Babysitting Alex – Final Part(A)


-=This is the end of the series, thanks for reading, I may post more stories related to Alex/Mark=-


“Good Morning Honey bunches..” I said as Aky was waking up.

“Mnn…morning”He said rubbing his eyes and stretching.

“I got a call from my parents…they’ll be here by the evening…” I told him.

“Well…everything’s clean… so what…?” He asked me.

“I don’t think we’ll be able do anything else today….and we need to put those stuff you got back…” I told him.

“Oh..yeah…the ‘fun bag’ ” He said.

“That’s how you call it?” I asked him.

“Pretty much…” He looked at me and sighed. ” I kinda miss Mark…” He told me.

“Yeah me too…it’s just not the same…” I said. “But hey..I’m here with you!” I said tickling him.

“Hahaha! Yeah!” He said laughing before I stopped the tickling him and he looked deeply at me…his eyes were penetrating and deep…I loved him so much…and I felt that he also loved me…I leaned to kiss him again, he hugged me pulling me to bed, his tongue touching mine felt good…his whole body against mine felt good…I caressed his hair with my hand as we kissed, until we finally broke the kiss.

“I love you a lot…I mean…for real…not like..brothers love…” He said.

“For a long time I only saw myself as some kind of big brother figure…now look at us…”I said smiling.

“I don’t care…I’d rather have a boyfriend than a brother…” He said.

“I can be both for you…” I said.

“Anything works with you…”He said.

“I hope you’re right…” I said giving him a small kiss and getting up. “Gotta pee…” I said laughing.

“Great way of ruining the moment!” He said laughing along, we moved to the bathroom to pee, and as far as I knew, we had the afternoon just for us. We did the usual suff of morning…a little messing around, breakfast, watch TV then we were on.

“What do you wanna do now?” I asked him.

“Hum…I got a boner…” He answered.

“can’t let that go to waste hum…?” I said rubbing him through his shorts.

“Yeah…we can’t…”He said rubbing me.”Can we try doing it here…?”

“I don’t know…don’t you think it’s a bit…risky..?” I asked, only to be interrupted by him as he leaned over me kissing me, shutting my mouth…

“Fine…we can do it here…” I said after he broke the kiss. I ran my hand through his back, slowly taking off his shirt, he kissed me again trying to take my shirt off, I took it off and threw it casino oyna on the floor as we continued to kiss, passionately…we were in love, and right now we were tasting, feeling eachother….it not only felt good…but right..I broke the kiss one last time.

“Describe us both right now…” I said.

“Two horny boys in love that need eachother…” He told me.

“I was thinking exactly about that….”I said smiling.

“Except you need me more..” He said lifting his eyebrow.

“And you are right again…” I said pulling him into another kiss, we loved kissing but I was sure he wanted attention in another spot so I broke the kiss and got on my knees lowering his shorts and underwear. His dick was already pointing up and leaking pre cum…he could make much more pre cum that I could…and I liked that, I licked his shaft which caused him to twitch himself, I licked from the base to tip clearing it of pre cum and finally, I began sucking it, I deep throated him and he squirmed in pleasure but took it away from me. He kissed me again and made me lie down on my back as he took off my shorts and boxers.

“You don’t have todo it…”I said.

“I want to…”He answered before licking my dick, it felt so good, I almost blew right away…his tongue plus his touch made me crazy, I loved him so much I wanted more..

“I want you…all of you…We’re almost the same tall…this should be easy….” I said taking my dick away from him. “I want to feel you…inside me” I said blushing…I never blushed the last 2 times he asked me AND did it…but now…out of a sudden…I felt silly asking for it…

“Right hum…how do you wanna do it?” He asked.

“Any position you want…” I said.

“Then just lie on you back and spread your legs…” He said, I simply did as I was asked and soon he was rubbing my ass with his dick….he liked to tease, and I liked when he teased…it was so good, then I felt him sliding in, it went in so easily that I was almost surprised….

“I was….waiting for a chance to do something like this again…it feels good inside you…so warm…” He said between his thrusts.

“I thought you’d like it…it doesn’t..hurt…it’s good…go faster if you want…” I said.

“I’ll try doing it like you did me yesterday…” He said taking up his pace and going harder I moaned from his thrusts and grabbed his butt with my hands forcing more of him inside, he moaned as his 4 1/2 dick completely vanished inside me, it felt awsome, however, different slot oyna from the other 2 times…I started fucking him back him back as he held my hips going faster and faster with each thrust he made, his body shook and he came inside me, I felt him pulsing a few times as his body kept shaking, apparently he had the best orgasm of his life, even though I hadn’t come, I gave it no big deal…I knew I had pleased my perfect little boyfriend.

“Hey..we must take your stuff back fast..before someone arrive…” I said getting up as his soft dick slid from me.

“But you didn’t…” He said.

“We worry about that later….” I said.

“A-Alright…” He said getting dressed with me and grabbing his bag as we took it to his house to it’s former place.

“Eventually you’ll have to tell me where you got that Venus 2000 from…” I said.

“I have a cousin…I kinda…borrowed it….” He said.

“He must miss it a lot” I said laughing

“yup!’ He replied laughing and as soon as we got back we had lunch.

“You better have a good taste of it…you’ll only have another one of these when I babysit you again…” I said smiling at him.

“Whatever man!” He said laughing.

“Maybe if you want I could cook you some meals one day or another…” I said.

“I’d like that” He said smiling.

We stopped eating and looked at eachother again…I’ve never felt like this towards anyone…he was someone who could touch me deep inside my heart…I felt his love for me…closer than friends…closer than brothers…We fastly left to the sofa and started making out again…it was intense…something we couldn’t hold…we kissed deeply as our tongues danced inside each other’s mouths, it was perfect…

“It just came to me…you didn’t cum yet…” He said looking at me slowly lowering both our pants…

“I said don’t worry…I don’t care…” I explained.

“I do…I want it to be perfect…come on…” He said.

“….Fine…let’s do it…” I said grabbing his head and pulling him for another kiss as he slowly lined up my dick with his entrance.

“Ready…?” He asked me.

“I should be the one asking that….” I said. He smiled as he lowered his hips against my dick as it slid in slowly fucking him, his moans echoed around the empty and silent house.

“Is it right now…?”I asked.

“Almost…. perfect…ah!” He said loweing himself completely, that made me shiver and shake, it came faster than expected and we kept ourselves on the canlı casino siteleri sofa as I recovered from my amazing orgasm…

“Now…it was perfect…” Aky said smiling at me. Out of a sudden, we heard a car just pulling over and doors slamming.

“Already!?” He asked me.

“Shit!” I said getting up and grabbing my clothes as Aky did the same, we ran upstairs quickly before the door opened.

“Boys? We’re back! We brought you two some snacks!” Mom yelled. We were too busy running to my room and quickly getting dressed.

“Matthews? Alex?” She asked going up an knocking on my door.”I’m coming in…” She said before going into the room, we had headsets on our heads and we were holding the Xbox controllers.

“oh, hi mom…didn’t hear you..” I said.

“Hi!How was the trip?” Aky asked her.

“Perfect! Did Matt take care of you nicely?” She asked. We looked at eachother and smiled.

“Yeah, like a big brother!” he said, I’ve never felt so relieved in my life…in 1 hour or so…Aky got his little bag with his stuff and went back home, I was paid for taking care of him, but I didn’t care about it so I returned the money, that evening, I laid on the grass looking at the skies….

“Honey, we are going to a restaurant….want to come?” Mom asked.

“only one call!” Dad continued.

“No thanks! Have fun!” I screamed.

“We were expecting that…someone wants to see you! He’s coming in! Bye!” Mom screamed leaving…who could it be? Suddenly, Alex showed up looking at me on the grass.

“Hey!” He said.

“Hey..”I replied smiling at him.”Why are you here? Thought you were at home..” I continued.

“I’m sleeping over…”He said.

“Yeah?Wow…that’s cool…hey…no one’s home right now…” I replied.

“I know…” He said helping me up. “So..what do you want to do…?”

“This…” I said kissing him again deeply and breaking it.

“I like your idea…”He said smiling at me as we walked towards the house.

The little sleep over was cool, we made love only once though before my parents came home, we talked, joked and watched movies before we went to our room, sadly I had to sleep on a pullover bed, but I didn’t care…I looked at him on my bed.

“Wish you were here..” He said looking at me.

“Sadly, I can’t…but I still love you..” I told him.

“I love you too…” He said, I got up and gave him a small kiss.

“Good night….and sleep well…” I said.

“I will…good night” He said closing his eyes. I looked at the moon and smiled…

“I love you..Alex..”I said finally lying and sleeping…

-=Thanks for reading, Stay tuned for the next part!=-

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