Staring into the darkness for a minute, Jessi tried figuring out where she was and what had woken her. Then her eyes adjusted to the dark, aided by the sliver of light beaming out from under the bathroom door, and she remembered: she was in a hotel room. Her mother’s soft snoring in the other bed told her it must be her dad in the bathroom, the latching of the door likely what had woken her. They were taking her back to college after summer break and had been about six hours into the nine-hour drive when her mother experienced one of her migraines. She didn’t get them often, but when she did they were debilitating, and they’d pulled into the first hotel they found. It happened to be one of the swankier hotels, costing more than her parents usually spent for rooms, so they’d decided to bunk together. At nineteen, it’d been years since Jessi had shared a room with her parents, but under the circumstances it was the smart thing to do. While her dad covered the room’s window with black-out curtains, her mother took her meds with half a bottle of wine, then donned her sleeping mask and quickly passed out. It’d still been early so Jessi and her father had spent time enjoying the hotel’s pool and jacuzzi, ate dinner at a nearby restaurant, then went to a movie before slipping into the room and quietly going to bed themselves.

With the mystery solved, she rolled over and went back to sleep.

In her dreams she snuggled up to her boyfriend Tom in his dorm room, his strong arm wrapped around her, pulling her tight to him. His hand slid up and down her side and over her lower back, gently rubbing her through her t-shirt and stirring a warmth within her. Jessi’s hand slid down from his chest to his crotch where it found the bulge of his manhood, his loose shorts allowing her to wrap her fingers around the thick shaft and gently tug on it. As it throbbed to life tropical breezes wafted through her loins, stirring her embers. Tom’s free hand reached over to cup one of her firm B-cup breasts, his palm covering it, his fingers squeezing the pliant mound and awakening an ache within the twin orbs. As her nipples began to swell, poking at her shirt, he swiped his thumb back and forth across the one, sending sparks of electricity shooting along her nerves. The tropical breezes stiffened, fanning her embers into smoldering briquettes of desire and their heat radiated throughout her body.

She wanted to reach up and kiss Tom, to press her lips to his and slide her tongue into his mouth. But for some reason she couldn’t. This seemed unimportant in the dreamland and she leisurely drifted along on the waves of passion created by his fondling of her breast and the feel of his rigid cock in her grasp.

After a few minutes he rolled her over onto her other side and snuggled up behind her, rubbing his hard cock against her ass. Reaching over her, his hand slipped up under her shirt to cup and fondle her breast directly. The heat from his palm sizzled against her flesh, the ache growing and her nipple becoming fully engorged. Shifting his hand, he tweaked the swollen bud between thumb and forefinger, making it zing with more electricity. As Jessi’s embers began to snap and crackle within her loins she ground her ass back against his manhood.

Wait! What? Her mind suddenly filled with questions. As she’d been rolled over, she’d woken slightly and in the fading slumber she questioned things she’d missed in the dream. Things like why Tom’s bed seemed wider and more comfortable than usual? Why the sheets were softer? Why the pillow was fuller? Fluffier? And why didn’t the room smell of sweat and take-out? The answers soon screamed through the remaining slumber and her eyes shot open in shock. It wasn’t Tom’s room, or bed, or . . . or . . . Oh my God!

She was still in the hotel room. In the hotel’s bed. And it wasn’t Tom behind her . . . it was her dad. It was her dad’s hand inside her shirt, fondling her breast . . . making it pulse with desire. It was her dad’s fingers tweaking her nipple . . . making it spark and crackle. It was her dad’s cock she’d been tugging on . . . and that was now rubbing against her ass . . . that she was grinding back against.

My God! Stop it! Stop it! She screamed at herself.

And she did . . . for the moment.

Stopping herself from grinding back against him, she worked through how things must have developed. After going to the bathroom her father had climbed in bed with her, probably to get away from the violent tossing and turning his wife’s meds caused. He’d done it in years past, when her mother would get a migraine during one of their vacations. That’d been long before Jessi had become sexually active, and of course, nothing had ever happened . . . nothing like this.

But then, she’d never had naughty dreams that’d made her rub at his cock.

She imagined that her attentions to his manhood had started him dreaming. And like her, he’d dreamed it was his partner doing it. So he’d responded accordingly; believing it was his wife’s tit he was manipulating . . . his wife’s ass he was grinding against.

Jessi casino oyna frantically tried to think how to end things. She didn’t want to just slap him. There was no reason to shock him like that . . . especially with her part in it.

What the…?! Alarms suddenly started ringing through her mind.

While trying to decipher the events and figure out an exit, her body had reflexively started responding again to the things he was doing. She’d shifted to press her tit into his hand firmer and was rolling her ass back against him . . . hard.

While these actions bothered her, they didn’t exactly surprise her.

She enjoyed sex . . . a lot. The feel of a man touching her . . . his strong hands molding her breasts . . . his fingers toying with her nipples. She loved the smell of a man and the feel of his hand on her sex . . . the sensation of his rigid cock sliding inside her. And it’d been ten weeks since she’d been with Tom. Ten . . . long . . . weeks since Tom – or any man – had done the things her daddy was doing.

And it did feel so good . . . so, so good . . .

Even if it was her daddy.

Do something, she told herself.

But she didn’t.

The feel of his hand on her pert breast . . . the sensation of his rigid manhood pressing against her ass . . . had turned her embers into red-hot coals of passion. And while she knew it was wrong, she didn’t want it to stop.

Not yet.

Not . . . just . . . yet.

Pulling his hand away from her breast, he drew her shirt up and piled it above her tits. The covers had slid down to her waist and the room’s airconditioned air swirled over her breasts, making her flesh and nipples tingle. His other arm was under her neck and he brought that hand to her chest as well, so that he could fondle both her firm tits at once. His fingers squeezed and molded her aching mounds, sculpting and reshaping them. Taking both her nipples between thumb and forefinger he tweaked them a couple times, then returned to molesting the fleshy mounds. The ache within them pulsed harder and her body sizzled with the heat of her embers.

“Mmm,” she quietly mewed.

Or at least she thought it was quiet.

“Shh, Babe,” he whispered. “You don’t wanna wake our roommate.”

Jessi’s nerves jangled with the realization that he was now awake too. Yet he must still think she was her mother, since ‘Babe’ was his nickname for his wife. It was an easy enough mistake, especially in the pitch-dark hotel room. Both women had small, petite frames with B-cup breasts, slim waists, and little heart-shaped asses. The only thing that would actually distinguish them from one another in the dark was the length of their dirty-blond hair; Jessi kept hers shoulder length, several inches shorter that her mother’s.

Now that he was awake she knew she should say something to end things before they went any further. And she fully intended to. In fact, she was on the verge of doing it when one hand slid away from her breast and his fingers began tracing delicate lines down across her tummy, making her abs quiver excitedly.

No. No. No. She told herself, biting at her lip as his fingers crept further and further down, gradually approaching the waistband of her shorts. She told herself she couldn’t let him touch her . . . down there. But as his fingers slid back and forth across her flesh they stirred butterflies in her tummy and made her abs quiver more and she remained silent, panting with anticipation. Her time sleeping with Tom had gotten her used to going commando so, along with the t-shirt, she only wore a pair of little gym shorts that were loose enough to allow him easy access to…

His fingers reached the short’s waistband . . . dipped under it . . . slipped down . . . across her pelvis . . . down . . . down . . .

“Mmm,” she mewed as two fingers slid through her wet slit. Her hips jerked slightly, trying to press herself against those fingers and his cock at once as her embers burst into flames, the orange-red tongues dancing.

“Damn, you’re wet,” he whispered, his voice excited.

His one hand continued fondling her breast while his fingers played in her slit, slipping up and down through her wetness a few times. Drawing the fingers up, he found her clit and settled them atop the button. As he rubbed the engorged bud, electricity screamed through it and shot along her nerves, making her fires grow. After a minute his fingers slid down away from her clit to rub at her opening. Pressing gently, one of his digits easily slipped inside her and he hooked it to massage her inner wall while shifting the heel of his palm atop of her clit.

Oh my God! My daddy’s fingerin’ me! He’s playin’ with my tittie! She silently whimpered, unable to believe it was really happening. Even less believable was how much her body was responding. The multiple contacts had her fires roaring within her loins . . . her body sizzling against the a/c air swirling over her flesh . . . and her juices flowing freely. Her pert breasts pulsed and throbbed with desire, her nipples engorged spikes of slot oyna lust at their front. Her hips rolled and gyrated, rubbing her ass back against his rigid cock and twisting her sex at his finger.

Then his hand pulled away from her pussy, out of her shorts, and back behind her. As he pulled his crotch away from her ass, she felt the bed shifting and his body moving as he started working his shorts down.

“Mmm,” she mewed, careful to be quiet. She didn’t know if her response was from her body missing his hand and cock pressing against her . . . or from the knowledge of what he intended next.

Again she told herself to do something to stop this, to end things before…

Yet, she still didn’t act.

Instead she lay there, panting with anticipation, her heart racing, her body aching for him . . . for his cock . . . for her daddy’s cock.

With his shorts shoved out of the way he scooted down a little on the bed, his hand simply resting atop her breast for the moment. His other hand grasped one leg of her shorts and pulled it aside and her body reacted instinctively; keeping her one leg stretched across the bed, she lifted the other and bent her knee, offering herself to her daddy. His hard cock slipped inside her short’s leg . . . slid up along her inner thigh. When it touched her sex she inhaled sharply and held her breath. The tip slid along her slit . . . settled at her opening.

Then it simply stayed there for a minute, pressing gently.

Jessi’s mind raced with what was happening . . . her daddy’s cock at her sex . . . about to enter her. Again she thought how she should say something, stop him from…

But her body didn’t listen . . .

It had plans of its own . . .

Her hips rolled . . . she pressed down . . . slid herself onto her daddy’s cockhead . . . her walls spreading . . . admitting him.

She didn’t know if the timing was pure coincidence or if he’d been waiting for this, but his hips lifted at the same time and several inches of his manhood penetrated her before being stopped by her tightness.

“Mmm,” she whimpered, louder than intended, and her hand shot up to cover her mouth.

His hips dropped back slightly, extracting a portion of himself from her. Lifting again, a little more of him slid inside her. He dropped back . . . lifted . . . dropped back. When he lifted again his entire cock slid into her pussy, stuffing her with its firmness. Keeping himself buried inside her, he rolled his hips, his manhood shifting inside her, and his hand started massaging her breast again, his fingers squeezing the pliant mound hungrily.

Jessi laid there, her heart racing, her chest shoving her tit into her daddy’s hand . . . her hips rolling herself on her daddy’s cock. She kept her hand over her mouth, muting her whimpers as her fires danced higher and higher within her loins.

He settled his empty hand on her waist, his fingers gripping her as he started to slowly pump himself at her, his hips dropping and lifting in small, steady increments. Their position allowed only the limited action, a few inches of his manhood slipping in and out of her while his other hand continued molesting her firm tit.

Jessi’s fires roared within her loins as she laid there being fucked by her daddy, his strokes limited, but still so nice . . . so filling. Almost immediately an orgasm began to materialize within her fires, its rapid appearance surprising her. Reaching out, she grabbed at the sheet under her with one hand, her fingers tensing, as she kept her other hand over her mouth, muting her impassioned whimpers.

A moment later she was glad she had as his thrusting grew even more limited and he shifted to bring his mouth to her ear.

“Ya like your daddy’s cock, Sweetie?” He whispered, his breath swirling in the canal.

“Mmm!” She nearly screamed into her hand.

He knows! Oh my God, he knows it’s me he’s fuckin’! The sudden knowledge sent her fires raging to new heights . . . made the orgasm’s promised intensity grow. Her hips jerked, her pussy hopping on his manhood. Waves of lust rolled through her and she closed her eyes, her head rolling back slightly to snuggle against the side of his face.

“Yes you do. You like Daddy’s cock in your sweet lil’ pussy,” he whispered.

“Mmm,” she sighed, the shock gone from her voice, but not her body or mind. She didn’t know for how long he’d been aware of her true identity, but the fact that he did know and was still fucking her made her entire body sizzle . . . her flesh simmer with a thin sheen of sweat.

“Your pussy feels so good, Sweetie. So tight,” he whispered, his mouth right next to her ear, his breath swirling inside it . . . his words ricocheting through her mind. His hand remained on her breast, his fingers squeezing . . . molding the pliant mound hungrily. Up and down his hips pumped . . . a few inches of his cock slipping from her . . . sliding back in. “God, it feels so good on my cock… On your daddy’s cock.”

“Mmm. Mmm,” she mewed, the orgasm emerging from the flames to approach the ledge of canlı casino siteleri its release . . . her lust burning . . . her breasts aching . . . nipples zinging excitedly.

Up and down his hips humped . . .

In and out his cock pumped . . .

Pulsing . . .

Throbbing . . .

Growing stiffer within her velvety hold . . .

Oh God, he’s gonna cum! My daddy’s gonna cum inside me! Her mind reeled with the idea. She loved the sensation of a cock unleashing inside her . . . the feel of it added so much to the sexual experience. And now it was her daddy that was going to…

“Oh yea, Sweetie. So good,” he groaned quietly into her ear, his hips thrusting harder.

The orgasm raced to the ledge . . . peered over it . . . towering . . . teasing . . . promising. Her muscles started to tense, her sex clenching around his thick shaft. Again, their position limited her own ability to move . . . to fuck him back . . . but as the orgasm teetered upon that ledge her hips rolled and gyrated herself on his pumping manhood.

“Oh, Sweetie. Daddy loves you,” he groaned, his hips thrusting one . . . last . . . time. Then he buried himself inside her as best he could, his fingers at her waist clenching onto her tightly as his cock began to jerk and spray his semen inside her. “Daddy loves you so much.”

“Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” She cried into her hand, the orgasm blasting through her. Brilliant skyrockets exploded in her mind. Electricity screamed along her nerves . . . her muscles spasmed . . . her body shuddered. For several minutes the orgasm continued crashing through her, her rapturous whimpers muted by the hand over her mouth. Her hips twitched and hopped, her pussy locked around his shaft, squeezing it to draw his seed from him.

Finishing, her daddy held himself inside her, letting her sex milk him dry.

The orgasm began to fade, waves of ecstasy ebbing away. She kept her hand over her mouth to quiet her lingering mews of pleasure. Sensing his cock softening within her folds she waited for him to pull it out and when he did her body trembled with an aftershock.

They laid there for a minute, catching their breaths. In the background she could still hear her mother’s soft snores, telling her they hadn’t disturbed the woman. Not that it was very likely when she was on her meds. Pulling his arm out from under her, he rolled onto his back and pulled his shorts back up. She fixed her shirt then rolled over to snuggle up to him, draping both an arm and leg across him as she rested her head on the pillow next to him.

“That… That was… surprising,” she whispered.

“Absolutely,” he breathed. “I-uh… I think we need to talk. But not tonight. Tomorrow.”

“Mm-hmm,” she agreed. Then she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep again, her body snuggling up to her daddy.


The bed shifting under Jessi woke her. Rolling over, she cracked her eyelids open in time to see her father disappearing into the bathroom, then she turned her eyes to the alarm clock on the nightstand between the two beds: 6:30. In the other bed her mother lay, snoring next to a messy pile of sheets and bedcovers.

Jessi’s mind raced back to hours earlier, to the middle of the night when her daddy . . . when her daddy and her had done what they did. It almost didn’t seem real, like maybe it’d just been some kind of erotic dream . . . a very surprising and pleasurable dream. But it hadn’t been a dream. It’d been real. Her daddy had fucked her.

Suddenly what seemed like hundreds of thoughts and emotions assaulted her. The next second she forced them down as the bathroom door opened. As her father walked back into the room a familiar tingle shimmied along Jessi’s nerves.

“I’m gonna get a shower. You need to use the bathroom before I do?” He whispered.

“Yea,” she answered, brushing the tingle aside . . . for the moment.

Minutes later the shower was running and Jessi was sitting on the bed, absently staring at the muted local news program on the TV while the thoughts and emotions came flooding back. Confused by their . . . surprising nature . . . she sat there, struggling with a series of questions.

She desperately wanted to talk to her father, like he’d said they would. Mainly she wanted to know how the . . . encounter . . . would affect their relationship; what kind of fallout – if any – would there be? She didn’t want it destroying their close relationship.

Trailing right behind this concern was the series of odd sensations and strange desires she was experiencing. Like the tingle that’d raced through her as he’d stepped out of the bathroom just minutes earlier. And other . . . things. She couldn’t stop thinking about how it’d felt to have his hands . . . her daddy’s hands . . . touching her in those intimate places. She remembered how quickly her initial shocked reaction to it being him – and not her boyfriend – had morphed into arousal. How it being her daddy had screamed through her, stoking her fires and initiated an orgasm so quickly. And now she was having these strange . . . thoughts. The experience had seemingly awoken long lost desires . . . forgotten – or repressed – fantasies she’d had no idea existed. She had no idea where they came from, yet, she could not deny their existence.

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