Autumn Surprise Ch. 02


This is the continuation of the story “Autumn Surprise.” Any resemblance to anyone alive or dead is strictly coincidental. This is purely a work of fiction.

A special thanks to my friend Amanda (not the Mandi in the story, but just as sweet!).


Chapter 8

Kendra worked at the kitchen counter preparing dinner for her family. Kasey had invited Mandi to dinner with Kendra’s blessing. Tonight Mandi would meet Craig for the first time. Kendra was nervous about being so close to her lover in the presence of her family. Since their return in October from a romantic weekend, Kendra and Mandi had not seen much of each other. Trying to find time to be alone had been a challenge. Mandi had a lot of school work, and Kendra had her family obligations. Craig had been working a lot of odd hours adding to the difficulty. In fact, Kendra began to suspect that Craig may be meeting someone on the side. Once she called and the man on the other end of the phone said he was not there. After the man found out it was Craig’s wife calling, he said he forgot that Craig was still on duty and had to go down to x-ray.

Kendra on the other hand had been thinking of Mandi constantly. Mandi had let her hair grow past her shoulders and was truly a smoldering brown eyed beauty. Kendra had her hair cut to her shoulders with a bit of curl on the ends. Her hair was a shiny gold color which made her look like a goddess when contrasted with her deep tan. She and Lisa had been lying out daily in the solarium at the club. The solarium had a wonderful indoor pool and the sun blazing through the glass heated the area much like a deep summer sun. Kendra and Lisa dressed in bikinis and sipped on margaritas on many lazy afternoons. It felt so much like summer heat it was eerie. Kendra benefited from the solarium as she developed that rich tan without the hazards of the tanning bed.

Across town Mandi Ulrich was dressing for her dinner tonight with the Jarvis family. Kris was lying in bed studying for a final. Kris would be heading home to Dayton, Ohio at the end of the week. Kris was not sure if she would return to Bloomington as she was thinking of transferring to finish her degree somewhere else. Kris had recently reconnected with her old girlfriend and was thinking of restarting that relationship. She realized now that Mandi was in love with Kendra and it was for real. Kris knew any designs she herself had on Kendra was not a possibility now.

Mandi studied herself in the mirror. She was dressed in dark blue denim jeans with a white buttoned down shirt and a red pullover wool sweater. She wore a pair of white tennis shoes with no socks.

Kris studied Mandi. Mandi’s beautiful brown hair flowed elegantly past her shoulders and she wore bangs across her forehead. Mandi was gorgeous. Her soulful brown eyes had a twinkle in them that Kris had not seen for such a long time.

“Well Mandi, are you nervous. I know I would be if I was sitting across from the husband of the woman I was banging.”

Mandi frowned and turned to face her roommate. “Kris, I did not bang Kendra. We made love. It was deep and real. I have never felt connected as one with any other woman before. It was if we actually melted together while in the throes of passion. I tried to think of reasons why it would not work. I tried to rationalize Kendra as aging. I tried to convince myself that Kendra was too old for me, but I knew it was no use. She just became more attractive to me.”

Kris looked up at her friend. “Mandi, I was jealous of you and Kendra. Kendra is so beautiful, and I admit to you I was smitten with her.”

Mandi turned toward her friend. “What? You wanted Kendra for yourself?”

“Yes, I am sorry Man. I feel guilty about it. I guess that is why I jumped into bed with Lisa. I hoped that the lovely Lisa could take my mind off of Kendra. It didn’t. I am sorry.”

The two women had a conversation which was at times tense. Emotions ranged from anger to compassion for each other.

Mandi approached Kris. “Kris, we have been friends for so long, and we were once much more. I do hope you find the love of your life, and I appreciate that you feel you can be honest with me.”

“Man, I am going to transfer back home. It is just too painful for me here. I sometimes have those old feelings for you and now I am in lust with your girlfriend. It is too much. I have been talking to Karen recently. She and I are thinking of giving it another go if I decide to return home.”

Mandi looked at Kris. She realized that she was going to graduate next semester and move on. Mandi thought she and Kris would still have enough time with each other to say their goodbyes. She began to tear up.

“Oh Kris, I love you. I don’t want to lose my best friend. The best friend I have ever had.” The tears streamed down Mandi’s face.

Kris stood up and took Mandi into her arms and held her tight. “Mandi, I will always be there for you. I am just a phone call away, and Ohio is just one state over. It is not illegal bahis like I am moving across the country but watching you and Kendra made me remember my first love. Karen was my true love. I ran away. Now it is time I stopped running and go home. I will always love you Man. I will be back if you need a friend.”

Mandi and Kris held each other realizing that their lives will change drastically after this week. Mandi looked at the clock on the wall. It was a little after six, and dinner was at seven. She lightly kissed Kris on the lips and grabbed her coat as she left the dorm room.

Over at the high school, Kasey was putting away her clarinet as she was getting ready to head home. She was remembering telling her mom that she would like to invite Mandi to dinner. Kasey had been having an odd feeling about her mom and her mentor. Kendra often asked Kasey if she had seen Mandi or how Mandi was doing. She remembered the connection she felt between the two when she first brought Mandi home to meet her mom back in late summer. Mandi admitted she was a lesbian the first time she met Kasey. Kasey kept that little tidbit from her mother because she felt her mom was homophobic. Kasey now regrets that she brought Mandi home that fate filled evening. Kasey observed a difference in her mom once she, her brother and dad returned from their trip back in the fall. Kendra often starred off in the distance. She often caressed her own face or touched her lips while in this trance. Kasey knew that look. Kendra was in love. Her mom was having an affair but with whom? Kasey had this deep sickness in the pit of her stomach, and this dinner may answer some of her questions. Was her mom having a lesbian affair with a girl just a few years older than her daughter?

Kasey was in deep thought when her best friend and fellow band mate Cynthia Pruitt got her attention.

“Hey Grumpy, what are you thinking about?”

Kasey looked at her friend. Kasey and Cynthia, or Cindy as she likes to be called, have been friends since the sixth grade. When Kasey first met Cindy, she befriended her because she felt sorry for her. Cindy, while not fat, was chunky. She had the darkest jet black hair that flowed in a million curls down to her lower back, her face was round with a cute little button nose, thin lips, and memorizing hazel eyes. While Kasey stood, 5’9, Cindy stood 5’2 with a large curvy backside and thick legs. Kasey had C cup breast; she guessed that Cindy was a easily a D cup. Cindy often complained of headaches and Kasey wondered if it was due to the heavy breast pulling on the dark haired teen’s bra straps. Cindy’s breasts appeared to slow and weigh her down. It seemed that Cindy was always eating something. Today she was holding a chocolate bar. Cindy was not confident in her looks although Kasey had always thought Cindy was cute. Cindy called Kasey Grumpy because of Kasey’s sarcastic attitude. Kasey called Cindy Sleepy because of her penchant for dozing during class.

“What do you think I am thinking about Sleepy, it’s about dinner tonight?”

Mandi always shared her secrets with Cindy. She told Cindy about her suspicions concerning her mother and Mandi.

“Kasey, do you really think your mom and Mandi Ulrich are sleeping together? That just seems so weird to me. I mean she is old enough to be Mandi’s mother.”

“I have this feeling Sleepy. I just know it. Anyway I will find out tonight.”

“I…I just can’t imagine” said a grinning Cindy as she bit her lower lip looking distant as she imagined Ms. Jarvis and Mandi Ulrich naked in a dark room having passionate sex. Cindy always considered Kendra Jarvis a beautiful woman and Mandi was hot for sure. Cindy had relationships with boys. She was no virgin. Like many girls her age these days, she often wondered about being with another woman. Those were off limits thoughts in her household, but the fact lesbianism was off limits made it all the more appealing to Cindy.?”What are you thinking about Cindy?” Kasey asked looking at her daydreaming friend.

“I was thinking about your mom and Mandi. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be with a woman?”

Kasey shouted “Hell no, I am no lesbo!”

“Liar liar pants on fire” laughed Cindy.

Kasey rolled her eyes. “I guess you have thought about it”

“Sure Grumpy, I think you should try anything just once. How do you know if you don’t try it?”

Kasey looked at her watch and realized it was time to head on home. She promised to tell Cindy all of the gory details. Kasey got into her car and headed home.

Chapter 9

Kendra greeted Mandi at the door dressed in tan khaki pants and a black turtleneck. Mandi found it a cool look which accented the older woman’s blonde hair. Kendra’s blue eyes sparkled upon seeing the lovely form of her young lover. Kendra escorted Mandi to the dining room. Kendra followed slightly behind the young girl watching the swaying ass in the tight blue jeans. “That is my ass” thought the smiling blonde.

Craig illegal bahis siteleri and Richard stood up. Each of them was mesmerized by the attractiveness of their guest. Mandi found Craig to be very handsome. If Mandi were into men, Craig would be her type. Richard had the same facial features as his dad. Richards’s hair was a little darker blonde than his father’s hair. Richard was as tall as Craig and had more bulk. Mandi could see the football form in the young man. Kasey was lovely dressed in a pink sweater and black jeans. Craig was sitting at one end of the table with Kendra at the other end. Richard sat to the left of his father. Kasey sat next to Richard immediately to the left of Kendra. Mandi sat to right of Kendra.

Craig thanked Mandi for all the help she had given Kasey in helping her get into the prelaw program at Indiana University.

“It was my pleasure Mr. Jarvis. Kasey did most of it all by herself. She is going to go far.” Mandi said with a warm smile for Mr. Jarvis while looking at Kasey.

Craig continued. “Kendra said you may be a school teacher instead of a lawyer.”

“Yes sir, I am still thinking about it. I do like working with children.”

Craig looked at Kendra. “You should talk more to Kendra. She was an elementary school teacher for a couple of years. Kendra you should have Mandi for dinner one night.”Both Kendra and Mandi smiled at the remark “have Mandi for dinner.” Kasey noticed the silence from both her mom and mentor. Richard continued to stare at the lovely Mandi. Mandi then asked Kasey how things were going with Todd. Kasey told a stunned Mandi that she and Todd are through. Apparently Todd found someone more to his liking.

Craig snapped “I saw Todd two days ago. It was all I could do to keep from choking him for hurting my daughter.”

Kasey kept her attention towards her mom and Mandi. Kasey would stare at the mesmerizingly beautiful Mandi. With the longer hair, Kasey felt Mandi favored race driver Danica Patrick. Mandi’s face was a little rounder than Danica’s, but she still had the same smoldering dark eyes. Kasey would catch stares between Mandi and her mom on more than one occasion. The conversation over dinner was pretty benign, almost boring. Kasey leaned back in her chair as she pushed her plate forward. This action caused the table cloth to pull up a bit giving the young lady a slight view under the table. Kasey was speechless at what she saw. Kendra and Mandi had their shoes off rubbing their feet against each other. It was an embarrassingly erotic sight for Kasey. Kasey could observe the tenderness and sweetness in the act. Kasey also realized her fears were now confirmed.

“Please excuse me” Kasey said as she quickly got up and left the table. Craig’s pager activated and he left the table. Richard looked at this mom.

“Must be the hospital” said Richard.

Craig returned to the table. “I am sorry. Dave called in and I am going to have to cover for him. It was nice to meet you Mandi.”

Mandi smiled “the pleasure was all mine Dr. Jarvis.”

Craig looked at Kendra. “I will probably be morning before I get back honey. Don’t wait up for me.”

“I won’t” smiled Kendra.

Craig walked out the door frowning. Richard excused himself leaving the table and heading up to his room to call his girlfriend. Kendra smiled over at Mandi. “Well, I guess I will get the table cleared.”

“Let me help you Kendra.”

Kendra and Mandi got the dishes into the kitchen. Mandi pulled the blinds at the window and walked up behind Kendra as the older woman put the dishes in the dishwasher. Kendra stood up and Mandi reached around her. Mandi moved her mouth to Kendra’s right ear and started to nibble at the lobe. She then dropped her right hand to Kendra’s crotch and her left hand to Kendra’s left breast. Mandi then grabbed Kendra’s crotch.

“Oh God Kendra, you are a thousand degrees down there. I think I may have third degree burns” laughed Mandi. The sultry brunette then moved her hands to the clasp of Kendra’s pants. Mandi unfastened the pants and pushed her right hand past the waistband of Kendra’s panties. Mandi slowly let her hand crawl through the tangled forest which surrounded the older blonde’s love canal. Mandi then let her middle finger swim through the hot wave of lava to stroke Kendra’s red hot center.

Kendra threw her head back. “Oh, please Mandi, not….ewwww, oh fuck Mandi, stop it angel.”

Mandi was now biting Kendra’s neck as she had pushed the turtleneck down with her mouth to eat the soft skin of her older lover. Mandi had now slid her left hand inside the pants to the soft ass of the shaking blonde. Mandi then slowly inserted her index finger into the warm orifice of the beautiful backside. Now Mandi was working both openings. Kendra suddenly slumped over the counter panting into a dish towel to muffle her sighs. Mandi pushed her groin into the older woman’s ass and started to hump Kendra’s ass with her finger firmly entrenched between the blonde’s canlı bahis siteleri ass cheeks.

Kendra was afraid that Richard or Kasey would soon step into the kitchen. In a strange way, she almost wished they would see her with Mandi. Kendra did not like to lie and hide things. Plus, she enjoyed the thrill of making out with Mandi so close to her family. It was dangerous and it was like a drug to the older blonde. She wanted this relationship with Mandi, and she was not going to give it up. All of the sudden Kendra felt that old tingling feeling emitting from her engorged, swollen pussy. Mandi’s drilling was about to strike a gusher.

Meanwhile, Mandi felt her inner lips pushing against her panties, which was pushing against her jeans, mashed against Kendra’s ass. The zipper seam of the girl’s jeans was slightly penetrating the panty filled slit of the young girl. Mandi had her hand turned so the palm was lying across the crack of Kendra’s ass with the index finger deep in the hot hole. Her fingers rested on Kendra’s right cheek while the thumb was anchored to the left cheek. Mandi’s crotch was riding the back of her own hand as well as the blonde’s luscious ass. Friction was now building a fire within the young girl.

Mandi was jolted as Kendra started to buck. Kendra’s legs wobbled and she fell completely against the kitchen counter pushing her backside into Mandi grinding mound. Mandi started to erupt. She buried her face into the back of Kendra muffling her sounds in the wool turtleneck. Kendra screamed into the dish towel as this wonderful evening came to an exploding climax through Mandi’s magic fingers.

After collecting her stamina and thoughts, Mandi pulled her hands out of Kendra’s pants. Her right hand glisten with the fine wine from Kendra’s private cellar. Mandi stepped towards the sink and turned to Kendra. Mandi then liked each finger of her right hand before washing both hands. Kendra eyed the girl’s crotch.

Kendra laughed. “Now I know why you wore dark blue jeans. It hides that damp spot pretty well.”

Mandi pointed. “It is unfortunate that you can’t say the same thing.”

Kendra had a noticeable wet area on her khaki pants. She looked at the brunette. “Mandi, I have wanted that for so long. I was getting tired of using my own hand to get the job done.”

Mandi leaned her forehead into Kendra’s forehead. “I love you. I just want to hold you every minute and make love to you every night.”

Kendra leaned in, wrapped her arms around Mandi’s back and devoured the brunette’s mouth. Kendra’s tongue thrust into Mandi’s mouth as both women moaned with pleasure.

Kendra pulled back. “Oh baby, I have missed you so much. I want you so bad Mandi. I don’t know how long I can go without fucking your brains out.” Kendra then passionately kissed the girl again.

“Such dirty talk, you have come a long way pumpkin” laughed Mandi.

Knowing both of Kendra’s children were up stairs, made it all the more thrilling for both women.

Kendra put on her coat and walked Mandi to her Escape. Kendra stepped close to Mandi and took her into her arms. “I love you. I am so head over heels in love with you Mandi Ulrich.” Kendra then lightly kissed the young girl. Mandi pulled back and took off her glove. She then used her right hand and caressed the older woman’s cheek.

“I love you too. I just can’t believe it sometimes. I want you in my life Kendra. I mean forever. I want to marry you and take care of you for the rest of our lives.”

Kendra shook her head. “Mandi this is too fast. We must slow down and give our lives a chance to catch up with our love for each other.”

Mandi smiled “I will my love, but I will not give up on us for one moment.” The two women kissed each other one last time.

Mandi departed after she saw Kendra go into the house. She started to take off when her cell phone ranged Mandi answered it and was stopped in her tracks. “Mandi, this is Kasey. I saw you gnawing on my mom’s face. My bedroom window has such a lovely view. I want you to meet me at the corner. We need to talk!”

Chapter 10

Mandi pulled around the corner and waited for Kasey to arrive. She heard footsteps outside the Escape and turned her head just as Kasey got into the vehicle. Kasey was a little out of breath and just sat with her stare transfixed straight ahead.

Mandi turned toward the teen. “Well, are you convinced now? I told you I didn’t lie.”

Kasey looked down. “My mom is a dyke. How will I live this one down?”

“You selfish little bitch” shouted Mandi. “It is not about you. It is your mother and she has found someone she is happy with. You told me when we first met how unhappy your mom and dad seemed. You tell me Kasey. How does your mother look to you now?”

“My mom has never looked happier. I can’t remember the last time she glowed like she does now. That doesn’t let you off Mandi. You used me to seduce my mom.”

Mandi laughed. “That is bullshit and you know it. You invited me, remember? Your mom and I clicked. You knew I was gay; you just didn’t know your mom was. I did not force your mother into anything, and she gave as good as she got.”?”STOP IT!” Kasey screamed before she lowered her head into her hands sobbing.

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