At the Villa Ch. 04

Chapter 4 -Big Time

This is part of a series of adventures which took place at the villa, after some of the girls were involved in different previous sexual adventures, both ON THE BOAT and AFTER THE BOAT TRIP. So read the previous stories and continue to enjoy the ladies hunger for the satisfaction of the flesh. There are more to come.

I hope you enjoy them. They are all just fiction.


After that hot night of sex and sexual tension, which had built up during the boat trip, the sexual hunger among the five beautiful young ladies was more than evident. Since we arrived at my villa, the crave, the yearning, the longing and the hunger for the satisfaction of the flesh became stronger and stronger as the hours of the day were passing fast. The five young ladies, Olympia, Diana, Lydia, Aphrodite and Victoria thought of nothing more than how to satisfy their personal self-conscious sexual dreams.

With some of them still virgins, their sexual expectations were only in the brains; just dreams subdued within the inner depth of their sexual core. Those who had already tasted the fruits of sexual pleasures were amazed how little they knew or better how badly informed and mislead they were. Their first quests into the art of sexual pleasures was nothing compared to what they had enjoyed during the first hours since we coincidently met on the boat as it sailed away from Piraeus early last night.

At the villa; the first evening passed incredibly fast; as swiftly as the hours of day had perished. The presence of five beautiful sex hungry ladies was something which wasn’t easily believed to be true; therefore it won’t be easily forgotten. Only during my roaring years at the university I had enjoyed so much and so many but still never so many at the same time. I felt I was in heaven just watching those five beautiful young ladies roaming around the villa, around the garden, sometimes even naked. Not only when they swan and relaxed around the pool but also when they moved around the garden and within the walls of the villa itself they held to their nakedness showing their beautiful elegant bodies.

I felt myself being young again thinking about the days when so many ladies crawled and craved around me for carnal satisfactions or trying to seduce me. I had dozens of followers harassing me for a date or better, for a fuck. I always kept somebody at bay but only when I was comfortable with my curriculum progress, that I picked someone from mostly those who never thought they will fall into my trap. It was always a challenge to go for those who kept a low profile.

Every now and then I used to organise a dirty weekend with the odd occasion inviting up three or four young beauties. Now very mature and nearly at my prime in middle age I feel younger and more in control, I mean when I’m making love. I managed to hold very good control especially when my hard young truncheon is caressed by the female hand or the inside of any hole not only of any young beauty but also of who try to seduce me.

With the training Padme had given me and the lessons in orgasm control I felt I had that last needed edge, to pleasure and satisfy more than one lady at a time, including all their wild hot aspirations. But my lust for the female body was never ending, not to mention the hunger for the extra beauty of some, although none were ever below the norm. They were just very good-looking, beautiful, gorgeous and some; incredibly stunning. Whatever, we are Mediterranean and a lot of people are below the height of 5’7″; but the shapes were within the best of ranges.

The comments from the young ladies after the first love sessions were incredibly positive. Together we enjoyed some really hot and satisfying sessions, were some of the girls enjoyed such mind blowing orgasms that they nearly passed out. The girls described them ‘as out of this world’. The already experienced ladies commented favourably and added that they had never enjoyed such mind blowing orgasms, so their decision to spend their holidays within the walls of my villa, had already paid extensive dividends.

It was getting late; the girls were well fed and spent what spare time they had, swimming, dancing as also enjoying a few extra drops of home made

Wine. The talking and the discussions increased the sexual tension. Whenever I tried to lie down on one of the airbeds under the cover of the olive trees, and above the trees the blue Mediterranean sky, there was always one of those handsome ladies ready to lie down next to me, teasing me, trying to excite me and sending shivers of pleasure through the length of my spine. I loved and cherished those precious moments which were various and very frequent.

Olympia was the first to lie down next to me. After giving me a sweet sexy smile, licked her upper lip and moved her tongue a couple of times, she lowered her head between my legs, took my dick out or my trunks and in no time she had most of it in warmth of her mouth; were it grew to maximum rigidity. Others followed suit, one liked her pussy to be sucked, so she turned around in illegal bahis a sixtynine position and lowered her hot pot over my mouth while she started to massage my little boy. Her body shivered and trembled as my tongue farrowed through between the walls her wet slit. Others just liked to talk, kiss or cuddle. Then Padme walked by and suggested that I needed not only a good massage but it must be followed by a body to body. Padme also stated that the girls needed to start learning something which maybe; it could become useful in later years, when they may have their own men.

They had already brought out the massage table and set it up not too close to the pool area. I lay down on my stomach my trucks still on while resting my face on a small soft pillow. Padme was totally in command. The first thing she took was my swim suit and there all of them turned their concentration towards my naked body and naturally watching what Padme had in mind.

The ladies; who all had a good time experimenting and enjoying the fruits of sexual pleasures were very excited, waiting for what was happening next. Those first twenty four hours were very hectic. Some of the girls who had already experienced sexual massages were left with more sexual hunger and greater sexual satisfaction, something which they had never expected to experience.

Padme took over my body, started the massage from the shoulders, going down over my back explaining in detail how and what and why should be done that way. When she was over the whole my back and my legs, she let the girls experiment, their hands covered in oil were roaming all over my body, one was doing my back and two were doing my legs sometimes even tried to get closer to my intimates.

When she turned me over Padme asked the girls to start working again. When she thought that they had massaged me enough, during which time she did not stop passing instructions, she stopped them and asked me to turn back, again on my stomach. She poured enough oil and slowly spread it all over my back and down over my legs. She took off the bikini she was wearing and also covered her body with oil.

‘Ladies; why I applied the oil to my body?’ They all looked at her. From where I was looking I could watch the girl’s reactions. They all looked excited. Diane started to talk.

‘Is it for a body to body massage?’ She asked.

‘Yes.’ Padme answered. There was giggling but she continued. ‘Now I’m going to show you how to make or better enjoy a body to body massage. When I finish, one of you will take my place. So watch carefully and reflect as tomorrow we will have to enjoy a lot of different types of massages.’

The ladies giggled more and more but soon all stopped in dead silence except for the light cool breeze flowing though the leaves of olive trees above. Padme just got on board, over my body and soon her body was flowing all over me, sliding all over my skin, skin against skin. Her hard nipples teasing certain areas which she haven’t stopped explaining. Her trimmed hairy bush also played a great part as she massaged her pussy against the length of my legs. Her body slid so fast, skin against skin that it felt that both bodies were not even touching. She was incredible. She was a master of that profession.

On moving away from over my body she asked Victoria to prepare herself. Victoria looked at everybody, but her friends encouraged her to go for it. Olympia went behind her, opened her top while Lydia removed her short bikini pants. In no time Padme had covered Victoria’s body with oil and among the shouts and cries of encouragement of the other ladies she gave them a great show. I had greatly enjoyed it as her light body was very flexible as it slide all over mine. When I was ordered to turn over Padme prepared my body so Victoria could take over from the start and sure she started very slowly, first kicking her small breasts and hard nipples against mine while her pussy was massaging my hard dick.

She shook her light body so professionally, that I felt I was in the heavens. Her legs sliding all over mine and her channel between her swollen small lips was full with my hardness. Then she turned on her back and massaged my legs as the vee between her legs moved along my thighs down my legs, continuing down to the ankles, sliding along one leg and moving up along the other.

Victoria then turned in the opposite direction with her crack starring in my direction. I looked at her inviting ass all shinning with a film of baby oil sticking to it. It looked perfect, just a little bit darker than the rest of her skin, the wrinkled circle slightly moving in and out, contracting as her heart was beating with the sexual excitement flowing through her veins. Her rosebud was just facing me; so desirable, so fascinating, waiting, ready to be… penetrated. Woww! It was an incredible view; out of this world. Victoria went back to work, massaging my chest and abdomen, moving slowly downwards towards my steel hard dick; rather thicker than the average cock. She moved her pelvis around as she gyrated and pressed her pussy against illegal bahis siteleri my hardness. Her body continued to skid and flow all over my body, pressing her body against mine with the oil penetrating into our skin. I was in heaven feeling her pussy pressing again and again against my hardness. I wanted to stay in control as there were moments when I was on the verge of exploding. Woww what a view between her beautifully sculptures small legs, the crack between them was pointing at my eyes. I was more than yearning for it. It was soon over, too soon as I was really, really more than in the heavens.

It was time for bed for those beautiful ladies therefore before I hugged them and gave each beauty something to dream about, I took Padme and Victoria into the shower and together we got rid of all the oil which was still glued to our bodies. Straight from the shower I went to visit the bedroom where Aphrodite and Lydia were both getting ready for bed. I was totally naked as the girls both were. Aphro was just emerging from the bathroom as I walked in their bedroom with my cock was hanging there between my legs, nearly rigid with the workout it enjoyed during the body to body massage and the second massage which Victoria gave it in the shower to remove the oil.

‘I’m at your service ladies, now who likes to…?’ I was asking but never finished the question.

Lydia presented herself, knelt infront of me and started sucking my dick which in no time became exceedingly rigid. Harder then steel; especially when I knew that it was Lydia’s mouth, licking and suckling on my little boy.

I helped her to stand up, took her in my arms and while our lips moved together, our tongues became more than intimate. Aphro took Lydia’s place there on her knees slowly massaging my dick which was steel hard. She licked the purple head, moving her tongue around until her tongue was pursuing the pre-cum which was flowing out of the little oval hole before she engulfed the whole of the sensitive head.

I kissed Lydia hard, too hard sometimes as I pressed her naked body against mine. The love and feelings we had for each other were more than evident. Our bodies were shaking, maybe not with the orgasms we enjoyed every time we got close to each other but with the internal burning feelings we possessed for each other. It was more than a special bond. I just broke the kiss, looked into her beautiful loving eyes and asked her to lean and rest her head on the bed so I will take her from behind.

Lydia immediately obeyed and so Aphro gave me the space while she removed my dick from her mouth, held it in her hand until I was in the right position behind Lydia’s ass. Aphro slowly guided it towards the entrance of Lydia’s hot pussy, moved it up and down a couple of times along Lydia’s wet glossy walls of her slit.

My eyes were focused on Aphro’s actions. As she sent the signal I slowly pushed my body forward, the head of my steel thick truncheon immediately felt the internal heat as it was within the entrance of her Venus cave. Her body shook; she cried as her sexual energy took over her entire blood stream. She really did cum. I pushed the rest of my dick deeper and deeper into her burning furnace when with a cry of joy her body trembled. ‘Fuck me Sam, fuck me…aaaahhhh Samm… ooohhh

Sammm. I’m cummmiiinnggg. Sam cumminggg. Fuck me please…fuck meee.’

I started thrusting in and out of her drenched vagina while she became wilder and wilder with the sexual heat burning inside her sex chakra. Her body was gyrating as she tried to keep her position, while I held her tight from around the hips.

One of Aphro’s hands was working hard on Lydia’s clit from underneath while her other hand was feeling one of her nipples rolling it and squeezing it between two fingers. Lydia became wilder and wilder as her shouts and cries of sexual pleasure were enough evidence of what was happening inside her. That’s when I gave her a few long strong fast thrusts, then jammed it deep inside her erupting volcano. In no time her vaginal muscles tightened around my hard dick, held me there until her mind blowing orgasm conquered the whole of her entire burning body. Her shouts and cries of pleasure could be heard probably from all the other rooms.

I just waited enjoying my mini orgasms as my dick was contracting, imprisoned into her vaginal vice. It felt fantastic, double fantastic as it was Lydia’s pussy which was holding it inside her. Lydia’s big unforgettable day was about to end. Sure she was dead tired and was waiting for a night of sweet dreams after a long day in which her sexual dreams, maybe, most of them were satisfied.

As she relaxed her vaginal muscles I immediately and very slowly started to pull my still hard throbbing dick away from her snatch and pushed it straight into Aphro’s waiting drenched hot vagina. She was waiting close by, still playing with Lydia’s intimate parts. It did not take me long to make Aphro another erupting volcano as did with the other two ladies in the next bedroom.

Padme and Victoria were already eating each canlı bahis siteleri other’s pussy; one on top of each other in a sixty nine position, naturally Padme always likes to be in control and therefore preferred to be on top. I moved behind Padme, took my position, pointed my hard little boy and as the head collected some of the love liquid from along the walls of her slit I pushed slowly into her hot portal of love.

Padme was already going through an orgasm as was of her mate Victoria. Their bodies were shaking with the pleasure which had been initiated through their lesbian performance. The feeling of my hard dick inside Padme’s erupting volcano felt incredibly fantastic as she used her inner muscles to induce more than extreme pleasure. The tight walls of her vaginal tube were contracting as her sexual energy was being multiplied, an effect of our multiple sexual activity.

Padme’s body continued to shake and gyrate and as I fucked her rather hard. As my dick which was thrusting in and out of her hot quim, Victoria was savouring the flavours which were flowing out of Padme’s vagina. Padme was moaning, shaking and gyrating with pleasure but she never let her mouth depart from Victoria small young snatch, whose body was entrapped into her own carnal pleasures.

‘Fuck Sam, I was not expecting you so soon.’ Padme cried.

‘What were you expecting in your hot twat, then?’ I asked.

‘Sorry Sam, I was too lost enjoying myself suckling the flavoured musk of my friend hereunder, while pleasuring her incredible insatiable sex hunger.’ Padme answered


Victoria still on her back was still eating Padme’s engorged clit while my hard truncheon was still thrusting in and out of Padme’s pussy. Victoria’s eyes were wide open watching in wonder as my stiffy dick was appearing and disappearing in and out of Padme’s vaginal opening. My hard dick as it trusted in and out of Padme’s vagina, the balls were hanging there swinging, sometimes even hitting Victoria’s face as I trusted in. Victoria was lost with what was happening, thinking that very soon she will be enjoying such a fruitful experience.

Victoria couldn’t wait as one orgasm after another was flowing through her blood veins. Padme had not given her any break, but kept her mouth where the little noodle was. Victoria wanted some time to relax since Padme’s mouth had not stopped attacking Victoria’s still virgin pussy.

They were both immersed into what they were doing, loving each other and of course enjoying the pleasures emerging from their actions. Padme was insatiable. Her greed for sex were never ending. Being eaten by another female and fucked from behind was something she always loved and always enjoyed as it flowed in and out of her little hot Asian hole.

The sexual energy flowing through their blood veins continued to entrap them both. They were totally lost… entranced I watched their bodies gyrating and shaking one on top of each other as they did not give each other any break. There were moans and noises but no cries as their mouth were fully occupied with what they were doing. Victoria’s tongue was flowing along the wet lips and clit and time and time again licked the nectar from my dick and it was moving in and out.

My dick was still trusting in and out of Padme snatch. Sometimes slowing, reducing the speed as I moved it in and out rather slowly; enjoying the feeling which her tight channel was inducing every time her heart beats and the muscles contracts.

It was time to slowly pull my little boy out of Padme’s contracting pussy. It was getting late, and another two were waiting in my personal domain. As my dick left Padme’s vagina covered in sticky juice Victoria took it into her mouth and continued to benefit from the tasty musk. Soon it was totally cleaned and ready for another session before the night was out.

I gave them both a good night kiss and left their domain as their bodies were still entwined, eating each other’s intimate parts while totally lost in pleasuring each other as their bodies were immersed in one orgasm after another.

Naturally Victoria lost into that delirium of incredible heat, did not seem to be in the mood to receive my hard cock as she was still a virgin. I found out the next morning that she was disappointed when she did not find me there after she came back from the heavens. She had still expected that before the night was out I could have done the honours of relieving her, from her last hurdle, her virginity; even though that her tight ass was still sore from an earlier first experience. It was sure that Padme had satisfied her sexual hunger until the coming of the new day.

My domain was full of life. Olympia and Diana were there on the bed waiting, stretched, relaxed and expecting me to enter at any moment. Their legs were wide open and their gorgeous and delightful charming twats were waiting to be massaged, sucked and fingered. Nectar was flowing from between their shinning slits probably from a bout of hot lesbian activity while I was away tossing goodnight delights to their hot burning sexy mates. I was wondering what their expectations were, before the night was out. From the look in their eyes what they had enjoyed while I was away was far from enough and sure I was more than ready to continue what they had already started.

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