Bachelorette Party


Bachelorette PartyIt had been decided that my wife would host her cousin’s bachelorette party. Our house was perfect for this type of thing because we had a beautifully finished basement with a big bar and sitting area. When I heard about this, my cock was immediately hard. I had always secretly fantasized about seeing my wife with another man. And although the idea of this was likely not to happen in our own house in front of her friends, I was still hard thinking about her seeing a stripper. Over the following weeks while they planned, I had begun jerking off to all kinds of porn featuring a group of woman with a male stripper. When it came closer to the date, my wife brought up the subject of the entertainment. I told her, “you know the guy strippers aren’t like the women strippers. With the women, they have strict no touch policies. They even bring bouncers to enforce that rule. And they don’t let you take any pictures either. With the male strippers, it’s pretty much a free for all. They get hard, and have the woman lick whipped cream off their cocks. They let the women jerk their cocks, and sometimes they even blow them.” She looked at me like I had two heads. “No way that kind of stuff is happening! There will be old ladies there. I am sure it will be just taking off clothes then leaving.” I just smiled and told her we’ll see. Then she asked me how she can even find a stripper. Since I had run my brother’s bachelor party a year before, I told her I had a number and could book it for her if she wanted. She was happy to get this off her plate. I called up the company and asked what types of packages they had. They basically laid out 3 prices for me, one for tame, one for wild, and one for totally out of control. I happily paid the highest price, and told them, “Don’t hold back with these ladies, they are out for a good time!” As I hung up, I realized, I have to see this. But that would be tough. Obviously I could not be down there while it happened. I checked all around the basement for possible hiding spots. But nothing seemed like it would work. Then I had the idea to hide some cameras so I could not only see it that day, but have a recording for future jerk sessions. Over the next 2 weeks, I hid three cameras around the basement that I bought on-line at a spy tech store. They were inside regular items, so no one would suspect anything. They each came with a small monitor for live viewing and a micro-usb to record when activated . I tested them all out and we were set for partying. The big day arrived, and I greeted the woman as they showed up and led them one by one to the basement. Once everyone as there, I was told to just hang out upstairs so I could let the entertainment in when he arrived. I could hear the laughs and shouting from downstairs and knew everyone was getting good and drunk. They must have been opening the presents because I heard a ton of “Oooohhh” and then laughs. So I knew they were opening up dirty gifts and might be getting horny already. When the doorbell rang, I ran to answer it. Not one, but two muscle bound guys came walking in. One was blond, about 6 ft, and white. The other was a black guy. I wasn’t sure how they would respond to that, but I was eager to find out. I led them to the stairs heading down and ran up to my room to turn on illegal bahis my cameras. I heard their music start, and flipped on camera one. From this vantage point I could see the sitting area, and then two men were standing in a circle of my wife’s friends and family. This was an overhead view in a smoke detector, and I could clearly see each woman in her seat. The men did their little set up routine as the ladies clapped and laughed and seemed to be getting into it. I watched as the men undressed down to G-strings and started walking around the circle, up to various women. I saw one go up to my mother in law and give her a lap dance. She was slapping his ass, and loving it. The black guy went to the bride to be, and tried to get all over her. She was not very receptive. I am guessing with her future in laws there she was nervous. So he quickly moved his attention over to my wife. Jackpot. She was pretty well hammered and usually is the life of the party. Things started innocently enough, with him dancing around her lap, and grabbing her hands to put on his chest. Then out of nowhere, he ripped off his G-string and presented her with his massive, 11 inch cock. The women all went wild. I doubt any of them had ever seen one that big, and definitely not in person. He did a few joking things like putting it on her shoulder, tapping it on her chest, etc. Then he took both of her hands, and wrapped them around his massive member. He motioned to her to start jerking it up and down. She kind of just held it in her hands, looking a bit terrified. But when her friends all cheered, she got up her nerve and started to jerk this guy off. If they thought it was big before, it had now grown another couple inches, in length and width. I flipped on my other two cameras to check the angles. One was out of view. One of her friends had set her purse in front of it. The other was a great view from the end of the bar. I could see everyone at their level, and at the moment it was fixed on my wife’s aunt licking whipped cream off the blond guy’s cock. Holy shit, I knew it was going to be the wild show, but that progressed quickly. I think that once some of the older women broke the ice with the whipped cream, some of the younger one’s got more into it. They went around the room and made just about every girl lick their cocks. A few turned their heads, including the bride to be. But most where into it and having fun. Then the time came for their big act. This required a woman to come sit in the middle of the circle on a chair between them. They tried to pull the bride over, but she refused. I had no idea she would turn out to be such a prude. I could tell they were getting annoyed, and then finally my wife raised her hand and said she was up for it. She walked to the middle of the circle and sat in the chair. In seconds these two hunks were all over her. They were both totally nude, and began dancing on each of her spread legs. They each places their cock in one of her hands and had her double jerk them in front of everyone. Things were heating up quickly and the group was on fire. Then they started to feel her up. They both started grabbing her chest. She has pretty big tits, and they were having fun playing with them. Then out of nowhere, the blond guy lifts her shirt up over her shoulders. illegal bahis siteleri It took her by surprise, and before she could protest, he unclasped her bra, and her tits came flopping out. In one swift move, the black guy shoved his huge cock between her tits, and pushed them together around him. He began titty fucking my wife, right there in our basement. She looked pretty embarrassed, but as the other women cheered her on, I could see she was getting into it. People were laughing, and she likes to entertain. So she started to fake put her face down between her tits. I think he caught on that she was mocking a blowjob, but he took it up a notch. He grabbed the back of her head, and pulled his big black dong from her tits, and shoved it into her mouth. Everyone erupted in laughter, and so she played along. She had to take both hands to get them around his width and began sucking on this massive cock. They all started cheering her, “Suck, suck, suck!”As she did this the blond guy came up behind her and literally flipped the chair out from under her. He caught her weight in his muscular arms and set her to her knees. She was now kneeling there topless blowing a huge black cock. The blond guy went next to him, and inserted his cock into my wife’s mouth too. She started to gag, and spit ran down her chin to her tits. She tried to hold them both in her mouth, but it was too much. They started kind of sword fighting in her mouth, and both slapped their cocks on her face. Eventually she started going back and forth sucking them. I couldn’t believe my eyes, she was on her knees sucking off two guys at once. It was a literal dream come true for me. Next the blond guy stepped away and walked behind my wife. As she continued to suck the black guy, he knelt behind her, and started to unbuckle her pants. I was furiously beating my cock in my room at this point. He lowered her pants down to her bent knees, keeping her panties on her. Then he lifted up one leg at a time pulling them completely off her. Then the black guy laid on the ground, and pulled her head down to suck him. This left her in the doggy position and the blond guy began dry humping her through her panties. He kept slapping her ass with his big cock to the cheers of all her friends. They then flipped her onto her back, and the black guy started rubbing his monster on her panty covered pussy. She was laying there spread eagle with him pretty much fucking her through her panties. And then the blond guy knelt over her face and started face fucking her. I have never seen anything so hot in all my life. Finally, her moment in the sun seemed to come to an end, as they wanted to make the rounds and get money from the other ladies. But even from the overhead view, you could see the huge wet spot left in her panties when the black guy got from between her legs. They helped my wife to her feet, and each kissed her cheek. Then they went around the circle. I watched as my mother in law blew this giant black cock. I watched my wife’s best friend get her titties fucked by the blond guy. I just kept wondering if and who might finally make these guys blow their load. Then it happened for the blond guy. He was sandwiched between my wife’s aunt and her daughter. Lucky motherfucker I thought, as I pounded my cock. canlı bahis siteleri They were both laughing and smiling at each other as my wife’s cousin jerked on him, and her mom played with his balls. All of a sudden her mom leaned over and sucked on his balls. I guess this caught him by surprise, and he ended up shooting a load on top of her head in her hair. Her daughter was jerking him, and didn’t notice at first, but did in fact milk his cum out onto her mom’s head without realizing it. When they noticed, an incredible laughter broke out in the room that I could hear all the way up in my bedroom. Just then I shot my first load on the ground in front of me. The stripper was a professional and quickly wrapped a cock-ring around himself to keep his stiffness in tact. He continued around the room to get more tips, with many of them teasing him and covering their faces like he might shoot a load on them too. Then my eyes locked onto the black guy who was back in front of my wife. She was still in just her panties, and was showering this guy with cash from her purse. He did part of his routine again, slapping her face with his cock, and titty fucking her a bit. Then what happened next shocked me. He leaned down and gave her a full on kiss. Like with tongue and it lasted a while. You could hear all the other woman go, “oooohhhh”. And from the overhead camera view, it appeared that as they made out, he was fingering her pussy. Maybe it was through her panties, but I bet he slipped his big fingers inside. As he broke their kiss, I saw her lean into him and whisper into his ear. What the hell did she say to him? Then I saw him nod, and take her by the hand. She followed him out of the circle, and past the bar. They were headed towards the bathroom, and that is where my camera lost it’s view. My immediate thought was that this had gone too far. I thought about storming down there to put an end to it. But how could I? How would I explain I knew where she had gone without mentioning the cameras. I had set this up and wanted her to mess around. But now seeing it live, and knowing how big that guy’s cock was, I wasn’t sure. But I rationalized with myself. I kept thinking, no way she would go fuck someone with her mom, and other’s at that very party. She wouldn’t be that bold, and would be terrified someone would tell me. But still they were gone a long time. I kept watching the others, but it seemed as though time dragged on. I checked the video footage later and they were out of sight for a full 17.5 minutes. That is more than enough time for a quickie fuck in the bathroom. She finally arrived back in view, and went to her clothes to get dressed. The black guy also put his stuff back on, and gathered his things to join his blond friend waiting for him. Most of the other woman had now pre-occupied themselves with more drinks and recounting what had gone down. To be honest, none of them seemed to really notice my wife had been gone, or at least didn’t run up to her saying anything. I looked closely at the camera and saw my wife hand the black guy a big wad of cash, and what looked like a white piece of paper. Her number? When I heard them leave, I watched the videos another few times. I must have stroked out 3 more loads before my wife finally stumbled up to bed to join me. The next morning I asked her how it went. She told me she got so drunk, she doesn’t remember anything after the strippers showed up. Nice cover I thought. Or does she really not remember. Maybe one day I will have to show her the video to jog her memory.

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