Balls and Bats Ch. 01


We had all turned 18 and it was the end of my senior year in high school and I was acting as equipment manager for the base ball team. My job was(gofer, lackey etc) to take care of all the balls and bats, gloves and other stuff. I shared that responsibility with another guy, he was a book worm type and took care of paperwork and light hauling.

The extra part I managed to set up, just for me, was taking care of the towels for the players after they practiced or played. I would hand out towels to the jocks as they came out of the showers, then go around and pick up the used towels as they got dressed. It was demeaning but a job I liked, I got to see them naked a lot. I also liked watching their bodies in the shower, and their large cocks swing as they came out and reached for a towel. There was one guy, Bruce, co-captain of the team, who lived near me and had been a showoff and a kind of bully over me, all my life. He was tall 6 foot and an inch or so, well built slim and musseled. He had a long cock, 7 inches hanging, with big low hanging balls. He would always hoist his cock and balls as he looked at me, showing his superiority, as I would hand him his towel.

After we graduated, I was riding my bike by Bruce’s house and saw him and some other jocks playing ball in the vacant lot next to his house. As I rode by they called out to me, and Bruce waved to me to come over. I was very surprised and expected them to make fun of me and give me a hard time. Instead, they asked me to join in and toss the ball around with them. I felt great being included with these jocks. I wasn’t to good at it, and had to do a bit of ball chasing, but I had a good illegal bahis time. I felt like one of the guys. After about a half an hour they were done, and packed up and started to leave. Bruce told me to pick up his stuff and bring it into his garage. Then he asked if I wanted to watch TV for a while. WOW I felt great, he was paying attention to me, not picking on me, and I said sure. We watched a little TV, and then Bruce said he wanted to show me something in his room. We went to his room, and Bruce had some mussel building magazines. He told me I should start working out, and I could start looking like that. I looked at the magazines for a bit, noticing the well built guys in their skimpy posing shorts, tight shorts, that showed the bulge of their cock and balls. I noticed that none of them were hung like Bruce, he would have to have bigger shorts. I was a bit engrossed when Bruce said he was going to take a shower. He told me to go to the linen closet, and get him a towel. Then he stripped off his clothes and walked to the bathroom. I got a towel and followed him. He stopped and took a piss before he stepped into the shower. I watched his long cock spray piss, kind of mesmerized. He looked at me, and smiled, not smiling at me, but more like a smile to himself.

He got into the shower, and I stood there waiting, holding the towel. I was feeling kind of foolish, but it wasn’t in me to leave. When he got out, standing there naked, he made a remark about it being just like in the locker room after practice. I kind of smiled and blushed, I realized how subservient I was being. After he dried his hair and chest, Bruce handed me the towel, and told illegal bahis siteleri me to dry his back, then he turned around. I was totally caught up. I started to dry his back, after that, he told me to dry the backs of his legs. I went to my knees, and dried his legs. Then he turned around. His cock was right in front of my face, semi hard and long, 8 inches long. I just looked at it as I held the towel on his legs. Then Bruce kind of nudged his cock forward towards me. Once, twice, and on the third time his cock bumped against my lips. I kind of mumbled “No.” and shook my head, no, then, the next time his cock came forward, my mouth was open, and his cock went in.

As it was in my mouth, it got harder, and thicker, filing my mouth. Then Bruce started stroking in and out. Easy, short strokes at first, then deeper, he put his hand on the back of my head. I just remained on my knees, and let him use my mouth. Up to now, I thought that a guy wasn’t supposed to have another guy’s cock in his mouth, that it was wrong, that it was queer. That was what I always heard. But this felt all right, it wasn’t gross at all, his cock didn’t taste bad, it felt fine, a cock in my mouth felt fine. I sucked down on it a little on his cock and moved my head along with his thrusts. “OH, mmmm OH, yeah that feels nice.” Bruce told me. WOW, his compliment some how made me feel good. Here this macho jock was complimenting me. It didn’t matter that it was for me sucking on his cock, for being a fag. Me being on my knees before a naked jock with a large hard cock in my mouth. it was a compliment from a jock, a stud.

“MMMMMM, Oh yeah that feels nice, I haven’t canlı bahis siteleri had anything feel this good since I broke up with Beth.”

Now he stroked harder, deeper, deeper up to my throat. I gaged but I held still for his cock. I sucked down on his cock, sucking on the cock filling my mouth, I even moaned a little. MMMMM, Yes, suck it, OHHH suck on my cock.” “OH your mouth feels so good, you make my cock feel good.”

I sucked harder, wanting to please him. I had no will of my own. My cock was rock hard. He held me a little harder with his hand on my head, and stroked in and out of my sucking mouth. I was drooling, gagging and sucking on his cock. Happy to please him. I jammed my mouth down deeper on his cock, his cock invading my throat. I was feeling that his hard cock in my sucking mouth was the proper thing to do.


I sucked hard, sucked down hard on his cock. Then his rock hard cock pulsed in my mouth, pulsed over and over, and pumped hot cum into my mouth. Bruce pumped and stroked spreading his cum all in my mouth, and shooting cum into my throat.

I gagged, I drooled, I swallowed.

“AAHHHH!,” he pulled out and leaned back against the door jam. I got off my knees and went to the sink and spit some, and drooled, and wiped my tongue on a towel.

Bruce went down the hall to his room and fell on his bed. I remained in the bathroom and pulled out my cock and stroked it. Just a couple of strokes and it shot into the sink. Then I followed down the hall, kind of ashamed, kind of hot, kind of pleased that I had pleased a top jock. And my cock still felt good, with the knowledge of what I had done.

He looked at me from the bed. And said, “That’s all for now, but you can come back tomorrow.”

I left, not knowing how I felt, not knowing if I would go back or not.

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