Awakening Ch. 04: Popping Corks


Emma sat up, unzipped her hood and pulled it off. She shook out her hair and looked like a fashion model. It was mussed a bit but it framed her face perfectly. It was that easy for her. She motioned for me to sit up. Derek helped me and I turned my head so she could untie my hood. She delicately pulled the material from under the leather collar and loosened the back ties. She slowly lifted it off. I turned to Emma. There we were; the real us. She leaned in and kissed me. It wasn’t two faceless people anymore. It was me and my best friend. It felt so naughty and I loved every tingly bit of it. Emma tasted exquisite and her lips and tongue felt beautiful.

As our tongues darted in and out and probed each other, Derek’s hands slid around my body and squeezed my tits. His wonderful hands felt great as he mashed my tits and pulled on my nipples. His hard cock poked me nicely in the back reminding of the wonderful fucking he’d given me. Emma broke our kiss and crawled off the bed and then she and Derek helped me up and into the bathroom. Emma got out a wash cloth and a towel, “Join us in the kitchen when you’re ready.” She leaned in and gave me a very sensual kiss.

I took my time as I cleaned up enjoying the afterglow from god knows how many orgasms. When I looked in the mirror I smiled. My hair had that just fucked look and my make-up was smeared. I radiated that warm, well fucked slut feeling. I was happy. I had no regrets at all and surprisingly there was something very reassuring about the leather collar that was still locked around my neck. I gently fingered the little gold lock that held it securely in place. I knew that Emma left it around my neck on purpose. That thought made a shiver run down my spine and my pussy tingled. I really never thought of myself as a sub type person, but I had to admit, I really enjoyed the bondage thing. Who knew? I was definitely learning quite a lot today.

I ran my fingers through my hair. I decided it was good enough and went back to the bedroom. Emma had laid out several things for me to wear. I decided on the sheer white baby-doll with black polka dots. It was playful and matched my mood. I gazed at myself in the mirror. The leather bra was one of the sexiest pieces of lingerie I’d ever worn, but it wouldn’t go with the baby-doll. Plus, braless would look so much sexier. I squeezed my exposed nipples one last time before I reluctantly unhooked the bra and let it slide off my tits.

I picked up the slinky baby doll and slid it over my head and let it drop into place. My tits filled the empire top nicely. A lot of cleavage was on display. I kept my stockings and garter belt on, and found my heels. It was like I was wearing a very short, very sheer club dress. The look was hot. I re-did my eyes with some of Emma’s make-up and at the last minute put my hair up in two little pig tails. They were fun and with the collar, they made me look extra slutty. I smiled at myself and headed for the kitchen.

My body was still buzzing from the adrenalin and excitement of the afternoon and evening. I walked slowly down the hall like a fashion model exaggerating each step making my tits sway back and forth against the flimsy material. My sensitive nipples hardened as they continually brushed the silky fabric. As I entered the kitchen my heels made tiny clicking noises on the ceramic tile. Derek and Emma broke their kiss and turned in my direction and smiled. He was seated at the high top kitchen table and Emma was standing between his legs.

Emma was wearing bright red, sheer boy shorts and a matching halter and white heels. The top barely contained her mammoth jugs. The halter tied between her tits and her nipples were as visible as mine were. Derek was still naked; fucking nice, the man was gorgeous. She had one arm around his neck and reached the other one out to me. I did my best cat-walk toward them. Their eyes focused on my swaying tits the entire way. I felt slutty and apparently looked it. They definitely enjoyed watching me. My pussy was throbbing and ready again.

Emma shifted slightly so that I could step between them. They each put an arm around me and hugged me. Emma pulled me toward her and after staring into my eyes for a long second, lowered her face and kissed me passionately. Our tongues darted in and out as we dueled with each other. Derek’s hand massaged my ass for a bit and then his fingers migrated down the crack of my ass. I lifted my leg slightly so that he had easy access. He understood and pressed a finger against the puckered ring where he’d just deposited his load until it slowly gave way. There was still plenty of lube in my ass and his finger wormed its way easily into my recently cum filled ass. He moved the tip of his finger around in my ass and it was magic.

As Emma and I continued kissing, I moved my hand into Derek’s lap and found his hardening cock. Damn even after having it my ass I forgot how big it was. It filled my tiny hand. Emma slowed our kissing and gave me a quick last kiss before separating. casino oyna She looked at me a long time like she was trying to figure something out. Then she started tentatively, “Amy, one hell of a lot happened so far today. As for me, I couldn’t be happier, but I want to check where you are.”

I knew what she was thinking because I’d already covered those thoughts while I was in the bathroom. I smiled at her and then quickly at Derek. I touched her face softly and squeezed Derek’s cock before I started, “Emma, I couldn’t be in a better place, mentally or physically.” Just as I was about to continue Derek buried the rest of his finger in my butt. He got my immediate attention as the second joint of his finger slid passed the wrinkled opening. His finger was far smaller than his cock but I shuddered involuntarily anyway. Damn, what a wonderful sensation. The man was good.

I wasn’t expecting Derek’s little surprise and the shock made me gasp. I gulped a big breathe of air before I continued. I gazed into Emma’s eyes, “I don’t know if you can tell or not, but right now one of Derek’s big fat fingers is deep in my ass and it feels great. Not only does Derek have a finger in my ass, but his wonderfully large cock is in my hand, and my other arm is around you. Can it really get better than that?” I was on a roll and talking fast and smiling at Emma. I hoped I was making some kind of sense. I took a breath and continued, “I can’t believe that it took me all these years to find out who I am. I’m still a little fuzzy I have to admit, and I know that our relationship has changed and will probably continue to change, but I look forward to that. I love this. I love being nasty and slutty and being used. It’s exciting and I feel alive for the first time in a long, long time.”

I leaned in and kissed her quickly and then did the same with Derek. I think I was pretty much beaming at them, “Listen, I’m not a kid and I know that this isn’t love. Its sex and lust, and I want it to be part of my life and I hope that however it works out that both of you will continue to be part of my life too.”

Emma was smiling like crazy, “Well then, we should celebrate the occasion properly; time for some champagne.” She headed to retrieve the bubbly.

Derek’s finger was still deep in my ass and the movement was really turning me on. I loved the feeling and smiled at him to let him know it was good. I moved my eyes downward to check out his cock. It was hard and beautiful and bent into a nice arc pointing upward. It looked awesome in my small hand. As I admired his cock I noticed for the first time that his pubic hair was completely shaved. He was the first man I’d seen without pubic hair and I liked the look. Combined with his tan and his physique it was sexy as hell. His beautiful balls were tight up against his body and he just looked like sex. I leaned in and pressed my tits against him and then slid my tongue between his lips. We kissed and groped until Emma returned with the champagne. He and I finished our kiss and to my disappointment, he slowly removed his finger from my ass. Damn, I felt so empty.

After we all had a glass in our hand, Emma made a toast, “To old friends and new awakenings.” We all took a sip and Emma suggested we go to the living room so we could be more comfortable.

They each took the ends of the couch and I got to sit between my new lovers. It was a small couch and I liked the arrangement. Everyone was in their own quiet place as we enjoyed the champagne. I was momentarily lost in the breathtaking memory of Derek’s dong being up my ass. I smiled to myself and I let my free hand slide across Derek’s thigh until I found his penis. It was soft and thick and I could feel its weight as I lifted it. What an amazing sensation. I ran my fingernails along his length and felt him twitch as he came to life. What a marvelous invention. His cock was hot to the touch and the liquid was cold and delicious. As I swallowed the last of my champagne I marveled at the change slowly taking place. I lifted my empty glass to Emma for more.

She smiled and was only too happy to oblige. As soon as she headed for the door, I slid to my knees. I moved my hand to the base of his cock and let the rest of him just hang free from the end of my hand. What a wonderful sight. He wasn’t totally rigid yet but getting stiff rapidly. I gazed at Derek momentarily as I ran my free hand over his body taking in his beauty. He was incredibly fit without an ounce of fat anywhere. He had the smooth outlines of a strong, muscled body. His abs were just short of six packs, but very nicely defined and he didn’t have a hint of hair anywhere that I could see. Damn, he was nice on the eyes and with that cock; he was pretty much the total package.

After savoring Derek, letting my own libido run wild, I lowered my head and covered his beautiful pink glans with my mouth. I loved the feeling as his cock swelled in my mouth. I never had a cock actually get hard in my mouth before. There was something slot oyna wonderful about the stiffness and the softness of a hard cock. I love feeling it with my lips and my tongue and scraping my teeth lightly over the head. Derek reached down for my baby doll and started pulling up. I lifted my arms so he could get it over my head and when I let his cock go, it bounced lewdly in the air in front of my face. He tossed the lingerie against the wall and I mashed my tits against his thighs as I went back to work on his delicious cock.

His girth was phenomenal. I let my lips form a ring around the head of his penis and licked his pee hole again. I was infatuated with that little hole and eased the tip of my tongue in and wormed it around. The spongy flesh felt a bit like Emma’s big nipples. What a wonderful feeling. I ran my tongue around his beautiful head while I probed the little opening. I licked and nibbled down the long underside of his very fat cock and sucked on his smooth balls before I headed down to his ass.

He knew what I had in mind and slid down in the couch and lifted his legs spreading them wide grabbing behind his knees. Wow, that was the first time a guy had ever spread his legs for me and offered me his ass. Derek was totally vulnerable and a sense of power and control overwhelmed me. I surveyed the situation. His dick was in one hand and I was caressing his balls with the other. Very fine blond hair ran along the crack of his ass. He looked delicious and he was completely spread waiting for me to eat his ass.

I pushed his thighs back as I leaned forward to lick his balls again. I’d never rimmed anybody before and found his smell heavy and manly. I licked around the tight puckered opening and then forced my tongue in like Emma had done me. Derek liked it. He moaned and rubbed my face. I licked and poked his ass with my tongue and each time I could get a little more in. I liked licking and tonguing his ass. There was something really nasty and decadent about it, and right now I was totally in charge. I casually jerked his stiff shaft and pushed my middle finger into his butt hole. Derek’s whimper turned into loud moans.

When Emma walked back into the room she stopped next to us and watched for a long while before she finally sat down in the couch across from us. It was thrilling having Emma watch me rim Derek’s ass and jerk his cock. I liked her watching me. I’d always been more reserved and shy, but it felt sort of like I had butterflies in my stomach. I was really getting off on being an exhibitionist. Fuck, what a turn on it was. My entire body was buzzing.

I was very busy having fun with Derek’s tasty parts. It was all so new and I was having one hell of a good time learning my way around. Derek was moaning loudly. In the background I heard the tell tale sloshing sounds coming from Emma’s pussy. From the amount of noise, I knew her fingers had to be buried deep inside her cunt. I really wanted to sneak a peek at her, but there was no way I could do with my face in Derek’s ass. Derek was getting two great shows; Emma playing with her pussy and me licking his ass. Derek was moving his hips in time to me jerking his cock. He was ready to cum again, I could tell from the way his legs were starting to shake. I had decided it was time to get Derek off when Emma hissed at me, “Hey bitch, get your ass over here and lick my cunt! Now!”

Fuck, it didn’t seem fair, but when Emma ordered me to lick her cunt, I immediately flashed back to her telling me to remember that she was always in charge. My pulse quickened and my pussy started to tingle at her command. I gazed at Derek. Fuck he was gorgeous. His hard cock was in my hand and most of his huge penis stuck out the top of my fist. His sexy little ass hole was covered with my saliva and his balls lay flat against his body. Damn, it dawned on me that he was spread wide just like I’d been earlier in the evening when he fucked my ass; mmmm. I looked at Derek and he gave me that “hey, you better get your ass over there and lick her cunt” look. I put my other hand on his cock and gave him a nice squeeze. I smiled up at him as I turned to crawl away. He smiled back and blew me a kiss. He grabbed his huge cock and was pumping it slowly.

When I turned, Emma had removed her shorts and she was spreading her legs as wide as she could get them. Jesus H. Christ, she had almost all of her right hand in her pussy. Shit, this girl had all kind of surprises up her sleeve. I crawled up between her legs and licked my way up her thighs. She slowly pulled her hand out of her pussy and spread the outer lips of her gaping pussy. I pressed my nose against her cunt and breathed in deeply.

The aroma was musky and sweet; very different than Derek. I pushed my tongue into her slit and Emma stiffened slightly as I licked her from bottom to top. Her hands lay softly on the back of my head steadying me between her thighs. Her cunt juice was thick and tasted salty and feminine. I used my tongue to spread her slit and nibbled canlı casino siteleri her engorged pussy lips. Emma moaned softly as I licked her pussy. I slid my hands up her abdomen to her huge tits. I squeezed each of her fun bags and Emma gasped as she pulled my head against her harder. I found her nipples and rolled them softly. Jesus, her nipples were huge. I finally sucked the nub of flesh at the top of her slit into my mouth and used my tongue to flick the tip. I could feel her clit grow.

Her pussy was dripping wet and her juices covered her thighs and my cheeks. It was like being in a dream. We were both breathing hard and my pussy tingled as I worked on her cunt. Her pussy still gaped wide from her fist so I pushed my fingers into her very slippery hole. As I hand fucked her, Emma grabbed my pig tails and pulled my face even harder against her. She moaned for me to suck her cunt and make her cum. I was doing my best and loving every minute of my effort.

I was busy enjoying Emma’s pussy when I got a welcome surprise. Derek moved in behind me and spread my thighs slightly. He fingered my slit with his big fat fingers, spreading the lube from my pussy all around. He pressed the tip of his cock against my opening and pushed forward gently. Gawd I love the felling of a cock pressing its way inside my creamy slit; it felt wonderful. I did my best to keep my lips and tongue on Emma as Derek performed his magic. He pushed his cock forward slowly and after a few ins and outs he was buried deep in my vagina. What a feeling; so full and so deep. He held my hips but didn’t move. I didn’t know what he had in mind so I just went back to working on Emma’s pussy.

Emma was bucking and moaning as I sucked her clit. I had my fingers in her pussy rubbing against her g-spot and the action seemed to be having the desired effect. Emma legs tensed up a bit and her moaning turned into a low shriek. Her clitty was super swollen, easy twice the size of when I started. I continued to lick and suck Emma’s engorged clit as she basically fucked my face. Every time she moved her hips into my face, my body moved backward a little against Derek causing his cock to move deliciously in and out. After letting him casually fuck me for a while, I needed more. I reached back and grabbed Derek’s hip and pulled him toward me. He took the hint and began a very slow steady pace. Out very slowly until just his beautiful pink head was inside and then he slowly pushed it back in deep. Fucking awesome!

I adjusted my body so that I could work her clit and still finger fuck her. Every time I pushed my fingers in deep she went crazy. I loved the feeling and the effect I was having on her. I had nearly all of my hand in her and Emma was bucking her hips against my face and then suddenly she just stopped moving. She screamed something like “fuuuuckkkmmmeee” and started thrashing around like crazy. Then, I had another new first. I was still sucking her and a blast of thick-ish pussy juice hit my face. It was like having a glass of water thrown at you only it was warm and gooey. I pulled my face back for a second in surprise, and then another blast. My face and chest was wet with her juice. She was shaking and pinching her nipples and I pushed my fingers in again. Another shot splashed against my tits. Emma continued to quiver as her orgasms worked through her body but she was finished squirting.

Fuck, I couldn’t believe it. I made Emma cum and her pussy juice was everywhere. Damn, apparently I was a natural at eating pussy too. Emma just laid there with her eyes closed and legs spread. She looked awesome; she was in a very happy place moaning softly. I felt so alive and so naughty.

I’d almost forgotten about Derek. Well, almost. As soon as Emma orgasmed, he quickened his pace and pounded my very ready pussy. My pussy was stretched out and ready; the hard fucking was great. I laid my head in Emma’s lap and just focused on Derek’s cock in my pussy. The boy really knew how to use it.

He held my hips tightly and really pumped my pussy. Deep and hard, over and over again; I could feel the tingle coming. Every thrust sent shivers through me. Emma started stroking my hair and it seemed perfect for me to plant little kisses on her pussy lips. The wetness covering her pussy tasted like sex. I was in heaven. My head was lying against a very wet pussy and a big, hard cock was pounding my pussy. Derek was working hard and grunting and breathing fast as he jack hammered my pussy.

He was thrusting deep and then pulling nearly all the way out. The feeling of being so full one second and nearly empty the next was mind boggling good. Derek pressed forward again, grunted and held it there. I felt his cock spasm and the first spurt hit deep in my cervix. What an amazing feeling. He continued to push hard, spasming over and over again until he’d shot his entire load deep inside me. When his balls were empty, he continued to slowly fuck my cum filled pussy until he started to soften. His cock felt silky as he slid in and out well after he had finished cumming. Finally its weight caused it to slide slowly out of my well used pussy. A flood of his warm cum followed his cock and ran down my thighs. The sensation was spectacular.

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