Baby Boy Pt. 02


Jamal’s POV

Every time I closed my eyes to sleep Elliot dominated my dreams. It was almost the same reoccurring dream I had about him. In my dream, I was in a room with Someone and the person was wearing one of those white fluffy bathrobes with their back turned to me. I immediately recognized Elliot by his full blond locks and call out his name.

At first, he ignored me and then slowly let the bathrobe slip off his delicate shoulders pass his ass and down to the floor. Pale soft skin came to display. He turned around for me to see him in all his naked glory. His round rosy nipples were erect, begging to be pulled and twitched. His small boyish frame looked lean with all the right muscles at the right places. The urge to roam my hands all over his body and watch him squirm and beg for more overcame me. His cock slowly started to lengthen to its full mast, demanding to be sucked dry of all the cum in his balls.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Daddy. I’ve been a very, very bad boy since you left for work.” He innocently confessed to me whiles trapping his bottom lip with his teeth.

Elliot walked seductively, swaying his hips from side to side to my bed and laid down so that I had him in my full view. His legs spread widely before me whilst I watched him transfix. My cock throbbed from watching him roam his own hands all over his body sensually. His moans rang through my ears, sounding like a beautiful music. His hand moved between his legs and he took his dick in his hand, rubbing and masturbating it. My own prick swelled and leaked profusely at Elliot’s wanton behaviour.

He continued his seduction by lifting his legs in the air towards his chest, almost bending himself in half. Both his hands wandered to his ass cheeks, spreading them apart to show me his tiny pink hole which was winking at me. One hand moved to his cherry lips, I watched hypnotize as he sucked on them excitedly, coating his fingers with enough saliva and then moving his wet finger back to his rosy rosebud to enter himself. He played with the rim of his hole, moaning his delight and encircling it rapidly. Then he harshly entered a finger in his puckered hole, looking at me with lust filled hooded eyes.

“Fuuuucck!” I groaned and his eyes rolled back into his head as a pleasure reflex. “Just like that, baby boy. Abuse your pussy for me!” I urged him on, and he obliged by fingering himself harder and quicker, his finger moving in a blur in and out of his hole. I heard him sob at the unbearable bliss mixed with pain he was giving himself. Later he spread his cheeks again for me to see how his hole gaped wide and then closed back to its tiny form.

“I’m all ready for you, Daddy! ….. Punish me for being such a bad boy and fuck me hard!” He pleaded bitterly. I adhered to his pleas and walked over to him on the bed. As soon as I bent down, spit at least three times on his hole and ready to enter him, I woke up from my sex dream with a throbbing and leaking cock!……. How fucking rude and cruel!


“I’ll call you tomorrow, Elli.” It was the last thing I said to Elliot after kissing his cheeks tenderly before we went our separate ways. That was three weeks ago, and I didn’t honour my promise to him. Work was so demanding, yet I knew that alone couldn’t be the reason. We all had twenty-four hours in a day and if you were a priority to someone, they would make time for you. Elliot was ‘somewhat’ of a priority to me, but I forced myself to forget him which turned out to be impossible and a disaster.

At the age of just 28, I have been able to accomplish a lot and was at the peak of my career, so I wasn’t ready to settle down. My job was stressful, so instead of doing drugs like others did, my stress reliver was fucking whoever and wherever I wanted. I mean Elliot didn’t strike me as one of those people who will be annoying and demanding when dating him, but I wasn’t ready to risk it. Certainly, he was hurting from my silent treatment and wondering why I haven’t called him. He was probably blaming himself for it. God! …… I’m such an asshole!

It wasn’t love at first sight when I first saw Elliot. It was just raw lust. There was something different about him that drove me wild though I couldn’t put my finger on it. Maybe it was him being so shy that made me want to unleash the dirty little slut I knew he kept hidden deep down. Or maybe it was the intensity and emotions in his eyes that communicated his thoughts more than he used his words. I could feel and see it in his eyes how much he wanted me.

It’s normal for grown men to be shy, introverted and have anxiety. Not everyone I have met so far in life was outgoing and bubbly. Elliot was one of those shy people. He could sit and listen without saying much yet it wasn’t lost on me that he had a beautiful mind. It was the brilliant ideas he would chip in every now and then during a conversation with his friends or his possession of random facts about many things.

The way Elliot presented himself and illegal bahis his preppy clothes easily gave it away that he was well of and came from old money. Even the way he held his wine glass and gestured at things had something old school and aristocratic about it. There was an air of Elegance surrounding him in everything he did. That evening I watched him interact with his friends and realized that he was very well spoken for his young age.

Elliot was the star of my jerk off sessions for the past three weeks. I just wanted his pretty lips wrapped around my big black cock so that I could roughly fuck his mouth whilst he watched me with those intense blue eyes with saliva dribbling down his chin and neck. I needed to force him on all fours, spit on his tiny pink asshole for lubrication and fuck him impossibly hard and deep as he screams and moans my name all night long …… Jesus Christ! Only Elliot could bring that side out of me …. Fuck! I had the need to manhandle and take care of him at the same time. Did that even make sense? My mind was made up to call him the next day so that I could finally bang him hard out of my system.

Tonight, I had a charity event to attend which was hosted by one of my clients. I dressed up in a suit like it was expected for such events and drove myself there. It was a good way to socialize and find new clients. Where else would you find the rich and famous all gathered at one spot? I arrived at the location and the Mansion was huge. In a perfect world, one family alone shouldn’t be allowed to own such a huge property. This is what separated the wealthy from the rich.

I showed my invitation at the main gate and could enter. The valet met me in front of the house and took my car away. Inside the mansion was very spacious with people everywhere in small groups, mingling and conversing with one another. Everybody was dressed in their fancy clothes, the women in beautiful elegant gowns and the men in impeccable suits. The guests were chatting and laughing away happily with drinks in their hands. I made it a point to meet the host who happened to be my most important and valuable client first and then have drinks later.

On my way to find Mr. Walton, I stopped here and there to greet people I knew. A group of old men wanted to involve me in a political debate that I had no interest in. My dad thought me to avoid this kind of topics at events because your views and beliefs, when it didn’t coincide with that of your listeners, could cost you clients. I was beating around the bush on one topic as not to offend anyone till the host himself found me.

“Michael I’m glad you came” Only my clients called me by my first name Michael.

“Mr. Walton thanks for the invitation. Everything looks amazing and I’m glad to be here.” I lied. Seriously, most people here were faking and pretending to be good people.

“Gentlemen please let me borrow him for a while” Mr. Walton didn’t even wait for their response as he pulled me away and I was grateful for his rescue.

“I would like you to meet my son. He has to take over a business deal for me and I’ll be happy if you could assist him with your expertise” He explained.

“Of course, Mr. Walton.” Another rich kid who gets to play ‘businessman’ with daddy’s money and I was lucky enough to babysit them ……. Great! Don’t get me wrong, it was good money. Mr. Walton and I walked up the stairs where many guests were present too and drinking away.

“Martha have you seen Elliot?” As soon I heard the name my heart started pounding loudly in my chest, my feet became heavy as they dragged along to follow Mr Walton. I was trying but failing miserably to calm myself down.

“Elliot there you are. I want you to meet Michael, my lawyer and a very young savvy businessman. He will be assisting you with the Project I talked to you about.” Elliot turned around and we both stared at each other far longer than necessary until I broke the silence.

“It’s nice to meet you Elliot. I’m looking forward to working with you.” I kicked myself internally as soon as I saw the hurt flashed in his eyes. I couldn’t let his dad know that I was sexually involved with him. The Waltons were so rich and influential that there was a chance that his Father, the Patriarch of the family, could totally ruin my career if he wasn’t happy with me being with his son, yet those damn eyes of Elliot held so much hurt and animosity in them that I was uncomfortable with my decision.

“Likewise, Michael” His voice was chilling cold. If he didn’t resent me for not calling him, he sure as hell hated my black ass now.

“Dad, I have to get ready for my performance. May I be excused?” He didn’t even bother to look at me or address me.

“Of course! Good luck, Elli” Mr Walton said to him and kissed his cheek. Oh, he was his Father’s darling too! ……. Fuck!

Elliot left us without another word to me. I felt horrible for being the cause of his pain. Everything Mr. Walton said afterwards flew pass illegal bahis siteleri my ears. For the life of me I couldn’t pay attention to anything he was saying. I just wanted to hug Elliot and take away all his anguish. Pulling myself together, I confidently excused myself from Mr. Walton midsentence and quickly followed Elliot.

I saw Elliot turned to a corner to a long quiet hallway, away from the people and the party and entered a room. None of the guests were paying any attention to me so I took long strides and followed behind him. Turning the knob on the room he entered, I realized the door was locked. I knocked on it and waited. Movement inside the room could be heard till the door flew opened to reveal an annoyed Elliot. His eyes were puffy and bloodshot, revealing that he must have been crying …… such a sensitive guy!

“Hey Elli” I said turning on the charm and leaning on the doorframe, yet he said nothing. “Are you mad at me?” I whispered after a long silence.

“Why should I?” He questioned and his voice was still devoid of any emotion.

“C’mon! You’re mad I didn’t call and I’m sure me pretending not to know you in front of your dad didn’t make my case any better.”

“You told me you’ll call tomorrow. Three weeks have gone by already, but maybe in the dimension where you live tomorrow hasn’t come yet.” He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

I couldn’t stop the laughter that tore out of me at his statement and I saw a small smile grace his beautiful face. Suddenly, I felt an urge to do something, to comfort him, but also myself. In a moment I pressed my lips against his, felt his body loosen and his arms touch my shoulders. I pulled back from the kiss and chuckled, then we hovered right there …… quite soundless for so long, simply feeling each other’s presence.

“I’m sorry, Baby Boy!” I said and he let out a shaky sigh. He began to chew on his bottom lip nervously.

I pounced on him again with a kiss and pushed him into the room. The room turned out to be a decent and well decorated bathroom. As I pulled away from the kiss, I saw that his eyes were still closed. He slowly opened those ocean blue eyes and they were full of life and uncertainty.

“Am I forgiven now?” I asked and he nodded with a smile on his lips, looking down to the floor. Elliot looked like he wanted to run so I turned around and locked the door behind me.

“Am I making you nervous, Elli?” He nodded affirmatively and still wouldn’t look at me.

“Should I leave you alone?” He shook his head no.

Swiftly, I picked him up and placed him on the gleaming granite countertop between the two sinks. I moved between his legs and kissed him again.

“You’re so damn responsive and easy to tease.” I said. His eyes betrayed how aroused he was. “Fucking slut!” I whispered it in his ears and licked the shell of his ear.

“I can’t help it when you kiss and touch me like that.” He whispered back and I chuckled.

“You look delicious in your suit.” I kissed him briefly on his lips and continued. “I want to use your tie to bind your hands together and do unspeakable things to you till you scream my name and beg me to make you cum.” His breathing quickened at my words. “Would you let me?” I lazily trailed my lips down his neck with occasional butterfly kisses. He began to moan and groan. The goal was to drive him so crazy that he will lose his shyness.

“I have to perform soon.” He whispered and I knew he didn’t want me to stop. He wasn’t convincing at all.

“At what time?” He thought hard before saying at 10 pm.

Checking my watch, I was aware that we had 30 minutes before his piano recital. I took a few steps away from him to study him. His luscious lips were reddened and swollen from our kisses. They were parted slightly as he breathed hard through them. A beautiful blush shade was forming on his cheeks and neck. His hair was tousled from me running my hands through them too much. Elliot looked ready to be devoured.

“I wish I could control myself better around you, but when I see you all I want to do is rip your cloths off and fuck you!” I confessed and he gasped.

“You can use me any way you want but first let me suck your cock! …… Papi please” Elliot said innocently and a huge gooey glob of precum oozed out of my hard and weeping dick. Shit I wasn’t even sure if I had not cum in my briefs hearing him say that.

“No, Elli!” He was shocked and disappointed.

“What? ….. Why? …..” His frustration was apparent in his questioning and I thought he was so fucking adorable. I walked back between his legs again and rubbed his thighs to calm him down.

“Come home with me tonight, Baby Boy” He glanced at me and his eyes widened when he realized I was serious. My request surprised me too. He was getting to me and I was slowly losing my balance with him. “I promise not to touch you if you don’t want me to!” I tried to reassure and convince him, but I guess he saw right through my canlı bahis siteleri bullshit by raising an eyebrow at me as a response.

“Okay fine. You’re definitely getting thoroughly fucked if you say yes and come home with me.” I revealed my plans to him.

“I can’t go out like this to perform! I need to cum or else I will be a nervous wreck on stage and probably embarrass myself.” He was rambling. “Please, Please, Please, Pleeeeaaase! Papi” Elliot whispered softly. Him calling me Papi unleashed something primal in me.

For the first time he took the lead my holding my head in his hands and begging me with his eyes. He proceeded to kiss me so sweetly on the lips that my inside turned to mush.

“Alright! I’m feeling very generous tonight. Tell you what?” He was listening attentively like I was going to quiz him afterwards. “If you agree to come home with me tonight, I promise to fulfil all your needs right now.”

“Deal!” I’m sure he didn’t even contemplate my offer or maybe he thought about it with his cock. He hopped down from the countertop, helped me out of my jacket first before shrugging out of his own too. Elliot took his time to unbutton my dress shirt. He looked dazed trailing his fingers on my pecs and down to my abs.

“You’re so beautifully ripped.” He said and gradually went down on his knees. He quickly unbuckled my belt with shaky hands to free my erect wet cock. He stared at it longingly as it pulsed and jolted visibly in his soft hands. As if in a trance, Elliot used his hands to jerk me and watched fascinated every time precum oozed out of my cock. Its like he was milking me, and my knees buckled. I had to plant my palm firmly on the countertop for support.

He traced his tongue gently on my manhood following the veins on it from the base to the tip, my cock will visually jump at his tortuous action and leak a glob of spunk and he’ll catch it with his tongue at the tip. He repeated that from another side by twisting his head in different ways and licking all around my cock. After a while he started focussing on just the tip. He kissed and licked around it, driving me insane before tightening his lips on just the crown of my cock and sucking hard on it. That boy was skilled with his mouth and his enthusiasm for the act of sucking dick was unmatched by none other I have encountered so far.

“Fuuuck!” I moaned and grab a chunk of his hair and pushed him down on my throbbing dick.

He did not fight me, but rather surrendered and opened his eyes to stare at me. Inch by inch he swallowed my cock in his warm mouth whiles I gazed back at him with admiration. A sense of proudness washed over me as he could take me further down his throat than anybody has ever been able to do before gaging. I held still and combed my hand affectionately through his soft hair and caressed his cheek.

Elliot looked so sexy with his mouth full of half of my cock. I continued to feed him my dick and watched his eyes water, but I kept going. He blinked rapidly and was heavily breathing warmly on the rest of my cock through his nose, so I stopped again and held still. Nothing is more beautiful than a man on his knees with his mouth full of cock and seeing in their eyes that they were loving it.

I resumed filling his mouth with my cock, wanting him to take all of me. Recognizing the determination in his eyes made me feed him more of my thick black cock, knowing well that he could take all of me. I just had to groom slutty Elliot to my liking, and he was willing to prove himself to me, so I continued. It took a while, but he was finally able to get all of me in him, stretching his mouth to the maximum. His throat swallowed deliciously around my dick.

“Abso-fucking-lutely beautiful” The compliment came out easily. Tears fell rapidly from his eyes running down his enflamed cheeks and my thighs. I held him there for a while till he tapped on my thighs, signalling me to pull out because he needed air. I slowly pulled out completely and he took in a huge breath and then started coughing with saliva dripping down his chin.

“Again, Papi” He requested, and I complied. My whole body was tingling. I could see it in his eyes that he was loving it. He was able to fill his mouth with all 10 inches of me again. We repeated it over and over again until I lost control and needed to cum.

“Fuck my mouth now, Papi”. He begged pathetically with his hoarse voice, I held his hair tight in my hands and started pumping my cock roughly in his mouth. He was making gaging noises as I ram his mouth, but I didn’t care. He might have asked for more than he could take, and I just wanted to cum.

More saliva drippled down on my dick to my balls as I pumped harder and he kept fiercely tapping on my thighs, but I ignored him, lost in my own pleasure. After a few minutes I roughly pulled out and he desperately filled his lungs with air whiles coughing. His eyes were red from watering so much. I let him catch his breath before crouching down to his face level and yanked him by his hair. I slapped him across the face, and it surprised me that he moaned loudly.

“Fucking pathetic useless slut!” I said and slapped him again. “Don’t tempt me like that asking for more if you know you can’t take it!”

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