealed to a part of me and the fact I would still be getting pleasured took care of any jealousy leaving an ache of arousal. I looked at Amber and saw the same need as she looked at him as I felt.

“Well, don’t leave the lady suffering, get your arse down there and show her canlı casino siteleri what you can do.” A massive grin lit up her face as he moved down to stand behind her. She stood up and pulled her jeans down revealing a smooth shaved pussy already glistening with arousal. Leaning over she grabbed my arse cheeks and pushed her pussy out towards Jack. I watched him line himself up with her as she buried her face in my wetness.

His blue eyes were locked on mine as he slowly slid inside her, pushing his hips forward, filling her. I knew how good that initial penetration feels as he stretches you out and evidently Amber was enjoying it as well, I felt her moaning around my clit as she sucked, and she thrusted two fingers inside me. It wasn’t long before we were both moaning and squirming as Jack continued to thrust slowly into her. I knew how she was feeling it’s a delicious torture when he goes slow and deep keeping you on the edge for what feels like hours.

Her tongue and fingers were driving me crazy, every time he thrust into her she would suck my clit hard, the vibrations of her moans shooting through me and her fingers would hit my g-spot. I could feel my cunt starting to tighten and spasm around her fingers the juices were flowing from me. I was starting to cry out and moan, my eyes still locked with Jack as I watched the pleasure crossing his face as he pumped into the woman making us both feel so good.

I reached down and grabbed her hair pushing her face into me as I lost control and started to cum. I felt her starting to shake and quiver her muffled cries telling me she was having her own orgasm. Jack slowed his thrusting until we had both calmed down somewhat. Amber pulled her face away from me and rested her face on my thigh as she caught her breath. She looked satisfied and relaxed as Jack pulled out of her with a stream of her juices flowing down her leg.

I noticed he was still hard and hadn’t cum yet as he approached me, he held his soaking wet sticky cock at my lips. I licked the length of it tasting another woman cum for the first time ever. I was surprised at how good it tasted mixed in with his precum as I licked him clean. I took him in my mouth and started sucking him as I took him deeper. I felt a cold wet rush across my sensitive pussy as I realised Amber had got her professional head back on and was using the antiseptic wipes on me. I could tell Jack was getting closer as was grunting and thrusting into my mouth rapidly. He pushed one more time and started to shoot inside my mouth, spurt after spurt of saltiness. I managed to swallow it all and left a kiss on the tip as he softened.

As I leaned back on the chair Amber got to work on my new piercing, one little sting later I had a sexy little ring through the edge of my clitoral hood. I admired it with the help of a mirror and combined with the new tattoo I figured it was a good look and she was right it did set it off nicely. After getting some aftercare instructions and a stern reminder to go easy on the direct stimulation until it heals we exchanged phone numbers and promised to call each other to arrange a meeting.

I had a feeling we would see a fair bit more of amber in the future I thought she would enjoy the guys at the biker bar a lot. Now the only challenge was to see how the vibrations of the motorbike ride would affect the slightly sore genitals. Hopefully Jack enjoyed his birthday celebrations as much as I did.

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