Banging the Boss Ch. 04


Have you ever tried absinthe? If you haven’t you should. This amazing, strong liqueur is nearly 70% proof, had the kick of a mule and gets you horny as hell.

Jack and I had started to partake in this drink in work, not every day, maybe once a week, and the effects were fantastic. If you’re careful, you don’t get drunk, just a little high, a little mad, and up for anything. I believe in some countries it’s unavailable, but here you can buy it in any liquor store.

Another favourite pastime of ours was scanning the Internet for pornography, that’s how we found the Literotica website. Just up our street, we got horny reading the stories posted there then fucked each other senseless. I didn’t realise at that time that I would be adding to the delicious tales.

Jack and I made love whenever we got the chance. Our encounters were always in my office in work and by now we didn’t care if we had customers, they just added to our enjoyment. They would be walking around examining the merchandise while we were doing very naughty things to each other just a few feet away. If we weren’t having full sex I’d be sucking on his delectable cock, or he’d be ramming his tongue into my pussy or fingering my arse. Work had become a very enjoyable place to be.

One day the store was particularly quiet, we hung out in the office and downed a few shots of absinthe each, we turned on the computer and searched for porn. It wasn’t long before I felt my pussy get wet and my groin start to ache. Watching those people fucking, sucking, licking, gasping, moaning and cumming was too much to bear. Glancing down I saw Jacks cock getting hard under the fabric of his trousers, fucking hell! I needed him in me now!

I looked into his deep brown eyes and saw the twinkle there, we smiled at each other, we didn’t need words anymore. We knew each other well, could read each other like a book, he wanted me as much as I him, we laughed wickedly and shared a kiss.

Jacks hand gripped the back of my head and pulled me roughly into the kiss, his other hand snaking up my skirt along my inner thigh feeling his way along the trail of juice that had started to ooze from my pussy. He reached my briefs and slipped his fingers under the lace rubbing gently between the slit of my labia searching for my swollen clit. I groaned softly and my legs parted inadvertently to allow him better access to my blood engorged parts.

I felt my breathing quicken and my heartbeat start to race as he expertly massaged my slick wet pussy. I slid from my chair and onto his lap, one arm around his neck, my other hand over his as he fingered me. All the time we carried on looking at the computer screen watching the delicious movies unfold before us. Fucking Hell! How porn turned me on.

We watched as a girl gave her boyfriend a blowjob, her lips sliding up and down the shaft of his big cock, her face smiling and smeared with cum. I closed my eyes and imagined it was us, my hot, wet mouth sucking on Jacks rock hard penis. Tasting his cum on my tongue, hot and salty sweet. Feeling the silky, taut flesh sliding between my lips, and then, ramming into my creamy pussy before finally punishing my tight arse hole. I think you readers can tell by now just how much I love cock, the shape, the taste, the aroma, how it makes me feel, there’s no real substitute and Jacks is fantastically perfect – fucking beautiful!

‘Can we do that?’ I asked Jack, pointing at the home movie.

‘What do you mean? You want to suck my cock?’ Jack grinned.

‘Yes, but can we film it? I want to watch it afterwards.’ I breathed in his ear.

Jack laughed and moved me off his lap. He took his phone from his pocket and set it to video mode. ‘This takes great movies.’ He said.

I dropped to my knees, unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. Jack held the camera on his phone steady and recorded as I took out his bulging hard-on and slipped it between my lips. I sucked the head slowly, and pushed the tip of illegal bahis my tongue into the eye at the top searching for his juice, trying to coax a little into my mouth. He groaned and ran one hand through my long hair, holding my head in place, all the time the camera recorded every suck, lick and moan.

Oh my! I felt so horny, so sluttish; I couldn’t wait to watch it back. Maybe Jack would watch it when he was alone and that thought turned me on so much I nearly came right there. I had to control myself, I wanted to cum with Jacks cock in me, or his tongue on my clit, his fingers fucking me hard. I took a deep breath and continued taking him deep into my mouth.

Jacks breath was becoming ragged, his chest rising quickly and I felt his balls tighten in my hand. I ran my nails down his muscular arse and pulled him firmly into throat, sucking his cock hard and deep, my face buried in his stomach and pubic hair. My own pulse quickened, I wanted so much for him to cum in my mouth, so I upped the pace and pumped my head fast on his cock only stopping to take his balls in my mouth and give them a quick suck.

When he came his whole body shook. Long, hot ropes of sperm shot into my mouth, I had to swallow quickly or risk loosing some. But then Jack pulled out so his last spurt could be filmed hitting me in the face, dripping from my open mouth and lips. Holding his cock in his hand he rubbed the shiny head into the cum that smeared my face and then I licked him clean, savouring every drop. Fuck! It was so dirty and naughty – I was horny as hell.

Jack pulled up his jeans and sank into his chair, his legs weak. I stretched up from my position on the floor and kissed him, my hard nipples rubbing against his chest. ‘Let’s watch it.’ I said excitedly. I wanted to see his gorgeous cock in my mouth from the same perspective as he did.

With shaking hands, Jack held the phone so we could both see and we watched as I sucked him hard to orgasm. ‘See how good you do it.’ Jack smiled.

‘Fucking hell, it’s amazing to watch back.’ I gasped. I looked like a complete slut! I felt a trickle of pussy juice run down my thigh. ‘Feel how wet I am.’ I said taking Jacks hand and putting it between my legs.

‘Oh, I’ll have to do something about that.’ Jack said huskily.

Pulling me onto my chair, Jack pushed me back and lifted my skirt. With his teeth he pulled my panties to one side and rammed his tongue into my juicy pussy. Licking, probing, sucking and lapping up my juice hungrily. I groaned softly and grabbed his head, pulling him in hard, not letting him up for breath.

I relaxed into it as my sexy man went down on my pussy, my clit swollen with blood. I reached up and pinched on my nipples, pulling them slightly until they hurt. I thought about our home movie, how big Jacks cock looked in my mouth, how I watched him cum in my face and rub it in with his cock. I couldn’t put it off any longer and I started to cum just as Jack pushed his fingers in me, I jerked so hard his fingers came out and he struggled to get them back in my body shook so much. In desperation I reached down and masturbated myself until he managed to slip two of his fingers back in. I carried on rubbing my clit as he finger fucked me, my body still giving the odd twitch and spasm as my orgasm came to an end.

I felt exhausted. My heart was racing; the orgasm had left me weak and trembling, my head spinning. Fucking Hell! Jack made me cum like no other man I’d ever been with. He was an expert at sex, his fingers so nimble and supple, his mouth and tongue eager and hot. But there was something else, Jack gave off such strong male hormones it was irresistible to females. Like something on a nature programme between a male tiger and a female tigress. Spend too long in a room with him and my pussy almost gushed with desire. I almost want to laugh as I tell you this but it’s true!

All the time we were pleasuring each other, customers came and went in the store. illegal bahis siteleri As long as we watched the CCTV screen and followed their movements we were ok, if they looked bemused we would take turns in going onto the shop floor. If they were browsers, we’d just ignore them and carry on. Not very professional, but hey, sometimes your pussy just wins the day. I’m sure people thought it was like the ‘Marie Celeste’ some days in our store!

For now the agonising pain of desire had abated. Jack and I returned to work and tried as best we could to act normally. It was still only early in the day, maybe one thirty; I hoped we’d get to make love again before we went home. Once wasn’t enough for me, the more I had him, the more I wanted him. It was like a vicious circle.

The day wore on; we got quite busy and had to put our desires to one side. Throughout the day I had a million naughty thoughts, they say men think of sex every ten minutes, I think I beat that record, I don’t think I thought of much else. I love sex, dirty, naughty, horny, sweaty sex. Jack is my ultimate sexual partner — forget Brad Pitt, give me Jack any day of the week! He’s the sexiest man ever! He’s real – good looking, sexy, dirty, pierced, tattooed, motorbike riding, rock an roll loving, hedonistic, kinky, filthy and yet loving and kind. The perfect fucking man!

By four thirty I was awash with female juices. I needed Jack badly; I wanted his big, stunningly hot cock in my pussy and arse. I had no control over the way my pussy leaked it’s sweet secretions, my panties were drenched, my nipples strained against the lace of my brassier. I thought of nothing else.

I decided to lock up the shop early, the town had gone quiet and some things were more desperate, more urgent. I turned the key in the lock and flashed Jack a horny glance, with a smile we raced into the office hands all over each other. ‘Oh Veronica!’ Jack sighed, as I kissed him hard groping for his hard-on.

I groaned in return, my tongue pushing into his mouth, teeth biting onto his bottom lip. My hands desperately wrestling with the buckle on his leather belt, I had the brief fantasy of that belt being cast down across my soft, white buttocks, stingingly punishing, leaving slight pink marks across my milky white flesh. I needed Jack to take control of me, teach me a lesson for my dirty thoughts. Luckily, Jack matched me perfectly, as much as I loved a little pain; Jack loved to deal it out.

I ripped off my top in frenzy and threw it to the floor. Licking down my chest, Jack slid down the straps of my bra and pushed it to my waist exposing my rounded tits and swollen nipples. Grabbing my breasts in his strong hands he pushed them together and alternately flicked his tongue between my desperately hard nipples. Sucking and licking hungrily as I pushed my mounds into his face. ‘Fucking bite me!’ I begged.

Jack responded with a sharp nip to each breast, chewing painfully on my nipples. I cried out in ecstasy, my pussy begging for attention ground into his leg leaking hot moisture onto his jeans. I had the urgent desire to strip off the rest of my clothes.

Jack ripped my skirt up around my waist and pulled down my damp panties exposing my glistening pussy to the cold atmosphere. I stepped out of them awkwardly as they caught on my knee length boots but managed to kick them away with a few flicks of my foot. Spinning me around roughly, Jack pushed me forcibly over my chair; spreading my arse cheeks with his hands he rubbed his thumb against the hole of my arse.

I moaned and spread my legs further apart to allow him a better view of my pussy and ass package. He moaned hornily and leaned over, biting my bottom hard before spitting in my tight arse hole and rubbing firmly with his fingers, loosening me up in readiness for his rock hard cock. I wiggled my arse towards him, beckoning him in, welcoming his hard maleness to violate my bottom, to hurt me with his beautiful cock.

I canlı bahis siteleri could smell a mixture of hormones in the air, my pussy begging for cock mixed with his delicious manly testosterone. It was heady and erotic, it stimulated the senses, made me hungry for his hard-on pummelling me, hurting me, satisfying me, making me orgasm hard. I was almost salivating.

I gripped onto my chair and awaited the entrance of his penis. Holding the shaft, he guided his head into my sphincter, pushing against the tight ring until he popped forcibly into my secret space. I squealed in pain, the first entrance and the final deep thrust always hurt the most, and yet they were my favourite parts. I guess I love the feeling of pleasure/pain mixed together.

As Jack started to thrust in and out of my begging arse a thought occurred to me. ‘You’re not filming this are you?’ I asked in panic.

Like most women I was slightly insecure about my bottom. Was it huge? Was it wobbly? I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see it on film, plus they say you can gain ten pounds on TV! I’m only eight and a half stone but still all those insecurities kicked in.

‘No, don’t worry.’ Jack growled, fucking me hard in the arse.

Phew! I relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of his hard cock pummelling me, pounding me balls deep in and out. Ripping me apart, splitting my poor bottom until I was raw. It felt so fucking good, so different to being fucked vaginally, so much more intense and naughty. It was slightly taboo, slightly dirty, slightly whoreish, yet so fucking amazing, and so tight.

Jack fucked me hard, holding my hips he pulled me onto his velvet, silky, stiff cock. I could hear the sucking, slurping sound my arse hole made as it accepted his violation happily and readily. Oh, fuck! I wanted his hot cum in me! I closed my eyes and willed his seed to spurt high inside, to feel that sticky hot juice lubricating my bowels, to cool my desire, to medicate my stinging arse hole with its healing slickness.

With a moan Jack came hard, he rammed his cock into me as hard as he could, sperm shooting deep into my anal cavity, spasm after spasm of cum feeding me internally. Dousing the fire that was raging in my body we both groaned with relief, low animalistic growls of lust. I thought I might faint.

The feeling that washed over me was amazing. I felt so alive, so weak, so loved, so dirty, so well fucked. I reached around and felt around as he removed his cock, felt the cum leaking from my now gaping, ravished arse hole. I rubbed his hot, sticky sperm into my arse, trying to push it back inside, not wanting to lose any. Savouring the feel of that juiciness combined with the heat of battered skin. I took my hand and sucked my fingers clean; it tasted of his salty cum and my sour/sweet arse hole. I closed my eyes in desire.

It was then I realised he had recorded the whole episode! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. But my curiosity got the better of me, I wanted to see. He got to see our lovemaking from this angle all the time, I never had. I trusted him enough that he would delete it if I were uncomfortable so I opted to watch it back with him.

I’m glad I did! It looked so fucking naughty! I was very impressed at his skill with the camera; it only went shaky when he came so the whole horny episode is recorded for posterity. His cock looked gorgeous sliding in and out of my arse, my black lace knickers pulled to one side, my moaning and squealing sounding loudly in the background. I was amazed just how deep his big, hard cock went inside me, how easy it slid into my depths.

Jack and I have watched that video back many times since, it never fails to get me wet. Never fails to inspire me to go further, be naughtier, push the limits of my sexuality. One time, after watching our movie and making love I desperately had to pee. Jack asked if he could accompany me, maybe pee on him a little? I laughed and went alone. I had never done that before, was he serious? Would I do it, only for him to freak out, think I was dirty? Say he was only joking? I admit the thought turned me on a little, it was so fucking naughty, so taboo, I guess I would have to wait and see what happened next.

Love Veronicaxx

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