Auditor Tales Ch. 09


As soon as I landed at Amsterdam airport I called Francis. She was pleasantly surprised hearing my voice. I told her that I would be in the office the next day and that we could have dinner in the evening. Francis agreed immediately. Dinner was something to look forward to, but what would happen after that. When I arrived home I hit the showers. The warm water felt great and I started to stroke my dick. Thinking of the Saturday night with four well shaped women made my dick erupt very quickly.

I dried myself and when straight to bed. In the middle of the night I woke up, memories of that night in my mind. It was awesome; could I ever make someone else part of it?

I sat in my office chair but I could not concentrate on the planning of my next audit, which was supposed to be in Barcelona. It would be a general plant audit and would take me up certainly four weeks. I was wondering, would Mercedes still be there and if yes, would she be willing to spend the weekends with me. But I also figured out that is was a long time ago I had some holidays.

‘I should take up some days off’ I said to myself ‘and invite Francis to come with me’. So I called her and asked Francis if she would like to join me for a week at the beach not to far from here. For a moment I didn’t hear anything but then she almost screamed through the telephone ‘Yes, of course, I want to. Next week?’

‘Yes, next week, but I need to make some arrangements. I let you know tonight, but make sure you can take a holiday either next week or the week after.’

When I entered Francis’ office a big smile was on her face. She looked very pretty and her breasts were still as big as I remembered.

‘We go next week, Martin? Please say yes, because I long for you so much that I almost have orgasms just by thinking of you.’

‘Yes, it will be next week and we can leave this coming Sunday, if you like. We go to a small town at the coast and I rented a small cottage, so we will have much privacy. And we are only a few meters from the sea.’

‘You’re great. I love you for that, Martin.’ Francis said and kissed me full on the mouth, pressing her big tits against my chest. ‘Feel my tits, Martin, do you still like these, or have you changed your mind whilst in Norway?’

‘Oh no, have not changed my mind, your tits are best a man, and I am sure women as well, can long for. So, what shall we do? Go for a drink or do you have to finish work first?’

‘We can in a minute, but I have to tell you something. canlı bahis şirketleri It has been a long time Martin. If you go on trip that long, you should come back for a few days, make love to me and drink as much of my piss you like. I have practicing you see, instead of just pissing I trained myself to squeeze off the stream. The fun will last longer.’

‘Look forward to see that, Francis, taste it, swallow it and drown in it. Let’s go and have the fun you promise.’

We left for the restaurant and had a very pleasant dinner. As always we talked about the things in life and ended the conversation on our mutual sexual desires.

‘How come you like me pissing on you, Martin? I mean it never occurred to me that that could be a sexual pleasure. I know now, but could I have the same pleasure with someone else? In previous relationships nobody asked me to piss. It always was very straight forward and you are the first who is so different’.

‘It is something that just happened years ago. I had to pee and aimed the stream at my chest. It felt so good that after finishing I came almost immediately. That started it. I have to say that only a few I had a relationship with, sort of liked it. Some did it just because I asked. But you are completely different. You like it as much I like it’.

‘Yes, but you are so different. I love you, Martin. Let’s go to my place and make love. I need it now. It seems ages ago you made love to me. I want to feel your body, your hands over my tits, your fingers in my cunt and arse’.

I paid the bill and we headed to her home. When we entered her apartment Francis dragged me into the bedroom and ripped my clothes of. Standing naked in front of her my dick started to rise. No wonder as Francis started to undress as quickly as she could. Her heavy tits looked so wonderful, her big bottom was marvellous. Francis threw me on her bed and we started kissing each other. Our tongues swirled around our mouths. Francis started to kiss my face and went slowly down to my chest. The feeling of her mouth on my body was exiting. I felt my dick getting harder and harder. Her hands caressed me gentle and I felt her breasts stroking my body. She went down further and kissed my stomach. She was almost there. My hands were caressing her back and I moved to her bottom. It felt amazing. Her skin is like velvet. Her tongue was wetting my stomach and she moved along. She didn’t touch my penis at all. Her hands were over my thighs and her tongue tickled my canlı kaçak iddaa balls. My hands were over her thighs and I wanted to touch her wet cunt. Francis spread her legs to give me access. When I touched her she screamed of delight. My fingers went over her lips and her clit. Slowly down through her wetness to her arse. Slowly back to her clit again. Teasing her cunt. Her hands came back up to my balls. Squeezing my balls gentle she placed her mouth over my dick. Her tongue went over my slit, teasing me as I teased her cuntlips with my fingers. Francis moved her mouth up and down over my penis. The feeling was incredible. My other hand moved to her big breasts. Squeezing her nipples she screamed again. She was milking my penis and I was milking her tits.

Francis was moving faster, hearing her breathing speeding up she suddenly had her orgasm. Her body shivered heavily and waves and waves of female cum erupted from her cunt over my hand. I couldn’t hold it either. My penis spewed its sperm out into her mouth. Another spurt of sperm came out. Francis held my penis firm in her hand, squeezing out another spurt landing on her breast. I put two fingers into her wet pussy, moving up and down. Francis came again. An eruption of cum wetted my hand. She took my hand guiding it to her breasts. Her wetness and mine mixed on her breasts. We both licked the mixture of cum from her breasts. Delicious, I heard her murmur. ‘Come on, fuck me, put your big dick inside my body!’ Francis screamed. She laid herself on her back, spread her legs and opened her cunt for me.

With ease my penis went inside. I went down completely. My balls rested on her fat bottom. Slowly I raised my body until my penis touched her lips. Down again and up.

My movements in her cunt made Francis shiver. Looking at her big breasts my penis stayed hard as a piece of iron. She took her breasts and gave these to my hungry mouth. I sucked her nipples whilst pumping my rod in her cunt. Francis came again and again. She wetted my balls with her cum. I came as well. Coming together is the ultimate love making. I went deep down in her cunt and spewed out all the semen from my balls. I collapsed on her body and we both were breathing heavily.

After a couple of minutes we came alive. We kissed each other. We felt the same. I saw the happiness in Francis’ eyes. She noticed mine happiness. She smiled and whispered ‘I love you.’ I rested my head on her breasts. What a woman I thought. How lucky I am being here with her, canlı kaçak bahis in her bed. Francis has a body not to resist. I had to touch her big breasts, her big thighs, and her big bottom. And so I did. I felt her velvet skin under my hands getting me exited again. Now I knew it will never end. Francis and I has such a bond, nothing could make that break.

‘Can you pour us a glass of white wine, please, Martin. We rest a bit in the living.’

‘Will your penis ever go limp?’ Francis asked when I came back with the wine. ‘Not with you around. Look at yourself. You have beautiful big tits, the best ass I ever seen and I love your fat thighs. I love your body; my penis loves your body.’

We drank our wine and Francis suggested that I lay down on the floor. She stood over me and lowered her body so I could lick her pussy. It was still wet with our juices. I started to lick her lips, her clit and then her arse. I wetted her anal opening and pushed my tongue in. I felt her arousal. Francis spread her arse further with her hands.

‘Oh, I like your tongue over and in my arse. Deeper, Martin, get that tongue inside my arse. Feel what I have inside.’ I went further and touched something. Could have guessed, I suppose, Francis would step over boundaries. My tongue swirled inside her arse and I felt some warm drops falling on my face. This made me shiver. A few more drops felt down and I left her arse. I wanted to look and see the warm drops leaving her pussy. When I looked up I could only see her heavy tits hanging over. More drops of warm piss came from her pussy, wetting my face. I opened my mouth to catch all of those delicious drops of piss. Francis is the angel pissing over your tongue.

Francis stood up and took me by the hand into the bathroom. She laid me on the floor and stood high above me. She spread her cunt lips and a fierce stream of piss hit my body. She stepped forward so the stream hit my face. I opened my mouth and her piss went inside. I tried to drink it all, but it was so much. My mouth was flooded with her piss. Finally she came to a rest. Francis turned around and took my dick. Placed her mouth over it and squeezed hard. With a painful grunt I started to piss in her mouth. This time she didn’t drink. The piss felt on her breasts and then over my body. She aimed my penis at her breasts and my stream wetted her big tits. When I had nothing to give her, Francis held her tits in front of my face. We both licked the piss from her tits. I cupped my hands between her legs and Francis let some piss flow into it. I sprayed her tits with her piss. Now we had again a mixture of fluids. This time her piss and mine. We licked it and touched each other tongues. We were happy.

To be continued with the holiday.

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