Bachelorette Party Takes an Odd Turn


It all started on the night of my best friend’s Bachelorette party. Nickie and I had been best friends since the day my husband Mike and I had moved into the neighborhood nearly10 years ago. We got married at 24, but Nickie took a long time to find Mr. Right, but now at 35 she was deeply in love…that new kind of love where everything is fresh and exciting! So when she asked me to be her maid of honor, I promised her one last wild evening!

I invited 8 more of our closest gals, who all lived in the neighborhood, and made all the arrangements to makeover our basement to party central. Mike was so helpful working with me arrange everything, and made plans to evacuate the house so we could – in his words – get down to our debauchery!

The guests had all arrived and were all getting a quick start on the liquor! Mike was about to leave when the doorbell rang…

“I think our entertainment is at hand”, I squealed and ran up to get the door.

I had hired 2 male strippers to try and ensure that Nickie was constantly entertained, but when I answered the door only one was there – although he was certainly a fine looking specimen! He told me his friend was unable to make it tonight. Having planned everything to a “T”, I became frantic.

Mike, who hadn’t made it out the door yet, tried to calm me, “Linda, it’s ok, you’re party will be awesome, don’t worry!”

“How?” I yelled, exasperated. “What? Are YOU going to be the second stripper” I screamed.

“Ok, that’s my cue. You will figure it out, I am going out, have a good time” he mocked as he opened the door.

“Wait! Yes, that’s it, you can come down help get the show started, and then sneak out when the action gets hot with…”

“Sorry, what was your name?” she asked the stripper.

“Evan, ma’am” the hunk replied.

“Uh, sorry. Not my thing Honey. But you…” Mike’s voice trailed off as I excitedly interrupted him.

“I’ll make it worth your while!” I said in my finest teasing lilt.

“That 3-some you’ve been wanting…we’ll do it! Maybe even with one of the girls here!” as I moved face to face with Mike.

“I know you like them, and they all think you’re cute!” I continued, running my hands down his chest until it rested on the crotch of his jeans.

“Please baby…just a little bit? For me?” I gave his cock a squeeze and looked him in the eye with my best baby-girl pout and I knew he was hooked!

“Ok, Ok, a little dancing and grinding, but I am NOT getting completely naked. Then I am out!”

“Deal!” I shouted and ran and hugged him. Truth be told, I was ready to try a 3-some anyway. I love Mike, but after 10 years, you kinda want to shake things up!

We headed downstairs, and the girls were already in party mode, drinking, dancing and letting loose.

I paused at the bottom of the stairs and dimmed the lights a little.

“Ladies, tonight’s main event starts now! Give it up for the Irresistible Evan here, and…our special guest sta , my very own, ‘Magic’ Mike!”

I told Evan who the guest of honor was and to pay special attention to her, but the ladies weren’t in the mood to wait! They pulled both guys, to the middle of their makeshift dance floor and began bumping and grinding like teenagers.

Soon the guys shirts were unbuttoned and off, and the pants were not far behind. Mike illegal bahis was enjoying the attention on one hand, but I could tell he was getting a little past his comfort zone and I knew it was time to get him out of there.

“Ok ladies, I think Evan can handle it from here – You gotta leave me some of my husband in tack!”

I joked as I went to grab Mike’s hand and pull him out.

“Aaawww” the crowd groaned in unison.

“Come on Mike, stay a while!”

“At least for the big reveal?!?” Nickie added with a wink.

I made eye contact with Mike and shrugged my shoulders as I mouthed “1 minute?”

He rolled his eyes as the girls pulled them both over to where they had set a chair for Nickie. They stood them on either side of her, they’re barely covered rock hard cocks at her perfect eye level.

“I guess I have the honors?” she trembled as she reached for both their boxers at the same time.

All of the women were crowding in, leaning and rubbing half naked against the men, assuring their continued arousal no doubt!

Nickie slowly pulled the tops of their boxers, simultaneously past the heads of their very stiff cocks.

She seemed to be trying to avoid direct contact as she slowly continued her downward pull, fighting her self control to just wrap her hands around them.

“Both very lovely! But… oooh” she exclaimed just as Mike’s shorts reached the base of his dick,and popped out straight toward her.

“But this one…just keeps going, and going! ” as she turned her attention to Evan’s ever impressive erection, which didn’t clear the top of his boxers until she had pulled them another 3 to inches!

Ok, this is where I better step in, I thought to myself.

I gave Mike a smile and a quick thank you kiss, as I covered his “escape”, not too difficult with everyone transfixed on Evan.

“I believe the saying is, “To the Victor go the Spoils”” someone shouted.

“Someone needs to give this man a blowjob! Nickie, would you like to do the honors?” they asked.

“Oh, I wish… but I promised my fiance I wouldn’t go too far, if he didn’t either. I can’t start my married life with a deceit!” she said, apparently only half believing her own words.

“Well then, any volunteers?” I asked as I turned my attention back to the action.

I think every woman there started shouting “Me, Me, Me” “Nickie. Please, pick me, I’ll do it!”

“Its your party Nick, I guess you get to choose. Who’s lips would you most like to see wrapped around this beautiful creation?” I quizzed her as I alternated direct eye contact with her and glances at “IT”

Surely she would get the idea that I wanted her to pick me. I couldn’t come out and request it in front of Mike, after all he had done, but damn, he was going to get a threesome, I wanted this!

I wanted another cock! Especially this gorgeous specimen!

“ANYONE, you choose” I said one last time, hoping the emphasis wasn’t lost in translation.

“Well, if I REALLY can pick anyone…” she trailed off as I thought (“YES. YES! She got it, she’s going to pick me!)

I was starting to tremble in excitement.

“I’d pick…MIKE!” she blurted out, as she shrank back a little, as if she was worried everyone was staring and judging her.

The room fell dead silent for about 5 seconds, illegal bahis siteleri until a roar of whooping and cackling went up that could have woke the dead!

Mike had just finished collecting his clothes, and was about to sit on the step to dress. He motioned a quick, “no way”, shook his head in a “These bitches are crazy!” manner and turned back to sit and start dressing.

“No I’m sorry, no, no I was just kidding” Nickie stammered as she looked around, unsettled.

She feigned debating another choice, but I could sense that her mood had changed a bit and I got up and pulled her to the side.

“Nickie what is it? Tell me? Is that what you REALLY want? Mike to…” I trailed off, unsure how to even vocalize it.

Nickie continued looking around nervously, and I grabbed her face with both of my hands.

“Nickie…talk to me!” I stared into her eyes.

“Ok, YES! I’ve always wanted to see a straight guy suck one! But I can’t…” she finally blurted out before I interrupted her.

“I promised you the time of your life, you are my best friend! You can’t… but I CAN. Anything you want…your getting!” I said as I hugged her and kissed her cheek.

I turned to walk toward Mike, who had not heard any of our conversation. He gave me a half smile and an eye roll, as if to say “How weird was that?” but as I approached, I think he sensed the serious (and maybe a little evil!) in my eyes.

“Linda?! What are…” I put a finger to his lips.

“Look, Nickie is my best friend ever. This is her fantasy, I am not letting her leave her with even an ounce of disappointment. You ARE going to do this, or not only is our deal off, but you won’t so much as see anything but your own hand for a long , long, time!” I spoke with a tone that even I didn’t know I had.

“But…”, he tried to protest

“NO! No buts. It’s happening.” I said firmly and turned and walked back to the group.

“Ladies, Nickie has requested a VERY special show tonight. If any of you are uncomfortable with this, you can excuse yourself, but I have to ask everyone, to promise me that what happens here, stays here.”

“No repeating to anyone. No Husbands, friends, no one!” I continued.

Eight enthusiastic “I’m ins!” later, and we had a deal!

Lastly, I went to Evan and explained and to make sure he was ok.

“If I’ve got 10 hot, barely dressed ladies watching and to look at, I don’t care who’s mouth it is! Game on!” He shouted confidently.

I brought my still stunned husband over to the same spot in front of Nickie’s chair he had been in earlier. Evan was still standing too. I decided I was going to get a feel of this python myself, and reached out to stroke him back to full hardness – never once breaking eye contact with Mike!

I moved to stand next to him, and whispered in his ear, “Do not let me down.”

“Now!” I insisted as he hesitated.

I whispered again in his ear, “Get down on your Fucking knees!”

I gently but firmly pushed down on his shoulder as he conceded.

I don’t think I had even thought about the act itself, until I saw my husband inches in front of this beautiful penis with a look shock/ terror/ confusion on his face that was priceless.

I had never imagined or fantasized about seeing a guy do this, but now that it was about to happen canlı bahis siteleri – with MY husband no less – something about the power I felt was getting me so excited that I realized I was actually dripping cum down my own leg!

“This is your fantasy Nick, do you want to help start it?” I offered.

She glanced up at me and then back at the scene in front of her and nodded furiously. She took a hold of Evan, and guided the head of his incredible penis to Mike’s lips.

Her breathing quickened so much that the “Open” she spoke was nearly inaudible.

But I saw her eyes roll back in her head as she pushed at least half of it’s length into Mikes mouth.

She looked up at Evan and he understood she wanted him to take over.

He slowly began thrusting in and out, pushing a little deeper each time.

Nickie’s – now free – hand dove straight to her pussy. I looked around and saw most of the ladies doing the same, biting their lips to cover a mix of laughter and lust. A couple others were simply in shock., eyes wide, mouths agape with their hands covering them.

Evan continued for quite some time, until at one point he grabbed Mike’s head and started to face fuck him roughly.

Nickie responded with a very audible “Oh My God, YES”, as I think timed her own orgasm with his.

She grabbed his cock with one hand, placed the other behind Mike’s head, and separated them enough to just see the first spurt spray Mike’s face.

The second arced directly into his mouth, as she then pushed it back in his mouth and helped squeeze the last 3 or 4 spurts directly down his throat.

When Evan finally pulled out, Nickie leaned over and kissed Mike and whispered “Thank You.”

Several of the girls, who were in various states on undress themselves, slowly walked over and kissed him on the cheek too, with a few pulling his face into there breasts to tease him a little.

Kimmy was the first to point say, “I don’t think Mike hated it too much, his dick is rock hard!”

Mike looked down and saw his cocks betrayal and reached down to grab it as if that could hide it! Impulsively, he gave it a half stroke as he looked at bounty of beautiful semi nude women around him.

“I think he wants to jerk off!” someone yelled!

“Yeah, jerk it” another shouted!

“Jerk, Jerk, Jerk” the chant started and it didn’t take much!

Three or four more impulsive strokes later he was spraying all over his own chest as he collapsed back.

I leaned down and ran my finger through his cum and brought it to my lips.

“Better yet”, I stopped and pushed my cum coated finger into his mouth – with no resistance.

Each of our friends proceeded to do the same, as if to metaphorically all say “our secret!”

Later, as everyone gathered their things and left, one guest, Lucy, approached me.

“I have a little surprise for you” she said giddily.

“What is it?” I quickly asked.

“Well, I know we all agreed that what happened here, stays here.” she paused for a couple seconds.

“But I just knew that if that was my husband – I’d want to see that over and over again! So…, I video taped it for you!” She exclaimed.

“I got everything! Here you go. Enjoy!” she hugged me and turned to bounce away joyfully, before turning back.

“Oh and by the way, if you need a volunteer for that threesome I heard you promise him – I’m in!”

So now I have both an answer to my promise to Mike, and video evidence that I could use for…

God knows what!

So I ask, “What’s a girl to do next?”

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