Atonement! P


“It’s after midnight, happy birthday.” The new woman grinned and straightened back up. Her hair, which was long and blond with darkening brown at the roots, rested in front of her shoulders and down to cover her modest chest. She was a sight in her loose fitting black peasant blouse and flowing patchwork skirt. “And I want you to meet my husband, B- er, Harry. He’s brought you the icing to this cake you’re baking here.”

‘Harry’ was a tall man, also familiar. He was a bouncer at the club downstairs. “Hey Sam,” the woman added to man number four still lounging after his first adventure with girly.

“Hey, Meg.” He replied and nodded to his coworker without rising from his chair. Girly watched the woman Meg’s movements a little speechlessly as the woman took Harry’s hand. She led her husband to where he could see better, and then Meg proceeded to undo his belt. Harry was the tallest man in the room and had large arms – that caught her attention while Meg was untucking his collared shirt which bore the name of the night club below.

Her grip on Dave’s penis became firm as she watched the older woman stripping her own husband, presenting him to her. Dave had settled on kissing her breasts. Not to be ignored, the tight filling her ass was receiving, which had been dependant on her lubrication, had run dry. Now a burning rubbing was setting in. At that sensation her anus started to try to involuntarily tighten. This slowed Dan a bit and his strokes started to feel like little pinches to her asshole. “Aha Aha, Ah!” She declared looking back and trying to see her rear. Dan wasn’t sure what to do or if something was wrong, but he felt something needed to change and he, too felt the friction on his penis. At first just heated, now he felt chafing and to try and maybe finish he sped up his pace.

Yeah, this was getting raw and started to hurt which she announced with a prolonged, “Uh-oooowwww,” staccato accentuated by the quickened beats of Dan’s fuck. She unhanded Dave’s dick to hold herself on both hands and figure out what to do to get this job done. She made a decision equally as odd as Dan’s burning and pinching strokes. She allowed her ass to bounce her onto and off of him more forcefully, deeper, harder and more painfully and with a pained “Ah, Ow Ow,” at the bottom of each stroke. Five times her ass came down on him hard enough to clap aloud and then he vanished. He exited so fast she tried to clamp down on him one more time. She was still trying to deal with the burning of her ass while he stood up on the bed. He was still behind her and he pulled her to kneeling upright. Her back rested on his legs as he started to hand-jerk his member at her hair.

Still figuring out what was happening, but relieved that her ass was no longer being raw assaulted she lolled her head near him as his load started to shoot. The thickest, oozy part of his cum landed atop her head landed atop her head and stayed unsoaking outside her hair. She lolled her head back forward and let herself land on her hands with her face pointing down. The unabsorbed portion of the latest deposit to her hair slid stickily off her hair and down to her forehead where it dropped to inside of her glasses – pooling. She sighed, looked up and realized Dave was still there facing her with his own penis in his hand and ready to go by the sounds of his breathing. His cum, meant for her hair, shot across her glasses and her eyebrow. She closed her eyes and just let the two loads, one inside her glasses and the other outside, just drip a moment. Some ran to her lip and so she blew at this annoyance. “Excuse me, kind sir, could you please remove my glasses and place them on the dresser?” She couldn’t see that Dave had already stepped back and that Meg had stepped up.

The woman obligingly took off the smudgy, goopy glasses and carefully folded them to place them on the dresser nearby. Getting a look at the girly’s face and hair she observed, “Wow, you have been busy,” she leaned close to her face and added, “Let me get that for you.” Meg proceeded to kiss and lick off the thicker areas of cum that had settled or been shot there. Meg’s licks had cleaned off her forehead, eyebrow and lid before girly felt she could open her eyes. Then a final two cleaning kisses fell above and then on her lips. “Mmm, those were… maybe three different men’s flavors. Your cake is getting pretty well iced.” She said and placed another kiss, French, on girly. The woman’s firm tongue imparted a still fresh taste of gluey, salty semen.

“So, apparently your name is Meg?” she was answered with a nod and a smile, “Apparently that’s me too…”

“But it’s Danielle,”

“And Tawny,”

“And Jenny.” Others offered from around the room, and then the voices joined together for a round of chuckles. Firm hands on her hips raised her rear from sitting over her feet and she was back on all fours again.

“And now I hear you’re Valerie,” said ‘Harry’ kneeling behind her on the bed.

“Valerie,” Meg said, “fuck my husband. casino siteleri I think you’ll like it.” She leaned in to kiss the younger girl again, and slid a hand through to one of the gravid boobs below. Harry placed his cock head at the younger girl’s increasingly public private entrance and slowly, but with a noticeable wet sound, pressed It inside. It was a firm wide one-way trip of at least eight inches she had to guess. She closed her eyes and relaxed to receive it. She had no way to estimate his girth having never taken one this wide before. Thank goodness he ad the patience to introduce that equipment slowly. Thank goodness she tended towards a wide pussy and had built up a lot of moisture because he didn’t stop his entrance trip until he had pressed, pressed his wide unit to maximum penetration. There he continued to press tightly, firmly into her vagina, from the back, just like that. He did not release his deep pressure, nor even move back to start fucking, but leaned forward to take her breasts with his strong hands. He held her breast from the rear as if to maintain his depth while Meg unhurriedly stripped off her skirt. She allowed that to billow to the ground revealing multicolored striped panties that simply thonged up the back. Next those came down, too. A well shaved pussy loomed close and, as Meg propped her left foot on the bed, our girly could see the long slim labia part ever so slightly. “And I want to see what you can do with one of these, please.”

Lips parted and a shy tongue reached up ever so slightly, eyes closed she reached, reached. Her timid tongue had barely tapped Meg’s waiting clitoris when Meg nodded to her man and whispered “Go.”

Upon that signal the dutiful man reared back mightily, almost all of his length. Emptiness, a suction left in its departing wake and a noticeable vacuuming gasp was heard from her pussy. No time to think about it, though, as he slid in right to the hilt again, and out, and in, and out – already gaining speed. A gulp and a moan escaped her mouth and a look of shock and concern crossed her face. No one really saw that as the pushes quickly buried her face in Meg’s pussy. Girly regained her composure and tried to steady herself to the onslaught of pushing and pulling that drew at her from within.

She craned her neck to the task presented above her, that of whetting Meg’s waiting pussy. She started at the front and flicked the clit a few times bringing Meg’s sigh and blissful look towards the ceiling. Tom and Joe arose and approached the bed, and Meg addressed the latter by his real name again, “Hey Sam, can you help me with this?” He saw her indicate her sleeves so he stepped up and gathered the loose black blouse from the bottom. He raised it up high while she raised her arms and was freed of the top altogether. She moaned as the tongue at work below took to sliding back and forth the length of her slot with each powerful thrust.

For girly’s sensation it was filling, it was forceful, it was all powerful, but it was not harsh or painful. The man seemed to know his stuff as, without slapping or ramming her most sensitive areas, he exactingly pushed his member home to his depth and halted. His was a gush of fullness and a whoosh of emptiness; as firm and strong as it was considerate and effective. Effective and appreciated, since her orgasm, raging in the background for a long time now, was siphoned forth with each outstroke. While she tongue stroked Meg’s slot her rush hovered like some animal waiting for its opportunity. Then it seized her. She pressed her face deeply into Meg’s pussy. She pressed her full face against all of Meg’s twat, groin and thigh as she could and screamed behind closed lips. The upright woman had to steady herself on Joe/Sam’s bare shoulder from the push. She looked down at the bare back and mane of cummy hair, all she could see really of the young woman moaning directly into her vagina. Meg caught her husband’s eye and blew out through pursed lips then mouthed, “Wow.” He finally released his hold on girly’s large breasts and used his hands to point to where he was filling the pussy with his penis. With his hands he made shape like a circle and mouthed, “Big.” They nodded to each other and the deep fucking went on.

Meg looked over her shoulder to Joe and gestured with a thumb over her shoulder to her bra clasps. He dutifully undid the strap and led it around to the front where he personally freed the two borderline B-C cup breasts that adorned the slim frame. Meg leaned forward over girly’s form to stroke her large breasts and let the bra side down her arms to just drape over the soft-skinned back. Joe leaned in, too to continue cupping Meg’s breasts and kneaded her nipples to hardness. The tongue of the younger had taken to darting just inside the teasing edge of Meg’s inner opening, and this brought three deep, deep breaths. Joe stepped back and let the sharpened nipples lower to tap the rocking girl’s back.

“See,” Meg wiggled a little and shuddered from a mini-orgasm, “my slot oyna man’s dick is just what a big pussy like yours needs. You like?” The reply was a wet ‘uh huh’ and a nod. She’d found Meg’s moisture flowing after that mini-orgasm and… and she liked it. It had a light taste and she wanted more. Meg, then reached back though, found the hand of Tom and pulled him close to her backside. She pulled his hand to her chest and coaxed his fingers to her tits. Her other hand found its way back to Tome’s cock which jumped from amused to attentive. She looked across to her husband who nodded, so she brought the penis in her hand to her rear, past her firm pout of an ass and up to her pussy from the back. She leaned over girly again and allowed Tom’s cock to insinuate itself between the offered pussy entrance and the 23 year old who’s licking had picked up intensity again. She let the lower girl’s tongue moisten the head while she was trying to lap up pleasant flowing waters. “OK, OK, she said to the eager girl, and she now moved the dick in her hand to head-into her own hole. In three, four, five strokes he fully inserted himself. The woman took it in stride, and seemed to almost not notice as she instructed, “You just go ahead and fuck my husband, and now you’d better cum again.”

Already her second orgasm had been approaching and, as if on command, she cried out right after with an “Ah-huh!” Not quite it, but almost it, the constant pulsing pulled it, pulled it, pulled it, and as it approached she again articulated that indeed, “Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah.” She moaned with increasing volume open-mouthed. To bring it over the threshold she tried a bold move. She leaned forward and sideways out from under Meg’s direct weight, and then threw herself back to sit into Harry’s upswing. A single slap of her rear on his pelvis sounded and her second orgasm exploded like orange light and a hiss sizzled through her clenched teeth as she took the sting of her pussy’s orgasmic convulsion on his wide cock. The rest of her shuddered two more times and she collapsed forward onto her arms pinning them under her breasts. Harry’s thrusting had stopped, but now his penis, which still pierced her moving vagina, responded with it’s own up welling. Her pussy’s greedy grasping pushed him over the edge.

Though in the early stages of a fucking herself, Meg could see her husband’s reactions and declared, “I want it,” and then at the top of each of Tom’s thrusts, “Gimme, gimme, gimme! Gimme my man’s cum now, you pussy.” Harry dutifully angled over to his wife dutifully. His wife’s eager mouth engulfed his head and surprisingly much of his shaft. The sight of that caused the other’s jaws to drop.

Joe, who’s name is Sam, climbed deftly onto the bed and positioned himself at girly’s upthrust ass. He immediately, but too easily inserted his cock, and watched with awe as her gapped pussy closed itself willfully to his cock. The bartender eagerly began a steady fuck of the aloft pussy left for him. Harry’s gyrating hips told of how he was filling his wife’s mouth with a stream of fluid of his own. She still had not had a good taste of our heroine’s gooey cunt and thought of how she’d like that, too. She still casually and coolly took the fucking offered her own twat from behind. Panting a little bit to the action Joe was applying to her and seeing how evenly Meg was able to stand up to her own pounding told the younger woman that she was in the presence of a master, or perhaps a mistress. This Meg was certainly in charge of somethings.

“Darling,” Meg addressed her husband, “could you bring our good host in and maybe take the door a moment?” Harry nodded. “Oh and bring the tube from my coat pocket.” He fetched his clothes from the corner, but didn’t hesitate to put them on before moving to the other room. “Oh Sam,” Meg said with her constant calm demeanor.

“Yes Meg?” Joe replied without a pause in his quick strokes, “May I?” he asked with a hopeful tone and look.

“Maybe, if you do well over there. I need you to be sure that you fuck birthday girl soundly. We need her cumming often for what’s next. If you give her a couple of good ones and remember where to put your mess when you’re done, OK!”

“Yes, will do!” Joe replied and showed his enthusiastic compliance by adding a bit more force to his strokes. Each stroke now brought a slap sound and a ripple across her rear.

With the first smacky note she felt it build again, swelling within and now, knowing from the marching orders issued that the backing off her orgasms was over. She let it come, or cum, as it were. Now with each pulse of her growing explosion her excited vagina responded in the way she had trained it. Sam’s thrusts were now met with a clench of her ring of sexual musculature. Thrust to clench, thrust to clench, and each time her own thrill and heat grew.

The fourth man, Dan, reentered the bedroom with a wash cloth he’d been using to clean his member and the first man, Dave, exited having partly dressed. A knock beckoned from the canlı casino siteleri outer door. Just then enough people had moved around so that girly could see that the man of her real desire, the man that she really longed for was in the room and at the end of the bed. He moved to Meg’s side to face the still doggy-positioned woman as she spoke. “I’m doing it, I’m taking it. Am I a good trooper, am I evened up?” She couldn’t hold off for conversation, though. As if in answer to her he held out his hand and gently cupped her chin with two fingers and at that moment she came. It seemed little at first, but its third and fourth pulses brought her face down to his hand as she whinnied and gasped. When she recovered she could look up at his face and kissed his palm twice. They smiled at each other.

Her spasming pussy was almost too much for Joe and, wishing to follow the orders offered at the promise of some future reward he exited rather than succumb to the pressure. He immediately, though, placed two fingers within the sopping wet hole that he’d been working so hard. With his free thumb he pressed at her swollen clit and rolled over it with each time his fingers slid in.

Harry re-entered to toss something on the bed and returned to the front room.

“I can’t believe you tried a dry butt fucking with a stranger, but we’ll get that rectified.” Meg said, then leaned back to Tom, still working away in Meg’s pussy, and she whispered over her shoulder to him. He replied with a very breathy yes. It sounded like he was about to cum. “Mmm, sorry I’ll miss it, but you know what to do, right?” A nod and Tom stepped back breathing even harder. Meg’s propped foot came off the bed, and with both hands she gently took girly’s face while Tom walked around to take aim. She knew what was coming and closed her eyes in time for Tom’s shot to the side of her head. He drew closer and placed his throbbing penis on her mat of hair on the left side which seemed to have gotten the most treatments so far. His next several throbs brought more milky wads slowly but directly to her locks where some of the cum from earlier had already caked into dried crusts. While Tom came she closed her eyes and held her breath. Joe worked her pussy still, but had added a third finger; now he through maybe it was time for a fourth…

When she felt Tom tap her face twice with his dick she thought maybe he was done, but kept her eyes shut a moment longer, but with Joe slipping his pinky finger in with his others holding her breath was no longer an option. When she felt Tom move away she opened her eyes and immediately me the sight of Meg unzipping a pair of pants right in front of her. His shirt had already been d’offed, his belt unbuckled. Her mouth opened a little bit, and Meg must have seen the reaction because she chuckled. There were new voices in the living room and… it seemed more than she could count. ‘Oh… my… god.’ Still her next orgasm approached, calling from a distance.

She watched wide-eyed as Meg’s hand slipped into the pants, into the underwear, and was just finding something to grasp when the older woman turned to block her view with he nicely toned posterior. Well, she could figure out what was going to be going on anyways.

Joe on the other end was replacing his four finger technique with one of rolling his knuckles and thumb all inside. He was able to get all his fingers in and all the knuckles, but had not pushed past that point, yet. He really concentrate on getting his thumb down into his palm and kept pushing his knuckles in and out, once, twice, three times until he rolled his whole hand in at once. He was fisting, “Wow,” he quietly breathed. He was close and looked amused as her vagina took him to the wrist and greedily tightened to him like a watchband. She climaxed for the fourth time this night while his wrist bones rubbed past her opening. The tightening on his wrist was the clenching that accompanied her strong waves of warm ecstasy. She had five long pulses of power course through her and five times she grabbed his wrist with her pussy. In this time Joe moved his fist around in tight circles inside her. He didn’t know how much experience she had with fisting, but he was caught in the moment. This was a new thrill for him and he tried one more thing, one more push to new depths – literally. He pushed firmly, but not quickly, pushed. He felt her weight change and looked to see her drop her head to the bed, he couldn’t see that she had gripped the sheets at this new sensation. She was still on the fading end of her orgasm, and could tell what he was doing, but she wasn’t sure if this was good. She wasn’t hurting, but still there was so much pressure, so full. Then it stopped.

Joe had decided that pushing his fist into girly wasn’t getting him any closer to his climax, and may not be getting him any closer to Meg, so he slipped his hand carefully out, unrolling his fingers. Her pussy produced a sloppy slipping sound from the trapped moisture of her cumming, and again a tiny sound as her hole closed behind him. He rearranged to insert his medium attentive member, a little limp from non-use. Her pressure to tighten up resisted his reentry, but he firmed up quickly with contact with her warm moisture.

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