Bachelorette Party Recruiter


Bachelorette Party RecruiterA true story as told to Fred Lake by his wife Tiffany© 2018 Fred LakeAbout twenty years ago, when living in another city, Fred and I were active swingers and had been for a decade. We had a lot of swinging friends we partied with, some of whom we had become true friends with and saw occasionally for non-swinger events. We also had non-swinger friends, and some of them knew each other without knowing that some were swingers. Sometimes the two worlds collided. The events of this story are taken from my journal, written at the time. When the situation began, I had no idea it was going to turn into a great way to recruit more swingers.One of our non-swinging friends was Charlotte. I knew her from work; her company had hired my company as consultants. Charlotte had a daugh+er who was getting married. Fred and I were invited to the wedding, and Charlotte asked myself and Roxanne, a swinger friend of mine, to plan a bachelorette party. Charlotte didn¹t have a clue that Roxanne and I were swingers, but she knew we were always going to parties and thought we¹d be good at planning. We asked Charlotte just how wild she wanted the party to be, and she said: “anything goes, my daugh+er is not a goodie-two-shoes.” We specifically asked if male strippers would be welcome, and she said: “of course, it¹s a bachelorette party.”So we planned on a big party. I rented a private party space, one where the facility owners arranged the furniture to suit your event, handed you the keys, and walked away (after collecting a damage deposit). The main room was about twenty by thirty feet; restrooms and a storage room for various kinds of tables and chairs were in the front part of the building. We put the chairs in a U-shape in the middle and moved some big Ottomans against the walls behind the chairs. I knew the facility as the swingers rented it every now and then for one of the larger orgies and our company rented it now and then for meetings and presentations. I bought a lot of booze and some snack trays of various types of food.Roxanne arranged for four of the younger men in the swinger club to be the male strippers. They had good bodies and had great moves, as Roxanne and I could personally attest. (I found out later that the four of them danced for bachelorette parties and other events on a regular basis. They even appeared every month as a male strip review from all-female audiences. They were billed as “The Four Whoresmen of the Cumpuckerlips.”)The night of the party arrived, and the party started as the women were delivered to the party house. Charlotte, myself, Roxanne, and Charlotte¹s sis+er Bethany, were from our generation. The bride, Carmen, was just over twenty-one, and five her bridesmaids bursa escort were all between 19 and 28. (Two were married, one engaged, and the other two had boyfriends.) We got the party started with some music and booze and a couple of silly party games. The bride opened her presents, which included lingerie and two sex toys. Drinking continued and we switched to faster music. Some of the girls were dancing, and it was getting pretty loud, but it was a free-standing building in a business district so nobody outside would care.Except of course for the two police officers who showed up and announced they were going to arrest everyone, starting with the bride. Carmen was handcuffed spread eagle to a coat rack and a light fixture. She stood there swaying to the music with her arms stretched out to each side. Nobody was really fooled and the two police officers started dancing and stripping. As happens in such things, no one (except Roxanne and I) knew how far the strippers would go. I¹m sure a lot of the women expected (or hoped) that they would stop with their G-strings, but of course they went bare-naked and soon had their swinging dicks in full motion. For this story, we¹ll call them Matthew and Mark.The naked Matthew and Mark then began to feel up the bride while the other women cheered them on. Even Charlotte (who was pretty drunk already) and Carmen didn¹t seem to mind. The strippers then began unbuttoning Carmen¹s blouse and unhooked her bra. Her tits were exposed to everyone and the strippers took turns sucking them and rubbing the crotch of her pants. They unbuckled the straps of her bra and threw it aside, but there was no way to get her blouse off without releasing her from the handcuffs.The cops, Matthew and Mark, then produced a bag of plastic rings about ten inches across and had the girls try to toss the rings around their erect cocks.At this point two firemen walked in with their bunker coats and fire extinguishers. They announced “We aren¹t here to cool this party down, but to heat it up!” We¹ll call them Luke and John for this story. The women went crazy, and the two firemen proceeded to get naked. All four men were soon rubbing on all the women (including me, and I was intimately familiar with their bodies from the swinger group). Matthew produced cans of whipped cream and the men got the girls to lick it off of their chests and cocks.Charlotte (who was happily married) seemed to be enjoying their attention (and the whipped cream). The firemen convinced Charlotte to go stand beside Carmen, and Roxanne asked everyone if it was fair that the bride was showing her tits (so were two of the bridesmaids and Roxanne by this time) but the mo+her of the bride was not exposed. The two firemen bursa escort bayan then stripped Charlotte to the waist, which involving removing her dress and bra and leaving her wearing only her panties and pantyhose. The police promptly “arrested” her for “public nudity” and handcuffed her to the light fixture and another coat rack beside her daugh+er. Matthew and Mark then released Carmen¹s hands (one at a time) in order to remove her blouse, leaving her naked from the waist up. The two women, mo+her and daugh+er, were standing-hanging there half-naked but were not complaining. Roxanne and I were both topless by this time, and all but one the bridesmaids quickly were as well.Then one of the cops said: “We need to kick this party up a notch!” and with help from a fireman proceeded to remove Carmen¹s pantyhose and Charlotte¹s pants. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John men were dancing around the room, kissing and fondling the girls. (They getting their cocks stroked, and I¹m sure by then a couple of cocks got into somebody¹s mouth, including mine.) As they passed Carmen and Charlotte they would feel them up, playing with their tits and sticking their hands down their panties.It wasn¹t long before Charlotte¹s panties were around her knees (she had a full bush) and Carmen¹s were on one of John¹s helmet. (Her pussy was trimmed but not entirely devoid of hair.) The men continued to dance around the room, and were finger-fucking and titty-sucking any women who would put up with it (including the now-naked Roxanne and myself). Mark and Luke dropped to their knees before the bride and her mo+her, licking their pussies and driving them crazy. Then Matthew and John found the sex toys and proceeded to insert them into the vaginas of Charlotte and Carmen. Everyone in the room was chanting as they writhed in pleasure. We were all guessing which one would reach an orgasm first. (Charlotte surprised everyone when she screamed an explosive orgasm.)Mark danced by me and I took the chance to suck his cock, as I had many times before. Roxanne surprised me by laying back to expose that she had no underwear on, and ordered fireman Luke to fuck her. The bridesmaids were going crazy watching a 45-year-old women get fucked by a 25-year-old naked fireman. More and more of the girls¹ bodies were exposed.This bothered me somewhat. Here we were, two swinger women and four swinger men in the midst of eight vanilla women who had no idea that Roxanne had probably fucked at least one of these guys every week for the last year. I didn¹t really think we¹d push things that far; I thought four men feeling up drunk women would be about as far as it went, but I didn¹t know what Roxanne had arranged ahead of time with the men. (I was escort bursa in charge of food and beverage; Roxanne was in charge of the strippers. At this point I didn¹t know they were professional bachelorette party entertainers.)I looked around, and saw a bridesmaid sucking one of John. Matthew was feeling up Charlotte with one hand and Carmen with the other. The remaining two strippers were dancing around the room feeling up women and getting felt up and sucked. They were gathering up discarded underwear and piling it in the center of the room. I noticed that one of the bridesmaids was still fully dressed and another still had on her pantyhose and panties. These were, no surprise, the married ones.I looked around again and saw that Matthew was actually fucking Charlotte standing up as she was still handcuffed to the wall. That was serious. Charlotte was a married lady. I got up and went over to make sure she was cool. By the time I got there (which involved a brief makeout and grope session with Mark) Charlotte had Matthew¹s sperm running down her legs.”Are you okay?” I asked.”Better than okay!” she screamed. “Best fuck in years! God I needed this, and I¹m not done!”I made sure she seemed okay and asked her if she wanted to be uncuffed. She said yes, so I hit the obvious button that made the fake handcuffs unlock, releasing her. She went into the room and talked with Luke, who headed for Carmen like a heat-seeking missile.”Your mo+her says you need to get fucked,” he said. I overheard this and was shocked. Charlotte had just cheated on her husband and was now sending a stripper to help her daugh+er cheat on her fiance. The wedding was only two days away!”Are you okay with that?” I asked Carmen.”Yes, and it¹s about damn time,” Carmen replied. “I have needed a cock in me since they boned me with that blue thing.” She looked at the stripper and said: “You damn well better make me cum! And don¹t even think about using a rubber!” Luke promised he would do her right. Then he released her from the handcuffs and carried her to one of the Ottomans. He put her down and spread her legs, then slid his already-erect cock into her already-dripping pussy, without a condom, as she had ordered. The maid of honor came and laid down beside her on another Ottoman and soon had a stripper fucking her as well. Mark was wearing a condom.Convinced that Carmen and her maid of honor were in no pain, I looked around to see what was going on. The other two strippers (John and Matthew) had somehow produced a bag of plastic snap-links (like a link of chain but with a spring-loaded gate to allow them to be clipped together). They were busily connecting all of the bras and panties in central pile into one huge chain that stretched diagonally across the room. They got everything connected and then noticed the two married bridesmaids. One of them, fully dressed, was in the corner with Bethany. John approached them but Bethany waved him away. Matthew went to the other

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