Back Seat Smile


He meets me after acting class for our second date. We have a couple of drinks, sitting side by side, his hand grazing my knee lightly. Does he see my breath catch, does he see how much I want him? His quick grin confirms that he knows all too well. He grabs his jacket and we leave the bar. The icy November wind and the simmer of whiskey on my lips meld, I’m alert yet hazy. The pressure and warmth of his hand on my lower back steady me as we walk past sleepy brownstones towards my car. I shudder a bit as the wind picks up and I see my car up the block. The grip on my back tightens, and in those last steps we find our stride together. He leans me up against the driver’s side window and brushes his thumb against my lip. I grab his palm and nip it, but he reaches up for my neck and his tongue starts to flick inside my mouth, teasing me.

His breath on my ear, he presses against me, and I can feel that he’s hard already, the tip of his cock up near my belly button. I moan as he tilts his hips and runs his hand along the side of my thigh. He opens the door for me, I slide into my seat and I casino siteleri lean on the steering wheel as he walks around. Before I can put on my seatbelt, he grabs my wrist, and pulls me toward him. “I can’t wait,” he growls. I look around as I awkwardly hike my legs over the gear shift. We had been alone on the street, but this is a nice neighborhood in D.C. I want him, but I’ve never done anything like this before. Hell, he’s only the second man I’ve ever been with, this is all new to me. I start to tense up as i think I see someone coming, swallowing and reaching for him. He stops me, hand on my jaw. “Are you scared?” His gaze searing into me, no tenderness there. I blush, not wanting to let on how little I know, the former altar girl in me shying away from being so public, the rest of me not wanting to let him down.

“Not scared, shy” I mumble as I slide my hands over his shoulders. I can’t refuse him this, and after some hesitation I realize I don’t want to refuse. I rock against him, and whimper when he slides his fingers inside my jacket and over my shirt, my nipples. I pull off my jacket, slot oyna wanting his warmth more. He wraps his hands through my hair, which feels so right. No one has ever played with my hair before, but he yanks hard to bring me level with his cock, and starts to unbuckle his belt. I gasp a little as he tugs my scalp harder. “Look at me.” His lip curls a little as he sees me falter.

He won’t let go as I start to take him in his mouth. I’m still on edge, I am worried. Worried we’ll get caught, that I won’t satisfy him. He doesn’t let me catch my breath, so I concentrate on watching his gaze to see how I’m doing. His hand strokes my cheek and I hum a little, which he likes. He’s so big that when his hips start rocking up into me, my eyes water.

Without warning he yanks my head up to kiss me, and rips my shirt open. My bra is showing. I try to pull my shirt back together, but he taps my leg with his boot while he grabs a condom. “Don’t cover up. Take those pants off, you don’t need them.” I’m beet red, and a bit clumsy as I don’t have room down there, so I yank off my heels and stand up to canlı casino siteleri shrug off my pants cursing myself for wearing something so tight. He grabs my bra and pulls me back onto him. I straddle him again, biting my lip to get out of my head. He slides my soaked thong to the side as he circles his cock over my ass, my clit. Then he pushes into me, no warning, and I muffle a scream. I’m stretched wide, but I’m gripping onto him, trying to not hit my head, sliding back down onto him. I start to shudder as he grabs my hips, but I clench up when I hear footsteps. He doesn’t stop, but I can hear them getting closer. He swats my ass to get my attention. I yelp, my ass is stinging. See puts his hand on my throat and turns me towards the window.

“Look at them and smile. Do it!” He’s looking at the side mirror at a couple that hasn’t spotted us yet. He leans up to bite on my clavicle, and speeds up. I don’t think I can bear looking them in the eye. At first I turn away, but then he growls. He makes me reckless. I look at the couple that stops to register what we are doing. The woman turns away and the man’s jaw drops. It’s too funny, my grin bursts into a smile. I start to laugh as he twists me to press my breast and face into the window. It hurts, but I keep going. And I’m smiling as I start to come.

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