Backdoor Deliveries Ch. 01

James hated delivering to this neighborhood.

“They are all snotty, stuck up and think that they are better than everybody else,” he thought to himself, as he pulled up to the gate.

They had specifically asked to be the last stop, which was annoying, as it was clear across town. He rolled down the window and pressed the button.

“Can I help you?” asked a woman’s voice.

“Uh, yeah. I have a delivery for the pattersons,” James replied.

“Ok. Follow the path along around to the back. all deliveries go to the backdoor.”

The gate opened.

“Typical upper class bullshit,” thought James as he pulled through the gate and it closed behind him. “The rest of us aren’t even good enough to come in the front door.”

As he got closer he could see that the house was enormous. He followed the path along until he got to the rear entrance. He parked his truck and got out. When he got to the door, before he could knock, it opened. there was a good looking blonde woman standing there, probably around 40, well stacked and wearing a silky black robe.

“Hi,” she said, her voice identifying her as the woman who had buzzed James in.

“Hi, I need a signature from either Mr. or Mrs. Patterson.”

“Sure,” she said, holding out her hand for the paperwork that James was holding. “I’m Mrs. Patterson, but you can call me Vicky.”

She quickly signed and handed the paperwork back.

“Great. Is everything going to the same room?”

“It is.” She showed him into the house. “It’s just upstairs over here,” she continued. “That’s one of the reasons I asked you to come in the backdoor. The other is that most of the entryway is glass and my husband is crazy about the doorframe. He had it imported. Here we are,” she said, as she opened the door to a fairly large room. “The bed will be on the far wall in the middle of the room and the armoire on the wall to its right.”

“Ok, can do. Let me start bringing things up.”

James headed back down and started carrying up the pieces to the armoire first. It took a couple of trips to get all the parts plus his tools, but it helped that he had parked by the backdoor.

“Maybe she isnt such a snotty bitch after all,” he thought to himself.

When he was halfway done with the armoire, Vicky came back into the room.

“Can I get you anything to drink? Cold water? Coffee? canlı bahis şirketleri Coke?”

James turned to look at Vicky. He noticed that her robe had come somewhat untied and was showing off more cleavage than had been showing before.

“She has pretty fine boobs,” he thought.

“I would love a coke.”

“Sure, just give me a second.”

When she turned around to head back out, James noticed that she had a nice round ass that swayed as she walked as well. When she brought him his coke, she bent over to set it down for him and, due to the looseness of her robe, gave him a perfect view of her breasts.

Vicky stood back up and watched him work for a few minutes before saying, “is there anything I can help you with? I feel ridiculous just standing here and watching you work.”

James almost laughed.

“Since when do upper class women ask if they can help with manual labor,” he thought to himself.

Out loud he replied, “I think I’ve got it under control.”

“Are you sure?”

“Fuck it,” he thought to himself, “let’s see what happens if I take her up on it.”

“Actually, could you pass me that hammer?” James asked, pointing to the ground on her left.

She squatted down to grab the hammer, affording james a clear view of her pussy.

“Damn thats hot,” he thought, seeing that except for a small patch at the top, her pussy was shaved clean.

He got back to work, and he had to admit to himself that the work did go faster with Vicky’s help. Plus he got more than just the one eye full of her snatch. After finishing with the armoire, he brought up the pieces of the bed and put that together in short order as well. When the bed was finished, Vicky asked James if he could give her a hand in making the bed. He readily agreed, seeing as how her help had saved him at least a half hour. When the bed was made, he got out the last of the paperwork for her to sign. After she signed the paperwork James bent down to pick up the last of his tools to leave.

“Just so you know, I saw you looking both down and up my robe,” Vicky said suddenly. James froze. “Did you like what you saw?” she continued.

James figured in for a penny, in for a pound. “In fact I did, you are beautiful.” he stood up and turned around, interested in where this was heading.

Vicky was standing by the bed, completely nude, canlı kaçak iddaa having dropped her robe to the ground.

“Why dont we try out the bed,” she suggested, turning to climb onto the bed on all fours.

James didn’t react for a second, but the thought to himself for the second time that afternoon, fuck it.

He walked towards her, pulling his shirt over his head and dropping his pants as he got to the bed. Vicky’s feet were hanging over the edge of the bed, presenting her rear to James as he stepped close. When he placed his hands on her ass, vicky dropped her head to the bed, which separated her ass cheeks and presented her asshole.

She looked back at him with her face flush against the bed and said, “Don’t forget, all deliveries go to the backdoor.”

James chuckled at that and lined his cock head up at her rosebud. as he pressed in he realized that Vicky had apparently lubricated her ass, which was fortunate, as he had forgotten completely.

“Mmmmmmhh,” moaned Vicky as James’s cock stretched and penetrated her asshole. James felt the tight ring of her ass on his dick. He slowly pushed more and more of his cock into her tight, warm ass.

“God, this feels amazing,” he said when he was finally balls deep in her ass.

“My ass feels so full with you inside. Please, fuck me. Fuck my ass.”

James still couldnt believe what was happening, but he didnt need to be told twice. he slowly pulled his hips back until just the head of his cock was trapped by the sphincter in her ass and then pushed all the way back in. He slowly fucked in and out of her a few times before she said “faster.” He started speeding up. In no time at all he was fucking her ass as hard and as fast as he could, his balls slapping against her wet pussy every time he hit bottom. Vicky was grunting and moaning each time he thrust into her, her face getting pounded into the bed while he was pounding her ass. Her moans suddenly hit a peak and she began to cum. When she did, her ass clamped down on James’s dick and that sent him over the edge as well.

“Yes, yes, YES!” she cried as his hot cum painted her bowels.

Spurt after spurt, spraying deep into her ass, each one causing aftershocks to spread through each of their bodies. It was all James could do to remain standing upright. After a minute he gave up on that fight and pulled out of canlı kaçak bahis vicky’s ass with a plop. her asshole remained gaping open, as if begging to be refilled. he dropped onto the bed next to Vicky, laying on his back, his still mostly hard cock sticking straight up in the air. He closed his eyes and started to get his breath back. He felt the bed shift and something warm and wet envelop his cock. His eyes popped open to see Vicky kneeling on the bed, bent over him, with his cock in her mouth. She was sucking gently while swirling her tongue around slowly bobbing up and down. she saw him looking at her and pulled her mouth off of his dick.

With an impish smile she said, “Don’t you know, well bred girls learn to clean up after themselves.”

She returned her attention to his cock. After a few more minutes of ministrations, she switched to his balls, which had gotten soaked with her pussy juice when they banged into it. One of her hands stayed on his cock while her mouth was busy elsewhere. When she judged his balls clean she moved back to his cock, this time with a different goal in mind. She went at it with a vengeance, intent on getting another helping of his cum. James could feel his cock hit the back of her throat a few times before starting to slide in and out of her throat freely. James knew that, even having cum only minutes before, he wasnt going to last long. Vicky slipped a finger into her cunt, gathered up some lubrication, and reached between james’s thighs. james felt her wet finger first touch his asshole and then press in. As he felt her finger, wet with her pussy juice, penetrate his ass, he lost control and started cumming deep in Vicky’s throat. After his last cum, he hadn’t expected for there to be much, but it felt like there had been as much the second time as the first. His ass grabbed tight onto Vicky’s finger as he orgasmed, pulling it in as far as it would go. When her throat had milked the last drop of cum from his throat, Vicky let his cock go from her mouth and pulled her finger from his ass. Catching his eye to make sure she was watching, she stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked it clean.

She leaned down, gave his now limp dick a kiss, causing it to jump and said, “I trust you enjoyed your tip.”

James, not trusting himself to speak, just nodded. He slowly got up and got dressed. Vicky walked him to the backdoor where he was parked, not bothering to put her robe back on. He got into his truck, started it and pulled around to the gate.

“Well,” he thought to himself, “there is at least one house in this neighborhood that I no longer mind delivering to.”

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